Super Growth Girlfriend 4: A Day at the Beach

by bart33456

Part 4 in the Super Growth Girlfriend Series

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1 month later
My daily routine had become wake up, sometimes to Shana benching me, or sucking her dry before she starts her day, I always feared that she would just crush me between her thighs when I’m sucking on her clit, but I knew she wouldn’t actually ever try to hurt me. She repped one arm curls with my bench max, which was such a huge turn on. After the morning suck I would load up her syringe with about 10x’s the recommended dose of steroids for a male bodybuilder. And I usually would shave down the parts she couldn’t reach, but we both barely fit in the shower anymore thanks to her size growth. She would usually flex for me for about 20 minutes each morning, which would result in many orgasms. Then she would workout with me, curl me, press me, row me, then run with me on her back draped around her shoulders. We had put in an application for to compete against male bodybuilders, but they responded that it’s unfair to the men because it would destroy their egos when I women easily beats them and could be bad for the sport because nobody wants to compete against her. We were having to get clothes specially tailored for her because she was ripping out of everything we could find. She also started to have to wear men’s jock straps and thongs because her clit was bulging out of all of her panties, so she gave her hand me downs to me, which I didn’t like but it turned her on and it was nice to not to have to wear a thong every once in a while.
She loved to wrestle with me, too. It wasn’t really a match because she wouldn’t even break a sweat while I could barely move her arm when she would pin me down. She would usually make me hit myself with my own hand and then telling me to stop hitting myself while she laughed. If I called her a name or complained too much she would bend me over her knee and give me a spanking and it normally hurt really badly since I would only be wearing a thong. She would normally start by walking toward me with my knees getting weak from the floor shaking beneath my feet. Her massive biceps nearly were 180 degrees out from her body from how big her arms were. Her legs rippled with massive swollen muscle and veins with each step toward me. She always had a confident smirk as she and I both knew I didn’t stand a chance against her massive muscles. She would lift me up by my thong with one hand and shove my head down with her other forcing my mouth over her massive pecs and nipples. I tried to fight back but she would reassure me there was no point. “I am 3x your weight” she would say tauntingly. After she was satisfied she would humiliate me by telling me to flex my biceps and legs and then her saying,”awww look at those cute little muscles” and then tell me that real muscles look like this and break into her posing routine. She would then easily wrestle me to the ground and start to ride my face and I would eat her pussy.
I was her bitch, she never called me that, but we knew the situation. When she would give me a show she would always say things like:
“I am a fucking monster” then bust into a side chest pose.
“Then nobody can stop me” then a crab pose
“I am a god” then a double bicep pose
“My Biceps are bigger than your chest” then front flex
She took everything about my manhood and broke it down. Sure at school I acted alpha and was always a group leader and telling people what to do, but back home, I was in her domain.
She would play the “Who is bigger game” which was her just saying that she could wreck me if I back talked her. Then her ripping off our underwear and seeing if my penis was bigger than her clit. Which usually ended with her holding me up with one arm against the wall while she shoved her clit into my ass and thrusted and pumped until she had been satisfied and then I would rail her while she flexed for me. I loved the way her muscles would twitch and shake as I was on top of her, but no matter how hard I rammed into her tight, wet pussy and her massive muscle crotch could take it. Her pussy muscles would massage my hard throbbing cock and even after I came she could hold it in her with amazing control and pump it herself.
Shana had grown a couple inches taller due to the HGH and Steroids and constantly joked about how she was catching up to me in the height department. She was already bigger than me everywhere else and if I joked about how I was taller than her still she would carry me outside and toss me 20 feet in the air like a baby and catch me, all while saying “Yeah, it looks like you are taller” I would naturally freak out but knew she could easily catch me.
One morning while Shana was giving me her flexing show she told me she wanted to try something new.
“What do you have in mind?” I asked.
“See that aluminum bat over there?” She said with a smirk “Get it and swing it as hard as you can at my abs”
“No way! I don’t want to hurt you” I responded. She burst out laughing hard. “Okay, but you asked for it”
I swung and hit her but laid up a little.
“Come on, Pussy, hit me like you mean it!” She said
“Don’t call me a pussy!” I yelled back, “or else!”
She laughed extremely hard at this “laughing from that statement hurts my abs more than you swinging that bat, and for that we will be going to the beach today! After you hit me with that bat as hard as you can first”
Her abs were the size of cereal bowls at this point. She could easily crush anything on them that she pleased. They were coated in big thick chords and veins. I took a swing as hard as I could and it hurt my wrists badly. She just moaned and I could see her panties start to soak and her clit to get erect.
“Again! Until I tell you to stop!” She demanded.
