Keeping It In The Family Chapter 1: Routine

by amnoartist95

The Hines family is introduced

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Chapter 1: Routine

Jordan looked at his timetable nailed to the wall carefully, arms folded. His workout had come to an end, with results that all would come to appreciate, and now at 9:30PM, the climactic event of the day was next. It was always that thing, at that time, and they both came to enjoy and even lust after it, hoping it would come sooner.

Jordan’s muscles flexed in anticipation but he barely noticed, too busy fantasising about what he could do tonight that would spice things up a bit. Maybe a bit of roleplay? It didn’t really matter, of course, given they would both be embroiled in a sea of ecstasy and passion regardless.

9:40PM: sleep with Gran.

The life Jordan lived was the only one he ever knew. He had no idea what he or the rest of his family did in the comfort of their secluded home in the hills was wrong. Ever since he came of age, the powerhouse male only had eyes for the women within his immediate family, and they for him. He could hear his Grandmother Ruth scream with passion above him, not to mention the creaking bed. It must’ve been the third time this week they had to replace that. Dust spilt from the ceiling as the lustful moans persisted.

Jordan looked to the timetable again, this time cross-referencing his times with whoever was already sharing the bed with Ruth. Turned out it was his father, Scott—the lucky bastard—poking her with his tube-steak. He’d joined Ruth at 8:00PM, giving him almost a full two hours with the woman. Jordan would have his turn within the next ten minutes. After that, the day would come to a close.

Jordan could feel his dick stiffen with anticipation at the thought. Sure, he’d stuck to the routine for years now, but Ruth was nigh insatiable when it came to sex. The collective Hines family tried an orgy once, only for Ruth to remain unsatisfied around her sexed-out family. Every time they did it—an orgy, threesome or whatever—Ruth always came out on top.

“Remember to make sure your muscles are nice and pumped for her tonight, baby.” Jordan’s mother Carolyn rubbed herself down from coming out of the shower with Kendall his sister. Everyone in the family shared in the incest mindset, never shying away from kissing or groping their relatives, practically inviting them for other things. “The more pumped they are—”

“—the more excited she’ll be.” Jordan heard those words more often than he’d care to admit. But that didn’t mean he hated them. It was practically the family’s motto at this point. He looked in advance at the timetable for the next day—Tuesday—to see what would go done: 7AM-10AM - workout; 11AM-1PM - Eat; 12PM-4PM - sleep with Mum; 5PM-6PM - Compare with Gran.

Compare with Gran: for some reason—as futile as it was—Jordan loved comparing his muscles with Ruth’s. Sure, his were always smaller and no doubt that would be the case until she passed, but he saw that as inspiration, a means to help push him further. And of course, it would certainly help during their daily tussles together. It wasn’t just larger muscles and a freakish sex drive Ruth had, but also an appetite that would see her—on a daily basis--consume enough calories to feed a family over the course of six months. At the bare minimum, she’d eat three hundred thousand calories a day just for a snack. How the Hines family sustained itself given that fact would certainly be a mystery to normal people, but the Hines’ certainly weren’t normal people.

“Be sure to give her a massage when you’re done. It helps with the growth rate.” Carolyn struck a crab most muscular so intense just about every vein within her system burst to the surface of her skin, lustfully moaning at the desire to make herself even stronger and larger than she already was—like her mother. The fact was Ruth would always come out on top in every regard. Carolyn—much like Jordan—didn’t mind that. In fact, she took her mother’s superior size and strength as inspiration for going forward. “Sure, we do it as well when finished, but you know what she’s like; always wanting to be bigger than she already is.”

“Her clit’s even thicker now. Could barely get my dick in last time.” Jordan heard the overhead moans of pleasure again, continually stiffening up at the fact it would be his turn up there any moment now—five minutes, to be exact. The wait was near agonising, even if he had, in some sense, gotten used to it. He remembered his first night with Ruth and how she completely dominated him. Sure enough, she still could, but sometimes the larger woman wanted to at least give him a chance at being the one on top—a chance that often amounted to nothing. “Took me a full half hour just to get a few inches deep.”

“Well, she’s always growing” Kendall called out from within the bathroom. She peeked out with a warm and toothy smile, long blonde locks of hair matted with condensation draped over her American linebacker-shaming lats, reinforced with detailed striations adorning pumpkin’d delts. “Doubt it’s going to get any easier.”

“It’s time kiddo.” Carolyn tossed a bottle of pills to Jordan, catching them deftly and with only the slightest of glances. His mother had plans of her own—well, a timetable to keep up with, at least: 9:30PM - Measurements check-up. “Use some of those to help. They’ll add a couple of inches to you for a little bit. Should last you until midnight.”

