Keeping It In The Family Chapter 4; From Grandmother to Mother

by amnoartist95

Ruth has her routinely sex with her son & grandson; later, the effects of her secondary injection allows her hopes of motherhood to blossom.

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Keeping It In The Family
Written & edited by Amnoartist
Chapter 4: From Grandmother to Mother

Ruth was proud of the marked strides in performance Scott and Jordan made in recent days. Generally, they could only last up to a few hours with the gargantuan woman, but she couldn’t hide her pleasure in knowing that, as of now, the trio had spent four straight days and nights together, kissing, riotously fucking and caressing non-stop. Their daily schedule be damned! Ruth was of the mind that the two men had by now more than deserved some leisure time outside their timetable, which they decided to spend with her.

She was tongue-deep in her son’s throat, violating the oxygen that tried vainly to escape from his lungs, but every expel was greedily swallowed up by her. As this happened Jordan knelt behind, rimming her in such a manner that it looked almost casual—which it was for the family, to say the least. Their four-day sex binge didn’t seem to show signs of stopping anytime soon—Scott’s dick was still erect as ever, pressing against his mother’s abs, whilst Jordan’s lurched closer to Ruth’s waiting glutes. It almost looked as if she was waiting for his meat to enter her. He didn’t want to take advantage of the situation no matter how eager he was.

Ruth’s lips pulled away from Scott before a smile formed. “You really are starting to improve in the sack, sweeties. You’d be out for the count days ago, if not.” As impressed as she was, a quiver of doubt laid in the back of Ruth’s mind that the fine gentlemen would eventually capsize and withdraw from the otherwise incredible sex—something the woman wasn’t all that ready to accept. She took hold of Scott’s cock and traced the length of a prominent vein across the shaft with a finger, teasing his manhood until it pulsed with anticipation. Scott had trained well enough to keep himself from releasing, but it didn’t stop the feeling itself from coursing through him.

Jordan took to kneading his grandmother’s shoulders as best he could. They were already as wide as him, but that didn’t stop the eager young adult from at least trying to please the woman. Who knows? Maybe if he massaged her well enough, she’d turn her attention to him. Ruth joined in, rubbing her nipples until they doubled in thickness and a hint of breast milk oozed from them. Lustful moans came from the woman as the gentleness of Jordan’s palms rubbed her shoulders.

Scott tried pushing up to get a better view of the spectacle between his mother and son, but her weight bore down on him, pinning the father into position, her clit pulsing as it rubbed against his chest energetically. Her body rocked to and fro rhythmically as her pussy ground against her son’s abs, moving the bed with her. Scott wasn’t going anywhere. All he could do was watch—which wasn’t all that bad actually.

From the corner of his eye, he saw her clit throb before doubling in width! To say it took Scott by surprise would be an understatement, but the display only amplified his lewdness, heightened his arousal and thickened his cock until the meatus was level with her belly button. Ruth thought it was almost teasing her as she licked her lips. But she had other, better ideas.

Grabbing Jordan by the ankles, she pulled his body underneath her until his face met her clit. Before he could respond in any manner, Ruth lowered herself down on Jordan so his face was invaded by the pulsing muscular beefiness of her clit. Before long, she could feel Jordan’s tongue inside her; long and wet, gently caressing the powerful insides of the inhumanly large woman. Then she smiled.

“Mum!” The jealousy in Scott’s voice was obvious. But even if it wasn’t, the face he made certainly would’ve given him away. It had been weeks since he found himself in Jordan’s position and was looking forward to being in it once again. He heard the muffled moans from his son as Ruth’s clit pulsed and flexed in his face, swelling until the muscles themselves started pressing against her skin.

“Don’t worry sweetie, you’ll get your chance later tonight. Now c’mere.”

Ruth pulled Scott over to her so his own face met her breasts. He wasn’t all that sure what he was to do, but once the behemoth mother cupped her left tit, the son knew what was being implied. Scott didn’t even hesitate, approaching the mother’s nipple from which a faint trickle of milk oozed and taking his mouth to it like a baby. Truthfully, Scott was, until now, unaware his mother was—somehow—capable of producing milk from her breasts at such an advanced age. He tried thinking about it for a moment, but the thought process soon died once Ruth’s milk touched his tongue. It came in large quantities, forcing the man to swallow hard and loud as if he were eating food.

