Tina vs. the War Machines

by yc2201

A busty musclewoman competes in a contest of extreme strength.

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Tina vs. the War Machines


Part 1

Tina stood virtually naked in front of the capacity crowd, her red sling bikini stretched to the breaking point by her massively muscled physique. As the audience gawked at her fabulous body, the young bodybuilder flexed her huge muscles and proudly puffed out her immense breasts for the many cameras that surrounded her. The jumbotron alternated between showing off Tina's powerful ripped glutes, her huge firm tits and all the vast muscles that covered her body like thick armor plating.

While she flaunted her body, the MC read off her stats:

"Hometown of Fairbanks, Alaska"
"22 years old"
"5'6, 285 lbs"
"Bodybuilding since she was 6"
"DD tits at age 13, DDD by 16"
"Proudest feat - knocking a grizzly bear unconcious when she was only 8 years old"

"Ok Tina, the time to beat is 8 minutes 16 seconds. Ready? GO!"

Tina lept off the dias and fell three stories into the arena, lightly landing on her sexy bare feet. She took a deep breath and sprinted off to meet her first challenge: the armored car.

The armored car was fast and had a crew of two, a driver and gunner. While the driver drove in a wide arc around Tina, the latter opened up on her with his .50 caliber machine gun.

"Ow, that stings!" yelped Tina as the heavy rounds smacked into her bare body. The supersonic bullets hurt like hell, leaving small red marks on her beautiful smooth skin, but were, of course, completely unable to penetrate it. And the underlying muscles were so impossibly thick and strong that even the powerful 50 BMG could barely dent them before bouncing off their rubbery hardness.

Tina gritted her teeth against the pain and chased after the four tonne vehicle. She was getting angry, she had developed her muscles with the goal of extreme size and strength, not to run the 100 meter dash! She started chasing the car from directly behind, determined to just run this stupid thing down. The gunner had a continuous clear shot and raked her huge tits with gunfire, their sheer size presenting more than a large enough target. Tina's huge breasts were so firm that they didn't bounce even when sprinting but a .50 caliber round was enough to make them jiggle. "Hah! you horny fucker" she yelled. "I guess someones a boob man!"

Tina's powerful legs tore up the dirt arena as she gained ground on the armored car. With a burst of speed she cut the arc and slammed into the side of the vehicle, the sheer mass of her heavy body making the 8,000 pound object rock to one side. She easily held herself onto the speeding vehicle with one hand, her strong fingers crushing into the roofline. With her dangling feet digging lines into the earth, Tina used a balled fist to easily smash the bullet-proof glass out of the window. The driver's eyes were wide, and his dick was rock hard, as he stared at this beautiful blond muscle-goddess, naked except for a tiny bikini, as she proceeded to peel the steel door apart. The armored door was no match for her at all, crumpling like foil under her muscular assault. With a violent surge of female strength, Tina ripped the door right off its hinges and lept on the man.

"Ok ok you win!" he yelped as he was suddenly enveloped by huge muscles and huge tits. Wrapping her arms around his neck, the beautiful bodybuilder closed her eyes and French kissed him. These were the rules of course, kiss each man for a minimum of three seconds to defeat him. While the driver was smothered in young muscle, the jumbotron zoomed in on Tina's ass. It was beyond sexy in its muscular perfection, thick, round and striated and essentially naked in her little red thong. But above her glutes and tiny waist her body flared into huge thick corded muscles, a V-taper of epic proportions. Her back was so massive, so hugely powerful that the big man was practically hidden beneath.

"Thanks lover" she said in a husky voice before getting off of him. She then used her mighty legs to effortlessly kick out the bulletproof windshield. The driver's lusty eyes followed her muscular hindquarters as she left him, drool falling from his open mouth as he stared at her glorious ass and powerful thighs.

Clambering up top, she grabbed the heavy machine gun and tore it from its pintle mount. Holding the hundred pound weapon out in front of the gunner, Tina said coyly to him, "that little tit-fucking you gave me felt nice, but you can't just fondle a girl's boobs without permission." The young bodybuilder then proceeded to slowly but firmly bend the barrel of the gun using just her powerful arms and shoulders. She grinned wickedly as she enjoyed the feeling of her bulging muscles overpower the thick steel as she twisted the weapon into a u-shaped piece of scrap. The gunner was even more erect than the driver, staring with muscle-lust at this 22 year old's busty body.

