Maybe A Little Too Big

by amnoartist95

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Maybe A Little Too Big
Written & edited by Amnoartist

The helicopter cut around the building at top speed, swerving sharply enough for a gust of morning air to charge at Brianna’s face and fill her lungs. It looked like she needed the jolt of energy, given her eyes were baggy and hair dishevelled, as though it had been left unkempt. The truth was, she just didn’t have time to better her appearance. The news report that just came in wouldn’t allow it. It wasn’t often they got a scoop quite like this one and Brianna wanted to look her best for it. She didn’t get all the details though - just that it was perhaps the quirkiest story yet!

“So, what’s the scoop again?” She whipped a strand of hair over her ear as her cameraman Jay opened his laptop to reveal a paused video that appeared to be nothing but a wall of flesh-coloured mass filling the frame.

“We sent a drone ahead of us about ten minutes ago to see what it could find and give us.” Jay didn’t even have to look at Brianna to tell she already knew what was coming next; it was as if he could feel her curiosity. Or maybe it was just her gentle breath gracing his neck. “This is what we got hit back with.”

Jay played the video and saw from the corner of his spectacled eye Brianna’s awed expression. He did the exact same thing when he first saw it, and every time after that it just seemed to become more and more intriguing, mesmerising. The so-called “wall of flesh-coloured mass” was, in actual fact, almost exactly that: twitching, throbbing, veiny muscle. It wasn’t just that, though. As the video progressed, Brianna came to realise the mound of flesh every now and then soared higher, as if it grew. Brianna’s mind numbed at the prospect of seeing something so otherworldly with her own jade green eyes.

The helicopter curved again, passing a tall building, wind sharply gusting from behind to stroke the nape of her neck, giving the young reporter an unexpected chill. Perhaps an omen of things to come?

Jay packed his computer away and started giving his camera equipment a final check-up. Camera: check. Batteries: check. Tripod: check. Everything seemed in order. The pair just had to make sure they had the proper mindset for what was to come.

“We’re doing a report on that?” When news broke of the scoop of a lifetime, Brianna expected it to be something life-changing, like the announcement of the cure for a disease, not this, whatever ‘this’ was. Seeing the video actually made her somewhat sick to the stomach, completely juxtaposing Jay’s opinion. If he could tell what Brianna was thinking, he’d understand her opinion, but—

“There’s a lot of money riding on this, you know.” He knew that got her attention, and perhaps even motivated her to at least act interested in what was to come, even if it was just for the money. Jay knew Brianna well enough that he could already tell what her next question would be, so he beat her to the punch. “If all goes well with this, we could each easily see half a million in our bank.”

Half a million: that was quite the motivator, to say the least. Even so, Brianna couldn’t deny the uncertainty of future events. Regardless she feigned a smile, mostly out of pity for Jay’s sake. Not that it mattered much…

“Uh…you better come see this.” The unnerved tone in the pilot’s voice pretty much spoke for him. Perhaps Brianna was right to think this was a bad idea. Right now, she and Jay’s lives were in the pilot’s hands, and if he was truly as alarmed as revealed, maybe things might not be so good after all. Brianna scrambled from her seat and awkwardly stumbled to the pilot’s side, who pointed shakily to the bulging mound of flesh blocking the copter’s path. Brianna eyeballed the towering mass of freakish mass curiously, though with hints of shock, trepidation and revulsion underlying. The mass of bulging muscular flesh seemed to range within the dozens of feet tall at first, but as the helicopter drew closer, the mass’ true height was revealed to be in the hundreds.

“What is that?” That was all Brianna managed to say; her mind struggled to properly come to terms with the existence of something so—
“That, Bri, is our story” Jay revealed with confidence.


Sandra was ecstatic. Every had gone according to plan: her daughter and son in-law going on their trip; the sex; the growth! Everything was perfect, and soon the news crew would arrive. She was naked, but didn’t care; she no longer had a home because her inhuman massiveness burst through it, but didn’t care; she was being videoed, blogged, snapped and who knows what else by an ever-growing crowd, but didn’t care. In actual fact, Sandra had almost anticipated the crowd to form, and it only seemed to grow larger as she did. You couldn’t possibly put into word just how large Sandra truly was, and yet she was barely done.

The seventy-plus-year-old craned her left arm up into a flex and listened to its peak shoot up into the sky, near the clouds. Jay’s drone circled round the full meatiness of the woman’s arm, taking a full four minutes to do so, capturing every flexing tendon, bulging vein and striated inch of wrinkled she-meat it could. Sandra was, however, in her own little way, upset. In as little as thirty minutes prior, she seductively licked her peak to tease Jordan, but now it soared high above her peripheral vision. She was no taller than the dainty five-foot four grandmother Jordan knew, as the only thing that seemed to grow were her biceps. Everything else was the same. As her bicep finally reached its apex height of nine hundred feet, equating to ten thousand and eight hundred inches, Sandra’s triceps soon followed, jutting downward until it scraped across the grass of her front garden, just a few feet away from the naked unconsciousness of a teenage boy, who somehow managed to maintain an evident erection despite his predicament.

