Showing off at the Club

by yc2201

A busty muscle woman performs incredible feats of strength

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Showing Off At the Club

Nancy Forbes tossed her hair over her shoulder and casually ripped her sports bra apart and tossed it into the crowd. Her bowling ball tits sprang free as every man in the audience instantly had a raging hardon. The overmuscled woman flexed her mighty body as she soaked in admiration of the cheering crowd. She reached down to pick up a fully inflated basketball which she wedged in between her titanic thighs. Her legs splayed out at 45 degree angles as the ball barely fit between her massive legs. She smiled to the crowd as she casually played with her tits, tweaking her small, tough nipples. Flexing her huge quads several times, the basketball visibly caved into the stupendous amount of pressure her feminine muscles were applying to it so easily.

Nancy could literally smell the arousal of both the men and the women in the audience, and the fact that it was her naked muscles and massive tits that was driving the hundred plus audience to a frenzy made her own body shiver with pleasure. Slowly, oh so slowly, she brought her tree trunk sized legs together. The pressure on the basketball grew to bursting levels, the tough piece of sports equipment completely outmatched by Nancy's raw, feminine power. The huge bodybuilder began massaging her tits more vigorously as she slowly overpowered the basketball, aroused by her own naked display of strength. She could see dozens of men with their hands down their pants while many women were playing with their nipples, enjoying the sight of her body. Nancy was driving this crowd to the brink, one by one, and she was loving it. A patch of wetness appeared in her bikini bottom that grew by the second as the 200 lb woman grew aroused by her own display of physical strength. She tossed her head back as she enjoyed the feeling of power.

Staring at the roof of the club, she fantasized about having a tug of war with the entire audience and pulling all one hundred of them into submission.

She fantasized about stuffing the whole crowd into a bus and then lifting the huge vehicle off the ground, its wheels spinning uselessly as her great rolling muscles held it aloft.

She fantasized about pinning each and every man onto the floor, their strong male muscles humiliated by her raw female strength as they struggled pathetically to escape.

Nancy's bikini was soon soaked and dripping. She was more woman than any female in the crowd and she knew it. The crowd could see the wetness running down her thighs, and she wanted them to see every ounce of her pussy juices. She wanted each and every one of them to know that she was the strongest, mightiest woman to ever walk the planet. Nancy wanted them to worship her massive body and her ferocious strength.

The basketball was practically a pancake at this point. Nancy Forbes, champion bodybuilder, looked out over the packed club and smiled. Her gigantic legs pulled once more and the basketball exploded with a bang! The tattered remains flew every which way as her crotch enjoyed the aftereffect of the air pushing against it so very strongly. Her tanned skin was tough and it laughed off the stinging effects of the exploding ball. Nancy turned around to show her powerful, striated glues to the crowd. Bending slightly to make them flex and bulge proudly in the virtually non-existant thong, she slapped her butt as hard as it could. She laughed as the skin on skin collision rang out over the noisy, moaning audience. She bent over entirely and slowly ran her hands up the back of her strongly muscled thighs, over those magnificent buttocks to her tiny waistline. Both men and women in the crowd had orgasms at this intensely sexual sight.

Nancy was herself close to orgasm. More! She wanted more. She wanted to dominate the crowd. She wanted them to orgasm a million times just from the sight of her huge muscles and her displays of physical might.

The big muscle-woman reached down into the crowd and grabbed the belt buckles of the two closest men. They were big guys but she couldn't care less. Thousands of hours in the gym and transformed her previously frail body into a power packed physique that was strong enough wrestle to a bull elephant to the ground. She straightened up, essentially pressing 400 lbs with ease as the two men rose skyward. Nancy's awesome body formed the shape of an X with the two guys dangling high over the stage.

She yelled to the crowd, "Do you know how easy this is for me?" She slowly flexed her arms as she brought the guys close to her body.