I kept laying into her abs as hard as I could and she kept moaning and groaning and her juices started to drip down her leg. I couldn’t help but be erect myself. Finally, I swung and her hand grabbed the bat and yanked it away from me. She bent the bat in half like it was a plastic straw.
“I am a fucking monster!” she screamed then broke out into a double bicep pose. She had learned to pretty much just wear her panties around the house because she would just rip out of her normal clothes and also I believe she wanted to always let me know how much bigger she was than me. She got in a pushup position and I knew that meant to climb on her back and stick my throbbing cock into her soaking wet vagina. She started counting off one armed pushups with me on her back and quickly got to 100 before she said, “Hold on!” then stood up with me clamped inside of her. She strutted over to the specially made pull up bar, because of her weight, then started doing one armed chin ups. I couldn’t help but cum instantly as her biceps easily pulled our weight up over and over again. Her bicep flexed at this point made a watermelon look small in comparison. She kept grunting and I kept cumming over and over. The whole time she would praise herself saying things like “I am unstoppable” and “I am only getting bigger” and “My muscles are fucking huge”, which only turned me on that much more. We both kept cumming and cumming and finally she sat us back down, her muscles swollen bigger than I had ever seen them before. Her pecs were giant slabs of meat roadmapped with the tiniest veins all the way up too ones the size of my finger.
I started to put one of my Shana required thongs back on as she was panting and sweating.
“Not so fast!” she walked over and ripped my thong off like tissue paper, “You fucked me, now it is my turn.”
I usually got through this next part by distracting myself with how big Shana had gotten. She through me over her shoulder and I looked down at her rock hard glutes. One time I tried going in her “backdoor” like she did to me and she went got a rock the size of my fist from the garden outside and shoved it between her glutes and flexed to crush the rock into a million pieces, then explained if I didn’t want that to happen to my cock, to never try it again. When I said she does it to me all the time, she said it was because she is a muscle monster and her clit needs to work out on something, and just stop her next time if it becomes too much.
So she threw me down on to the bed and started to climb up on the end to mount me missionary style. Her clit was bigger and more swollen than I have ever seen it before, she looked so freaking hot and was swollen to an unhealthy proportion from her neck down to her calves. Her clit was now bigger than my penis when she was “erect” it was too much and I told her no and batted it away.
“Too bad, I am going to make you my little, weak, panty wearing bitch!” She said besmirkingly.
I tried to shove her off, but she was too big and strong and jammed herself inside of me. She thrusted hard on top of me flexing her muscles hard and her veins were popping out of the top of her head. She pinned my arms down over my head and I tried to struggle against her but it was no use. She was grunting louder and louder while saying, “Fuck yeah baby! You can’t even budge my huge muscles!” She lifted one hand up and kept the other hand still pinning both of mine down. She flexed her arm in the mirror that was beside our bed. Her bicep easily was the size of a watermelon. I played along and act liked I enjoyed it for Shana. I felt her juices start to flow and her clit started to spasm inside of my backdoor. She nearly broke my hips thrusting. She saw my pain and started to ease up and let go of my arms to give me a double bicep flex. It was the most insane thing I saw and we both came at the same time. She flipped me around and started to bench press me. She was really a fucking monster.
“We still have to go to the beach today!” She chuckled.
“I don’t really feel like going” I responded.
“Not you choice, unless you want to answer to these guns” she said as she flexed both biceps.
“Now go put on your bikini bottoms, you can use that old pair I have!” She said.
“I am not wearing a woman’s bikini” I responded.
“Well, you are my little girl, so I will dress you up” Shana responded. She went and grabbed a pair of pink patterned bikini bottoms she had grabbed from her drawer and back me into a corner. As she walked over toward me she twitched each pec sending the whole 25lb plate sized pec flying up in each direction with each step. She threw me on the bed face down and pinned me down as she slid them on. I tried to fight back but to no avail.
“You have a cute little butt, in your cute little panty bikinis!” She giggled. “I just can’t help but fuck it again since you disobeyed me.” She was immediately hard again and held me down with one arm as she punished me. “Now, did you learn your lesson?” She asked.
“Yes, sweetie” I responded whimperingly.
“Good, now come give me a hug, because even though I punish you it is because I love and protect you” she said. I cuddled up to her and started sucking on her breast because I knew it drove her wild. After a couple minutes of cuddling we left for the beach and I was wearing Shana’s old bikini, unfortunately.