Tossing the ruined gun aside, Tina grabbed him and lifted him effortlessly into the air. Holding him upside-down, she wedged his whole head in between her huge firm tits. The audience when wild as the sexy musclewoman then planted her next kiss on his crotch. The gunner reached wide to knead Tina's massive shoulders, feeling how wonderfully broad and powerful they were, groping their steel crushing strength.

The sound of a muffled, sexual moan coming from between her boobs made Tina smile. She would have loved to make him blow a load in his pants, and he was really close too, but she had a tournament to win. Sitting him down on top of the car, she gracefully front flipped off the defeated vehicle, sprinting away to meet her next challenge, the armored personel carrier.

Part 2

Tina licked her lips in anticipation as she ran. Her biggest turn-on was crushing iron and steel and now 14 tonnes of it was rolling directly at her. The APC had survived many battles and decades of service but was now about to face a titanic onslaught of unstoppable female muscle. She charged the vehicle, fearless and completely confident that no man or machine could withstand her. The men inside were the opposite, gawking in a mixture of fear and arosual at the pumped-up muscle goddess that was running straight at them. Nearly hypnotized by her sexy muscles and glorious swinging tits, the gunner barely had enough presence of mind to fire his missile at her.

With a roar of smoke and flames the anti-tank weapon launched itself at the bikini-clad girl. It could not miss, the gunner was enthralled by Tina's sexually-charged hyper-body and kept his crosshairs locked in-between those cartoonishly large breasts. The young bodybuilder had no fear of a puny missile of course, and she had a special move with which to destroy it, one that would make her muscular body look incredibly sexy for the high-speed cameras. Just before impact, and with reflexes beyond any man or animal, Tina attacked the missile with a perfectly timed spinning back kick. With her back arched and her bare round glutes tightly flexed into huge balls of power, the missile hit her naked foot with tremendous force. The explosion was defeaning, and Tina's foot burned as the shape-charged warhead poured itself against beautiful female skin. Superheated metal flowed in between the her toes, unable to accomplish anything more than to heat it up a bit.

The immense force of the blast was enough to make Tina fly backwards though. Her huge body bounced and skidded off the dirt floor of the arena, coming to rest thirty feet from the impact point. The audience gawked at the numerous pairs of depressions her body had made as it bounced. Large rounded depressions where her firm tits had impacted, deep ones where her rock-hard ass had landed.

Tina lay spread-eagled looking up at the ceiling of the arena. Although her foot throbbed in pain, she was otherwise uninjured. She took a deep breath and the pain faded away, and it also had the side effect of making her massive breasts lift impressively into the air. Tina could see herself in the jumbotron and she couldn't help but smile, "What a fucking babe I am!" The cameraman zoomed in close, framing her magnificent chest and deep, rippling abs. The girl bodybuilder gave her rounded breasts a playful shake. "Yeah baby!" she exclaimed, "a big titted muscle show for all you horny fuckers." Thousands of men and women stared with wide-eyed lust at a chest that would put any porn star to shame.

The APC driver thought he saw an advantage and pushed the accelerator down to the floor. The vehicle surged forward, racing to squash the young woman. The impact with her massive body made the APC jump like it had hit a speedbump. An ordinary person would have been crushed to pulp by the immense weight, but Tina's mighty body was harder than steel. Driving totally over the woman, the driver then threw his machine into reverse, striking the female bodybuilder again, this time stopping to let the vast weight of his vehicle push her into the ground.

"Thats enough horsing around." said the musclewoman. Tina grabbed the thick treads with her deceptively feminine hands, squeezing so hard that the treads actually began to buckle. Her sexy forearms swelled with immense power, bulging like steel cables until they were flexing larger than any man ever. Then she bench pressed the tread, pushing until her arms were fully extended, holding one side of the enormous vehicle suspended in the air. "God I'm getting so wet!" Tina moaned. The heavyweight bodybuilder was getting seriously turned on by how easily she was dominating these war machines.

