Super Growth Girlfriend 7: Turning the Tables

by bart33456

Part 7 in the Super Growth Girlfriend Series

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I woke up the next morning in a haze from what had happened last night. I rolled over to see Shana sitting on the other bed in the hotel room inserting a large bore needle full of her illegal Russian steroids into her bulbous glute. I laughed a little because I could tell she was really struggling being able to reach it due to her sheer size.
“Need help?” I asked with a laugh, watching this oversized she beast in nothing but her XXXL jock strap which barely contained her womanhood.
“Please, honey!” she said impatiently.
I took the needle from her and gently inserted it into her glute as she rolled sideways onto the bed. She let out a husky moan as the steroids rushed into her system.
As I pulled the needle out, she rolled out of bed and stood up. I realized that she was a good 5 inches taller than me.
“Oh my god, when did you get taller than me?” I asked surprisingly.
“I told you that I was going to get bigger than you in every way possible, honey!” Shana responded as she looked down at me. “Here, get on my level.” She said with a laugh as she picked me up with only one arm and hugged me in close to her.
I could feel her clit poking into my penis and it was like she was trying to love stick wrestle me, but her clit was a lot bigger and stronger than my penis. She ripped her cum soaked jock strap off and shoved it into my mouth as I gagged on her delicious, but smelly juices. She then pulled my cotton girl panties down around my knees. She then balanced me on her massive clit with it running under one side of my sack and rubbing up against my butt hole. I rested my head against her pec and pulled out the jock strap as she flexed one bicep that was twice as big around as my thigh, easily and with her other arm wrapped around my head and pressing it to her erect nipple.
“Suck my nipples like a little baby, honey” Shana said. I sucked harder and harder on her nipple and I could feel her pecs swelling bigger and bigger as her clit spasmed and squirted. I sucked until I felt milk come out, which I didn’t even know was possible if she wasn’t pregnant. “Yeah, baby, drink your milk so you can get big and strong like your she-beast,” Shana moaned. I hopped down off her clit and stuck it in my mouth. I looked up at her and she gave a pleasured smile and grabbed the back of my head. She started to guide my head back and forth as her massive clit slid down the back of my throat and I gagged a little, but soon got used to it. I started bobbing my head back and forth faster as I saw her thighs swell to epic proportions in front of me, I knew she was going to cum soon. With one massive thrust, I grabbed her rock hard glutes and shoved her entire member down my throat as she shot her load into my stomach and moaned out, “Fuck, it feels so good when you blow my clit!” I replied, “Anything for you, my muscle queen!” I got up and turned around and climbed on the bed on all fours. I looked back at Shana, who’s arms were so big that they nearly stuck out at 90 degree angles, and said,”Fuck me hard, sweetie!” she looked at me hungrily and said, “I love you so much, darling!” I felt her massive clit, which had swollen to the size of my forearm push deep down inside of my butt. Shana had gotten off a couple times already, while I hadn’t yet, but she was the man in the relationship and I wanted to keep her happy. I felt her start to punish me hard as she slapped my ass and bucked back and forth. “Fuck, you are so tight honey!” Shana said, “I am gonna cum so quick!” she shouted. “Wait…. For……ME!!!” I managed to get out through my massive girlfriend railing me hard. Her strong hands grabbed onto my hips and pulled me back and forth. “UH…UH…UH!” Shana groaned with each pump. “Oh yeah baby I am almost there!” I shouted back at her, and with one final hard thrust deeper than I had ever experienced before, Shana came inside of me. She pulled me down and spooned me naked in bed, safe in her arms. “I love you!” we said to each other simultaneously.
I woke up with Shana lifting me up beneath her arm with one hand. She wanted to get some one armed curls in with all “240 lbs of tubby little me”. I was just wearing my pink panties, they literally said “P!nk” on the butt cheeks and Shana picked me up by the balls as I screamed out in pain! She quickly shoved her cum soaked underwear in my mouth and told me she was going to turn me into the woman that I was.
