Gym's new queen

by CDR

In the future, a super strong mega powered fbb queen gets overthrown by a younger, sexier and far stronger newcomer.

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Shannon took the keys of her Porsche 2035 deluxe and prepared herself to go out on the street. Checking herself in the full body mirror, she loved the reflection. According to many people, including the judges of the Ms. Galaxy 2035 contest, Shannon was the sexiest and strongest woman that ever lived. A few tweaks to her DNA, made by the best experts in the field, had granted her unnatural degrees of body attributes. Not just super dense muscles, that allowed her to lift over 1500kg, 250kg more than the previous world record, but a plethora of feminine features that made her body irresistible and a face and hair that were nothing short of hypnotic to anyone she decided to conquer. Her confident smile nearly broke the mirror as she flexed her right arm for herself and forced it to grow from her relaxed 18 inches to 26 inches of living steel. Then, as her mansion's door slammed behind her, she jumped into her car and drove off at high speed.
The call she received from Annie, her super-gym receptionist, had her a bit worried. She sounded a bit nervous about a new girl abusing the new custom equipment they ordered for Shannon and the fact that she got installed some of her own, with a sudden phone-call approval from the gym's owner. Annie was a sweet and confident yet super strong girl, whatever it was that had her nervous, it was worth a look.

A few minutes later she parked her car in the ample, yet oddly empty, parking lot of the super gym. The only vehicle parked, besides hers, was a huge black limo. Leaned on it was a person dressed in a chauffeur uniform, hat included, whose very special facial and body features become clearer as Shannon approached her. She had a very professional looking up do hairstyle, black driving glasses on, and she was pretty much rocking her uniform with a clearly super-bodybuilding body. When Shannon passed her side and managed to take a closer look of her front she couldn’t help but gasp. The girl was insanely hot and perhaps a rival for her title! Her high heels and miniskirt guided everyone's attention to a pair of legs in dark pantyhose that were the precise limit between superhuman muscle power and mind-blowing siren sexiness. Shannon managed to contain herself from squealing out loud while she continued looking up. Tiny waist, porn star class tits, read hair up do and a nicely broad back and shoulders completed the perfect set of body features that hold her sweet, supermodel worthy face, smiling at her with bright red lips and deep blue eyes that looked at Shannon over her black glasses. She could be a human Jessica Rabbit, if the cartoon girl would have been heavily into super-bodybuilding.

She said; "I wouldn’t make her wait too long if I were you," and then returned to her ultra-confident arm-crossed pose, leaning on the limo, smiling like she was the happiest person on earth. This only added to Shannon’s confusion, but she kept that well to herself as she kept walking, turning her back to the girl. Then, as she passed by a lamp post, she gripped it with superhuman force, tore it out of the concrete and then proceeded to bend it in two, all of it while still strutting sexily. After that, smiling confidently herself, and quite sure that the feat would have blown the smug chauffer’s mind; she turned her head around to watch her expression. But it was Shannon the shocked one as she found the chauffer girl smiling even harder and curling the whole limo for pumps, with just one arm, which has exploded through her uniform's sleeve. Snorting in annoyance, Shannon gave the gym's doors a more than generous push to open them, nearly breaking them of their hinges, only to find Annie typing on her computer and taking quick impatient looks at the gym room doors.

"What's going on Annie?" asked Shannon to the drop-dead gorgeous girl.
"She... she took over! She's using all the stuff you ordered and even had some stuff of her own installed too!"
"Calm down Annie. Is Bernie ok with all this?" replied Shannon, not yet understanding what was the source of Annie's worries.
"Yes! He's selling the place to her and he didn’t even explain to me why!"

Before Shannon could reply again to try to calm her down, a series of low rumbles propagated through the floor, in short sequences. Both girls could feel it through their feet. But apparently only Shannon perceived some kind of animalistic growl coming from the gym room since her genetic boost also included a few enhancements for her senses. Annie leaned over the counter and whispered to Shannon's ear:
"I’m scared. This girl, her chauffer and 2 more girls installed 200 tons of mega metal weights or more. Just the 4 of them got everything working in less than half an hour!"
"I want to go home," she confessed.
"Go ahead. I'll deal with the little brat myself," said Shannon. Standing straight and tensing her uber-body a bit, if only to give Annie some more confidence.
"Thank you!" said Annie as she took her purse, gave Shannon a big kiss, and went out the door, clearly happy and relieved.

The first thing Shannon noticed when she entered the gym room, was that Annie wasn’t kidding about the incredible amount of work that had been done in it. Just the day before most of the huge area of the gym was empty. Most of the area was covered with very high ceilings of steel and concrete. But that was the day before. Today the arrangement was pretty different, and most of the ground was covered with new gigantic machines that sported weights that looked ridiculously heavy, even for her. On a relatively empty space of the gym she spotted her own custom built weights, assembled with her, also custom made, 500kg plates. The view of them made her instantly proud and feeling truly superhuman, as she walked towards them, passing several 10 liter tanks of her special protein and vitamins concentrate. A substance that allowed her to fuel her workouts, since the sheer amount of energy burned during those superhuman workouts couldn’t be provided by normal foods. Her approach finally allowed her to spot the girl that was the source of all the commotion in the gym. She was standing right next to the middle of the biggest free weight she had ever seen. Each plate was twice as thick as her 500kg plates and there were 3 of them on each side, totaling 6 insane tons for a weight that no living creature could possibly use for weight training. But the girl next to it, with her back turned to Shannon in a powerful stance, didn’t seem to care. On a close look Shannon noticed that the long haired brunette was insanely sexy and dressed in a very revealing way, high heels included. She was wearing a pink oversized T-Shirt, cutted into a top, with micro-short jeans, with her legs rocking them. The high heels were the most curious piece of her outfit; the blueish tone of their reflective surface seemed to indicate that they were made with mega metal themselves! Not only that, but the concrete ground was cracked in a radial way, spreading from their soles and heels tips. "I was hoping we'd met Shannon," said the incredible girl with a siren-like voice that demolished Shannon's reluctance towards her, while she turned her head. Shannon couldn’t help but gasp as she realized that the weights weren’t on the stand as she thought. The girl wasn’t next to the weight; she was holding it with her arms!