Extracting herself from under the APC, her powerful arms and shoulders flexed hard as she began tilting the vehicle higher and higher. Finally, and with a feminine grunt, the bikini-clad mega-woman pushed so hard that the APC crashed over onto its side. "Hah! I showed you wimps!" exclaimed Tina. While the audience cheered her amazing display of strength, the sex-charged bodybuilder posed for the cameras, showing off her truly gigantic muscles. Her blonde hair was now dirty, her muscular body was dirty and her sling bikini, despite being made of kevlar, was becoming extremely frayed. If anything this made her look even more attractive, giving her body a primal look that complemented her animalistic sexuality.

The huge bodybuilder strutted to the rear of the APC. With one bare foot high on the side of the vehicle, she used her immense strength, forged from 16 years of brutal training, to literally peel the armored steel door apart. Thick steel bolts were torn from their mounts and industrial-strength hinges buckled and gave way to Tina's feminine might. Her huge naked thigh balloned with muscle as she pushed it hard against the APC, applying thousands of pounds of force with just one leg and making the vehicle's armor bend around her sexy bare foot. Steel screamed in protest as the young girl used her bulging muscles to literally tear the armored door apart. The more noise it made, the hornier Tina got. As much as she loved sex with men, nothing turned her on like ripping apart armored doors and walls with her bare hands. And performing her favorite feat of strength while wearing a sexy micro-bikini in public made her almost delirious with pleasure. The powerful muscle-slut was thinking that she could cum any second as she continued her savage assault. Then, all too soon she had completely defeated the APC's rear door, tearing it right off the vehicle. She tossed the enormous hunk of metal away like it weighed no more than a piece of cardboard.

Tina confidently walked inside the APC, emerging a short time later with both men tucked under her arms. They were not small men, especially in their body armor, but Tina's massively muscled body made them look like little children by comparison. She lifted them both over her head, holding them effortlessly outstretched with one hand each. Both men reached out to touch her huge, vascular forearms, stroking and worshiping their fearsome size. They were amazed at how such a cute girl could built upper arms that were clearly so superior to their own. Tina grinned with delight, she loved it when hot guys worshipped her forearms. First one man, then the other, she brought near her for a kiss, something the men welcomed eagerly! The first guy flung his arms around the beautiful girl's neck and used his hands to grope her powerful traps and thickly muscled upper back. The second guy used his hands to worship her colossal arms, they made his own masculine arms look so puny by comparison. The young girl's huge muscles felt like living steel under his hands, yet her kiss was so soft and feminine that it made him melt with desire. Tina and the soldier tongue-fought for several seconds, both emitting little moans of pleasure.

The bodybuilder gently set both men down onto the ground, blew them a kiss, and sprinted off to her final challenge. The men both stared at Tina's muscular glutes, desperately hoping that she would pay them a visit after the contest.

Part 3

The main battle tank rumbled towards Tina, an immense 40 tonnes of heavy weapons and armor. The young female bodybuilder, muscles rippling, ran towards it head-on, her sharp blue eyes looking right down the barrel. It was a terrifying sight for anyone but Tina didn't flinch. Her bronzed muscles were now fully pumped and truly enormous from her earlier exertions. Despite being essentially naked, she felt powerful enough to crush whole armies with her fists, so one measly tank should be a piece of cake. The brawny girl was getting hot with sexual excitement as she stared at the armored vehicle too, it reminded her of a large animal, a bull or a stallion. Big, strong and exceptionally well endowed. Tina couldn't wait to pit her tremendous strength against it.