“Sorry, babe, but there can be no doubt that I am the man in the relationship, and as long as you have those between your legs, you will have the advantage, even though I have forearms that are bigger than your torso.” She said huskily.
I screamed as I looked down as Shana curled me up and down with her one arm, she was right her forearms had to be 38 inches around by now, but I soon passed out.
I woke up in a lot of pain and a coldness around my groin, I groggily felt down there and soon panicked as I realized what had happened, my muscle bitch girlfriend had castrated me. I must have been on a lot of painkillers I am sure she forced fed me to not be in more pain.
“Hey, baby, you are awake! I am sorry I had to do that, but now I also, have the balls in this relationship.”
“You bitch!” I said in a squeaky voice.
“Tsk, tsk, you should never back talk me or call me names, it hurts my wittle feewings” Shana laughed tauntingly as she slowly started to walk over to the bed but stopping short at the end.
“I mean big feelings” Shana said in her husky voice. “I mean look at these biceps!” Shana flexed her right arm and it was the most disgusting thing I had ever seen, it was 60 inches of grotesquely overtanned muscle, which was so vascular it looked like she didn’t even have skin. She swung her arms together into a crab pose, it was the most gruesome display of muscle and looked unreal as her head was swallowed by muscle, how was she even going to fit through doors anymore? She then flexed her absolutely disgusting quads, which were covered in hair like her chest. Then came the pressing matter that was pressing up against her jock strap. She had so much raw power that was all getting ready to get directed at me. She awkwardly took off her underwear because she was so big, and then started to slide off my pink little panties. To my horror I had no manhood left and it looked like my penis was pushed into itself.
“How about you never talk back to me again, and I will never have to fuck you this hard again!” Shana said angrily.
I soon felt her ram her massive clit into where my balls used to be. She then lifted me off the bad with her clit in me and shoved me against the wall and started to pump solely with her womanhoods power.
“I call these clit ups” Shana laughed as she pumped me up and down. She then flexed her pecs alternatingly in my face each when hitting me on the side of the head. “I am bigger than any man on this planet and I could just as easily kill any man as fuck any mans ass raw, remember that sweetie, because I love you the most, and I don’t want you to ever call me names again!” Shana said sternly.
“Yes, Ma’am” I whimpered as she went to town on me her head buried into her traps and pecs.
I really don’t think she could control her muscle lust. Getting as big as possible everywhere for her was a disease, the funniest thing about it was, even though she knew she was the biggest person alive, she still considered herself too small.
“Since you are a little baby girl, the only food I will allow you to eat is from my big meaty pecs milk.” Shana said. “Now come over here and get big and strong.”
I slowly shuffled over to where Shana was standing and she easily swept me up in her massive arms and put my head on her bicep and my legs over her other arm. My butt laid in her lap and I could feel her getting aroused. Three years ago I could easily out lift Shana in everything, but now she was such a grotesquely massive monster that little resembled a human anymore. She literally made me her little girly bitch. How could I argue with anything she did, she was stronger than 10 male bodybuilders.
Shana laid me down on the bed and told me to go to sleep while she went and took a shower to clean all over our sex juices off and shave her body. I slowly drifted off to sleep thinking of how things used to be before Shana went crazy with the lifting and steroids, had I liked her better before she had been such a huge muscle freak? Now that I was laying there literally not the man I used to be, anymore was this worth my muscle fetish? I heard the shower start to run and the white noise made me dream of the old days where everything was normal, again.
I woke up to Shana standing soaking wet and naked at the end of the bed, drying herself off.
"Rise and shine" Shana said to me with a smile in her deep sultry voice.
"Good morning, handsome" I said back to her with a mumble, as I was just waking up.
"Lets go get breakfast, hon" Shana said as she pulled her G-string over her massively grotesque thighs that were bulging with sinew and muscle and veins. The bulge of the pouch showed its strain against her massive muscle crotch that consisted of an over grown clit that seemed to constantly be erect, now-a-days, and her overly swollen pussy lips that looked like swollen testicles. Even her biceps and triceps flexed as she pulled up her undies under the weight of the world's biggest crotch, man or woman. Her pecs were striated and her traps rose up to her ears and were quivering. She looked at me with my mouth agape and laughed at my expression.
