Super Growth Girlfriend 6: To Russia with Love

by bart33456

Part 6 in the Super Growth Girlfriend Series

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4 months later
The day had finally come and I had flown to Russia to see the show, I saw a lot of the competitors out in the lobby and they were mountains! They were easily 300-400lbs. I couldn’t imagine Shana being THIS huge. Finally I went in to take my seat. And the competitors started to file out. But as they came out I didn’t see Shana. I started to worry because two weeks ago she sent me a message and said I was in for a BIG surprise. Then all of a sudden a rumble started and I saw my grossly developed girlfriend walk out. Everyone was whispering “who is that guy?” My girlfriend was so big that she absolutely dwarfed everyone on stage. She could barely do the poses because her chest, biceps, and legs were so disgustingly huge and veiny. The audience booed, cheered, and gagged every time she hit a new pose. She had a raging clitrection that pulsated with every pump. She was originally wearing a bra top, but she didn’t need it at all. About halfway through the posing routine she took it off and audience covered their eyes before realizing that she had vein ridden massive pecs. Her oily quads quivered with every movement and were kept wet by the massive amount of arousal her clit straining her now barely visible posing suit. Finally, the judges dismissed everyone but my girlfriend and one other competitor, but Shana easily had 150lbs on him. They were asked to do a couple poses. When they asked them to do their most muscular, Shana broke out into a crab pose with her pussy mound and clit severly straining her now thong and then she cummed when she couldn’t take the pleasure of her overly muscled body destroying all other competitors anymore, and I came in my seat, too. She took first!
After the show I ran up to her and she said, “You like what you see?” then broke out into a double bicep, still in her cum soaked posing suit. I couldn’t get any words out and before I knew it she swept me up and cradled me into her arm like a baby and held her trophy with the other.
“I am so horny right now! I came like 4 times watching you pose!” I managed to say to grotesquely muscular girlfriend.
“Me too! I tried to control myself as best as possible, but I ended up cumming right at the end! I hope you are wearing something sexy for me underneath those jeans! We are heading back to my hotel room, it is attached to the convention center. “She winked.
“How much do you weigh now?” I asked.
“I weighed in at 598lbs!” she responded and I came instantly.
It must have been a sight to see this muscle freak carry me through the lobby barely wearing anything. I could hear people whisper and see them stare, but I didn’t care because my girlfriend could take all of them at once.
We finally ended up back in her hotel room.
“I have a surprise for you.” I said seductively as I stared at my huge muscle monster freak of a girlfriend. I couldn’t control myself as I she stared at me with a devious smile on her face in her cum soaked men’s posing trunk. How had she gotten this big? It didn’t matter right now.
“You are wearing less than I am and I don’t like that” I said sexily. I pulled off my shirt and my girlfriend looked at me with a “really? that is your body?” face and kinda laughed at my sexy effort, but she knew it was all in good fun. I slowly took off my jeans and revealed an old pair of her sexiest lace pink panties and I could tell that this got her hot and she got “sprung” again as her pussy started to pulse and she bit her lip.
“Just because you are bigger than any man ever, doesn’t mean I can’t treat you like a lady” I said.
I walked over to her and she ripped my panties off like tissue paper.
“Be patient” I said because I could tell she was going wild.
I got down on my knees in front of her and slowly pulled of her suit to reveal her hot, wet, cum soaked pussy and throbbing clit. I started to lick furiously and she let out a husky moan and said “don’t stop”. I started sucking her clit too and she kept shoving my head deeper into her crotch. It was like a waterfall down there the way I was eating her pussy, she couldn’t take it anymore and lifted me up with one arm and through me on the bed and started to ride my dick hard. She clamped down and it kind of hurt a little bit, but was also arousing at the same time. She milked me dry but kept going. Her pussy muscles had become so strong I was sure she could turn a lump of coal into a diamond in there. She stroked and massaged without barely moving her body. I looked up at her as her muscles glistened with oil and sweat, she had a scary determined look on her face and her neck was twice as wide as her head. Her neck was nearly as thick as my thighs and covered in veins. Her traps protruded up almost to her ears. She was wide enough to where she had to walk sideways through doors and that was still an issue. Her delts could be replace with watermelons and you wouldn’t be able to tell a difference.
“Look at these huge muscles!” She said as she broke out into a double bicep flex on top of me. “I am fucking huge!” I stared at her biceps that were the size of bowling balls. She was also staring at her right bicep and started kissing it. I could tell she was turning herself on as every time she licked her bicep she squeezed a little tighter with her wet silky pussy. She started to flex each pec up and down and they definitely didn’t represent breasts anymore.
“I was so glad when I finally worked the last bit of fat off of my pecs, so that there was nothing in the way of you seeing my massive chest muscles.” I looked at her pecs which were massive slabs of thick muscle I reached up to feel it and rub her erect nipples and felt nothing but hot steel and her pulsating disgusting veins. I could barely lift the muscle in each pec.
“Damn, those are rock hard! How much do you bench? “ I asked.
“1000” she responded.
“1000lbs that is crazy!” I exclaimed.
“No”, she laughed, “1000 kgs, they do the metric system here”