Jordan looked at the bottle’s label: Viagra+. Those pills again; they worked wonders over the months and years, but he was pretty sure they were losing their razzmatazz. No matter; they hadn’t lost it just yet. Pulling the bottle open, he knocked it back and ingested—at the very least—three of the orange coated pills. He could already feel the effects starting. There was no change in his girth as of yet—that would no doubt change within the next few minutes--but he definitely felt different.


Ruth had Scott pinned against the wall, his legs draped over her incomprehensibly beefy shoulders so she could better give him yet another blowjob. Neither of them cared that they were mother and son—that was just the way things rolled for them and the collective Hines family. Scott had already blown his load a few times now, and Ruth had taken it every time. She was adamant to take every drop he could offer before he inevitably passed out. When that would happen, the powerhouse woman would simply wait for the next in line, doing whatever crossed her mind to keep busy until then.

Ruth’s clit pulsed with excitement, already anticipating the next frolicking she’d masterfully take command of, in spite of already being in the midst of sexual gratification with her forty-something-year-old son. She was nigh-insatiable when it came to sex, yet Ruth was able to maintain a level of decency, to have a normal life outside of riotous fucking. Well, as normal a life as could be expected from someone her size and age. The smell of sex would be strong in the air to those unfamiliar with the Hines’ way of life, but they had gotten used to it.

“You’re holding back, babe. Just give me that load. Let me drink it.” In most instances, Ruth was near-beastly and lacked sense once she reached a certain state of arousal, often blinded and deafened by her partners’ own moans of pleasure as she took them for the wildest ride of their lives that day—only for that to be exceeded the next. “Give Mumma her protein.”

Without so much as a warning, Scott lost control over his balls and let loose a torrent of his load inside Ruth’s mouth. Her cheeks started swelling up from the flow of cum Scott offered, his body spasming uncontrollably from the eroticism and crippling lust. Regardless, Ruth went deeper in an effort to just about take Scott manhood in her mouth, balls and all until a massive bulge formed in her lips. She could feel his cum trickle down the insides of her throat, its freakish amounts directly making the woman’s neck muscles thicker and stronger. Before long, Scott’s full dick slipped down his mother’s throat.

It was at that moment Jordan arrived, predictably naked and erect. Between when he ingested the pills and arrived at his Grandmother’s room, his dick had easily doubled in size. The added girth was only temporary, but it would last long enough for his scheduled sex with Ruth to end. She was still drawing Scott’s load even as Jordan stood there waiting.

To the left of him on a small bedside table was a stoppered vial on a test tube rack clearly marked ‘Scott,’ inside of which was a pasty white liquid. Jordan could guess what it was, but it would take away from the moment at hand—the moment he’d patiently waited for. There was another vial next to the one filled with the curious liquid, but it was empty and unlabelled.

“Hey there, kiddo. Reckon you’re chapping at the bit to get down and dirty, so..” Almost as if she could feel his presence, Ruth playfully flexed her glutes for Jordan, feeling their mighty muscles roll under the aged yet impossibly tight confines of her skin. It was important for the family to be punctual for Ruth and she sometimes rewarded those who arrived early.

Jordan almost ran into position, he was so eager, dropping his underwear between his legs and sticking his meat into Ruth’s ass. It was almost as tight as her clit! She pushed Scott’s head down, level with her waiting pussy lips that still throbbed with eagerness.

“Seems you’ve grown a couple of inches since last time, Jordy. I can actually feel the tip this time.” Ruth persisted with her teases, closing her beefy glutes around the tip of her willing lover’s dick, massaging it in such a way that he was already close to blowing his load. Jordan tried to resist; he’d spent hours preparing and waiting for this moment and wanted it to last more than a few moments—but Ruth was always in command. Her glutes audibly flexed until they completely enveloped his cock, practically stoppering it so he couldn’t pull out. “Now—gimme what you got!”

He did. And it was almost instantaneous in how fast it occurred. One moment Ruth’s ass acted as a stopper, the next it was practically lubed up and pasty white from all the cum expelled from Jordan’s sex rod. Some of his load even burst from her ass and flew across the room, landing sloppily on the wallpaper.

“Oh Jesus! If I knew you were like that, I’d have started off with you.” Pulling free from him, Ruth finally turned to face Jordan, her toothy smile emphasising the wrinkles on her face, neck muscles flexing in tandem with the warm gesture. Shamelessly, she looked down at his unfaltering erection and chuckled knowingly, her eyes tracing the thick vein running across the shaft. As she did this, Scott had taken to rimming the woman—his own mother.

