The Amazing Growing Grandma

by iceman75

An older woman finds out a guy's fantasy and goes about making it come true

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**Author's Note: Here I am again, this is a little attempt of mine to write
another GBM type story, this time with the character being a mature female,
which has been a staple of mine for a while. I hope those of you inclined
enjoy this little story.**

I watched through the window as I saw my elderly widowed neighbor, Dolores
Johnson do some gardening work. I shook my head, worried about her health, she
is a frail, small woman, 4'11 tall and couldn't weigh more than 90 pounds, but
she was doing some hard work there. I got my work clothes on and went out.

"Mrs. Johnson, can I help you with that? I mean a woman your age shouldn't be
doing this manual labor. In your retirement years you should just relax."

"Listen, Jeremy, I'm glad you would like to help, but just because I happen to
be 84 years old doesn't mean I'm near death. I've worked in this garden more
years than you've been alive, there's no reason I shouldn't now."

"Well, if you're sure, I mean, you do look so frail, I couldn't imagine you
having to lift a bag of manure, or get a lawn mower running, won't you please
let me do something for you?"

"Oh, you don't do you, well, Mr. Man, why don't you show me some of your
strength, why don't you bring over that bag of manure for me?"

Okay, I figured that bag was probably 40 pounds, so it shouldn't be so hard
for me to lift, being that I'm 6'1 and weigh 250 pounds, mostly muscle. But I
lift with my back instead of my legs, and I can hardly lift the bag off the
ground. I grunt and try harder, but it hardly moves! What the heck? I'm a
healthy 33 year old guy, this bag should be fairly light to me, but for some
reason, it's like lifting a slab of concrete.

"Will you stop, before you hurt yourself? Jeremy, I think you overestimate
your manliness, if that little 80 pound bag of manure is too heavy for you."

I moved away and held my arms out, as if to say, okay, you do it. Well, little
Dolores meets my challenge, she keeps her eyes on mine the whole time as she
puts a hand on each side and without even a grunt of effort, she picks it up
and puts it on her shoulder! Damn, that bag weighs just about the same as she
does, yet she looks to be handling it like nothing!

" is that possible, that bag weighs as much as you do, but it looked
weightless in your hands, you can't be that strong!"

She laughs, "Oh no, I'm not that strong." She then throws the 80 pound bag of
manure 20 feet away with a flick of her wrists. "I'm stronger."

I have to admit, I had a boner at the time, I had always loved strong women,
ever since before I went through puberty, women with muscles, women that were
stronger than usual always got my attention. What Dolores demonstrated to me
just now probably would take the strength of 3 of me, and I'm not that weak a
man, despite what had just happened.

"It's impossible, I mean, to do what you just did, that would take the
strength of 5 normal men at least! You're a tiny little woman without any
muscle at all, yet you just did a feat of strength that only 10% of the men in
this World could do!"

"So, you think that just because I wear long sleeved shirts and baggy pants
that I might not have muscles under here? Well, let me tell you big shot, not
only do I got muscle under here, those muscles can get bigger than any muscles
you've ever dreamed of having. Oh, I know, I'm not blind either, I know you
like strength and muscles, your boner after seeing me toss that little bag was
more than apparent. So the question is, do you want to treat me as an equal,
or maybe even as a superior, one who deserves worship, if the answer is yes,
then perhaps I'll let you see what these muscles look like, and what they're
capable of."

"Well, yes, I would love to see your muscles, I would love to see the full
extent of your strength. You're right about me loving muscular, strong women,
I have since I was young, and to tell you the truth, for some reason, when
women are older and they're strong and muscular, they turn me on even more!"

"That's the exact answer I was looking for, now, we can't do it here, out in
the open, but I know someplace we can go, do you trust me?"

I nod, with a little uncertainty.

"I said do you trust me!"

"Yes, yes, I trust you!"

"Then close your eyes and keep them closed until I tell you, got it?"

"Yes, ma'am."

So I closed my eyes tight, then I felt a strong hand on my back and another on
my knees, then my feet left the ground. I so wanted to open my eyes to see
what I knew was true, but Dolores told me not to, and knowing she's much, much
stronger than I was, I didn't want to suffer her wrath. Then I felt that the
wind on my face, like we were going at incredible speeds, but I didn't bounce
at all, she kept me held tight in her arms of steel, as we traveled at speeds
unheard of by all but the fastest of cars, at least that's what I guessed,
since 45 seconds later, she told me to open my eyes.

"Wh...where are we?"

"Oh, just a quarry, about 15 miles outside of Traverse City, Michigan."

"But, that's gotta be at least 200 miles away from Two Rivers! How could you
move that fast?!?!"

