Climbers Part 3: A Bigger Bully

by seldom

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"Not so tough now that you don't have your ugly-ass freak-show girlfriend to protect you!"

Dena overheard a familiar voice. It was Leon, the bully she'd defeated a few days ago. She stopped and cocked her head to listen, curious.

"You guys are jerks and losers! AAAGH! Oww!"

That voice definitely belonged to Sheldon, the little nerd they had been bullying.

"Did you hear that, Greg? Jerks AND losers! Then how come we're on the football team, and you're just a weak pathetic fat loser can't get a date, huh?"

"You're third string! Connor would never let you losers bring down the team!"

Connor was the captain of the football team, and unlike Leon and Greg, he was a straight A student and a genuinely nice guy who would never tolerate bullying if he knew about it. He was also supermodel supergirl Bobbi Jo's lucky boyfriend.

"We'll show you third string!" Leon snarled, throwing a punch.

Sheldon yelped in pain but held his own. "You show me third string every time you play!"

Dena smiled to herself at Sheldon's wise-ass response. He was going to get his ass stomped, but the little nerd had spirit.

Dena felt conflicted about her last encounter with the pair of bullies. She didn't like committing violence. It was the last resort of the stupid and incompetent. Also, quickly beating them up obviously hadn't worked. She'd spent a lot of time on regretful what-ifs thinking about what she should have done instead. She followed the voices, then stepped around a corner and in sight of the two bullies.

"Hey, here comes your freaky-ass 'boyfriend' now! Get lost you ugly tranny bitch or we're gonna fuck you up!" Greg covered his obvious fear with a mind-numbingly stupid bluff. He held up a weapon, a field hockey stick. Leon had a baseball bat he was slapping into his left palm.

Dena focused on the weapons as the immediate threat and ignored the insults. As a large, freakishly strong, horse-faced woman she'd heard much worse, and much more creative, invectives. The insults still hurt; Dena was a teenager and didn't yet have the mental armor of a fully mature adult. But she was used to insults; plenty of male egos were bruised when they realized they could never be half as strong as Dena, and they lashed out.

"You ok, Sheldon?" she asked without taking her eyes off the bullies. She was stalling for time while she calculated the safest way to disarm them.

"I'll live," Sheldon said, putting a brave face on despite the pain in his ribs from Leon's punch. "Dena, they've got weapons," he whispered.

"I see that," she said grimly.

"I wish you hadn't come. They just would'a roughed me up a little, now I don't know what they're gonna do."

"It'll be ok."

"It ain't gonna be ok, dyke bitch!" Leon growled menacingly.

"Tranny or dyke, make up your mind, which is it?" Dena asked casually, relaxing her body as she focused.

Greg covered his fear with aggression and stepped forward, raising the hockey stick threateningly. "You sucker-punched us last time, bitch, but it ain't gonna happen--ack!"

Because of her size and strength, people always underestimated how unbelievably FAST Dena also was. Most people don't expect an attack mid-sentence, so as quick as a lightning bolt she'd thrown herself forward into Greg's threatening stance. She yanked the hockey stick out of his grip before he could react. Then she shattered the fiberglass stick over her granite-hard quads, doubled up the broken halves, and shattered it again. She tossed aside the pieces and turned to face Leon, who had time to back up and raise the bat.

This was the most dangerous moment of the fight. Instinctively calculating the angles, Dena knew she was going to get hit. She thought quickly about the most effective way to turn that to her advantage. "One shot," she growled as Leon was about to swing.

"What?" He hesitated, surprised and wary. He was careful to stay out of Dena's considerable striking distance.

Dena stood up to her full six feet eight inch height. She put her big hands on her narrow hips and flexed her broad shoulders. Big steely shoulder and arm muscles flexed and rippled under her pale thin skin. Her deep six-pack abs were clearly defined under her tight-fitting tank top. "You get one shot at me with that bat." Dena managed to sound a lot more confident than she felt.

Leon grunted and shifted the bat, considering Dena's offer. Could she really be giving him a free shot? Could she be that stupid? The big ugly bitch was strong, sure, but even she couldn't take a hit from the bat... could she?

Leon was surprisingly quick for his size, but compared to Dena he may as well have moved in slow motion. He telegraphed his strike even as he lunged forward, confident that his powerful swing of the bat would catch the bitch's arm or rib and shatter a bone or two. He had made a grave miscalculation.

Dena stepped into and under his swing. Leon had instinctively swung too high because of Dena's towering height, which she had counted on. She dropped into a crouch, as quick as a snake. Still, it was a close miss; wind from the bat ruffled her hair as it whiffed overhead. Dena knew she had to act now because Leon would not make the same mistake again. She reached up her big right hand and grabbed the bat near the base where Leon gripped it, at the slowest point with the least leverage. She carefully caught the bat and decelerated it. If she had just let the bat smack into her hand it would have shattered her fingers, so she let her grip give slightly to bring the bat to a stop.