"No man is stronger than me!" she screamed. "No man can outlift me!" Nancy was in ecstasy now, she slowly extended the two dangling guys further away from her stupendous body as she resumed her X shape.

"No man can match my intensity in the gym! Thats how I fucking got this body, despite being just a woman!" Her voice dripped with scorn.

One of the guys had a dark stain in his jeans, the other didn't. Nancy's smile grew wide with glee. She gently deposited the man who had cummed his pants back into his position in the crowd as she sat the other man in front down in of her.

She presented one massively muscled leg to the star-struck man. Shaking the powerful female leg in front of him, she said loudly, both to him and the audience, "worship my muscles little man!"

The guy was only too happy to oblige. With a throbbing erection tenting his pants, he went to work fondling, kissing, hugging and licking Nancy's enormous quads. He wrapped his hands tightly around her bare glutes, much to Nancy's glee. She began to pose and flex. Gigantic arms, 19 inches thick, rose high above the adoring crowd.

"Any man in the audience tonight think they can wrestle these babies to the ground?" She patted and kissed her massive, swelling biceps. "I'll make you a deal..."

With the moaning, groaning man still worshipping her legs, Nancy reached down to pick up a crowbar at her feet.

"If you win, I'll fuck you into oblivion..."

Nancy raised the crowbar over her head, one small, feminine hand grasping either end.

"..and If I win..." she paused as she slowly began pouring power into the strong iron crowbar.

"I get to rip your car in half!"

With that the crowbar began bending. Nancy's eyes were transfixed on the iron as it gave way to her great strength. She had done this a hundred times before and it still drove her into a sexual frenzy each time. The audience was going crazy at the sight of this huge female bodybuilder, naked except for her tiny, soaked bikini bottom, overpowering the thick metal. More than half the audience had cum by this point, and more were cumming every second as the crowbar slowly but steadily began turning in a U shaped piece of mangled iron. Her bikini bottom was beyond damp, the lucky guy at her feet was getting covered in her hot juices as he continued to feel up her body with complete inhibition.

The ends of the crowbar had passed each other. Nancy held the object aloft with pride, displaying it like a trophy. She gave the wrecked object a slow, phallic, lick while she patted the head of the cute guy wrapped around her leg.

She looked down at the small, weak, male creature worshiping her mighty legs. "You haven't cum yet" she said matter of factly. "We'll change that in a second."

Nancy reach down and lifted him to his feat with absolute ease. She grasped his wrists and forced them onto her large, proud breasts. They were so heavy that his hands had difficulty distorting their perfect spherical shape. She locked her gaze with his as she put his hands on her thong-clad butt, amused (and aroused) by his facial expression of complete, sappy lust. Nancy forced his head into her hair. As he inhaled her intoxicating scent, she forcefully humped him once, perfect breasts boring into him, insanely hard glutes flexing under his touch, arms that dwarfed his surrounded his body completely. He instantly orgasmed, his mind completely overwhelmed by her feminine strength and muscular sexuality. He moaned and shuddered and Nancy felt wetness against her perfect six-pack abs. His manly body, his manly scent, wasn't lost on the powerful woman either, but she didn't want to give this man the satisfaction of making her cum, so with an unbelievable force of will, she suppressed her own bubbling orgasm down. Leaning over him, she cradled the exhausted, happy man, supporting his 180lb body like it weighed no more than an overstuffed pillow.

She gave him a quick kiss then hoisted him skyward, facing the audience. Holding him aloft, she paraded his body around the stage.

"Looks like someone just made a mess in his pants!" she yelled as she carried him high above the crowd, showing everyone the damp spot on his pants. She grinned and let him fall into her thick arms where she kissed him passionately on the lips, holding his heavy body nearly horizontally, still suspended in midair with his feet dangling a few feet off the ground. Already Nancy could feel another erection rising up but this guy had clearly gotten his money's worth tonight so she lowered the dazed and starstruck fanboy down onto his old spot near the stage.


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