"I know you want me to fuck you hard, but I have to eat to keep these muscles nice and big" Shana said with a laugh.
My ass started to long for this woman's massive crotch to get a pounding, to feel her clit slamming my prostate and milking it empty. I watched in amazement as her lats spread 4 feet wide as she put on her XXXXL shirt that fit like a crop top. She pulled up a pair of sweats that would have been like a tent on me, but were snug on her. Her crotch bulging against the front.
I got up out of bed and walked over to her while we stared in each other's eyes. I went up and started rubbing her bulge and it was wider than my hand and it had the strength all its own.
"Ohhhh" I cooed, as I imagined being her little fuck toy and getting wrecked by this muscle monster. She put her massive hands on my ass and pulled me into her with her crotch pressing into me.
"I want you so bad right now, but its time to feed" Shana said, I laid my head on her massive pec and said, "I know, let me get dressed".
"Here, put these on" Shana commanded, as she threw me an old pair of her yoga pants and an old tank of hers from years ago and a bikini top. I was hesitant to wear it and as I looked up at Shana I knew there was nothing to do to say no to her as she made me wear women's clothes out into public now. I put on the pants and Shana escorted me out the door of our hotel room and pulled my pink thong out above the pants and slapped me on the ass as we were leaving the room.
At breakfast, I wasn't sure if people were staring at me, Shana or her 10lbs of eggs, bacon and sausage she was eating. I was just eating oatmeal. I watched in amazement as Shana hunkered over her breakfast and devoured it nearly instantly and asked for 20lbs of more food. I could see her grow. Her muscles were already straining under her clothes and the strain was barely holding on to the seams. As she finished, she said, "It is time to go tan", luckily it was summer in Russia and we could go tan by the pool. I told her I would just sit in the shade as she tanned and she just looked at me and laughed, "Sure...." she said as we headed out to the pool.
All she had to do was flex and her clothes tore right off. There were only a couple other people at the pool one of which was a fat old man who looked disgusted at Shana's body and package and left as soon as he saw her. She ripped off my clothes before I could react and the two women on the opposite side of the pool looked up and laughed at me in my women's panties and bikini top. I blushed, but Shana was getting hard.
We had been laying down for 20 minutes and one of the women came up to Shana and started hitting on her.
"Nice package you got there, Stud, very lucky, my name is Svetlana" I could tell she started to get confused at our situation midway through her sentence.
"I am the woman, technically" Shana continued, "and this guy next to me is the man, again just technically".
"Oh my!" she responded, "That is very strange, but I love big muscle studs, who are welllllll endowed, such as yourself, mind if I oil you up?"
"Oh, I am sure my boyfriend wouldn't mind seeing his girlfriend get all oiled up by another woman" Shana said playfully.
"I would love to see it" I gulped.
"Yay!" Svetlana cheered.
Svetlana started rubbing oil on Shana's thick, veiny forearms, then slowly made her way up to Shana's biceps. She spent a considerable amount of time oiling down her biceps and triceps and I watched as Svetlana's lips were quivering oiling up my muscle beast. She made her may over to Shana's pecs, and I could tell Shana was starting to get turned on by this worship, too, as Svetlana rubbed over her big nipples they got very erect. Shana's nostrils started to flare and her breathing started getting more rapid. Svetlana started her way down Shana's 10 pack at this point as was getting down in the valleys between each ab. Shana's legs started to quiver and her clit was testing the strength of her g-string as she started to soak them with her cum. Svetlana's hands were shaking as she reached down her g-string and grasped her small hands around Shana's giant clit and Svetlana used her other hand to cup and massage Shana's pussy lips, that were pulsating hard masses of veins and muscle.
" Let's all go back to the room" Shana said impatiently ad I started to laugh because I knew she was going to blow. Shana swept Svetlana and I each up under each of her arms as she dashed back to the room. It must have been a funny site to see this woman running through the halls in a g-string with a person under each arm.
