Keeping It In The Family Chapter 3: The Ruleless Family

by amnoartist95

Kelly meets the Hines' where her faith is tested; Ruth's experiment proves to be successful.

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Keeping It In The Family
Written & edited by Amnoartist
Chapter 3: The Ruleless Family

A familiar warm wetness engulfed Jordan, one he was all too eager to embrace. It was almost like clockwork how predictable it was, yet he never shied or averted from it. Batting his waking eyes, he was met by the lowered head of his titanic twin Kendall casually sucking his dick, making sure to work his manhood in slow, measured draws. A string of fresh saliva connected to his appendage and her luscious lips made itself known as she pulled them free to smile. Her teeth were nigh perfect; unnaturally white and straight with no indication of an overbite—all thanks to her genetics.

“Finally you wake up. Was worried I might have to start doing a little cheekier to rouse you.” She sat up, straddling her brother as he rubbed his eyes. Waking in the early hours of the morning was never Jordan’s favourite part of the day, but what more often than not came after that was something he was willing to endure his grogginess for. He eyeballed Kendall’s breasts for a time long enough that most people would consider pervy but she never minded. If anything, the colossal blonde would actually be upset if he didn’t at least offer a glance. “You gotta get ready. Mum says we’re getting a visitor today.”

Jordan could tell Kendall was excited about that. The family rarely received visitors besides the truck delivery guys, so it was definitely worth it to not only get up but also make themselves look presentable. In spite of that, Jordan couldn’t deny the flicker of uncertainty roiling in his muscled gut. Just who was the visitor and why were they here? Had they visited before?

“Who is it? Do you know?”

Kendall shrugged. “Gran says it’s some chick from Ireland.” Just that fact alone was enough to pique the blonde’s interest at first, having had a sort of ‘thing’ for the Irish accent, so long as it wasn’t too thick and could actually be interpreted. “No idea why she’s here though. I mean, I did ask, but Gran said to leave it be. Must be something pretty big.”

Jordan still wasn’t sure despite his sibling’s assurances. He turned to the window as if to be distant. The colder and darker mornings were starting to roll in, emphasised by the frosted glass and modestly icy pavement. He was too distracted by his inner thoughts to notice Kendall had pulled away from the bed and started posing into the mirror wall—a crab flex that forced quite literally every muscle fibre in her body to ripple like little waves and pop and bulge, even the ones not directly involved in the act. It always felt like a powerful acid flowed through her system, charging it up to make her veins rise to the surface of her flawlessly smooth skin, covering even her darker cavities.

Jordan was still in thought, wondering what the nature of the Irishwoman’s visit entailed. Perhaps the constant wondering would start to nibble at him from the inside if he—

“Hey!” Kendall poked him in the pectoral to rouse his attention. It wasn’t often she had to do that generally, let alone the fourth time just there. He really was in deep thought. It didn’t trouble the blonde, but it did hinder the tight schedule the family had before their visitor arrived. Perhaps a little encouragement would help. “You get ready before this chick arrives and I’ll let you do it in the ass when she leaves.”

Jordan’s reply was more like a chuckle than the scoff was it was supposed to be. So he was being bribed, was he? It wouldn’t have been the first time.


Hours later…

Stood directly outside the Hines’ mansion door, Kelly checked the time on her watch. Midday. The letter written by Ruth said to arrive by then, but nobody had bothered to open the door to greet the detective even after knocking for the fourth time. Was this some sort of joke being played on her by the department—again? There was only so many times the youthful redhead could abide such cold-hearted ‘fun’ from them—and she was reaching the breaking point in that regard. “Come on, open up.”

It didn’t help that the weather was starting to turn sour. In the space of ten minutes alone, it had gone from a cold and clear-skied sun to a greying patch of cloud with a certainty for rain. Kelly hated the rain—she’d seen enough of it in Ireland to last her a lifetime. Her new job might’ve paid better but it was unfortunate that Bridgewood was climatically prone to rainfalls more than sunny spells. It depressed the life out of her at times.

She could hear muffled voices from behind the door. So somebody was definitely in the house—they just elected to ignore her for some reason. The words themselves couldn’t be made out but Kelly was sure they were orders more than casual conversation, spoken in a somewhat commanding tone. It reminded Kelly of her mother—someone she needn’t be reminded of. When the door finally did open—much to her relief—the detective was graced with the pleasant smile from Ruth. Kelly wasn’t quick to share in the older woman’s pleasantries so keenly, still irked at having been left to needlessly wait. Technically, that was wasting police time, a crime in on itself. But Kelly needn’t be reminded that she was invited by Ruth, so if anyone’s time was wasted, it was Kelly’s own.