"I suppose you won’t mind me pumping up as we talk..." she said. Shannon was in shock. She walked as elegantly as she could, in her state, to see this girl clearly from the front. "My name is Jenny and I really need to let some steam out today." And then she growled barely spreading her lips, but making Shannon immediately realize it had been HER making the noise she heard from the reception. Jenny's arms, almost instantly, grew from around 20 inches to what must have been over 26 inches of female raw power. Shannon’s mind flashed with the ideas of her running out, throwing herself to Jenny's feet or simply passing out as Jenny started curling the impossible weight with her arms. Jenny's biceps kept growing relentlessly and were clearly powering up, as her curls were simply perfect in form and execution, despite being done with a weight that would simply crush anyone else.
"She has to be some kind of robot," she thought.

Jenny counted with the timing of a clock, not even slowing down as she reached 25 ultra-human reps, each pump more perfect and muscle-inducing as the previous one. Her shirt had the word GRRRLPOWER on the front, stretched across her ultra-fit torso. Then, as smoothly as she had started, she lowered the weight to the holder, barely making any noise or shaking it.
"Time for some more fempower fuel," said Jenny as she strutted sexily.

It was now clear to Shannon that this was the only way Jenny could do anything. She walked towards a pile of metal that Shannon recognized as several mangled and squashed 200 litre metal containers. Most of them had finger and nail marks. On the few of that remained intact, a label with several chemical danger signs read: "Protein and Vitamin super concentrate. Deadly when undiluted". Then Jenny said in a girlish way:
"I love this stuff."
Then she proceeded to grip one of the 200 liters tanks with one hand, bite and spit the lid off, and tilted the whole thing up with her lips sealing the aperture completely. Jenny gulped down the liquid at an amazing speed, without even blinking.
"Oh my gosh! Even her drinking is superhuman," thought Shannon.
The sound of the liquid splashing inside the tank was a clear sign that the level of it was decreasing dramatically in a matter of seconds. Mere seconds later, a metallic stress sound begun to be heard. Her sucking power alone was crushing the metal tank. Her face was of pure delight as the tank finally crumpled into itself completely.

Shannon's emotional state prevented her from warning or even commenting on Jenny's insane feast. To Shannon, what Jenny did in seconds, was simply impossible, and she expected her to drop dead any moment now. 200 liters of some deadly substance had vanished into the girl's body, without even altering her mind-blowingly sexy body in the least. But Jenny didn’t drop dead or even slow down a single second. In fact, by now, Jenny's ultra-body had gotten Shannon really turned on.
It was clear that, whoever designed her genetics enhancements did a lot more than body shaping and strengthening. The man or woman was a complete genius, without any doubt. Both girls moved closer as Jenny took the mega weight again, but this time, with just one arm. Shannon observed carefully as Jenny's high heels crushed the concrete below her once again. She tried to carefully feel Jenny's bicep as it exploded one more time from 22 inches to over 30 inches of impossible female power, but she failed to do so. The monster girl next to hear was overloading her senses. The more she looked at her, the sexier she found her. Shannon couldn’t find a single blemish on her perfect skin; her vascularity was barely noticeable, even when pumping that much superhumanly heavy weight, her waist even smaller but somehow still more muscular than hers. The smell of her golden hair was intoxicating but not as much as the most succulent pair of power-engorged tits she has ever seen.

"I admire you Shannon. I really do." whispered Jenny.
Shannon wondered how Jenny could admire her, when she thought that she could lure more ships intro crashing than the Greek sirens would. A girl-power goddess on her own right, that didn’t minded being worshipped at all, and seemed quite used to it, as she finished the third set of 25 reps on both hulking arms.
"Watching you demolishing your competition on all those shows was what got me hooked on super-bodybuilding in the first place. I thought you trained with some kind of super-special reinforced equipment, and I was hoping I could use it to get buffer. But all this stuff is made of the same mega-metal I've been using in my gyms for months now, and it just won’t do it for me anymore."
Without even a pause, Jenny kept talking about her difficulty in finding proper materials for building her gyms, while her arms started brutally overpowering the whole weight bar. And she wasn’t just bending the bar into a U…her grip was crushing the metal itself!
Six tons of metal plates 50 times denser than steel kept steadily rising as though they were party balloons, turning, bending and groaning until she spread her arms in one final harsh movement that broke the bar in two.
"I'll show you what I mean.”

