Muscle Bound Party Girl

by Buzz438

The night of your life with the muscular girl from the party

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It was at that party where I first met her. She was taller than me, much taller by the looks of it. She looked really big and bulky, and I just couldn't keep my eyes off of her. Her wide shoulders, thin waist, muscles popping out from underneath her skin-tight dress, almost threatening to rip the fabric apart just to escape
their prison. With every single motion of her arms her biceps and triceps would flare out as if they were stretching their cloth prison to its absolute limit. With every step she took, you could see the muscles in her ginormous thigh and her diamond like calves flexing and popping out. Imagine this, her dress was so tight that you could see her abs flexing right through it. A clear cut 8 pack that could easily be seen as the tight dress she was wearing wasn't doing a great job of concealing them. With every movement, laugh, or twist and turn, her abs would pop out and stretch the dress she was wearing to the absolutely limits. It was almost as if she purposely wore that dress just to have her big, hard, rock hard, bulging muscles show no matter what she did. I couldn't keep my eyes off of her all night. Her muscles flexing and stretching the tight material of the dress was too much for me to handle. I was hard just by looking at her and I couldn't imagine what it would be like to feel those muscles of hers; to be completely overpowered and dominated, to be totally helpless against her far superior strength, and to be completely at her mercy.

Sadly thought, I couldn't work up the courage to go and talk to her. What if she wasn't interesting in talking to me, what if she was only interested in guys that were strong and muscular. I couldn't bear with the humiliation, so I just sat there, completely idle, dreaming of what could be. It was at that moment that my life changed forever and would never be the same. You see, I have always a fascination for muscular girls. No one ever knew, and I wanted it to keep it that way because as most of you know, it's very hard to be able to tell the world that you like girls with muscles. Unless you find someone with similar or the same interest it is very hard to "come out" because you're just afraid of being judged. We live in the 21st century and it is still hard to admit certain things because of our fear of being judged by our peers and those around us.

Anyways, back to the story.
We ended up being near each other that night, and believe it or not she was the one that had approached me first. We were sitting down with a few other people and out of everyone else who was at the party, she was sitting next to me! My feelings and emotions where going crazy at this time, and not the mention that I was also trying to hide my hard on at this point because just the thought of her muscles made her hard. While sitting there, I also noticed that she had pretty big breast; unlike most muscular girls who just have pecs because they train their chest. We were all sitting together at a little coffee table having our drinks, talking and laughing, and I had almost forgotten about my intense attraction towards her because we were having such a good time with everyone there. I said that I'll be right back and that I need to make a run to the bathroom and it was at the moment when she said "I need to go the bathroom too, let's go together." I naturally just did my best to remain calm as we went away from the group together.

When we both stood up, I realized that she was actually much taller than I had anticipated; the top of my head reached the bottom of her chin, so I had to look way up in order to look into her eyes. She said, "let's go" and she started walking while I followed her from behind. Before me, stood a back chiseled out of marble. With every single movement, even the slightest of movements, her back would ripple, and ridges upon ridges of muscle would form; making me ever so hard. Her super tight, firm, and muscular ass was no different, and everything on this girl looked like it was ready to just burst out of the prison hold of that dress she was in. By this point I was completely hypnotized, almost in a trance like state. As I was about to start looking down to get a closer look at those incredibly huge and muscular calves of hers, she had come to a complete stop to say hello to a friend, and being in my trance like state, I didn't notice her stopping until I had bumped into her. It felt like I had just run directly into a solid brick wall, and where she stood completely still and unmoved, I had lost my balance and was beginning to fall back. Luckily for me, she had turned around at that same moment to see what had hit her from behind and quickly caught me with one of her long, rock hard, muscular arms going around my back and pulled me right into her so that my body was pressed up against hers. I had grabbed her upper arm as she caught me in an attempt to stabilize myself, and boy were her muscles hard a stone!