Nobody outside of the family—with the exception of the deliverymen and a very select few others—knew what the Hines’ bodies looked like as they hadn’t made any public appearances in years, decades even. Most of what the community knew of the Hines’ came either from rumours or carefully crafted lies to circumvent the truth. The donations Kelly heard of were made through electronic means—email and such— and interview responses were written in advance. The Hines’ prepared for everything, else everything would crumble around them.

That said, Ruth was able to connect some dots.

Her attire was particularly strategic; a soft knit jumper dress to conceal her rippling torso, belted thermal trousers for her trunk-like legs and a pair of black heels for complimentary purposes. The only visible hint of beef on the elderly woman’s frame was her neck but that was easily concealed by the layer of wrinkles that emphasised her age. The woman’s width tricked Kelly into thinking Ruth was obscenely fat, which made the detective doubt the validity of her investigation—of her obsession. There was no way Ruth could possibly partake in the blasphemous crime she was accused of if she was so obese. Could her source truly be trusted? Was it all part of an elaborate attempt to undermine Kelly’s ability to be a detective and drive her out? But things might not be the same for the other family members as they might for Ruth

Conversely, Kelly’s attire was a burgundy shirt buttoned up to the top with the handed-down crucifix around her neck and a pair of standard black trousers pressed firmly to her comparatively slender frame. Ruth was quick to spot the Bridgewood police department badge pinned above the left lapel of her cream-coloured trench coat—not to mention the modest sidearm conveniently peeking out from her hip. Not that she’d need it.

“You must be Kelly.” Ruth saw fit to end the silence given her guest remained unequivocally silent. The older woman couldn’t prevent the slight smirk from letting itself be known; the detective was so innocent-looking and most likely naive. Ruth extended her hand for a welcoming handshake but she was ignored, save for Kelly’s brisk reply.

“And you’re Ruth.”

The grandmother didn’t take Kelly’s deliberate ignoring of pleasantries to heart. But the redhead’s voice—Kendall would have a field day if she heard it; it was so rich and beautifully toned, in spite of her to-the-point remark. Ruth gestured for Kelly to enter the Hines’ humble abode, though she was clearly reluctant to at first. Just what would she find in there? Hopefully, things that could incriminate the family and solidify the detective’s case. Besides, she wouldn’t find those things lingering around outside.


Kelly wasn’t often one for drinking tea, but she was rather strategic in her decision to accept it from Ruth. It was the detective’s scheme to play pleasant and guest-like to the Hines’ as much as she could, then throw the accusation in their faces when they least expected it. Admittedly, it was rather hard trying to keep her mind on the professional track when all five members of the Hines’ were staring at her, each of them in their own little way. Jordan was the most sceptical while Kendall’s eyes practically glazed over at the fact an Irishwoman sat before her. They all sat on the one long couch opposite Kelly in a particular seating arrangement—Ruth, Scott, Carolyn, Jordan and Kendall. The fact they all looked fat-like distressed Kelly into thinking this was all a waste of time. But a flicker of persistence still burned within her.

“I reckon you know why I’m here.” Kelly strategically sipped her tea, giving the family a moment to not only consider the gravity of the situation, but also their own individual responses, as they all no doubt had one. She crossed her legs. If needs be, she would gladly sit and wait for a response for hours.

Kendall giggled childishly. That accent was getting to her a little too greatly, practically overpowering the blouse-wearing blonde.

“Yes, word does get here rather fast despite being cut off from the rest of town.” Ruth fought back the former urge to smirk at the detective. Straight to the point--that was something to admire of the girl. A little naive but admirable nonetheless. But Ruth had hoped Kelly’s innocence would make itself known sooner or later—it wasn’t a wise thing either. “And yes, we all do partake in incest.”

It almost felt like Kelly had been hit with a brick. It was her job to make the accusations and prove them, but everything just seemed to spiral out of control. Ruth was so forthcoming with her words it made Kelly numb inside. She didn’t know how to react to all this. One thing was for certain though: Ruth had beaten Kelly at her own game as if she made the rules. The other Hines’ seemed to just casually sit there like revealing their deepest secret was an everyday thing.

“It’s a sin!” Kelly’s tone had changed to something far more alike her mother’s. The detective was repulsed by the fact she was near enough close to breaking bread with a family so full of sin it made her feel like she sinned. Her parents would be reeling. Ruth’s response proved to irk the religious woman further.

“Is it really? Ruth could see Kelly’s seething hate-filled eyes never break away from hers, staring into one another’s soul for what felt like eons. The redhead had hoped the family to be the victim of a cruel joke but there was no joke—at least, not on them. “You strike me as a very religious woman, but—”

“You blaspheme!”

“No, listen.” Ruth’s tone wasn’t the slightest bit commanding yet the young detective was rendered silent—albeit reluctantly. Ruth was eager to show that, like how one man’s tool is another’s weapon, Kelly’s faith in religion would be used against her. “In the beginning, there was Adam and Eve. They had two sons, Cain and Abel. In the years that followed, Cain and Abel got married.”