Then, the miraculous girl started walking away from the spot with the weight pieces still in her hands, her feet crushing the concrete below her with every step and making the whole gym rumble until she dropped the pieces with two loud booms that made further damage to the floor.
Shannon couldn’t help but follow her like a puppy. She was quite sure that Jenny's heavy breathing was more due to her excitement than her lifting. Her pulsating torso's V shape was even more pronounced than before and her back muscles were mind-blowing.
Jenny looked around the huge weight machines until she found one suited for her demonstration. This machine had a thick piece of metal tube in it, welded as a joint between other parts of the machine. It was a 4 or 5 inches long piece of metal tube, around 25 inches in diameter and with a wall thickness that must have been around 2 or 3 inches.

"This will do,” she said, smiling playfully as she passed her right arm through the tube piece until most of her bicep was inside it. Then, she gripped the machine with her left hand and pulled. The solder points that held the machine together had no chance against her colossal strength. They all snapped in an instant, surrendering the part to Jenny.
Shannon looked at Jenny with a puzzled expression.
"Watch," commanded Jenny.
She spread her legs a bit and straightened her right arm out, with the thick tube still around her unflexed 22" arm. Just her very first flex made her arm fill up the whole tube, even before reaching a 90º angle. Jenny's fierce expression made it clear that she was far from done. She released her flex to make a new one but her arm size didn’t reduce much. When her arm straightened again the gap between the tube and her arm was less than half an inch. Smiling wickedly she flexed her super arm one more time, and with even more intensity. This time the tube got locked in place almost instantly, and the rest of the movement increased the pressure on the tube, to the point that it started groaning from it.

Shannon's mind had already been blown by Jenny's incredible muscle power but now she was just speechless. Was she trying to bend the 2 inch thick tube with just her bicep growth? The response to her question was delivered right away as her third flex did exactly that. The size of her straight arm alone was already overflowing the tube size and her slow flex forced the metal to take her arm's shape with a loud stretching sound. Her bicep's power was so monstrous that the mega metal couldn’t do anything but be reshaped; even showing her bicep's split through its decreasing thickness. Shannon knew that the tube was doomed by her 4th flex. Jenny growled once again, with even more unnatural intensity and loudness than the last time, and it made Shannon's legs weak from her equally unnaturally powerful arousal. Jenny's growl would have cleared a whole jungle if she were in one. By half her flex, the metal couldn’t take it anymore. The tube cracked open and exploded in pieces, releasing to the air a 34 inch tall mountain of harder-than-metal girl flesh. Shannon gasped as she took a few steps back, not as much as to protect herself form the shrapnel, as to allow her hands to find something to lean on. Shannon's super-powered heart was pounding really hard and her chest raising and lowering with her heavy breathing. Watching jenny perform these impossible feats wasn’t something for the weak hearted. Jenny wasn’t even tired from her nuclear powered gun explosion. In fact she even added an inch or two more to it before letting go. Admiring her ultra-peak as it rose past her own fist. As a closing feature of her ultra-human gun-power demonstration, with her left hand she took a large piece of the metal tube still stuck in her right arm and just squeezed it, crumpling the 2 inches thick super-steel like it was a piece of paper.

"See? How am I supposed to get even bigger and stronger if this lame stuff breaks so easily?"
Shannon's speech still refused to return. She tried to avoid opening her mouth altogether, afraid that the little resistance she had left could collapse and she'd let out all the moans and whimpers she had been accumulating. Jenny seemed to know this perfectly, as she approached her one more time. Shannon couldn’t take any more steps back. Her back had met a wall. She wasn’t afraid of Jenny at all, but her power and sexiness was so overwhelming that her whole body screamed for time to process the experience. But Jenny wasn’t wasting any time at all. Not even an instant. Their bodies were less than one inch apart now and Jenny's gaze was consuming her. Shannon was taller than Jenny, but Jenny was clearly wider and, in her current state, more muscular and defined than her or anyone else for that matter. Shannon bit her lower lip with contained anticipation, waiting for Jenny's coming sweet words.
"You'd like that, wouldn’t you? Little Jenny becoming the most powerful..."
"YEEESSSSSS!!!! I'd love that!!!" Interrupted Shannon, her voice a LOT more orgasmic than she intended.
Jenny smiled and kissed her deeply. Shannon felt like she could have exploded right there. Kissing Jenny was like getting plugged directly into a nuclear reactor. Shannon couldn’t help but have a cataclysmic orgasm right there. Something very special was going on. She felt a LOT stronger with every passing second of their kiss, hugging her body with enough strength to crush stone. Jenny didn’t even flinched and simply continued her kissing with incomparable skill. By the time Jenny released the kiss, Shannon was 1000% into her. All her former sexual encounters were almost erased completely from her memory, in a rush of sexual energy without equal in her life.

While Shannon was trying not to faint, Jenny released her and called for her chauffer, barely raising her voice at all.
"Ms. Ackerman... Come on in and bring the twins with you, please."
Then, as soon as she finished her sentence, a crunching noise was heard. Shannon somehow recognized the sound. They were the front door's security bolts and the frame being overpowered.
Shannon rose to alertness again, considering if she would be able to handle more girls like Jenny, whatever she was. Soon the 3 girls could be seen. All of them were wearing the same custom high heels, miniskirts and black uniform. The chauffer girl walked in front of the two other girls, identical to each other and as disturbingly beautiful as her. The 3 girls walked in a straight line towards Jenny, casually overpowering any obstacle like it was made of Styrofoam. Jenny also started walking, but she was going towards another new device in the gym, a huge mega metal cylinder, fixed to the floor and the ceiling with a large girder that went through it.