With a wicked, almost knowing smile on her face she said to me, "Don't worry, I got you, you won't fall." Then, while quickly tensing the bicep that I was holding onto into monstrous proportions she said, "You don't have to hold on, I've got you completely secured.... unless you want to that is." I just stood there, my hands still around her ginormous bicep, not knowing what to say. A mixture of fear, pleasure, and confusion was coursing through my body. My hard on was now coming in and was starting to press up against her steel like thigh, she definitely noticed as she looked down, then back into my eyes, and smiled a smile even wider than the one before; it was at this moment that she was sure that I was incredibly turned on by her. She let me go and said to me "come on, we were going to the bathroom, weren't we?" She simply grabbed my hand in hers and pulled me upstairs. Even her hands were bigger and stronger than mine. She had such a firm grip that it rendered my hand almost completely useless. I tried to squeeze back but it was almost like she had sucked all of my strength away from me, however, the truth of the matter is just that she was probably so much stronger than me that I didn't stand a chance against her even if my life depended on it. She had stopped right before we reached the stairs and turned around the face me. She was so much taller than me that she was forced to bend down, while giving my hand a slight squeeze she whispered into my ear, "don't try to squeeze my hand too hard honey, you're not nearly strong enough to do so, you'll need to save your strength for when we get upstairs." I was completely stunned and had absolutely no idea what to do or say. She then looked at me straight in the eyes and stood up straight so that I was forced to look up at her, pressing her rock hard, muscular body up against mine; even like this I could feel her 8 pack abs and gigantic pecs pressing up against me. She quickly turned around and started heading back upstairs, pulling me up with her.

We made it up the stairs and she took us straight to the end of the hallway. She opened the door to one of the rooms and stood to the side while she led me in. As soon as I walked into the room, she quickly followed behind and shut the door. She stood very close to me with her hands on her hips looking down at me and said "I saw you looking at me all night. What is it? You think I'm attractive, or you like tall girls, or is it this?" She took a short step back and bent down so that she was at eye level with me and flexed her bicep, all while smiling a devious looking smile right at me. Looking at me directly in the eyes she started flicking her wrist in and out, making her bicep pop up and down, she said to me, "so, what is it?" Too dumbfounded to answer, I just stared at her bicep, then back at her, spitting out random words as I tried so desperately to form a sentence, "I… I… uhhhh, I, uhh… I was just…" She stands up straight still keeping her bicep flexed and says, "Feel it!" Shocked and mesmerized at the same time, I hardly even registered what she had said to me. Looking down at me, she said in a very stern and serious voice, "that wasn't a question." I reached up with my hand and placed it right on her bicep. It was literally the biggest and the hardest bicep I have ever felt in my life. It had a tremendously ridged peak with a ripped look that showed she spent a lot of hours at the gym sculpting this body of hers that looked as if it had been sculpted out of marble. As she began to flex and unflex her bicep right underneath my hand, my member started to grow and she of course took notice of this and smiled. Bending down once again to look me in the eyes, she said while sexily biting her bottom lip, "my, my… what do we have here, it seems I was right about you, you do like my little muscles." I was getting harder by the second, this girl who was an absolute dream of mine was now coming on to me. I couldn't believe it and I thought for a second that I was dreaming.

I was quickly snapped out of my mini trance when she placed her arms under my butt and lifted me straight up into the air, firmly pressing me against her and allowing my ever-so-hard member to press up against her abs. I quickly put my arms around her neck to stabilize myself and she let out a soft giggle. She said "don't worry honey, I won't drop you… you're as light as a feather." Easily believing her, I relaxed. I started feeling her traps and shoulders, and they were just as every bit as big and hard as her biceps and abs were. She bounced me up and down a couple times while flexing her abs, causing my already hard member to rub up against the brick wall of muscle that was already so hard and defined before she even began flexing. I slightly moaned and shuddered in ecstasy, she took notice of my pleasure and quickly stopped. She said, "come on now, we don't want you cuming too quickly now do we?" She walked over to the bed and set me down on my feet right in front of it and said, "take off your shirt." I stood there not doing anything for a few seconds and she simply grabbed both of my wrists with one of her bigger and stronger hands and held them up above my head. I struggled trying to get free but that only caused her to giggle even more. Bending down once again to look at me in the eyes she said, "next time I say something, you better do it right away, or you won't get off this easily." With her other arm, she grabbed the bottom of my shirt and pulled it up until she had taken it completely off me. She grabbed my arm again and pulled it up telling me flex my bicep. This only caused her to giggle some more as there was no real peak on my arm, my biceps being only 11 inches (28cm), caused her to hold back a laugh, "mine are nearly 16 inches (40cm)," she said. She grabbed my bicep with her arm and squeezed down on it, instantly crushing my bicep and causing me to wince in pain. I tried pulling back but she had a firm grip on my bicep and wasn't letting go. She started squeezing more and more and at this point I had to beg her to let me go. She let me go and hugged me, squeezing my body against hers and my head against her breasts. She said "awwww sorry baby, I didn't mean to hurt you that bad, only a little."