I couldn’t stop cumming as I felt my way down her grotesquely overdeveloped abs. Each one protruded out slightly offset like the muscle was trying to explode from my revolting girlfriend muscle body. On each side I was engulfed by a tree trunk that was called a thigh. Which jabs of muscle that were snaked with gruesome veins. I could smell her repulsively muscled pussy lips and clit. Her pussy lips could literally flex and veins protruded and pulsated with each heartbeat. Eventually when she was satisfied she lifted herself off of me and backed to end of the bed and stepped off. I watched so turned on and horrified at the same time as the monster that used to be cute little Shana was now no more than one overdeveloped muscle fighting for room on her frame from the next. All this muscle power gave her a scary confidence over me as she claimed to be the one who “runs the relationship”. I watched as she rubbed her muscles and broke out into a crab pose as each muscle swole out.
As she “hulked out” to horrid proportions so did her womanhood. I laid in bed with my mouth agape. I realized I could no longer call this thing my girlfriend, but a sexually charged muscle freak. Her clit swole to massive size and she looked at me and said, “You know what I need”. I gulped and knew exactly what she meant, but we hadn’t been together for a while and her clit was bigger than my member. I was shaking with fear as she climber back on the bed toward me. I tried to hold my legs shut but she laughed and said, “Look at me! I am a muscle freak and I get what I want when I want it! You were the one who wore your little pink lacey panties and it turned me on so much, baby! I love to see your tiny little dick and tight little ass walking around with nothing but your cute little panties. And to think, I used to be able to fit in those, haha! Now a jock strap can’t even contain my muscle crotch!” I was so turned on by her dominance but still tried to put up a fight. Her biceps barely quivered as she pulled my legs apart with ease. She then stuck her pulsating member inside of me as I squealed.
“Tell me how big I am baby!” Shana said as she grunted.
“Your muscles are so big” I forced out through the pain.
“No, tell me how big my clit is, sweetie” my muscle freak said.
“Owwwww my god it hurts, you are too big!” I shrieked in pain as she thrusted. She looked at me and started to stick her tongue down my throat and make out with me, even her tongue was stronger. She bucked as she pinned my arms over my head with one hand and then pulled her lips away from mine and flexed her pec into my mouth and told me to suck like a little baby. I obeyed her if it would get her off faster. She instantly started moaning and bucking harder.
“Fuck yeah, Fuck yeah” She kept repeating as I moaned. She eventually started spasming inside of me and rolled her massive body off of me. She sat up on the side of the bed and I noticed that her back was massive as the side of a barn. She went to her luggage and pulled out a silk g string and it struggled not to break as she pulled it up over her massive quads and snapped it against her hips. She turned around and her massive womanhood strained it to its limits. As she hopped back into bed she poked my blubber that had built up around my stomach and said, “looks like we might need to go bra shopping tomorrow for you, you are getting man boobs!”
“Please no!” I responded. But when I looked over my hulking monster was adjusting her massive clit already in her g-string and flexing her pecs as she was looking down at herself. She grabbed her massive muscle crotch with her hand and adjusted it inside of her g-string that was barely holding it back. I just laid there worn out and broken down, but in awe of this she beast.
“You are going to wear women’s clothes only from now on!” My muscle freak girlfriend said to me. “ we will get you more girl panties and bras tomorrow.”
“Oh god no!” I said horrified.
“Look, baby, look at these fucking muscles! I don’t resemble a woman at all, or a man for that matter, just a blob of disgustingly, oversized muscle with veins protruding everywhere.” As she flexed both of her biceps alternatively. “I can do whatever I want to you baby, but I always protect you, too! Now put these little panties back on so we can spoon”
“I don’t want to.” I said defiantly
“Too bad, I am the man now, and that was the last time you get to penetrate me, but I love you more than anything else in the world, still!”
“That’s not fair!” I shouted at her
I could see that this made her flustered and she came over and flipped me face down on the bed as I tried to fight her off but she was way too strong for me to even handle her If she only had on arm and a quarter of her strength. I looked back over my shoulder and all I could see was this muscle monster penetrating me.
“Fuck you are so tight, baby!” Shana said as she stuck her massive muscle clit in my back door. “Tell me something sexy, honey, you’re my girl now!”
“You’re so big honey, your crotch is massive! You have such huge sexy muscles, baby, you’re a fucking monster!” I said through the pain as Shana clearly liked it and started thrusting harder as I squealed.
“Squeeze harder baby!” Shana said then lifted me up with one arm and flipped me over on my back without leaving me.
I noticed the fierce love in Shana’s eyes and through the pain she hit something inside of me that felt real good, to see this beast go from half my weight to this monster towering over me and turning me into her girl. I grabbed her arms as I started to reach my climax with her deep inside of me. She started to reach climax at the same time as we both moaned out loud. She softly kissed me on the cheek afterward as she pulled her cum soaked crotch out of me. She grabbed the pair of pink lace panties beside the bed and gently slid them up my legs and high onto my hips as I laid in bed exhausted from the pain and pleasure I had just experienced from my muscle woman’s meaty clit. She stared at me seductively as she put them back onto me, but I gave her a look that said I couldn’t go again right now.
“After we go shopping for you tomorrow, you should come watch me workout” Shana said covered in sweat as she pulled her jock strap back on with her massive clit straining it to the limits and hopping back into bed.
“I would like that” I said softly back to her.
She rolled me onto my side and started to spoon me to sleep wrapped in her big arms with her rock hard clit. So I pulled it out of her thong and stuck it in between my legs and rocked back and forth on it until I felt it spasm and cum drip from it. Her sexy moaning and huge biceps flexing around my head made me feel like the safest person in the world.


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