"Would you girls please help Shannon unlock her new full potential?" Jenny asked sweetly.
The 3 girls smiled almost wickedly as they unleashed a LOT of power of their own. Almost in unison the seams of their uniforms started to creak. In mere seconds the muscle level of the 3 girls increased dramatically, going superheroine size and then some. But what impressed Shannon the most was the growing wideness of their backs and torsos. Their V shape got so increasingly superhumanly-wide, accentuated by their tiny abs-packed waists, that their jackets and shirts were quickly split in two pieces, just seconds before the sleeves exploded too. Any of the 3 girls would have won any of Shannon's competitions with ease. The remaining rags, slid over their impossible figures, as they released their hairs and Ms. Ackerman crushed her black glasses to dust in her bare hand. Her blue eyes apparently glowing. They were 3 muscle goddesses, flexing huge mega powered muscles and, at the same time, bearing so much mind-blowing sexiness all over them, that Shannon´s arousal ramped out of control, one more time.
"Don’t worry sweetheart, you'll love being one of Jenny's girls." warned Ms. Ackerman unnecessarily. Shannon just smiled widely and nodded too many times, like one of those car dog toys.

"I'm Adele and the girls are Maya and Mia,” said the hottest and strongest chauffer in the world.
All the girls in the room looked deeply at each other, it was almost impossible not to, but Jenny was obviously the center of the attention. Jenny herself was looking at some odd deep grooves in the metal cylinder and they now called Shannon's attention too. Were those knuckle imprints?! Jenny looked back at Shannon, almost like she was reading her mind, and said "Sandbags have been useless to me for years," before proceeded to punch the metal cylinder in the center, making quite a booming sound. A few hours ago, before meeting Jenny, the feat would have knocked Shannon's socks off, but now it was clear that this teen girl was a force of nature in her own right, and she managed to focus on herself again, regaining her balance and still feeling the warmth of Jenny's super kiss in her chest.

Something strange made her search for her own reflection, past the 3 supergirls before her. She has gotten huge!!!
More muscle than ever was now stretching her retro Baywatch style swimsuit. The mega-wide V shape was hers too now. Her mind tried to make sense of the situation, remembering her kiss with Jenny, but the memory just made the fire in her go nuclear. The twin supergirls stood by her side, eagerly watching her growth, as Adele grabbed, with little effort, two of the new 150kg dumbbells and brought them to Shannon. In the distance, Jenny's punches had been gradually speeding up, making noticeable vibrations that spread through the whole gym. Shannon focused on her fast moving hands and the battered metal cylinder, as she sat down on a reinforced bench and started performing curls with a lot more weight than she ever thought possible. And it was making her stronger than ever. Her arms and torso quickly engorged with new ultra human muscle with each rep, making the 3 ubergirls next to her become increasingly aroused. The twins placed their own arms side by side with Shannon's to compare their huge growing sizes. Both girls flexed perfectly defined biceps that reached almost 30 inches of mind-blowing feminine might but Shannon was quickly catching up to them. Adele placed herself behind Shannon's back and started massaging her neck and widening back and gave the twins a silent command. The two dreamy girls giggled and walked out in perfect sync, the view of their insanely hot booties dancing away only fueled her body further. By rep number 50 her arm power was getting so obscene that her hands were actually squeezing the mega metal, like Jenny did before. The twins were back just in time to watch Shannon break both barbells with her grip alone. Maya was holding a pair of those cute metal high heels in her hand and Mia was easily holding above her head a huge cargo pallet, with 3 dozens of those 200 litre barrels of the same muscle fuel Jenny used, walking as seductively as she were holding a pillow. She made it look easy but the fact that the floor cracked and sunk with each of her high heeled steps showed the colossal level of her feat.

Shannon was still seated at the bench, breathing heavily from the unstoppable power up that was still coursing through her veins, as the twins threw themselves at her feet, each holding a high heel shoe. The girls clearly had experience at worshipping because they did it like experts on the subject. They managed to pull more than a few unintended moans from Shannon, caressing her new ultra massive calves, as they took her shoes off to replace them with the metal ones, crushing the old ones into dust with a single clench of the hands holding them. Adele didn’t lose time either, as she turned around in a single, really fast, movement that landed her in Shannon's lap. This sudden acrobatic manoeuvre stunned Shannon a bit. She couldn’t decide which was more unbelievably hot, Adele's ultra-gorgeous face, inches next to her, her ultra-humanly wide back, the perfectly symmetric death-stars that were her tits, making the deepest, sexiest cleavage she had ever seen or the fact that she was gripping her tiny waist with more strength than she used to break the dumbbells and she wasn’t even a bit uncomfortable with it.

"Think you can handle us little girls?" teased Adele, before giggling and planting a full kiss on Shannon's eager mouth. The twins also tried to squeeze in the fun, and their mouths teased Shannon's too. Shannon wanted them: all 3 of them. So she stood up with Adele's legs firmly gripped around her waist, and spread her arms to their full extent at her sides. The twins got surprised by Shannon's arms speed, size and power, as she managed to grip and lift the 3 heavy girls at once. They all loved it, as Shannon's power got so incredible that she took a few steps, still holding the 3 ubergirls in her arms, and pinned them against the nearest wall. The monstrous amount of pressure Shannon was exerting over the girls only managed to make them moan and squeal with delightful arousal, damaging only the thick concrete wall that cracked and splintered with the ultra-hard shapes of the girls. In fact they just wanted more and more of it, whispering into Shannon's ears.
"Harder!" begged Adele between kisses.
"Bigger! NOW!!!" demanded Mia.
“Show me your beast mode!" added Maya.
Shannon gave them all that, and then some. With a roar she forced the wall to succumb to her muscle power, exploding into a million pieces and sending all the girls flying through it. The 4 girls ended up on the rumbling floor, covered with debris and laughing loudly and happily.