The sudden deceleration jerked the bat in Leon's grip. He was caught off-balance from his aborted lunge. "What the fuck?" he growled, scared now. He tugged on the bat, but now it was brawn against brawn, and in a contest of strength he was completely outmatched. Dena yanked the bat from Leon's grip with no more difficulty than if he were a child.

Dena held the bat horizontally in front of her heaving chest, big thick pectoral muscles rippling as she flexed. Her long, ropy, rock-hard deltoids and biceps bulged with power. The bat bowed and creaked. All three boys were rooted to their spots, transfixed by the unimaginable strength they were witnessing. With an angry grunt of exertion Dena snapped the wooden bat in half. She tossed the sticks aside and turned to the two terrified bullies.

"What do you weigh?" She demanded of Greg.

"Um, about one sixty," he said in an uncertain voice.

"And you?" She snarled at Leon.

"Two hundred. Why?" He asked aggressively.

"I'm six feet eight inches tall and weigh two hundred sixty-five pounds of pure muscle. I can do a hundred pull-ups and hang off the edge of a cliff for half an hour." She glowered at the bully boys, her cold-eyed expression grim and terrible and terrifying. "And you two have PISSED. ME. OFF." Quick as a flash her huge hand whipped out and grabbed Greg by the belt.

"Hey!" He squawked.

Dena ignored his protest. With her legs spread in a power stance she focused all her strength on her left arm. Slowly she curled her hand up. She lifted Greg to his tip toes and kept lifting. Greg looked down in terror, his face white as a sheet.

"No way," Sheldon breathed in admiration.

"No way!" Leon gasped in shock.

Slowly and inexorably Greg's feet left the ground, and continued to go up, and up, and up. Dena dangled him by his belt at her chest level for a moment, then lifted higher so she could look up at him. "Way," she said with a proud, evil grin.

She turned to Leon. "Oh fuck no," he said, turning to run. He made it about two inches before Dena snatched him by the belt.

With a look of intense concentration, Dena willed her huge powerful muscles to rise to her demands. She curled Leon's bulk until he was raised to his tip toes. Slowly and carefully Dena lifted him off the ground, one inch, two inches, her big long arms trembling, her huge rock-hard biceps expanding and hardening with pure power, rivers of blue veins pumping angry blood under thin pale skin.

Six inches Leon rose, a foot, easier now as Dena had better leverage to lift him. He passed her thick chest, which was rippling with angry veins and deep hard pectoral cleavage, and rose up above her broad powerful bulging deltoids.

Dena stood like a towering supergirl, her long lean body taut with straining muscles as she held two men more than six feet off the ground. She grunted through her clenched jaw, her long limbs quivering with effort, but she held the pose for ten long silent seconds. Finally she hissed, "If you bully anyone ever again I will find out and I will make you very, very sorry. You do not want to find out what I am capable of doing to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes!" squeaked Greg.

Dena's biceps surged with even more power as she shook Leon like a kitten, as if his two hundred pound bulk was inconsequential. Her strength had never failed her before, and her muscles once again fulfilled the commands of her iron will. "Do you believe me?" she demanded.

"Y-yes!" Leon sounded genuinely frightened.

"I don't believe you," Dena growled. "You'll go right back to your bullying ways. I think you need a demonstration."

"Oh god please no," Greg pleaded, but Dena was already lifting him higher. She carefully aimed and hurled him with one arm. He sailed through the air and hit the wall with a bone-jarring whomp, then fell onto a stack of gym mats.

Leon was significantly heavier than his sycophant, so Dena grabbed his shirt and heaved him overhead with both arms. He squealed and cried out in terror at the ground more than eight feet below him. He couldn't believe the power of this amazon! Her rage was directed at him and he felt true fear.

Dena hurled the bully at the wall, where, with the added momentum of his heavier weight, he smashed even harder than Greg. Leon crashed to the mat on top of the smaller bully.

"Ouch! Um, Leon? I think you wet your pants, dude," Greg squeaked.

A clearly visible wet stain ran down Leon's jeans as he stood on shaky legs.

"Not a word," Dena commanded with an icy glare. "Now, run!" The two bullies took off like they'd been shot out of a cannon.

Dena turned back to Sheldon, who looked up at her towering muscle-bulging figure in equal parts awe and fear. She cocked a smile at him. "It's not smart to taunt bullies who are bigger than you," she said.

Sheldon found his voice. "Probably not. But there's always a bigger bully!"

Dena's face fell. Sheldon looked horrified as he realized what he'd said. "No, I didn't mean, um I mean thank you so much, again!"

"Try not to get in trouble again. I can't be everywhere. Sometimes I have to 'bully' other people." She shot Sheldon a withering, angry glare. Before he could find his words and explain she left with an angry prowling lope of her impossibly long legs.

Sheldon watched her tall muscular figure disappear, helpless again. He couldn't seem to say anything right.


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