Super Growth Girlfriend 2: Getting Schooled

by bart33456

Part 2 in the Super Growth Girlfriend Series

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3 months later
We had finally settled into our new apartment and it was close to a local gym with everything Shana needed to train. By this point she had upped her steroid dosage and was about on my level of lifting, which was nice, because it meant that we didn’t have to constantly restack the weights. I was 210 lbs and benching 270lbs and squatting 450lbs. She was 165lbs and maxing out at 250lbs on bench and 500lbs on squat, she always had stronger legs than me but they are also stubbier (making excuses for myself at the time). Her biceps were at about 16” and mine were at about 17.5” and my quads were at about 24” and so were hers. Her voice had gotten a little huskier, but certainly not manly by any means, but I knew this would be a side effect along with the enlarged clit, extra body hair, and back acne. Which to me was offset by her increased sex drive. She certainly turned heads at the gym and when guys came up to her and started talking to her I was sure to step in and cut it short. Not that she couldn’t handle herself, but when she was in the gym, it was go time, no room for distractions.
School was getting ready to start and since Shana was unable to get her scholarship and her parents were unable to help her out, she was not attending but still living with me. She promised to help pay by getting a part time job, but lifting was a full time job for her and she was getting ready to be in a contest in a couple months. So she worked about 20 hours a week mostly on weekends, and I offered to pay for rent and utilities and food with my parents, mine, and student loan money. My parents were very distant from me because of work, but were well off there would be times that I had not noticed they had been on business trips for days, and I doubt they knew or cared were their money was going. She mostly used her part time money for steroids, extra food, and supplements.
I had fallen into bad habits of not working out once school started because I was studying all the time and Shana was working out twice a day for 3 hours 5-6 times a week, way more than the once a day 4 times a week I had been doing with her, but she said she got bored while I was in class and studying. After about a month into school, I had just finished my first round of exams and was taking a break on the couch watching TV with Shana. She was cuddled up with her head on my chest and her arm across my lap. Her arm was as heavy as a lead tube, and I really hadn’t noticed any of her growth as she mostly took to wearing my baggier close because she had grown/ripped out of most of hers and all her money was going to the problem, so she found no need to by new clothes, but would soon feel guilty for ripping out of mine……..
As we were laying there, she asked excitedly “You want to arm wrestle?”
“Sure!” I said back just as enthusiastic. I had been able to beat her rather easily but it was getting more difficult and the last time we had arm wrestled was about a month ago. It had been a difficult month because of school, we had been on completely separate schedules. The only time we were really together is when we slept at night and most of the time I was too exhausted to do much.
“Let’s arm wrestle on the kitchen table” she said.
“Okay fine with me!” I responded.
She said 1….2…..3….. then we started and man was it a struggle for me! We were tied for the longest time before I finally forced her arm down, but she had veins bulging out of her head where her hair was thinning from the steroids.
“Haha, looks like I’ve still got it” I said triumphantly, flexing my bicep which sort of stretched my shirt sleeve.
“No…..that can’t be! I have been working so hard!” she said angrily “This stupid baggy sweatshirt got in the way!”
“Excuses, excuses.” I said tauntingly, then I suggested “well let’s try it again! But loser has to give oral to the winner.”
A big grin came across her face in a conniving manner, “I was hoping you would say that! Let me just take this here sweatshirt off.”
She stood up and removed her sweatshirt, only wearing one of my A-tanks underneath it.
“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!” I screamed (and I never swear). How had I not noticed that she had gotten so huge? She was a monster!
She started laughing so hard, “I know what you are thinking, so I am just going to tell you, I weigh 240lbs, benching 335lbs, and squatting 615lbs, my biceps are 22” and thighs are 30” and it looks like you have shrunken biceps down to 16” from not working out, this battle was won before it began”
I was physically shaking from fear and excitement and turned on at the same time. We put our hands in position.
“Woooooks wike somebody is scawyed” she said in a taunting baby voice, “Don’t worry, we are both in for a surprise tonight!”
“Left or right arm?” she asked “I will just do eenie meenie miney moe” she stated.
