Super Growth Girlfriend 3: Showing Off

by bart33456

Part 3 in the Super Growth Girlfriend Series

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It was the day of the show, and whispers had been flying around about some guy in the back that was the biggest bodybuilder, they have ever seen. In the back of my mind I knew the truth.
The women were getting called out and I started to feel the ground shake. I had a feeling it was my woman. The announcer called the heavyweights out on to stage one at a time listing their weights. The women came out; 178lbs, 188lbs, 169lbs, 204lbs, then there was Tara, the girl Shana lost to last year, 304lbs! Damn, she was huge, she strutted out on stage but something was wrong, all of the women had a disappointed look on their face. I struggled to hold in my laughter because I knew my love was going to win. Shana…………283lbs. Oh………..god…….. She didn’t even have to flex. She was an animal. There was no way that she was losing this year. She shot me a grin then lipped the words “for you” and broke into a crab pose where she ended up just being a head surrounded by a pulsating mass of veins and muscle. Her posing suit got swallowed by her muscles. She took first.
I couldn’t stop praising her the whole drive home, luckily I drive big SUV by the way. She rattled off her measurements and I had about ten orgasms since she posed on stage an hour ago. Biceps 32”, quads 47”, calves 29”, clit “well you will find out when we get home”.
We made it inside, she had to turn sideways just to squeeze through the door.
“I have a present for you” she said.
“Trust me that pose was enough of a present for a lifetime” I said. She laughed
She pulled a bunch of tiny little thongs out of a bag.
“I think those are too small for you,” I chuckled.
“Yes they are, but they are not for me, they are for you. I love you, but you will do as I say from now on. I am the dominant in the relationship, I am number one” she said assertively. While I admit it did seem a little bit violent, I had always kind of fantasized about this type of relationship. “Now put it on, in the bathroom then come model it for me” She said.
I went into her bathroom to put it on, she had always been kind of a slob, so I saw muscle mags laying out everywhere which I figured was normal for her, but I was curious about the male masturbator and lube. I looked at myself in her mirror with my package bulging out against one of the tiny little man thongs she had gotten me. I thought to myself “Well, this is my life now”.
I stepped into her bedroom and she told me how sexy I was and that I will only wear these around the house from now on. She was sitting on her couch only wearing her own thong bottom but her mound below her waist was pulsating hard. Her clothes she wore in laid in shreds and her thong could barely stand the pulsating of her crotch. She pointed down and said step back and watch this. She did another crab flex and this time her clit was poking through her thong and ripped it off completely. Her clit was nearly as big as my penis but underneath all her muscle and crotch she somehow still seemed so very feminine.
“On your knees, NOW!” she said, I was still amazed at her sheer size, but I got on my knees staring face to face with the muscle monster beneath her belt. “Good boy” she said and patted me on the head. Then rubbed her fingers through my hair to the back of my head and said, “NOW SUCK! And it better be hard or I will make you wear that little thong as your only clothing out in public” she laughed. I sucked her clit hard and flicked it with my tongue as she started to buck her hips into my face. I could taste her hot cream running down my face as she squeeled. She ordered me to lick it all off my face and swallow it and I obeyed. When she had cum after the third time and my tongue was getting sore she lifted with me one arm from under my armpit and said “now your turn”. She rode on top of me and I was in disbelief still that I was getting fucked by this muscle god, this woman who had been nearly have my size a couple years before had now passed my wildest fantasy. I didn’t last long with her pussy muscles squeezing my juice out and her big clit slapping against me.
“Now my turn” she said.
“What?!” I asked unsure what she was talking about.
Before I knew it, her big muscular pussy, thats pulsation was only rivaled by her muscles swelling up and down inches, had pushed my member out of her and then she took her massive clit and jammed it into my ass. I can’t say it was pleasant, but her biceps are as big around as my torso, so I was not going to tell her no. I screamed out in pain, she said “sorry, but you will have to get used to this”. I felt her clit spasm and she was screaming “Fuck yeah!” as she thrust back and forth. She looked down at me and had a guilty look, because she knew it hurt me. But this was all to feed her muscle lust and I was okay with the side effects of her crotch muscles getting bigger, if that meant the rest of her muscles were getting bigger, too. She went on for what seemed like an eternity, but after about 4 minutes it was over. She fell on top of me and nearly crushed me then rolled over. She brought my head into her chest and said “sorry, about that, dear, but it is over now, and I couldn’t help myself. My clit is just so big and it feels so good thrusting it into things. She explained that my tight ass felt so good. And I figured if I got to slam my dick in her pussy then I was fine with her doing this, even though it would take time getting used too. I told her I understand and knew that this was a possibility when she started using steroids. She gave me a kiss on the forehead as I lay encapsulated in her massive arms.
“Before I go to bed I need to get in a quick workout” she said.
“Really?!” I said with a chuckle.
Before I knew it she had swung me around and she was benching me I fell asleep to the rhythm of her pressing me up and down, she was whispering to herself and was on 78 when I dozed off. When I woke she was still bench pressing me and was on 832.
“I will stop” she chuckled. “I might be getting tired, I need to grab my midnight snack anyway.” She can back with 10 lbs of chicken and a gallon of protein shake and devoured it in about 10 minutes. She showed me how to inject her with her steroid cocktail, as it was damn near impossible for her to reach her own ass cheek anymore.
“Remember how small I used to be? Now I am the biggest muscle woman, no person, ever” she said.
“I LOVE IT!” I said “and you can bench press me to sleep any night you want” I laughed.
“And I am only going to make these tiny little muscles bigger” she said.
I gulped and the way she said it made me orgasm again, can she really get any bigger I thought? Then I drifted off to sleep using her bicep as a pillow.


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