"Kid, have you seen the Incredible Hulk, well, let's just say that a hop,
skip, and a jump was all it took to get from there to here."

"Wow! That's incredible, I can't imagine how strong you have to be to cover
200 miles in 3 jumps!"

"Did I say 3 jumps? No, I didn't, it was two jumps, actually, with a couple
steps to get myself ready. See, I had to, I couldn't have run across Lake
Michigan, could I?"

"Actually, if you're as fast as you are strong and agile, I wouldn't doubt
that you could. But, now that we're here, you were going to show me

"Oh yes, why don't you get comfortable, there's a nice rock for sitting over
there, now be advised, what you're going to see is going to blow your mind, so
if it gets too much for you, just say so and I'll stop."

Hmmm, that's an interesting statement, I can't wait to see what she means by

"Tell me, why are we here Dolores?"

"Obviously, we couldn't do the things that I am planning on doing in front of
a lot of people, in fact it would be better without all those gawking eyes,
you're the only eyes I want on me when I do what I am going do. This quarry is
4 miles from the nearest town, and no one flies, or drives near it, we can do
whatever we want here."

"Well, obviously, so what do you plan to do here?"

"Isn't it obvious, I want to explore your muscle and strength fantasies with
you. Now, who would you say is your favorite muscle story writer on the web?"

"Well, there's so many out there, it would be hard to figure just one, a
couple of years ago, it would have been a guy named GBM, but he doesn't write
so much anymore. Nowadays, Mr. Shhh has come back and become my absolute
favorite, his muscle description abilities are impeccable! But when GBM was
writing and he was on, no one's stories excited me more."

"I've read them both and I have to agree, what do you like more about GBM, the
insane muscle growth numbers he attained? The strength those impossible
muscles could generate?"

"Well, yeah a combination of both, I mean, I loved to see the numbers going up
into the millions of inches, then millions of feet, finally into the millions
of miles, but then again, I have always been a fan of stories where the girls
could lift anything, a mountain, a city, a whole continent! I guess what I
mean is that when the muscles were at their hugest, the girls were at their
strongest, so it must have been a combination of these things."

"And what about Mr. Shhh, why do you like his stories so much?"

"It's the incredible detail that he goes into, he writes about muscles going
down to the tiniest fiber, he talks about veins being visible throughout the
entire body, even in the face, which is not a place you usually picture veins.
Everything on his women are pumped to the greatest extent, from the tips of
their toes to their forehead, it seems that everything has been worked out and
ripped to the nth degree! I mean even these girl's well, vaginas contain
muscle whose size and definition would make the biggest male bodybuilders in
the World green with envy. Another author, who is not as well known, as he has
never, to my knowledge posted a story at Diana the Valkyrie's is reaper002000,
who I think started that muscular, diamond hard, striated vagina thing going
before I read it in a Mr. Shhh story."

"Oh, reaper, you've just hit upon another of my favorite authors, boy, you and
me have a lot in common Jeremy, I can see I'm going to enjoy this as much as
you are!"

"Wait, what's going on here, what's with all these questions? And what am I
going to enjoy?"

"Jeremy, the reason I wanted to come out here was so no one could watch me do

"Do wha....?"

I left the question unanswered as the clothing that Dolores was wearing
started getting tighter and tighter, her body was expanding outwards at an
incredible rate! The sleeves of her once baggy sun dress split at the seems,
revealing a pair of arms that were quickly getting bigger and bigger! Then the
front of her dress just about blew off as her pecs appeared, looking larger
than a pair of large hams, at least 4 inches deep at the separation. Then I
noticed, she wasn't wearing a bra, not that she needed one, she didn't have
boobs at all, her chest was completely, one hundred percent steel hard muscle.
She stood topless there, doing a double biceps flex that would make most Mr.
Olympia contenders cringe in fear and awe. She was quickly turning into a Mr.
Shhh wet fantasy come to life!

Except for one thing, the size was definitely there, but the definition, the
veins, they were missing. But just then, a light seemed to go on in Dolores's
head, she smirked at me, as though she read my thoughts and suddenly started
doubling her flexing. Her muscles didn't grow any bigger, but whoa did they
grow harder, more defined and more vascular! In seconds, striations came to
the surface that would make most contest ready male bodybuilders look like
powerlifters. You could literally lose a finger in her pectoral striations, as
they were much bigger and deeper than any I have ever seen up close. The veins
started coming out of twenty places at once, her neck, her arms, her forehead,
from what I could see, her stomach had a couple veins the size of pencils
running up from her crotch!