It wasn’t long after the first few gulps that Scott curled up in his mother’s titanic arms like a baby, still drawing milk from her breast which never seemed to hint at sagging anytime soon. Jordan was still eating her out, of course, starting to struggle for breath as his grandmother’s muscled clit ceaselessly pulsed. They’d been at this grand sexual endeavour for days now, and yet, Ruth still hadn’t hinted at approaching climax, let alone reached it.

Scott’s swallows continued, ever eager to take his mother’s milk. She watched with a smile as he closed his eyes, cosily coming to terms.


It was the discernible wince that woke Jordan from his slumber, eyes blinking to find his father Scott naked, casually curling a weight heavier than what he was used to, veins mapping across his biceps like snakes coiling around a thick branch. Then Jordan noticed. Scott had somehow grown thicker, meatier and longer. His son questioned how this happened before the dots seemed to just connect on their own. Ruth’s breast milk was the catalyst - right?

Then another wince came, but it wasn’t from Scott, rather Ruth, who stood at the mirror near the dresser, her shadow-casting back turned to both men, equally naked. Jordan wasn’t sure whether he should be curious or worried by the noises from his gargantuan grandma, looking over her shoulder to find the reflection of a needle in her hand peeking back at him. It was filled with the same pasty white liquid blended with the yellow one as before - filled with his and Scott’s cum and…something else, only there was far more of that ‘something else’ than last time. She'd gathered their latest batch of the sexual liquid by stroking them both off at once when they fell asleep, a cock tucked in the crook of each rippling, 70-inched arm!

Without a moment’s hesitation, she jabbed the needle into the thick bulging base of her clit, injecting the curious liquid like her life depended on it, genitalia throbbing in anticipation as the dregs vanished and flowed through the aged woman’s system. As the pulsing continued, she observed a makeshift timetable rested on the dresser marked ‘Menstrual Cycle Dates,’ the latest of which was today. Ruth was no stranger to needles at this point in her goal. The first she injected was when a serum capable of reactivating her period was made, following that was a serum created to revive fertility. The current injection Ruth just subjected herself to was designed to quicken…something, among other things.

The dumbbell still in-hand, Scott’s attention drifted to his mother’s naked reflection. The broad-shouldered and bearded male smiled lewdly as thick veins burst to the surface of her genitalia, writhing and pulsing in unison before her pussy doubled in size again in mere seconds. Love juices funnelled down her legs in sync with the arousal-induced saliva lightly gathering at the corner of her mouth, muscles pulsing and writhing in celebration of the seemingly predictable outburst of growth, thick sinews pressing to her skin.

“It works.” Scott always doubted the veracity of his mother’s goal, but to see it unfold, to bear fruit was enough for him to ensure he would never doubt the woman again. He watched her stroke her six-pack gut gently as it too started audibly swelling outward like leather stretching. “It actually fucking works.”

Both males were surprised Ruth hadn’t uttered a single word since the changes started. That said, there was little need to say anything, given it was laid before them in bulges, flexes and swells. It was truly a sight to behold.

When the changes stopped, Ruth turned to her son and grandson with a smile, a hand on her swollen, gravid gut. In spite of her bloated look, the woman’s signature abdominals were still prominent. In fact, it looked as though they grew with her stomach. A hand at her belly button, she chuckled, looking down at her new rapidly-developed pregnancy. “Say hello.”

Jordan blinked, surprised by the sudden flex that came from Ruth’s stomach. It wasn’t enough that the being inside her had developed in mere seconds, nor that it was already somehow capable of offering an intelligent response, but that her stomach made a weird noise similar to stretching too. Scott’s attention was elsewhere, focused on the flaps of his mother’s clit. Given its increased size, there was no reason to think two cocks at once couldn’t fit in there now.

Jordan’s worry was valid. Just who was the father, considering Ruth had her fair share of him and Scott? The fact was, in a way, they both were!

Both fathers cautiously approached the mother-to-be with open arms, completely unaware that above them on the skylight, was pepping Tom Nick Dawes with a camera in-hand.

Detective Kelly was going to have a field day with this!


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