Come now, it's your turn. I looked at her somewhat puzzled and asked, "my turn for what?" She turned around and pulled her hair in front of her and said, "for you to take off my dress." I instantly became hard again and she stood there waiting for me. I felt as if I was once again entering some trance phase dreaming about what her body looks like under her dress, however, I was once again brought out of it quickly when she turned around and said to me in a threatening voice, "what did I say about doing what you're told!?!?" I immediately stood up and went up behind her. I grabbed the zipper with my hand and slowly pulled it down. As I did so, I could see fabric of the dress relaxing as it was no longer stretched out by her enormously wide back. Her back once again rippled as it did when I saw her earlier during the party, only this time it was much better because it wasn't covered by her dress. As I finished unzipping the back of her dress she turned around and pushed me back onto the bed as she pulled the rest of the dress down, letting it fall to the floor. Pointing to my jeans, she said, "take them off." Believe me, this time I did not hesitate to do as I was told. As I pulled my jeans off she told me to stand up. Standing right in front of one another, I was amazed at how big she was. Her shoulders were so broad, arms rippling with muscle, an 8 pack that definitely did justice to the whole 'washboard abs' deal, quads that looked bigger and wider than both of my arms put together, and diamond like calves that spread so wide you could see from the front. Standing in only her bra and underwear, and me in my boxers, she once again took notice of my member poking out from within my boxers. This time she grabbed it very firmly in her hand and pulled me close to her. She bent down and whispered in my ear with a very erotic voice, "just remember one thing little man, I am much bigger, and much, much stronger than you are, and if you do what you're told, you'll have the night of your life, but if not… well let's just say I wouldn't want to do anything to hurt you."

She let go of me and stood in front of me. She grabbed my hand in hers and said, "now I want to arm wrestle you to see what I'm going up against… not that I really need to, but I think you'll get a kick out of it." We both laid down on the bed and got into the arm wrestling position, because she was so much bigger than me, she had to extend her arm out so that we can arm wrestle properly. For a second, I thought that this would give me a clear advantage, but that thought clearly ended as I looked at how thick her wrist and forearm was. I put up my other arm on her forearm and started feeling its immense size and hardness, she replied by saying that her forearms were 12.5 inches (32cm) … an entire inch and half bigger than my biceps, my biceps! I don't even know how big my forearms are but they sure as hell look like noodles compared to hers. She said that I can start pushing whenever I wanted and I instantly went in with all of my strength. I was pouring in every ounce of strength I had in me, pushing and pushing, grunting with effort while my face was slowly getting red. To no surprise, I hadn't even pushed her a single inch from the starting position. She thought I wasn't trying my hardest because it was so easy for her to hold my arm up so she pushed me half way down and laughed at how easy it was for her to do. She said "awwww come on my little man, use those big, strong muscles of yours, surely you can do much better against a girl." I didn't say anything and just kept on pushing against her arm. She let me push her back up and said "I think I'm getting a little tired now." I kept on pushing her arm very slowly until she was about half way down to getting pinned. "Now I've got you," I said almost sounding cocky. She stopped me from pushing her and started grunting with effort, saying "ugh, I don't think I can do this you're much too strong for me." For a moment I thought to myself, "is this girl serious?" I looked up at her and she looked like she was holding back a laugh. She instantly said, "you're so weak and pathetic and you barely have any muscle on you, no wonder you're so weak… I know a few teenage girls that are stronger than you, did you really think that you could beat me in arm wrestling?" She brought me back up to the starting position and squeezed my hand a bit, causing me to wince out in pain, she naturally just laughed at my futile attempts and by now my arm was starting to hurt so I was getting weaker and weaker. She told me to use both arms, and I didn't hesitate for even a single moment before I put my other arm and started pulling with it while I pushed with my other arm. She laughed me and called me pathetic, said I was one of the weakest people she has ever met, and then slowly pinned both of my arms down while repeatedly telling me to keep pushing and to try to resist her. By this time, I felt a little out of breath and she was her usual cheery self. She stood up and flexed her biceps, then went into a 'most muscular' pose and said erotically, "I love how strong and muscular I am, these muscles were built for pure power!"