Kelly’s face scrunched up in confusion. Just where was Ruth going with this? The detective read the Bible as a child, so there was very little point to the older woman’s lecture on religion. Of course, Kelly was quick to jump the gun.

Ruth continued, finishing her statement with quite the kicker. “If what the Bible says is true, wouldn’t that imply Cain and Abel each married a relative?”

Kelly was numb. She had never thought of that before. But no—she wouldn’t let something like that shake her faith so easily. There had to be a rational, divine reason behind Cain and Abel’s marriages, surely? Maybe God himself graced them both with wives from Heaven itself? It had to be something like that.

“The Bible isn’t a rulebook.” Scott put his arm around Ruth, allowing his arm to swell and gently strain his denim shirt until the slightest rip formed, large enough for Kelly to just notice the large bicep underneath. So they weren’t fat after all. Knowing this as fact, it stood to reason that Ruth was the largest. “You don’t get bonus points, gold stars or pushed to the front of the line for how pious a life you lead. You just live.”

Ruth saw fit to reveal her own muscular form just as her son did, casually raising her arm to let the monolithic bicep burst free from her jumper with laughable ease, busting it into strands of confetti to reveal the bicep that climbed high as eighty inches tall. How she was able to comfortably conceal all her mass was a mystery in itself to Kelly. “And we live it to the fullest,” she added before sticking her tongue down Scott’s throat, drawing oxygen from his lungs.

“B-b-but why do you do it?” the befuddled detective stammered.

“Because it’s fun. We each know what everyone likes and dislikes, so there’s no possible room for error in what’s done,” Kendall answered in a casual tone. Kelly didn’t even know the half of it. Perhaps the most immoral thing the family had done was that each generation of the family was birthed from the last to preserve the line. Ruth was married to her son Scott, who brought Carolyn into the world; Carolyn and Scott became Jordan and Kendall’s parents.

“You could still do your job though, and take us to jail for what we do. But it might not be such a smart idea.” Jordan knowingly smiled. Kelly was of the mind to do the right thing, but Jordan’s words bit into her viciously. What did he mean by them? It all came back to the connection the detective made in the case. “The very heart and soul of Bridgewood is built on what we do—donations, helping families, development projects—we pay for them so the people don’t tattle about what we do here. You put us behind bars—”

—and Kelly would have singlehandedly destroyed Bridgewood. She wouldn’t be a detective, but a murderer. She wouldn’t go to Heaven for that. She had it all wrong too. It wasn't that a select few people knew what the Hines' did, but everyone.

“So you have a choice, Detective: leave us to our so-called vices in peace, or singlehandedly destroy Bridgewood in your attempt to make a name for yourself.” Ruth crossed her arms in a successful attempt to flaunt her inhuman width, casting a large black shadow over the anxious redhead. “I know what I would choose.”

Kelly glowered knowing she'd have to make a decision—and it wasn’t going to be the one she preferred.


Some time later…

Ruth looked down at the weighing scales with an unmistakably triumphant smirk plastered on her face. She’d done it—it took longer than anticipated but was a success nonetheless, having carefully measured every calorie that went into the body she’d spent decades forging and perfecting that bristled with power—she’d achieved an excess weight of well over seven hundred pounds of pure, raw muscle.

Scott was starting to rouse, waking at the familiar scent of cum casually dripping from the walls, starting to dry up and harden over the plaster. Looked like he’d have to give the room yet another paint job sometime from now. He wordlessly pulled himself up to sit on the bed, his semi-hard dick flopping between his legs resting on an unmistakable dark patch on the linen. His son Jordan laid at the opposite side of the bed, an arm lazily drooping out the side.

Scott scanned the room in more detail, always of the mind that were was more damage to the room than what could be seen from a distance, which he was often correct about—especially in this case: it wasn’t just the wallpapers that fell to an untimely fate from the riotous acts of the trio of lovers, but the walls themselves, evidently cracked in most areas than Scott would’ve liked. So painting and plastering would need to be done, but those particular tasks could be set aside for now—he was still feeling the pangs of relief from Detective McNamara’s reluctant agreeing to let the family’s immoral deeds go unpunished. At least for now.

Scott carefully observed his mother’s rear, eye-fucking every naked bulging muscle on display in the hopes that it would be more than a desire in spite of having just laid with her. Watching from the mirror, she smirked as her glute muscles rolled and rippled to press violently against the wrinkled confines that were her skin. When she turned, everything just seemed to align perfectly.

“Got something to tell you.” Ruth held a hand to her stomach. Scott wasn’t as alarmed by his mother as one would think. The smile on her face though meant everything. It proved to her that the serum she injected worked perfectly.

Scott remained silent, not wanting to ruin the historic moment.

Ruth concluded, as her pregnant stomach made a final definitive bulge, “I’m going to be a mother again."


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