Super Growth Girlfriend 5: In Store for More

by bart33456

Part 5 in the Super Growth Girlfriend Series

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There was a sex toy store near the beach where people went for all of their kinky lingerie among other things. We had never been here before, but Shana wanted to try it out for some time. It was more awkward walking in there for me then having this she beast as my girlfriend. We went over to the lingerie section and looked at all the kinky underwear they had. Shana had trouble navigating through the store because of her sheer size but she would point out men’s G-strings that she liked and pointed out how her grotesquely overly muscled pussy would swallow the front of all of them anyway. She then told me to pick out anything I would like from the women’s section to wear for myself. I argued that I’m not a woman, but she walked over to me flexed her chest and shoved my face right into her pecs.
“These are rock hard pecs and I can crush your head in between them anytime I want, now I am the protector in the relationship and I have all the muscles, you will do as I say or you can kiss these giant muscles goodbye” shana said quietly.
I was drooling all over her, as I could feel her womanhood press up against my manhood and grab my member and squeeze and massage it, as I gently caressed her exposed nipples with my lips. She took a step back and the ground rumbled beneath her feet and gave a huge crab flex and her muscles started to rip and bulge outward, her veins gruesomely started pushing hard like they were trying to break out of her skin. Her biceps started to cover her chest but her massive pecs poked through anyway. Her bowling ball 8 pack abs started disgustingly started pouring over her speedo, which was slowly disappearing. Her overly developed squads swelled and her pussy and clit was pulsating aggressively. Her pussy lips flexed and swallowed the front of her man speedo as her clit swelled and pressed the front like she was wearing a red condom. She started to moan and the cashier was visibly grossed out as she was choking back gagging from the hugely disgusting slab of muscle and cum that was my girlfriend now.
The cashier told coughed up the words “You can’t be flexing or doing whatever you are doing right here, it is disgusting!”
“You look to be about 150lbs, which is how much my pussy lips flex and lift alone, so I can do whatever I want!” she then grabbed the store clerk and pressed here over her head one handed for reps. “Look how fucking massive I have become honey! Nobody can stop me!” Shana shot a sexy stare my way and said, “I’m going to muscle fuck you so hard!” Shana said seductively in her husky voice.
The cashier started to scream, “Put me down!” so Shana threw her across the store easily.
Shana came at me and pushed me down onto the floor as a laid engulfed in her massive muscles, I felt her pussy clasp onto my member and massage it gently. I then felt her squeeze it harder and say, “I could crush your tiny dick with my massive muscle pussy”. I then felt something strange as her clit wrapped underneath my balls and started to push into my ass. “You like that honey? There is no stopping my muscle growth, I’m going to become an even bigger disgusting muscle freak!” I was too wrapped up in the moment to care what she had to say. She didn’t even have to move much anymore since she had such amazing muscle control. Regardless she kept her pussy massaging and her clit pounding at the same time.
After our store fiasco we were banned from there but it didn’t make a difference anyway. Shana had been writing to any bodybuilding competition that would take her and finally got one that would. It was one in Russia that didn’t drug test and was pretty lax on rules and would let her compete in the men’s ultra-heavy weight division.
Shana was definitely going to win this competition, there was no doubt about that, but she still trained as hard as she could because she wanted to make sure that no one could ever beat her….ever!
“Hon…hon….honey.” I wimpered to Shana in the middle of one of her steroid and HGH fueled mega workouts where she was now dosing at 20x’s the recommended amount of what a 400lb person should take. I was scared that she might get angry when she was at her peak in the middle of the workout and she could easily tear me apart if she wanted to, but I was proud of her progress.
“What?!” she snapped back angrily.
“Don’t you think that that you are big enough?” I said softly
“Do you not like my muscles?” she feistily said.
“No, no I love them, but you are getting so big and is it healthy for you?” I said curiously.
“All I know is that I feel better than ever, and I can’t stop getting huge!” she replied.
She took a second to flex her right bicep as I stared at her impressive ten pack abs. She was all sweaty from working out and her veins were popping out of everywhere and you could see the pulsations running through her massive biceps as she swelled up and down. She wasn’t wearing anything but a red G-string.
“Come feel my muscles!” she said.
I walked over and she grabbed my hand and started to rub it against her chest. It was rock hard and the only softness there was is when I would feel one of her pulsating veins. I looked at her with awe on my face as she casually pushed my hand over her abs, I felt every single ab and they were like hard pool balls. She pulled my hand back to her rock hard glutes. Each striation felt like a valley on her rock hard ass. She then pulled my hand down to her grossly overdeveloped quadriceps and pushed harder still. She finally took my two fingers and slid them into her soaking wet pussy and clamped them in there tightly to where it hurt and I couldn’t remove them. Shana knew this and laughed and teased.
“Can you go get me a glass of water, please?” She asked nicely
“Ouch! Let me go!” I said.
“Oh, is my pussy too hard for you?” she laughed.
“Yes, it hurts!” I screamed.
“Well, I am only going to get more massive than anyone ever!” She said and I gulped.
“I wanted to let you know that I found this stuff online that is supposed to be 100x’s more powerful than steroids for adding mass, I am GOING TO GET FUCKING HUGE! And considering that I put on muscle very easily, there is no saying where I could end up.”
“Are you sure that stuff is safe?” I asked, fearful that Shana was going to get even more huge, but also aroused at her muscle lust at the same time.
“I need to beat those Russians, they have been abusing steroids way longer than I have and they are twice my age.”
“Can we do that thing where we don’t see each other again until the competition?” I asked, “That was such a huge turn on for me last time to see how big you became!”
“Sure! I actually need to go to Russia to pick up the stuff I ordered because it could never make it through customs here” she replied, “Plus it will be funny to see me after four months on this stuff, I am going to look like a cartoon! If I don’t make at least 10 people puke after seeing the disgusting amount of muscle on my body at the show, then I didn’t get big enough”
My heart was pounding because I knew how serious my girlfriend was and she was already so big, how could she possibly tack on more mass? I assumed that this Russian super steroid was just a scam since everybody would be using it if it worked, but she explained she found it on the dark part of the web after weeks of research. So the next day she packed up and left for Russia and I focused on school.


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