While looking up at her and she flexed, she came up to me and once picked me up in her arms. Squeezing my tightly against her so that I couldn't move a lot, she looked at me in the eyes and said, "I hope you know your place now." With that she began kissing me, even her tongue felt like it was bigger and stronger than mine and she probed my mouth her tongue. As we were making out, I started feeling and squeezing the muscles in her arms, this seemed to turn her on and she was getting rougher and rougher and was continuously squeezing me harder against her up until the point I had to ask her to ease up before she broke anything. She laid me down on the bed on my back and came on top of me like a lioness hunting its pray. Her rippling body hovering over me made me feel a lot of different sensations, from fear of what she could to me with me being so helpless against her far superior strength, to lust and pleasure of being alone in a room with a girl that I only ever dreamed about it. I decided to get a little playful with her and grabbed her by the shoulders to try and bring her down on the bed beside to… needless to say, my attempt failed miserably. She immediately grabbed both of my wrists and held them up above my head with only one of her hands while she trapped my legs with hers. Laughing, she said, "still haven't learned your lesson I see." Still holding my wrists in her hand, she rolled over beside me on the bed on her back and quickly slid her other arm under my back. She pulled up my entire body with her one arm right on top of her positioning me facedown and instantly put my head in a headlock while crushing it against her amazing soft boobs resting on top of very thick and muscular pecs. She trapped my legs with hers as my erected member was now pressing up against her clit. She shivered for a second and squeezed me really hard, causing me to grunt out in pain. She continued pressing my head down hard against her breasts while squeezing my legs with hers at the same time. She could hear my muffled screams of pain and she kept on flexing and unflexing her bicep on my neck and as she was working my legs to the brink extinction. She finally let loose but still held me firmly, I breathed hard and she said to me, "do I need to keep reminding you that you're my little bitch right now?" When I didn't answer she squeezed me really hard again causing me to squirm against her to no avail until she finally let loose again and said in a harsh and somewhat demanding voice, "I said, do I need to keep reminding you that you're my little bitch right now!?" I was instantly shaking my head left and right and trying as best as I could to say 'no' as my head was still being crushed against her breasts.

She let me go and threw me off of her beside her onto the bed. I lay there almost limp, heavily breathing in and out and she perched herself up on her elbow resting her head on her fist looking at me. Placing her hand on my chest, she said to me, "I hope there will be no more doubts as to who you belong to right now." I brought my arms up and placed my hands on her bicep and said to her, "after everything, I still can't keep my hands off your muscles." She said "good," and then leaned down and kissed me again. She climbed up on top of me and we continued making out and she started to grind up and down on me. She pulled back and took her bra off, then sexily bounced her boobs up and down she flexed and unflexed her chest. She took my hands and placed them on her breasts as she flexed them. Being as I was already hard, I starting moaning with pleasure now. I started rubbing up and down against her as she kept my hands on her breasts and kept on flexing her pecs. She then shifted down slightly and with a soft grunt she actually ripped off my boxers from me. Moving a bit further down, she took off her own underwear, then came back on top of me and we resumed kissing while she slowly slid me inside her. She started grinding on me harder and harder, faster and faster, as I continued rubbing and squeezing her muscles. We were both moaning and grunting with pleasure, the sensations I was feeling during this time were absolutely incredible, and I never once thought in my whole life that being with a girl who literally made me, as she put her, her bitch, would show me the best time of my life. As she started going faster and harder, I was filled with ecstasy, she was getting more and more turned on by the second and as she was getting more and more excited she started squeezing me with her legs more and more. I tried telling her that she was hurting me but she didn't slow, instead she took my wrists and held them above my head and said in between breaths, "I'll hurt you more if you don't stop whining!" Despite this fact, I was still in ecstasy and no amount of pain was going to change that. We were still going at it hard, but we soon came to an end where both of us actually came at the same time. She stopped and looked at me and gave me another kiss. I said that this was the most incredible moment of my life. She said, "I know," and winked at me.

She finally released me and laid down beside me. I turned over and rested my head on her shoulder and I wrapped my other arm around abs. We laid there for about a minute just not saying anything. Even after everything I was still turned on by her muscles and my hard member pressing up against her side was not letting me off easy. She turned her head at me and kissed me once again. She said, "we should get back downstairs to the party." I agreed with her and we both stood up and started to get dressed. Remembering that she ripped my boxers in half I said to her, "what am I supposed to put on now." She gave me wicked smile and came up to me again, pushing me up against a wall and then putting her arms under my armpits and lifting me up. "What are you doing?" I said. She said, "just checking to see if you'll still get hard." No surprise, I did, and then I asked again while I was being held up in the air, "so what am I supposed to put on under my jeans now?" She dropped me down to my feet and sexily said to me, "nothing, it'll be easier for me to get to it later." She winked at me and pulled my head up while she kissed me again. After I got dressed and told her I was ready to go back down, she said to me, "ok let's go for a short while." I said, "a short while?" She moved up to me again before we exited the room and grabbed the collar of my shirt and tugged upwards on it so that I was forced to stand on my toes and grab onto her for support, she replied menacingly, "yes, a short while, because we're going back to my place, and once we leave, you're mine!"

And I had just thought that the night had ended, little did I know, it had just begun!


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