There was no need for her to wear a top and she had quite the impressive bulge downstairs, so from a distance many thought she was a massive muscle man. It wasn’t until they came closer and started asking questions that they realized she was my girlfriend. They would usually make fun of me about her being stronger, and she would play along by making me flex my biceps next to hers and then she would lift me and press me, then I would have to punch her in the stomach which hurt my hand more than my ego. Usually, she would make them arm wrestle her if they got too condescending to which most would run scared, but there were the few dumb ones, and when they would inevitable lose she would toss them into the ocean…..from about 50 yards away. Most people were disgusted, especially when they asked what was down in her speedo if she wasn’t a man, but they would always say “I know who the man is in this relationship”, to which Shana would respond, “I am the woman, but I run things, haha”. But as a reward she would let me rub her massive muscles down with oil, and give her a reach around!
As we headed back to the parking lot from the beach Shana told me to stand back from our SUV as she had something she wanted to show me. She waddled with her grotesquely over bloated muscle body towards the rear of our SUV, each step made the straining polyester material of her speedo (which was the largest men’s size possible) ride up a little more into her humongous glutes and also her massive muscle pussy which would only serve to pull it tighter against her already swollen clit. There were a couple other people and cars in the beach parking lot but both spaces by us were clear. Shana said “Take a look at this!” as she grabbed underneath the rear bumper and started to lift up our 4 ton SUV. I was standing to the side of the SUV in complete amazement that Shana was getting ready to lift this massive vehicle. As she squatted down I looked over and saw her love mound protruding out in her speedo and soaking with juices. Her nipples were rock hard, almost harder than I was. She started to squat the rear end of the vehicle upward as her massive biceps and shoulders started to swell and become roadmapped with veins. Her neck became twice as wide as her head and she started to push the rear end over her head. As she got it over her head a crowd started to gather around her. She started to easily overhead press the rear end of the SUV. I heard the crowd saying things like “That guy is lifting an SUV” and “that must be the strongest guy ever”. Somebody eventually came up to me and asked if I knew who that guy was. I told him that it was my girlfriend and the love of my life and he was completely disgusted and said, “Dude, she must control you during sex, and I would never backtalk her” I responded “Trust me I don’t, haha!”
Shana did some reps as the crowd looked on in awe, some people looked disgusted and others seemed impressed. I cheered her on and a couple muscle guys came up and started making fun of me for being smaller than Shana, at this point I had gotten used to some ridicule, but it was usually by guys smaller than me (as I was a pretty big guy myself, not a bodybuilder, but I could handle myself). There were 4 of them saying I was gross for having sex with that and that she probably fucks me. Shana heard this and put down the SUV and came over and started telling them that she actually does, and I started blushing from embarrassment. They all started laughing and she continued telling them about our relationship.
“I make him wear my old panties and thongs, the pink little lacey ones, he is my little bitch, I cuddle him to sleep every night with my clit poking into his butt, and rubbing against his lace panties feels so good!” Shana said.
They started laughing even harder. “STOP IT!” I shouted. “Or what?” She said laughingly.
“But you are bigger bitches then he is” Shana said.
“No way!” the biggest of them said.
“We will see about that!” Shana said.
She grabbed the largest underneath the armpits and lifted him into the air, spun him around, and put him into a headlock with one arm in between her massive bicep and forearm.
“You’re lucky I don’t squeeze with 10% of my strength or your head would pop like a balloon” Shana said nonchalantly. Another came up and punched Shana right in the abs and screamed out in pain as his punch landed against her steel 8 pack abs. She laughed him off and said, “I will give you another shot if you want” but he was doubled over in pain. The third ran at her and she swiftly backhanded him 20 feet in the air and he landed in the sand and was rolling around in pain. The last one just ran off.
“No it is time to show you how big of a bitch you are” Shana said to the muscle guy.
They were both wearing speedos but she was at least 3 times as big, everywhere on her. She rolled him down onto the ground and put his head in between her legs as he was visibly crying and I watched on in amazement as my massive muscle girlfriend just beat up four of the biggest guys I had ever seen and currently had one in a death vice between her legs. She was soaking wet down there and was rubbing his face in her juices and suddenly ripped off her speedo revealing not too much more of her body than had been revealed but it revealed her massive meat clamp and muscle clit. She shoved her member into his mouth and said, “Say you’re my bitch”. He could hardly talk because of her member but he muffled it well enough for her too laugh and clap her hands together and let him go crying and running away.
She rolled up off the ground and laughed as they ran away crying.
“Thanks, honey” I said to her shyly.
“I will always protect you! You are my little baby and I love you” Shana said back to me.
“I was scared that you would accidentally kill them there for a second” I said jokingly.
“I easily could have, but I have extreme muscle control” said Shana as she bounced each meat packed slab of pec. She shook her quad in front of her then flexed it in an extremely gruesome display of muscle and veins covered in our own juices.
“I am so turned on right now!” Shana exclaimed. “Let’s go get you some more sexy panties.”


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