She followed my eyes down and smiled to herself, "Oh, I know what you are
thinking, I'm thinking of keeping that as a secret for right now, you wouldn't
want to open up all your presents right away, you want to keep a couple very
special ones for later. Don't worry, though, you'll see it, and you'll love
it, I'm sure. Now that you have seen my version of a Mr. Shhh character, it's
your time to see my version of a GBM character, and then you can decide which
one you like better!"

"You can't possibly, I mean, his girl's muscles have no limit, surely you

"No, the only limit here is your limit for staying conscious while I prove you
wrong. By the way, how big are your biceps, sweetie?"

"Umm, 20 inches around? Why?"

She giggled a little, "Oh, I thought you were a big reader of GBM's stories,
if you were, you'd know why."

"No!" I thought to myself, "that kind of thing is impossible!" But before I
got a word out, she immediately started flexing up her biceps to impossible
size. First 50 inches, then 100 inches, then 200 inches! In seconds her bicep
size had quadrupled, going from 25 inches to 100 inches, then doubled again in
a couple more seconds! Her bicep was now 10 times bigger than my own arm, and
it was only a slight flex for her! That kind of growth only occurred....

"In a GBM story, right? Well, you're not in one, this is real as it gets. I
have had this ability since I was 19 years old, when an early nuclear reactor
was overloaded in my hometown, and as a result of that radiation, I was given
the ability to change my body in any way I see fit, including growing my
muscles as big and strong as I want. I can control the individual muscle
fibers too. Watch this!"

With that she brought one arm down and out in front of her, where she flexed
her forearms, making it's striations ripple in complex order, my eyes were
amazed to see veins the size of hot dogs flow from her forearm to her bicep to
her shoulder.

"Now, enough playing, if you thought GBM's girls were something else, wait til
you get a load of me!"

"But...but, Dolores, GBM's characters grew into the millions and billions of
inches, you can't be saying that those numbers are even possible on a real
female body, are you?"

"Just wait and see, buddy boy, just wait and see." She said with a little

She puffed her chest out, and out, and out some more! Her pectorals which were
already huge, just grew and grew, looking from the side you could see them now
standing 10 feet in front of her nose, and they kept going, 10 feet became 15
became 20. Then with a sudden jerk 20 became 40 feet deep, then 40 became 80,
she could hide a full sized bus in her unbelievably engorged pecs! But she
didn't stop there, the pecs just exploded, not only in length, but in height
and width as well, they were soon 30 feet high, I started running to try and
get in front to see how wide they were, and she giggled as her pecs were
growing so fast that at a full sprint it took me about 15 seconds to get to
the front of her now 250 foot deep pecs! Not that I'm in great running shape
or anything, but still, it was an impressive sight, like swimming next to a
blue whale. When I finally got out in front, her forward progress stopped just
an inch from my face!

"Okay, Dolores, just let me back up a little and get a full view of your
beautiful muscle mountains!"

I backed up about ten feet, and stood there, then I looked to my right and
left, for about 50 feet on either side, my vision was taken up by her 30 foot
tall, 250 feet deep, and 100 foot wide pecs! Then, they started to recede, I
was almost disappointed to see Dolores unflex her pecs, but I saw the look in
her eyes that she was nowhere near through teasing me with her amazing body.

"You think those are mountains, dear? I haven't even begun to flex my guns
yet, get ready to meet Mount Kilimanjaro and Mount Everest up close!"

But didn't she flex her biceps before? Is she telling me that those two
boulders could get bigger?

"What, you don't think 200 inch biceps are anywhere near my high, do you?
After what I just showed you with my chest, I'm going to drive you crazy with
how big I can grow, I want your pants to be soaked inside and out from the
amount of spunk you blow from watching my muscles grow, and I'm not going to
stop growing until that happens, even if it takes a week."

I stumbled back as I saw her biceps go from resting right up to the 200 inches
she was flexing earlier and right on past that, it seems that her biceps kept
gaining a foot in height every second, adding probably 100 inches every 2
seconds or so. By the time 30 seconds passed, her biceps towered over her head
at least 1000 inches, if not more, I wish I had a tape measure, or a machine
like in some of GBM's stories, where they just had the numbers appear on the
screen. But by my estimates, she was probably adding mass so fast that the
numbers would be whirring by faster than a gas pump. A minute later, I could
only guess, but I would have to say her biceps were over 2000 inches around
and 20 feet high, well, well above both of our heads, if she raised me to her
arm's length above her head with one arm while flexing the other, I doubt that
my head would reach halfway up her arm!

"Oh, honey, that's right, you don't have anyway to measure my biceps do you?
Well, momma knows everything about her body, including how big my biceps are
and how big I can make them, but if you need to know the exact number, I'll
tell you, my biceps are now 2350 inches tall and 24 feet tall, the height of 4
average men, but I'm just starting."