The tank gunner zeroed in on Tina's fantastic body. She looked so powerful, he was doubtful that even a direct hit from the main gun could stop her. Just as he pulled the trigger, Tina made a massive leap, her powerful legs catapulting her into the sky as she disappeared from his reticle. The instanteous force her muscles could generate was astonishing, the whole audience gasped as she flew high enough to easily clear a small house. The HEAT round impacted below her, detonating with tremendous force and spraying dirt everywhere. The shockwave felt so nice and warm against her skin and her crotch buzzed with intense pleasure. Tina's pretty face was flush red as she landed lightly on her feet. She felt incredibly alive, so full of power and bursting with sexual energy. The huge woman wanted nothing more than to rip the tank apart and then hump, fuck, and suck that big sexy barrel. The latter was too lewd even for this sex-laced muscle show, so the former would have to do.

As she closed in on the tank, she gave a "naughty boy" shake of her finger towards the crew and slammed into the front of it with outstretched arms. The driver looked down at her as she pushed against the tank, enthralled by the sheer size of Tina's massive capped shoulders and the audacity of her assault. He started accelerating, pitting the 1000 horsepower engine against the muscles of a 22 year old girl.

Tina knew that she couldn't stop the tank from moving forward, but her plan wasn't to stop it, her plan was to show the audience her ass. Her bare feet dug great furoughs in the ground as she was pushed backwards by the huge tank. Her massive thighs expanded until they were utterly huge, pressing tightly against each other, while her powerful glutes flexed into incredible orbs of pure sexual power. Tina looked up at the jumbotron and was thrilled by what she saw, her backside was an orgy of great rolling female muscle while her flared thighs would be hard-pressed to fit into a pair of XXXL jeans. Her ass was pure sex, gnarled with muscle and begging to be touched. Even her calves were enormous, bigger and more muscular than any five men each. Somehow her sling bikini was still holding on, the thin red strip of fabric running up from her glutes up to her broad shoulders making her look even sexier somehow. Many couples in the audience were holding each other tightly, groping each other while staring at the incredible display of muscle pornography that was taking place below them.

The female bodybuilder let the tank push her all the way to the side of the colosseum, where the driver didn't slow. The two huge titans, the tank and Tina, impacted the concrete wall with tremendous force. An avalanche of stonework fell onto their steel-hard bodies while the musclewoman disappeared from sight momentarily. Tina felt hard concrete press against her naked back and glutes, trying to crush her. Then she felt that same concrete crack and break against her unyielding muscles as the tank embedded her into the very building itself. "Damn, this feels awesome!" Tina thought, enjoying the feeling of tons of force being applied against her hard, muscular ass. Her pussy was very wet as she enjoyed the feeling of the tank trying to crush her with literally tons of force and her mighty body not giving an inch.

Tina let out a massive roar and burst from the concrete, effortlessly tossing 100 pound chunks in all directions. She gripped the underside of the tank and curled upwards, her biceps exploding into gargantuan masses of beef as she lifted the huge tank up to chest level. She then aggressively wrestled the tank 180 degrees until it was pointing back to the center of the arena. The audience was in shock and the crew members were petrified, this nearly naked girl had manhandled their tank like it was a toy! What they were feeling was the pure sexual aggression of a very turned on female bodybuilder.

Tina was extremely wet now as she climbed onto the tank. She turned her attention to that big, beautiful barrel. Grabbing it in her monstrous arms, she started applying unbelievable amounts of force, literally trying to twist the huge barrel using just her massive biceps. The gunner opened fire on her with the coaxial machine gun, raking her exposed body at point blank range. The powerful young woman barely noticed the 7.62mm rifle bullets pathetically trying to hurt her, Tina's determined mind focused totally on using all her obscene strength to bend the main gun.

The gun was not bending though, despite the musclewoman pouring freakish amounts of power into it. Tina was not used to man-made objects resisting her muscles and this turned her on enormously. "If only I could find a guy as big and hard as this thing," she thought wistfully. As the struggle continued though, she started to get angry. Female bodybuilders like her were used to getting whatever they wanted and she wasn't about to give up in front of an audience of thousands!