She busted open the door and threw Svetlana down own the bed and pulled me with one arm above her head. She had me by the bikini top strap like a harness and was pressing me up and down with one arm.
"Sorry, babe, gonna get a workout in with you while you watch me rail, Svetlana, here" Shana said dominantly. I could see the fear and sexual curiosity in Svetlana's eyes as she stared face to face with Shana's clit. Shana ripped off her bikini and rammed straight into Svetlana as Svetlana let out a yelp. It was both a mixture of pleasure and pain, as I bobbed up and down watching Shana's arms get more and more pumped as she alternated pressing me in each hand. I started to lose sight of Svetlana over the increasing pump of Shana's chest, arms, abs, and quads.
I eventually heard Svetlana climax and Shana slowly pulled her clit out of Svetlana as she laid there in near tears and pure ecstacy. My lips started to quiver as I knew I was next on the menu for my monster of a girlfriend. She pulled Svetlana up and held her head against her breast and told her to suck her nipples.
"Your turn, baby, don't worry I will be gentler than last time" Shana said lovingly. I was so turned on at this point I didn't want her to let up.
"No, you muscle freak, I want to be your fuck toy, go as hard as you can on me and don't let up. I want to be an oozing mess of your cum dripping out of me and be a used pile of meat after you're done plowing me" I said as Shana gave me an erotic look. "Now, flex your bicep for me babe!" Shana lifted up the arm that wasn't holding Svetlana and gave it a harder flex than ever before. I started slapping her clit to make it hard as she cooed. It was still covered in Svetlana's juices and I was on the bed looking face to face with Shana's massive clit, hard and erect. I started to rub it with both hands as it was very thick and I needed to cover it in Shana's slick cum if I was going to take all of it. I started rubbing under Shana's clit on her massive muscular pussy lips and felt their disgusting, pulsating, rigid muscle. Shana put her hand on the back of my head and I knew it was time to deep throat her clit. I looked up and all I saw was her massive abs and chest, but her head eventually poked over the top and I could see she was very turned on. I tried to wrap my arms around her legs and grab her rock hard glutes, but could only reach her hips. She giggled a little as I started to choke on her clit and tears welled in my eyes. Shana tossed Svetlana on the other bed and pulled my head back and flipped me face down. I looked back over my shoulder and saw Shana climb up on the bed, she was a pulsating disgusting blob and muscle and veins and overgrown crotch muscles.
"I am going to wreck you, little boy, and fuck you until you are a quivering mess" Shana said in a deep aggressive tone. I gulped.
"Fuck me raw, baby!" I said and then turned my head into the pillow.
Shana grabbed me by the back of both my ankles and lifted and pulled me backwards onto her clit. I squealed in a high pitched voice as her thick strong clit penetrated me. I felt the tip of her clit reach deep into me and massage my prostate. She started to give a deep throaty primal growl on every thrust. With each thrust she got deeper and deeper and I got closer and closer to climax. She started to slap my ass and told me to squeeze my keggels harder. With each slap I squealed a little more and let out higher and higher pitched moans. I looked back over my right shoulder and grabbed her right wrist with my right hand as I inched closer and closer to cumming. I looked on at my freak girlfriend's massive muscles, she was a fucking nasty monster of muscle and I was lucky enough to get my little ass pounded by her. With a thrust her clit swelled deep inside me against my prostate and I came harder than ever before and screamed out in ecstasy, but Shana kept going.
"Just a bit longer, bitch!" Shana commanded and I didn't think I could hold out any longer. Eventually I felt her explode in side of me as I felt myself fill up with warmth. She flipped me on my back as she was cumming with her still inside me and spread my legs into spread eagle as she continued to cum and a look of much needed relief came over her face as I was near passing out. She collapsed next to me and pulled me into her muscle mass surround me, her clit reduced its swelling down to its normal massive, instead of monstrous, size.
"You're my little fuck boy, aren't you?" Shana asked.
"Yes, ma'am" I breathily answered as I was laying there a disgusting fucked mess of this freak's power.


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