Climbers Part 15: Insatiable

by seldom

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The end of senior year approached and prom night arrived. With a helpful prompt from Bobbi Jo, Sheldon asked Dena to be his date to the prom -- and she, of course, accepted.

Dena's unexpected growth spurt continued; she was now an astounding six feet eleven inches tall. In addition to her height she was packing on dense thick muscles at a furious rate and tipped the scale at nearly three hundred pounds.

She was still impossibly cut; her pale skin stretched tight over thick steely muscles. She was an unstoppable force on the court, and had earned a full athletic scholarship to UConn, one of the best women's college basketball teams in the country. WNBA recruiters were watching her career closely. It was rare for them to pay attention to high school basketball, but they were eager to see how she made the transition to college ball. Dena was pleasantly surprised to learn her sometimes rival, and Bobbi Jo's one-time lover, the enormously powerful Amazon lesbian Cheryl, was also recruited for UConn.

Sheldon was going to MIT, almost two hours away. With their busy schedules they would barely notice the long distance. Still, Dena wished they could be closer. Now that she'd awakened her ferocious sexuality, she burned hot and horny and wore out poor Sheldon whenever they could find time alone.

With her growth spurt Dena needed a new dress for prom. Bursting with pride at his daughter's achievements, Mr. Shepherd had splurged and bought her a beautifully-tailored purple evening gown that looked glamorous. It cost him a month of overtime, but it was worth it to see his daughter happy. The shimmering dress shone splendidly on her pale skin.

Mr. Shepherd had grown fond of Sheldon; the little nerd made Dena happier than he'd seen her in a long time. Dena had blossomed from her previously lonely high school life.

There was never any question about Bobbi Jo. With her legacy status, her father's generous donations, her spectacular grades, community service, and leadership on and off the court, Bobbi Jo was destined for Harvard. She and Connor had patched things up, but they both knew their relationship was drawing to a close and each were somewhat relieved. Connor was off to California to play football for Stanford. The unspoken agreement was that that would be the end.

The next year Tanya would be off to the south to play for Duke, another top tier team, though not as well-known as the phenomenally successful men's team. Still, she was happy with the full ride scholarship she was getting, and happy that Ning would join her on an academic scholarship. To everyone's immense surprise, Ning had asked Tanya to the prom and she had said yes. "He's one kinky little nerd!" was all the pansexual Amazon beauty would say on the subject.

DeShawn would be going to MIT with Sheldon, and Pete was going to CalTech. All top tier academic schools, but they were sad to break up their nerdy gaming foursome.

Prom was held in the ballroom of an elegant old New England estate-turned-hotel. Dena pulled Sheldon aside and dragged him along looking for a private area to screw his brains out before Bobbi Jo and Connor became prom queen and king. Sheldon had shed some fat from climbing, and the extremely physical Dena had forced him to a generally higher level of activity (in and out of the bedsheets). Dena packed on the pounds of dense muscle in her ferocious growth spurt, so she was double his weight and he was helpless to resist her raging lust. He ran to keep up with her long-legged stride before she plucked him off the ground in impatient frustration. In her heels she was over seven feet tall, towering more than a foot and a half over Sheldon, and nearly three hundred pounds of solid bulging muscle eager to pound his helpless body into sexual oblivion.

She found a spot secluded enough to satisfy her, and held Sheldon out in front of her, his feet dangling in the air. Over the months she'd come to appreciate how much her demonstrations of superhuman strength turned him on, and now was no different, for though his face was screwed up in exasperation, his pants were tented out.

"Let me take care of that," Dena growled. She held him up with one hand while with the other she unzipped his pants and pulled out his hard cock.

"Honestly, Dena; you're insatiable, what am I going to -- oh!" Sheldon was cut short by Dena's huge arms lifting him straight over her head. His weight was inconsequential to her enormous strength and bulging steel-hard muscles. He reached down and wrapped his little hands around her thick bulging bicep, like warm stone in his grip. Dena grinned wolfishly and inhaled his cock, gobbling it down to the base and slurping on his balls. She greedily gobbled him deep down her throat, mixing sloppy sucking burbles with a low humming moan that Dena knew would drive him wild. She knew he was about to cum when his fingers clenched and dug into the pale skin of her rock-hard bicep. She drank down every drop and pulled him out of her mouth with a wet sucking slurp. A string of saliva snapped back to her lips and she licked it up with a devilish smile.

"Your turn," she said huskily, setting him down. She reached under her gown and pulled her panties off, working them down her muscular legs with a quick shimmy. The musky overpowering smell of her arousal blasted Sheldon's nose. She was very wet; things could get messy.

Just as Sheldon was about to drop to his knees to service her, Dena put a hand out to stop him. "Your tux is a rental and you don't want to smell like me all night," Dena said.

"Says who?" Sheldon demanded indignantly.

Dena grinned. "I am so wet right now," she whispered. Sheldon grinned and grabbed her solid muscular hips. "Now get down there," Dena ordered, shoving him to his knees and draping her long powerful legs over him.

She settled her dripping wet pussy on his face, and leaned back, eyes closed as he licked and sucked and fingered her to a body-shaking orgasm. She clutched the back of his head and crushed him relentlessly into her pussy, her long powerful fingers digging into his skull like a steely vice. Servicing Dena was sweet pain for Sheldon, a constant reminder of just how unbelievably powerful she was, and how lucky he was to have found her.

When she released him he gasped for breath. His face was drenched. Dena looked down at him with a goofy, satisfied grin. He turned away but was stopped by her powerful hand on his chest slamming him into the wall. "Oh no you don't," she hissed, grabbing his cock in her steely grip. "That got you going again I see."

"I can't help it. I love going down on you."

Dena grinned. "Ditto," she said, dropping to her knees in front of him. She pulled out his cock for the second time and urgently sucked him off. Sheldon watched her short, jet-black hair tossing as she bobbed on his cock, her bare broad muscular shoulders, flaring upper back, and enormous biceps writhing and flexing. The powerful suction of her delightfully hot, wet, and tight lips, tongue, and throat weakened his knees. He imagined all the wonderful and terrible things she was strong enough to do, and came with a hard thrust and loud groan. His knees buckled but Dena easily held him up. She pulled off, gently sucking him until his cock plopped out of her lips. She licked his cockhead slowly and sensually, gave it a lusty kiss, then zipped him back up.

"Oh my god," Sheldon said hoarsely.

Dena kissed her way up his tuxedo until she got to his mouth. She kissed him slowly and sensuously, her wet lips lingering on his. "You taste like me," she murmured into his lips. "That's so hot."

"Want me to go down on you again?" he asked.

Dena laughed. "Down boy! Later." She winked at him. "I think we ought to get back to the ballroom."

That was when the screaming started.


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