As she sounded off she flexed each pec in rhythm, which had nothing left of her breast, but were just thick slabs of meat that protruded 4 inches out from her chest, with her nipples getting ready to rip through my wife beater, which more rightfully could be called a boyfriend beater, because she knew she was going to kick my ass in arm wrestling. It landed on right.
I literally couldn’t muster any words to respond.
She started the count 3….2…..1…. Go! I pushed with all my might into her arm but she didn’t budge. She casually yawned and put her other hand up to her face.
“You might want to use your other hand” she said. I looked at her in shock with sweat dripping from my brow with all my effort.
So I put all my weight with my other hand into it and finally started to push her down. She shot me a “Really, you think you can win?” look and before I knew what happened my hand go slammed all the way in the other direction and I had lost.
“You know the deal” she said ominously.
I was excited, this was the first time in about a month that we had really done foreplay, since I had been so exhausted or busy. We promptly went to the bedroom taking off our clothes on the way, her being in front of me. Her development was insane! Her traps, lats, glutes, triceps! I was not sure whether to be amazed by the shape, size, or vascularity. When we got in there she said, “Remember the deal?” and threw me on the small couch we had in our bedroom.
I said, “Wouldn’t be easier if you laid on your back while my tongue works its magic?” with my eyes locked on hers, not being able to make their way down her body yet.
“Not anymore” she said with a settle grin on her face. She pointed my eyes down.
I worked my eyes slowly down past her bull neck that was wider than her head, into her shoulders teeming with veins that came up to her jaw, down to her massive pecs with a roadwork of veins, past her pool ball 8 pack, and finally to her swollen pussy with veins pulsating in and out an inch with every one of her heartbeats, topped off by a thick long clit standing erect with veins as big as the ones in my wrist.
She grabbed my face and shoved it into her crotch and my mouth engulfed her clit which could easily pass as a veiny version of my pinky finger. She moaned loud and hoarse as my tongue flicked her clit around in my mouth. She screamed and squeeked and my face at this point was soaked in her juices, as she lifted me up and powercleaned me onto the bed. She rode on top of me and I am ashamed to say that I didn’t last long. Her pussy was so hot, swollen, and tight, that she was controlling it with a massaging motion and when she felt me cum she clamped down to keep me in. I shouted in joy at how good that just felt. And she rolled off of the top of me. I grabbed her head to bring it into my chest, but she did the same to me and I had to give into her power.
This routine continued for the next couple of months and we were having the best sex of our lives, up until the two weeks before her first show, when she told me we need to slow down, so she could focus on her first show, when we were together, we were having sex or I was sucking on her clit, so she just wanted to be able to focus. The show came along and all of the other competitors didn’t stand a chance, except one. She may have been bigger than Shana and Shana was mad when she caught me staring at her instead of focusing on her right before the show. Shana ended up placing second, and I was nervous knowing she did not take being second well, especially when she thought she was a shoe in for first.
Shana told me after the show that she needed to focus more on training and that she had gotten lazy and needed to double, no triple, no quintuple her anabolics. I told her that she was big enough and that she already had 25” arms. But it wasn’t enough for her. She told me that she loved me, but that she was going to shut herself off from the world for the next year and take 1st next year.
We slept in separated rooms, but not to say that we didn’t love each other anymore, she knew how big a fan of her muscles I was, and she told me that this will be the best gift she could give me, so I would have to wait an entire year before I could see her again, and even then I would be an audience member at the show. I was active during the day while she slept and she was active I night while I slept. This made it easier on us. She would send me emails, telling me about her progress without revealing too many details. She would tell me she set another weightlifting record, beating out men’s records, and that would give me enough of an erection to get rid of it myself. We had to move to the bottom floor of our apartment because our downstairs neighbors complained about us banging on the floor too much, little did they know that was Shana tip-toeing around. She was able to move everything in one night, even all of our heavy stuff, stuff that entire moving teams have trouble moving.
So a year had passed like this, it was tough, but well worth it in the end………


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