But the rumbling didn’t stop at all. Jenny's continued battering of her special punching cylinder was providing more than enough energy to keep the whole gym trembling. When Shannon looked at her again she couldn’t believe her eyes or her ears. Jenny's hands were a blur, impossible to follow, that was obliterating the metal altogether. The area of the cylinder where Jenny was punching it was glowing red hot, liquid metal spraying out from it, covering the floor with ambers that kept burning for a while. The former shape of the cylinder was gone. It was now bent into a curved triangle and the supports had made a trench trough the concrete that barely held the thing in place. When the 4 girls snapped out of their power lust overloaded state of their senses they could hear the deafening sound was making with her superfast punches. It was like the thing was being shot with 2 machine guns loaded with naval cannons rounds. A few seconds later Jenny paused and said: "Well done girls. Please help yourselves to more concentrate. You will all need your full strength in a minute." And right after that enigmatic statement Jenny threw her arm back for one last punch, noticeably charging it with impossible amounts of power, as one lightning spark of energy jumped between her arm and the floor, right before she unleashed it.


The force of the punch-explosion split the thing in two and sent the pieces flying through a wall, right into the parking lot outside, more than a hundred meters away from the gym. It took a few instants for the whole gym to stop shaking, the lights at the ceiling still rocking even after that. Jenny was quickly surrounded by the twins that giggled and jumped up and down around her, like cute teens in a pop concert. Adele had snapped the thick metal chains that held the barrels of concentrate together, with almost no effort and was helping herself to her first drink. All of the girls drank the liquid avidly, enjoying its sweet taste to the last drop, but only Jenny was powerful enough to crush the barrels with her sucking power, like she did before. She drank one after the other, arching her back, and tilting her head, with her straight, long, black hair falling down near the height of her waist. She had her right foot on top of a few 1 ton plates, making her leg raise a bit above the horizontal. Her casual pose so sexy that the instant the twins couldn’t drink any more, they devoted themselves to worshipping her high heel, calf and thigh. A couple of minutes later everyone was done drinking. Mia and Maya had drank 2 barrels each, Adele almost 3 and Shannon had managed to chug down 5 of them, under the amazed eyes of the rest of the girls, only to be surpassed by Jenny, that completely crushed down and dried 10 of the barrels, stopping only because she wanted to go on with her fun, rather than having met some kind of physical limit, like the rest of the girls did.
"Delicious!" said Jenny, smiling and licking the last drops out of her lips. At the same time, a powerful rumble arose in an instant, shaking the super gym one more time, as several cracks appeared and quickly spread in the concrete floor around the huge plates Jenny was using as foot rest. Her foot was somehow pressing down on them, without any visible support point. The force she was exerting was so brutal, that the plates started to buckle. KRAKOOOOMMM!!! Just a second later Jenny's foot had conquered the floor, breaking some part of the buildings foundation that allowed the plates to go down, at least a dozen inches. The tip of her high heel was almost red hot but Jenny wasn’t even a bit uncomfortable with it.

"Now for the REAL workout..." she said.
Shannon mind was blown once again. It wasn’t just that this girl's strength was beyond any human standard, this time she didn’t even needed to held herself down to apply it. Was Jenny overpowering even Mother Nature’s laws? Her density was surely beyond any material Shannon knew about, a fact that now was evidenced by the way the floor cracked under her feet, like Mia did when she was casually holding several tons overhead, but leaving even deeper footprints behind. By now the 4 ultra-powered girls acted as one, like proud royal guards of a queen that would never need any guarding, always ready to worship her at the slightest sign. Even the shadows on the floor where dominated by her. Being the shortest of the 5, the size difference in them was even more notorious. Jenny's V shape wasn’t just wide; it was a nuclear mushroom of muscle. Jenny's arms weren’t just thick; they were female power made flesh. Looking at them, balancing as she walked close to her, made Shannon actually scared that, the next time she flexed them, it might drive her literally insane.
"I hope you don’t mind me breaking the equipment here." said Jenny looking at Shannon. “I just can’t help myself. I need tougher and tougher stuff every time I train".

Then, in order to further illustrate a point that didn’t really need it, she approached the biggest machine the old gym had: a 15 ton universal machine. Its main structure was built with 4 rounded mega metal support beams, 6 inches thick that went from the floor where they were buried and bolted in the concrete, and into the ceiling, secured and bolted in the same way. Her sexy right hand, with long pink nails, gripped one of those support beams, her fingers not reaching around it by far. Jenny's expression morphed into pure determination as she once again summoned obscene amounts of strength. Her right arm, which had reduced back to “just” 28 inches, rose to attention again and started to engorge with new ultra muscle as her grip begun to overpower the super dense metal itself. Seizing the chance to have even more power-fun, Adele looked up and launched herself to the ceiling in a single jump, and making cracks of her own on both the roof and the ground. Up there, she easily torn the metal cable out of the machine and quickly jumped back down, where she wrapped a generous amount of the 2 inches thick cable around Jenny's growing arm, before taking a couple of steps back to enjoy the view. The concrete at Jenny's feet was crumpling under pressures far beyond its maximum load resistance as the bolts of the machine exploded loudly one by one. The beam soon exploded out of the concrete below completely and went right through the roof with a similar explosion. The entire machine groaned and slowly tilted to the side while Jenny's unstoppable arm growth ripped the cable to shreds, with metal sparks flying out of each breaking turn. Shannon was puzzled. Jenny's hand had turned the mega metal to putty, the weight of the machine only seemed to make her even stronger and the metal cable wasn’t even slowing her bicep growth down...