Jordan still hadn’t said a word since he arrived. It was almost impossible to when it came to sex with Ruth. Every possible thought process he formed in his mind, wiped away with every lustful moan or gentle stroke of his manhood. He was dwarfed by the woman in pretty much every aspect. His biceps were forty inches cold, whilst hers were—at least—double that. Knowing this, the Hines family took to presuming Ruth would eventually outgrow the room she spent most of her time in. As such, precautions were put in place, should that ever happen.

“Let’s kick it up a notch, shall we?”” Ruth grabbed Jordan with her pecs alone, Scott similarly dragged over by her ass muscles. Both of them hadn’t bothered to struggle, not from lack of trying, rather seeing no interest in doing so. She carried them over to the bed and flipped them over onto it, backs pressed against the linen sheets. Before long, Ruth simultaneously jerked Jordan while sucking Scott’s dick again…


Kendall struggled to wrap the measuring tape around her mother’s calf. They were at least sixty. She always was a little bit jealous of her mother’s larger size and Carolyn knew that, but any potential arguments they had over the fact were short-lived when they ended up bedding one another. Over the years, Kendall had perfected her tongue techniques, sometimes managing to bring her mother to orgasm in minutes. It still took Ruth hours, though.

“I give up. It’s at least sixty-five. Way bigger than mine.” Kendall drew the tape back in sync with the lustful moans from above, hearing her brother and father’s calls of passion and energy, and Ruth’s near roar-like screams of lust. Like earlier, particles of dust spilt from the ceiling, only this time it was like a miniature sandfall, owing to how much there was. Looking upwards, Kendall wished she was up there. Instead, she’d have to wait until tomorrow.

Carolyn felt the slightest pang of pity for Kendall, knowing she was the least impatient of the twins. Until tomorrow though, nothing could stop the mother and daughter having a little moment to themselves. Carolyn pulled her daughter close and without so much as a moment to think, they locked lips for what had to be the sixth time that day. The kiss was long, wet and passionate, reinforced with them exploring each other’s muscular bodies, forever familiar with them.

Kendall’s moan came first, then her mother’s. Looking into the bedroom, they both had the same idea branded into their minds…


Midnight. Scott had passed out from lack of energy well over an hour prior, his naked body sprawled over the bed’s edge like a sandbag, while Jordan sat beside Ruth. They both looked around with smiles of accomplishment. Normally, people would freak out about the state the bedroom was in, but the two relatives could only laugh about it. Cum was smeared over Ruth’s jowls and tits, much like how it was similarly lashed over the wallpaper, ceiling and carpet. Neither of them cared; it was pretty much what every day built itself up to.

Ruth stood up from the bed and stretched before wiping a dollop of Jordan’s load from her mouth onto her fingertip, carrying it over to the desk in the corner. Wordlessly, he watched his behemoth grandmother flick the pasty liquid into the empty vial then reached for a pen at her side, writing ‘Jordan’ onto the blank label. Earlier, Jordan had an idea what the liquid in the vial marked ‘Scott’ was, but now he knew—it was a sperm sample. Sure enough, now Ruth had someone else’s: Jordan’s.

“Are you absolutely sure this’ll work? Can’t say merging sperm samples has been done before.” Jordan watched Ruth strike several poses. First, a crab most muscular that goaded just about every muscle the woman had to its extremities, even if it wasn’t directly involved with the pose. Next, a side chest. Was she trying to get him hard again? The Viagra had worn out not that long ago and he wouldn’t be able to fulfil his task so well without it. It wouldn’t exactly be fair to everyone else, either, given their tallies had been balanced out now. “At least, I don’t think it has.”

“There’s no harm in trying, kiddo.”

Ruth took both vials and delicately poured the semen into what had to be a syringe already filled with a yellowish liquid. Jordan was nervous. He trusted his Gran with just about anything, but this was something she hadn’t done before. The majority of the Hines family agreed with Ruth’s current intentions, but it was not without its little tremor of rebellion.

When the sperm levelled out, Ruth flexed her clit to make its veins rise to the surface—then she injected the liquid into it without a moment’s hesitation. It didn’t even sting. If anything, Ruth just felt a little bit more aroused. Her clit throbbed in eagerness, in celebration at what she’d just done.

The syringe now discarded--carelessly dropped to the floor next to the woman’s foot—She turned back to Jordan, crushing the needle between her toes. One would have to question what the woman just injected herself with. Some kind of makeshift arousal enhancer? No. No, that wasn’t it. There was no real need to enhance what was constantly improving.

“It’ll take its time to kick in, but you’ll know when.” Ruth massaged her throbbing clit that seemed to pulse with the slightest dose of growth, thickening and swelling outward. The veins spread upwards to her pelvis before stopping just an inch away from her waistline. “You’ll all know.”


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