A wrinkled smile formed on Sandra’s lips as the unmistakable rotating of a helicopter’s blades were soon heard, signalling the impending arrival of Jay and Brianna, who had taken some time during their fateful descent to compose themselves. Jay, though, sported an unquestionable erection poking from his jeans. The reporting duo withdrew from their transport, Jay clutching the bulky heaviness of the camera while Brianna adjusted the tightness of her skirt around her firm arse. When they eventually met the imposing, gargantuan massiveness of Sandra, neither of them knew what to say. What could you say to someone so big? There was no guide on how to deal with such a matter as this. Even so, Sandra figuratively took their hand.

“Ah. Seems you got my tip-off, then.” She clocked the duo’s evident shock at her revelation. Why would she tip herself off? Why would she want to reveal herself as this massive…thing. “Thing” was the only true way to describe Sandra at this point. Sure, she had the anatomy of a human female, but neither of them, until now apparently, could ever get so large. Despite that, it was clear Sandra wiped any doubt from their minds, and saw fit to reveal why she wanted to inform Brianna and Jay about herself. “I’ll get right round to it: I want to tell you how I got this big. For your story.”

It went without saying confusion struck Brianna, but she couldn’t deny the hint of curiosity brewing within her. She clocked Sandra confidently thumbing towards the unconscious teen behind her, her towering bicep rumbling as it shot skyward once more, indicating the event in question somehow involved him, and— she revealed a bottle of pills held securely within the palm of her wrinkled, dainty hand.
Brianna’s curiosity heightened. “Who is he, though?”

Sandra knew that was a difficult subject to broach around so many people, let alone the news. She didn’t want anyone to know she just had a racy romp with her own grandson Jordan, so had to think of something fast that could throw them all off the scent. “He’s Keith, a male gigolo.” Brianna’s brain was quick to connect the dots: the pills and sex between Keith helped with the growth, she presumed. “Do tell. For our report, of course.”



Half an hour earlier…

“You know, if my mum ever finds out what we’ve been doing for the past few weeks, she’ll—”

Jordan didn’t get the chance to finish his words, taken surprise by his bodybuilding grandmother wrapping her arm around his thick and erect cock squeezing it violently in the crook, watching it ever so slightly thicken in the space. The bottle of pills she’d bought hadn’t been used yet, but her arousal prompted the Mr Olympia shaming granny to reach for it while Jordan fought back the developing drool at the corner of his lip.

The bottle of pills now in-hand, Sandra read the label aloud. Somehow, doing so prompted Jordan to harden up even more in the rook of her arm, the meatus of his cock jutting out from her triceps. “Gro XXX. Recommended dosage: two pills.” Sandra knocked the bottle back and presumably consumed the lot, audibly gulping as each pill visibly slid down her muscular throat and hit the insides of her equally muscular, washboard gut. The woman could tell Jordan was surprised by her brazen action, but even at her age, she was still quite the daredevil. “You want the best sex, right?” she enquired seductively, nibbling his ear.

Jordan clocked a pill on the bedsheets from the corner of his eye. It must’ve slid out of the bottle just before Sandra greedily downed the rest. An idea forming in his head, he took the pill and with great care, placed it on the tip of his cock with perfect balance. “Maybe start there, then” he suggested lewdly.

Taking the hint, Sandra wordlessly engulfed Jordan’s cock and practically inhaled the pill to meet with the rest that was already working in her system. Each suck came faster than the one before it, her hand ever tightening its grip on the willing teen’s shaft, and before they both knew it, she started growing. It was quick, maybe even too quick for Jordan to enjoy. He could feel Sandra’s increasing weight bear down on his legs, but— it was clear this was what Sandra wanted. It was what she planned. She’d already tipped off the news about what would happen, long before it even happened. She could feel it, her arms expanding. She could feel it, see it, hear it, and wanted more. It seemed her body had been bent to her will, bursting muscles upon muscles through the then-tight nightie to reveal the abs formerly hiding underneath. Heightened arousal prompted to Sandra not only quicken her BJ, but bite on Jordan’s cock as it thickened in her mouth, brushing against the insides of her cheeks. As this happened, Sandra’s triceps ballooned through the house’s walls and crashed through the garden fence, all while she made sure to buckle Jordan down so he couldn’t escape. She was his now. She grapevined him…

“Hold still now sweetie.” Sandra was deaf to Jordan’s muffled calls of protest as her biceps swelled over his full body, squirming veins pushing to the surface of her skin, the innermost tendons pulsing frantically. “Granny needs to grow.”


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#1 :
Love the glorious extremity for such a short story - it's a tantalizing premise and the creative time juxtaposition works well. Heh, not too big for me, but pretty close - would have loved to see more detail description, but for such a brief vignette, NICE!
neoverseomega - Monday,   04.02.2018   03:18AM

#2 :
Love the glorious extremity for such a short story - it's a tantalizing premise and the creative time juxtaposition works well. Heh, not too big for me, but pretty close - would have loved to see more detail description, but for such a brief vignette, NICE!
neoverseomega - Monday,   04.02.2018   03:18AM

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