What could she possibly have installed in the gym to match that kind of monstrous strength? The 4 girls gasped for air and sweated profusely just by looking at her, embracing each other just to keep themselves from jumping on Jenny and distract her from her titanic workout. By now they all knew Jenny loved to workout. Without even considering that she was lifting for arm pumps a lot more than the weight they used for deadlifts, just watching her do her curls with perfect form and timing was more than enough to know she was a mistress of the art of making muscle. After doing 30 curls with her right arm she simply walked to the other side and repeated the unbelievable feat with her left arm, but this time, her squeeze crushed the metal and ripped out the left girder even faster. The other 30 curls were done just as fast as the first ones and, when she was done, she growled. "Puny!” All the girls took a step back without even realizing it. With that amount of power, Jenny could be a serious threat to the whole world if she turned evil. With her back turned to the girls, she gripped the whole machine and raised it of the ground more than a few inches, before toppling the whole thing. The enormous mass of metal obliterated a huge part of the gym as it fell. Shannon heard Adele gulp as Jenny turned around, smiling like a mischievous little girl. She then walked to the girls with her hands up, silently asking for high-fives that the girls happily supplied. Everyone was back to their cheerful mood in an instant.

Shannon seized the moment, taking advantage of the relaxed atmosphere, to ask some questions to Adele:
“What do you girls need me for anyway? Jenny here seems very capable of taking care of any issue on this planet by herself.”
“That’s exactly the problem. She’s… insatiable,” replied Adele.
“How old were you when you got your DNA boost?”
“23. What does that has to do with anything?”
“Jenny was 17. How powerful was your libido when you were 17?”
Shannon’s eye widened as she looked at Adele’s naughty smile.
“You tell me you couldn’t keep up with her?”
“Not by far, not even after my own boost. I don’t know who did hers, but they guy must have been a super genius.”
“See the twins? They were unstoppable sex beasts even before their own boosts. They leaded orgies that lasted days on a row. I went ahead and paid for all the best DNA boosts we could, just to get them ready before introducing them to Jenny. And it worked. For a couple of months anyway...”
“No way!”
“Yep! She gained on us again and nowadays not even the 3 of us together can keep up with her.”
“Well, I’ll give you girls a hand with her then.”
Shannon smiled, winked at Adele and teased Jenny:
"You’re such a BEAST! How are you doing this?"
Jenny laughed and replied "Ohhhh I’m soooo much more than that! WE ALL are now and then she whipped her hair to her back and said: "Beast mode is nothing, watch me go GODDESS MODE!"

She then got into the front-relaxed bodybuilding pose with her muscles jumping to attention in an instant. The twins squealed with delight as Jenny transitioned to a double biceps pose that would win, hands down, ANY bodybuilding contest EVER. Once again the air filled with Jenny's inexplicable power, power that transcended her physical form. Somehow she was growing even more muscular right before Shannon's eyes, focusing the growth wherever she wanted. And right now she obviously wanted arm muscle, and LOTS of it. Despite her muscle level being ultra-human and her incredibly femininity being impossibly attractive, right now everyone could only watch her guns destroy one legendary size limit after the other. The very first seconds those 30 inches of female bicep had crushed all of Shannon's records and they kept rising steadily. But she was insatiable. Jenny growled as seams started popping on her shirt’s sleeve that couldn’t stretch any more, just as the neck of the shirt started tearing exactly in the middle of her chest. She next unflexed her arms to gather even more power for the next flex. With a superpowerful "mmmMMMMPHHH!!!" she made her mountains blast through the male record of 34 inches and then, just keep rising towards her own clenched fists! The sleeve of the T-shirt that was oversized when Jenny started her training today was now being torn in half by the most powerful bicep ever and the GRRRLPOWER text on it was rendered unreadable. Shannon jumped as she watched a few energy sparks jumping on Jenny's arms! She wasn’t kidding about the goddess thing. Jenny's eyes really started to glow; there was no doubt about it. Her power was out of this world now.

"MMMOORRRRRE!" She roared, before making one last full flex that forced her already gigantic biceps to explode up with over 40 inches of ultra-powered mass, overflowing with energies beyond reason. The tear in the neck of her shirt had advanced down to form the most powerful cleavage in the word. Her last growth burst was so powerful that she inadvertently caused a shockwave that knocked the other girls down. Letting her arms go down again she looked at Adele and spoke with a voice that sounded like an angelic choir. "Turn on the big one".

Adele couldn’t contain the orgasm that Jenny's gaze caused on her, the feeling running her over like a train. Shannon watched in disbelief as Adele arched her back on the floor with her eyes closed, biting her lip and crying out her pleasure as her boobs grew so much that they forced her bra to snap out. Adele then rose up again; in an unnatural way that defied gravity, and gave her new boobs a super strong squeeze that caused some energy sparks to crack around her super muscular arms, but ultimately barely dented them.
"With pleasure,” she replied.