She took a deep breath, held it for a second, and then let out a tremendous roar that echoed throughout the arena. Her arms were beet red and swollen to absurd levels, but they still weren't big enough. Tina focused her powerful mind and willed them larger and larger. Her biceps hit 25 inches and continued to expand unstoppably. Her arms were searing hot as the muscle fibers expanded and grew, until she finally felt that incredible sensation of heavy steel yielding to her monstrous srength. "Yes! Yes! Yes!" she screamed loudly as the huge gun started to get a very visible bend in it. Her determination was beyond Herculean, a car crusher couldn't put out as much force as this busty young woman was doing right now. She screamed in rage and continued her feminine assault until, after several seconds of insane effort, the barrel was bent 45 degrees upward. She stepped back and looked with pride at what she had accomplished. "Hah! Looks like my boyfriend," she thought wickedly as she stared at the upwards pointing barrel.

Tina looked down at her unbelievably pumped super-muscles. "Yeah baby! My muscles are bigger than any man! Stronger than any animal!" Her body had expanded so much that her sling bikini was pulled tighter than ever. The thin red strip of fabric felt incredibly good as it rubbed against her very wet cunt. She flexed her towering biceps for the camera, the audience gasping as those huge split peaks nearly reached her balled fists.

She climbed onto the very top of the tank, and bent over, showing off her drop-dead perfect ass to the crowd. The hugely pumped-up musclewoman grasped the gunner's hatch and easily ripped it open, the steel twisting apart as if it were made of soft clay. She reached in and pulled the soldier out with one hand, curious to see that he was armed with a pistol. Holding him up by the scruff of his neck, she watched the trembling man point his gun at her bikini-clad body and open fire from just inches away. Tina watched him try and hurt her with an amused expression, the 9mm rounds causing her no discomfort whatsoever. She cocked her head to one side as he emptied his entire magazine into her thick abs and huge rounded tits. Not a single bullet even left a noticeable mark on her exposed flesh. The massive woman said nothing, the expression on her face clearly asking "are you done?" The small man shrugged his shoulders and sheepishly said "sorry". The much larger woman took the handgun from him, and with one hand, and squeezed it as hard as she possibly could. The weapon quickly folded in on itself, emitting a muffled squeak as Tina crushed the tough metal flat with just her mighty fist.

The young bodybuilder handed the squashed gun back to the shocked man, closing his fist around it. She grasped both his forearms with a very firm grip, making him fully aware that she could crush his bones to powder with no effort whatsoever. Tina looked up at the man and planted a wet, sloppy kiss on him, holding his lower lip at the end. "Sorry for wrecking your little pea-shooter." she said in a sexy low voice. "but please get off of my tank".

The man gulped and scuried off. Tina looked at the driver's hatch, only one man left to conquer. She strutted over and ripped the armored hatch off its hinges, then tore it in two as if it were a paper plate. "Drive to center of the arena", she commanded. The man gulped and obeyed.

Tina turned back to the main gun and smiled wickedly. She swaggered back to base of the turret, planting little kisses on the barrel and stroking like she was worshipping the world's biggest dick. The camera followed her sexy swinging hips, everyone staring and wondering what this goddess was going to do next. The massive female bodybuilder then proceeded to wrap her body around the gun, legs folded and feet against the turret. She took a deep breath then, like a python consuming a deer, tightened her gigantic arms around the barrel. Everyone realized now that this musclewoman was going to try and rip the heavy barrel out by the root.

Tina's bare feet crushed against the tank with literally tonnes of force. Her huge legs trembled with the strain, each one of her powerful thighs pushing with the strength of a hundred men each. The brawny young girl was putting out enough force to hoist an elephant or three, but not enough to tear apart a main battle tank. She gritted her teeth, growled, and pushed so hard that the cold armor plate bent around her toes with an audible groan. Tina was pushing hard enough to press a whole herd of elephants now and she still felt that she had more to give. Bigger and bigger, stronger and stronger her legs became until the massive tank shuddered, groaned and began to fracture. An electric shock started in her crotch and spread outwards to her extremeties as she realized that she was breaking the tank apart using just her raw physical strength. The armored beast was visibly warping under the pressure, suffering immense structural failure from Tina's extreme strength. Her legs slowly extended as she ripped the entire main gun assembly right out of the tank. Her nipples were as hard as nails and swollen to the size of corks, tenting up her bikini straps as it was clear that Tina was having a VERY good time indeed.