Then she started to sensually moan as she continued to flex hard, her biceps
sprouted at an even faster rate, and she commented on each and every milestone
she hit.

"3000 inches around, Jeremy, 36 feet high, almost as long as a bus!"

She giggled at my reaction, then continued, as her bicep flew upward, moving
at incredible speeds, now adding maybe 4 feet a second, 3000 soon became a

"4000 inches! Are you coming yet?"

I was indeed, in fact, ever since she reached over 10 feet high, my dick was
in a constant state of cumming. The front of my pants were soaked from the top
of my crotch to the middle of my leg, it seems as though Dolores was going to
accomplish what she set out to do, probably in a lot less time than she or I
thought possible.

She was able to barely look over he still hugely muscular pecs to see the fact
that my pants were thoroughly soaked by my cumjuice, this caused her to
giggle, and she said, "Oh, I'm not even close to getting started showing my
true size, Jeremy, honey. Perhaps you could try to keep from coming while I
speed things up a little. I mean I can't dry you out before the real good
stuff happens, right?"

With that she put her arm up with an even more intense flex, her bicep blasted
over her head with such velocity that I could hardly make it out! It rose
higher and higher upward at such a rate that even Dolores was having a hard
time keeping up with telling me the numbers.

"5000 inches, no, now 5600 inches, no, 6000 inches! 500 feet around! 250 feet

The numbers were reeling off her tongue so fast that I barely was able to hear
them, with my own puny human ears. All I know is that they were racing
skyward, and somehow, I wasn't supposed to be coming anytime soon. I did the
only thing I could think of, I began to picture things that turned me off in
my head, subconsciously, while of course, still viewing Dolores' ever
expanding biceps.

I mumbled to myself, "Baseball, football, sports, think of boring sports,
think of ugly women, hell, think of ugly men, anything."

So at the same time I was so close to coming, I managed to talk myself out of
coming. It was a lot of hard work, after all, my most cherished fantasy was
playing itself out in front of my eyes. And Dolores didn't help out either,
with her announcing her World beating numbers to me.

"7500 inches, Jeremy! 8000 inches, 9000 inches! My biceps are going up 500
inches a second and I'm still not going as fast as I can."

I groaned in pain of having to hold in my load in after that announcement,
this made Dolores sigh and say, "Oh, alright, I'll go all out for you,
sweetie, so you can get your rocks off."

Her next flex came with a barely audible grunt from Dolores and my head spun
in amazement as her bicep shot up to the sky so fast that the peak was out of
my line of sight in about 5 seconds.

"You wouldn't believe me if I told you, honey, just know that every single
second that I'm holding this flex my arm is adding 1000 inches to it, it's
soaring past 20,000 inches around right now, and will continue to climb to new
heights never before dreamed of, in fact, now it's above 30,000 inches. Over
2,500 feet around and 1400 feet tall, and getting 100 feet taller ever 5
seconds, in other words, I'm nearly GBM caliber, aren't I?"

I nodded, my sense of speech had left me, as had most of the feeling in my
outer extremities. No, I wasn't having a heart attack or a stroke, thank God,
I was numb from the shear awesomeness that was occurring in front of me, then
Dolores shocked me again!

"Didn't I say, though, that my muscles would make most of the girls that GBM
wrote about look small? After all, most of his characters were little girls
who stood all of 3-4 feet tall, I'm almost 5 feet tall, my muscles would have
to be tons bigger than theirs to make my muscles look proportionally bigger,
so, I guess the real question is are you ready to see the real me?"

I gulped, but nodded eagerly.

"Okay, then, well, I give you full permission to finish off your pants soaking
after you see this."

Her bicep continued to shoot upward, but at mind numbingly awesome speed. The
peak grew out of my sight in less than a second, it seems that she wasn't
lying, her biceps were now among the clouds and didn't show any sign of

"I know you can't see it, but rest assured, my biceps have just left the upper
atmosphere of the Earth and are now in outer space. They're 10,000 feet tall,
and over 200,000 inches around. I gain 20,000 inches for every second I flex
like this, and I'm not going to stop until each and every square inch of your
jeans are soaked with your cum juice!"

And that didn't take quite long at all, seeing her bicep grow ever higher, and
hearing her exclaim it's incredible size to me every few minutes worked me
into a lather, I came so much when she announced that her biceps reached
1,000,000 inches around that I thought I was going to pass out.

"There you go, honey, I'm proud of you, I mean, you did a thorough job there,
now let's go home so I can clean you up, get you a new pair of jeans, then
tomorrow, I'll bring you out here again, so I can show you how strong I am!"

At that point, I did pass out, with a blissful smile on my face.

The End.... for now.


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