Jenny walked towards the last remaining portion of the gym, giving the rest of the girls the same power-gaze that apparently had promoted Adele. The twins barely managed to stay conscious upon Jenny's impossible act of generosity. Their bodies were apparently more sensitive to the pleasuring part of it. When Jenny was done with them, their bodies were entwined together, with their growth pushing them apart and pretty much destroying the ground they were laying on. Shannon's heart raced. She was next for "promotion". When Jenny's glowing eyes fixed on her she was forced back so hard she nearly fell over backwards. She couldn’t explain it, but it was like Jenny was washing her over with a super-strong fire hose of pure female power. She walked towards Shannon, with her expression more and more determined by the second. Soon the energy stream became visible, as a pair of thick blueish beams shooting out of Jenny's eyes and impacting Shannon on the chest. Jenny’s power beyond comprehension had pushed her into a wall, without even touching her, and the beam wasn’t decreasing either. It was in fact, pushing Shannon up the wall, her feet no longer reaching the floor. Jenny's power was flooding her, overwhelming every part of her being with a hundred times more power than she could imagine. Jenny had the entire super gym rumbling with her inexplicable beam power. Shannon brought her hands to her hair, violently turning her head left and right, with her gasps and cries of extreme pleasure further fueling the rest of the girl’s lust, as her own eyes started to glow on their own. Then, after a few more seconds of power transfer, the wall Shannon was pinned on failed. Over 20 inches of solid concrete were turned to dust by the raw force of Jenny's beams, making Shannon explode through it. When Shannon's fall made Jenny's beams shine on some machinery behind the wall, it started melting. Metal and concrete where vaporizing like a pond on a summer's day. Jenny smirked as she shut down her beams, with bolts of raw energy jumping between her body and the surroundings. Jenny gasped with delight. Her power amazed even herself now.

Shannon took a while to get back up. Not due to pain or weakness but due to the state of bliss she was in. The power infusion she had was so intense that the burning sensation in her body still remained as the muscle growth slowed down to a stop, with energy crackling sparks still jumping out of her body.
Meanwhile, the twins had started using their new level of power on parts of the gym that were pretty much ruined by now. Mia had wrapped her legs around one of the 1m thick concrete columns and Maya was doing the Samson feat with 2 more. Shannon watched them, smiling as she stood up once again. Both were now much more muscular than she ever was but their femininity was even more overflowing than their muscle size. Their V shape was now simply beyond superhuman and their tits were nothing short of gigantic. Comparing them to beach balls wouldn’t be fair to beach balls. Despite these ultra-human features it was clear that what Jenny had granted them, above all, was strength. Obscene amounts of it. Mia was having little trouble scissoring the concrete column to dust, with her hands behind her head as she flexed her armor plated waist to ultra-human human levels. Maya wasn’t having any problems either, with her arms forcing the columns apart in seconds, growling and biting her lower lip as she forced more and more muscle power into her already ultra-massive guns.

Not even 30 seconds had passed before the twins forced the concrete into rubble, casually tossing aside pieces that must have weighted tons. Both girls’ eyes were now glowing too. Jenny wasn’t wasting any time either. When Shannon finally managed to stop staring at the twin power sirens she was shocked to see that Jenny went all Tasmanian devil on the protein tanks. All of them were gone, but not just empty; she had torn apart and squeezed dry all the remaining tanks. There were even finger grooves on the walls and the metal pallets had been shredded like they were made of paper. Shannon estimated that Jenny must have drank over 5 times the amount she took. Jenny was just standing there, breathing heavily, with her remaining clothes soaked in sweat, but not a drop of protein concentrate.
Adele rushed her fingers to finish the setup of the most powerful gym machine in the world. She wanted to be done before Jenny got to her.

"Is it ready?" she asked, barely an instant after she was done.
Adele shuddered and gasped, trying not to turn around. Jenny's angelic voice had become almost too much for her to handle. She knew the machine had no chance against Jenny's almost demonic strength.
“Yes Jenny," she said as the sliding doors of the machine slowly opened. But Jenny wasn’t in the mood for waiting, so she quickly ripped the doors out of the machine and tossed them over her shoulders and right into the twin’s arms, who were walking towards the machine now, with Shannon in the middle. Almost in unison, the girls used their hands to tear the doors in two, in a far more powerful version of the phonebook feat. Once she reached the center of the machine, Jenny turned around and aligned herself to use it. It was designed like an inclined chest press machine, except that the bench was just a huge solid piece of mega metal buried in the concrete at an angle and a huge 10 inch thick bar of metal was the handle for the gigantic blocks of mega metal that served as weights, going deep into the ground. There were 20 colossal solid blocks for that purpose that could slide over a couple of rails. Each one was 2m wide, 1m tall and 60cm thick, with the incredible weight of 20 tons each. The whole thing scared the hell out of everyone except Jenny, who was clearly impatient to use it. She tapped 40 tons on the control panel next to her right hand.