The sound of tons being metal being violently torn apart echoed through the arena. With a burst of strength from her titanic muscles, she completely ripped out the one-ton barrel from the demolished turret. She proudly held the enormous weapon above her head, grinning like an idiot. "My big muscles win again!" she shouted, pressing it up and down several times. She rested the barrel on her muscular traps, smiled and shook her huge tits at the audience. The bodybuilder began straining her mighty arms again, trying to bend the massive barrel around her neck. Her biceps swelled to incredible proportions, applying enough pressure to crush an engine block into a pancake. Against so much power, even the huge barrel could only last a few seconds before it succumbed to Tina's might, squealing as it bent around her thick neck.

The young musclewoman tossed the barrel away and turned to the castrated turret. She squatted down and grasped the underside. With her wide back perfectly straight and her thighs bulging, the audience, now watching with complete disbelief, stared at the sexy bodybuilder as she began deadlifting the turret right out of the tank. With a tremendous groan, the very steel frame of the tank bent under the incredible pressure Tina was generating, her monstrous thighs warping it beyond repair. She heaved until the turret was at an impossible angle to the destroyed base and she still kept lifting. Tina was so excited as she felt her huge muscles pulverize this once powerful tank, "Oh my god, fuck yes!" she yelled as she ripped the turret free from the base.

She got under the turret and stared up at it with glazed eyes and a dopey smile. She lowered it and kissed the twisted underside. Tina began pumping the massive turret up and down, making her shoulders swell to the size of soccer balls. They burned with the strain but she was enjoying the sight of several thousand men eyefucking her while she performed a feat of strength that they could never dream of doing. "I'm a Goddess! A mega-muscled super Goddess!" she exclaimed.

Tina began posing while still holding the enormous object aloft, thrusting her hips to one side and proudly showing off bare naked buttocks and powerful muscular thighs. Then she flexed her pecs, bouncing her huge tits several times, making all the men in the audience delirious with excitement. With a final roar of triumph she smashed the turret into the ground, leaving it deeply embedded into the earth. "You boys are gonna need some serious machinery to pull THAT out." she said mockingly.

Tina turned to the one remaining soldier, who was staring slackjawed at the monstrously strong young woman. His boner was painful as busty bodybuilder strutted towards him, seductively running her hands down her deep abdominal muscles. They embraced and kissed deeply, her much heavier body feeling like living steel under his touch. It didn't matter that everyone was watching, he couldn't help but dry hump her impossibly sexy body as he felt up all her huge hard muscles. Tina raised her arms in a double biceps pose and flexed hard. Her arms exploded into vast arrays of ultra-thick female brawn. The immense volume of all that muscle exuded a raw sexuality that was utterly overwhelming to the lucky man, he felt up their incredible size up while burying his head in those wonderful breasts. Thrusting like a horny dog, he orgasmed hard in his pants. "Yeah baby thats right... let it all out," soothed Tina as the young man came his brains out. The sexy bodybuilder licked the side of his cute face while he spasmed and shuddered.

Tina scooped the man up and bent him over so that his legs were in the air. Giving him a final, long, wet kiss, the overwhelmed young man nearly passed out from pleasure, the feminine scent of her fragant blonde hair driving him crazy with desire, his hands stroking her rippling muscles and firm tits with total inhibition. Finally, she turned the audience and flexed a massive bicep in triumph. The crowd stood on their feet cheering wildly as she walked off with the man cradled happily in her mighty arms.


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#1 :
That was excellent! Love the gratuitous descriptions of Tina's body. One gripe though: your description of her seems much larger and bustier than the measurements given at the start of the story, so it had me a little confused! Otherwise, amazing story!
Magister - Thursday,   11.30.2017   11:08PM

#2 :
Thank you! Comments like yours make me want to write more.
yc2201 - Wednesday,   12.13.2017   12:55AM

#3 :
The muscle descriptions and Tina's egotistical, but playful, pride in her body are great. I prefer slightly more realistic stories in terms of the destruction but as long as you keep writing stuff like this and 'Showing Off at the Club' I'll be happy!
jumpy - Wednesday,   12.13.2017   08:35PM

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