Climbers Part 2: If You're Human

by seldom

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"On belay?"

"Belay on."


"Climb on."

Dena launched herself up the climbing wall with a confidence and animal grace that was at once beautiful and terrifyingly competent. Her long limbs easily crossed gaps that challenged shorter climbers. She hurtled up to the first outcropping. Without slowing down she grabbed a tiny hold on the underside, swung into the air held up only by her fingertips, her huge bicep bulging and rock hard as she held herself suspended with one flexed arm. She did a quick one-armed pull-up with her fingertips and reached her other impossibly long arm over the lip. She blindly grabbed a hold and used her swinging momentum to hurl herself over the lip and into a crouch on the steep top-side. Without hesitation she continued straight up the most challenging ascent on the wall. She was going so fast her climbing partner was having trouble taking in the rope's slack fast enough to keep up.

She repeated her breath-taking performance on the next overhang and again on the final one, each more challenging than the last, neither slowing her down at all. She tagged the top and clung for a moment like a wiry long-limbed spider, ropy vascular muscles taut and bulging under her pale skin.

"On belay?" she called down.

"Belay on," came the awed reply.


"Rappel on."

Dena skipped down the wall in long, powerful arcs. A moment later she gracefully landed on the balls of her feet. She smiled down at her climbing partner. "Thanks!"

"Holy Moses," Bobbi Jo said, laughing. "Girl, that was the most impressive climb I've ever seen! I don't think you even need me spotting at all!"

"Safety first!" Dena replied with a grin.

Bobbi Jo was classically beautiful, a six foot two inch blonde with an athletic yet also curvaceous figure that was often and admiringly described as willowy. With her towering height, broad shoulders, and the intimidatingly large and well-defined muscles of a super-jock, the extremely buxom blonde amazon was not used to feeling tiny in front of another person. Yet in sheer size and strength she had to admit Dena had her out-classed by miles, which thrilled her just a little bit even as she felt a tiny stab of jealousy. Dena was so cut and vascular her veiny pale skin looked blue and translucent over the long, ropy, rock-hard bulging muscles popping and writhing beneath. The blonde beauty shook her head. "You're amazing. I don't even know if you're human! You are coming for varsity tryouts tomorrow, right? You have to join the team!" Bobbi Jo was captain of the basketball team as well as an avid rower, straight-A honors student, and vice president of the student association.

"I'm coming." Dena tilted her head at the climbing wall. "Your turn?"

Bobbi Jo grinned. "You bet!"

Bobbi Jo was a superbly competent climber in her own right, and though lacking Dena's reach, speed, and freight train-like unstoppable power, she was graceful and formidably strong. Her big biceps and quads popped as she powered her curvy figure up the difficult ascent. As Dena anchored the climb, she admired the powerful blonde's gorgeous long hair, broad shoulders, muscular back, trim waist, and round firm spandex-clad butt.

"You're a beautiful climber," Dena said after Bobbi Jo rappelled back down. They unhooked their harnesses and began packing up the equipment.

"Thank you," Bobbi Jo said, genuinely flattered. "Nothing compared to you, though!"

"I'm just big and strong," Dena demurred. "You're so beautiful and graceful."

"Well you looked pretty gosh-darned graceful yourself as you dominated this wall!" Bobbi Jo said, reaching up to give the giant girl a friendly slap on her rock-hard shoulder. Dena giggled, pleased and flattered. "See you at tryouts tomorrow. Don't be late!"


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