Jenny started doing reps in the humongous machine, like any normal girl would do in a regular gym. If anything, the exercise only managed to pump her up, making more seams of her pink shirt tear. After 30 perfect reps she tapped the controls to use 100 tons. Even Adele and the twins were amazed now. Jenny growled as it took a huge effort for her to move the bar now, but it sure did.
Screamed Jenny, her irises now glowing so bright that they looked like LED lamps. Without a pause she powered into the next rep, making the machine groan, and it was done in a little less time than the first one. The third rep just took her the same time it did on the “light” settings. Her huge pecs were growing even bigger and more defined with every single rep. By repetition number 10 she was making them like a machine. The whole place shook when she reached the top and bottom positions, with extremely regular timing. And she was extremely happy with it.
“NOW I’m feeling it! Now I’ll get REALLY strong!”
The impossible exercise regime was clearly making her even more powerful than before, as huge blueish energy sparks started to jump regularly all over her still growing body. The 4 girls that she turned into muscle goddesses were simply speechless and stunned by Jenny’s raw power. She relieved on having this 4 muscle goddesses completely under her power-spell. After completing 30 more reps with 100 tons she just licked her lips in feral anticipation and dialed the machine to its maximum setting, while nearly overloading her minions with the intensity of her lustful glowing gaze. 400 tons were locked to the bar:
“I want it ALL. NOW!”

Jenny tensed her body against the metal, moaning between the efforts that pushed obscene amounts of power into her muscles. But the bar didn’t move this time, despite the increase in the thickness and brightness of the energy sparks that jumped out of her body and into the machine and the extra inch of uber-muscle that she packed in an instant. The sweet words of support from the other girls only managed to fuel her anger. Jenny started to really growl now. After a few more seconds of pushing, Shannon started to think on what she could possibly say to support someone that manages to lift 100 tons but wants to lift 400. But she didn’t went too far into that line of thought as she started noticing that Jenny’s super-growl had been covering a rumbling sound that was now growing into a full quake and beyond. But it wasn’t the weights that caused it, they weren’t moving yet. Shannon soon realized that Jenny’s power were the source of it all, as she saw the walls and floor around Jenny getting thick cracks that spread longer and wider by the second. But it wasn’t just the vicinity of Jenny what was being affected. After the glass panels of the chamber broke and fell, she could watch countless objects in the gym floating and collapsing into themselves, crushed by an invisible force.

Metal was bending, entire weight machines were being flattened into the ground and even huge pieces of concrete debris were just exploding into dust. Using her own new enhanced mind powers Shannon managed to sense Jenny’s telekinetic wave and how it was flooding the entire gym, except her friends, that were spared from the destruction. She couldn’t consider the subject much longer due to Jenny’s growl starting to rise over the rumbling sound again, as her fingers started to deform even the 10 inches thick, reinforced mega-metal bar. Jenny’s chest and arm muscles glowed brightly as she brutally overpowered the resistance and extended her arms in a single harsh movement. Jenny roared with such loudness and intensity that all the building’s glass panels and several walls just exploded out. The weights reached the limits of the device with a cannon blast sound. Adele noticed that Jenny’s ultra-grip wasn’t “just” lifting the 400 tons. It was what kept the weights from exploding out of the machine due to their own inertia.
Jenny’s body was now growing beyond even her minion’s wildest dreams. Jenny’s shirt wasn’t just being ripped apart, it was being burn. But Jenny surely dreamed a LOT bigger than them, in fact she was getting far beyond the machine’s design. Her torso has gotten so thick and her feminine attributes so ultra-human, that her boobs had reached the bar and were being softly compressed by it on each rep. As soon as Jenny noticed this, after several dozens of 400ton repetitions that were as perfectly executed as always, she released the bar and placed her hands behind her head, moaning louder than ever.
“I did it! I… am… unstoppable!!!”

Then another mind-blast hit the gym, but this one was of a different nature. Shannon, Adele, Mia and Maya, despite being now nearly goddesses of their own, couldn’t help but to jump over Jenny’s body in total sexual rapture. They each kissed, pleased and worshipped Jenny with enough power to completely destroy any normal human’s mind and body, but ultimately only fueling her power even more. Her strength now so colossal that even the 4 girls put together were no match. Not even the super-weight machine resisted. Jenny’s boobs were now pushing back the bar, as they recovered their roundness at the same time that her back was crushing the solid metal bench into paste. In under a minute the machine was being completely outpowered. Jenny’s sexual frenzy got so ultra-humanly intense that even her nipples became unstoppable. They just grew into the metal bar, overpowering the metal density and digging into it, making big bulges on the other side. This locked the bar to her tits, which continued engorging with every single moan that her 4 minions masterfully induced. Soon the bar started groaning from the incredible tension that her nipples, trying to grow apart each other, caused on it. It didn’t take long for the stress to build past the breaking point anyway. The metal bar that could support 400 tons pulling on its ends just broke in two, with a massive explosion sound, unable to withstand Jenny’s growth power. Soon after that, the bar and weights remains were pushed past the machine’s limits and metal and concrete all around broke and tore under Jenny and her girls unstoppable power. Finally, as the 5 ubergirls reached their orgasms in unison, they arched their backs and spread their ultra-muscular limbs with more than enough force to completely destroy the machine and the building along with it. In that instant the gym building was replaced by a smoking crater.

Above it, only 5 glowing goddesses remained.


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I absolutely loved reading this story, I loved that Shannon was so strong in the beginning, but this girl barely out of her teens had been using weights that was so, so much more than she could ever lift and had muscles that made hers look small and that was just the beginning, as the story progressed, Shannon got bigger and stronger, but stayed far, far behind in both muscle size and strength to Jenny, who basically became the Goddess that the other Goddesses worship.
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