Climbers Part 1: A Real Amazon

by seldom

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Climbers Part 1: A Real Amazon

Sheldon hit the ground hard, painfully jolting his forearm. He blinked up at his
attacker, trying to focus while reaching for his glasses.

"Looking for these, fatty four eyes?" Leon taunted, holding up the glasses. He
was no slim figure himself, but he topped Sheldon's stout 5'6" by a solid 6". He
tossed the expensive glasses on the ground and stomped on them. "Oops," he said
with a sneer. Greg, his companion in bullying, roared with laughter. Greg was
shorter and slimmer than Leon, the beta of their bullying pack.

"Please leave me alone," Sheldon implored. His instincts were all wrong for this
situation; he didn't realize his pleading fed their sadistic pleasure and
over-inflated egos.

"Please, please," Greg mocked, laughing.

"I dunno," said Leon appraisingly. "What do you think? Should we leave him

"Nah, let's stomp this twirp!" Greg shouted.

"Actually, I think you should leave him alone," a husky female voice imposed on
their fun. Leon and Greg whirled to face the intruder.

"What the fuck?" Leon growled. "Fuck off, bitch, we're playing here."

"I can see that," the newcomer said. "But I must ask you to leave."

All Sheldon could make out was three blurry bodies. The newcomer's blur towered
over the two bullies, tall and lean and imposing. He couldn't see what happened
next. He heard "fucking bitch!" Blurs moved and flesh and bones collided with
loud cracks and crunches, grunts and screams and finally silence.

Sheldon closed his eyes and choked back tears, anticipating the pain that was
about to come. "I'm sorry," he whispered to the girl, wishing she hadn't
interfered, "I'm not worth it."

"Don't say that," the husky-voiced giant said from above. Sheldon opened his
eyes and squinted up at the towering amazon in shock. A blurry hand reached down
and he took it. His hand was tiny in her huge grip. Her long fingers grasped his
hand with impossible strength and she easily hauled up his bulk with one arm.
Her bulging forearm writhed with ropy, steel-hard muscles under pale skin and
big blue veins. "Here," the amazon said, handing him his broken glasses. "Are
you ok?"

Sheldon looked at his expensive broken lenses in dismay. "I think so," he said.
He carefully wrapped the broken glasses and pulled his old backup pair out of
his backpack. It was an older prescription but would have to do for now. He
looked up at the tall girl and blinked. "Oh wow," he said.

The young amazon towered over him. He blinked up at her broad muscular
shoulders. Her long neck bulged with vascular muscles. She looked down with
concern in her dark brown eyes. Her long face, big jaw, too-large mouth and big
teeth gave her a horsey look. Straight jet-black hair framed her pale face. She
was not traditionally pretty but to Sheldon she looked like a goddess.

Sheldon's elbow twinged and he winced. "May I?" The big girl asked, reaching out
to his arm. Sheldon held out his elbow. She grasped it firmly in long fingers
that wrapped all the way around his skinny elbow with length to spare. She
gently squeezed.

"Ouch!" Sheldon exclaimed, wincing and trying to jerk away.

The big girl released his elbow. "Sorry," she said. "I think you should have
that looked at. Let's go see the school nurse."

Sheldon nodded. "Good idea." He smiled shyly up at the towering amazon. "I'm
Sheldon Westfield. Thanks for coming to my rescue."

The amazon took Sheldon's hand in her huge grip. "Dena Shepherd," she said.
"Nice to meet you, Sheldon."

Pained grunts and moans came from the two bullies writhing on the ground. "What
did you do to them?"

She glanced at the two defeated bullies, then back at Sheldon. "I probably
bruised their ribs. I gave the bigger one a good crack on the jaw."

"Leon," Sheldon supplied.

Dena inclined her head in acknowledgement. "I don't like violence but I don't
like bullies either." She directed her voice at the two moaning figures on the
ground. "I suggest you two pick yourselves up and see a doctor."

Dena accompanied Sheldon to the nurse's office. "Thanks again, Dena. You're new
here, right?"

Dena nodded. "Just transferred last week." She hesitated. "I don't know too many
people yet. Just the varsity teams so far. I played volleyball and basketball at
my last school, and was on the karate, swim, and free climbing teams."

"I bet they all want you! You're really strong! You laid out Leon and Greg like
they were nothing!" Sheldon said in admiration.

Dena grunted, not looking too happy. "I know, I'm a freak. I'm six-eight and
long limbed so I have a lot of leverage."

"Holy smokes! You're more than a foot taller than me! And your muscles are
huge!" He suddenly looked sheepish and shy. "Err, sorry," he mumbled.

Dena looked at him strangely. "Yeah, tall and muscular, a real amazon, that's
what they tell me. See you 'round, Sheldon. Hope your arm is ok."

Sheldon watched her walk away. "Shit," he said to himself. "Real nice job,
geek." He sighed and went in to the nurse to have his elbow checked out.


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