Mrs Hutchinson | Part 2

by amnoartist95

Mabel shows off; Mabel and Ellen tease Will; Will's mother asserts her position.

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Mrs Hutchinson
Written & edited by Amnoartist
Chapter 3

When he finally woke up, the first thing Will saw was a naked, massively muscled, cum-soaked clit staring right at him, bulging and flexing in accordance with some sense of wait, of anticipation. The dull pain in the back of his head made Will realise he’d fallen against the bathroom wall after the riotous oral sex with Mabel. It was upon recalling that event that it suddenly dawned on him who stood in wait ahead.

“You’re not exactly that good a pleaser, boy.” Mabel crossed her arms in frustration, biceps humorously mashing against one another as they vainly vied for space; when one arm pushed to make room for itself, the other only seemed to counter with even more strength, adding pressure to the elderly woman’s body. Her comically large tits nearly spilt over the equally gargantuan forearms. “You were out cold in less than a minute.”

Will didn’t know how to exactly respond to that. It went without saying he didn’t have even half as much sexual experience as the woman before him, but that came with practice. Mabel continued to look down at him contemptibly, regardless, a bare foot pressed against his flaccid sack. It would probably be a while before he was hard again. Mabel took everything he had to offer and it more than showed. Just like her daughter had one earlier, Mabel’s gut was still filled to the brim with Will’s load. It had been several hours since he and Mabel had sex, yet she still - somehow - retained the rotund stomach.

“I’ve been waiting for you to wake to show this.” She took a few steps back, her triceps casually scraping against and chipping away at the tiles in the process, and crunched down into an abs and thighs pose. The noise Will heard was something akin to water sloshing - he could actually hear his load swirl around inside the powerful woman as she offered an erotic grin at the youthful lover. It wasn’t long before Will noticed her gut was starting to shrink as if— as if his load was disappearing from its otherwise perfectly sculpted confines. Little by little her stomach thinned out; little by little her abs became more prominent. The change became noticeable through the otherworldly fidgeting of the woman’s belly as if something inside it was directly influencing the reducing girth.

Deliberate moans of pleasure came from Mabel as the shrinking came to an end, revealing her six-pack abdominals in all their unmatched glory. She couldn’t stop herself from running a hand across their cobbled perfection, her digits moving ever closer to the pulsing clit she was proud to possess. She might’ve thinned out her gut to bring it back to its former brilliance, but the fun didn’t end there. Besides, where exactly did Will’s load go? It didn’t just vanish - did it?

Mabel’s smirk seemed to imply she knew exactly what question was going through Will’s head. She casually raised her right arm up into a flex and listened as, knowingly, her already colossal bicep started becoming even more so, gently rumbling as the wrinkled skin became taut and bloated with she-beef piling onto itself, thrumming as mass filled every part of her existence; arms, legs, shoulders, back, chest… It soon became clear to Will that his load was the catalyst to Mabel’s growth. He watched in awe as, much like everything else about the woman, her clit soon shared in the increase in mass, twitching and throbbing like it did hours ago. How could someone so old be this sexually active, let alone ripped? It was perhaps a question for the ages. He dared to doubt if she could become even more so.

Mabel approached and picked him up with laughable ease, the naked Will wordlessly complying with her actions far too enamoured by the woman’s general existence and inhuman size to do anything else. His cock pressed against her swollen rippling shoulder, he stared at the floor shifting from tile to carpet as Mabel carried him into the bedroom where Ellen awaited, equally naked and ready as her mother, but nowhere near as large or aroused. The two women stood shoulder to shoulder as Will positioned himself on the bed, trying to make sense of everything. He had a rough idea of what was being hyped up - something that involved the mother and daughter.

“It’s unfortunate you lasted only a minute back there, kiddo. But maybe this’ll get you stiff as a board.”

The next thing Will saw more than got him stiff; a delicate river of precum trickled down his shaft as Mabel and Ellen locked lips in such a way that it was clear they’d both done this before and had considerable experience with it. The moans that came between their sporadic kisses suggested they liked it too. Will had watched lesbian porn videos over the years but they were next to nothing compared to this. Using a hand, Mabel delicately lifted Ellen’s left leg over her side and groped the quad feverishly, while Ellen squeezed her mother’s left nipple, their individual muscled bodies close to grinding together. It was clear they were slowly easing into that.

Mabel urged her daughter’s body backwards, smashing it into the wall so that it cracked like an egg, her powerful back muscles rippling from the motion. Will traced the cracks curiously, watching them develop and grow until the skirting at the bottom split just an inch away from the carpet. The two women picked up the pace of their lovemaking, their pussy muscles grinding and smacking together in incessant lust and desire. Indecipherable mutters came from the mother before a knowing grin spread across Ellen’s lips, which was swiftly followed by her going down on both knees and licking her mother’s genitalia. Was there truly no boundary the women would cross to ensure arousal came to Will?

The rhythmical licks came in sync with his masturbatory strokes, shameless as the women’s blatant incestuous love. As he yearned to continue watching, Mabel enticed Will further by pulling her arms into a back double bicep pose that saw the 90-plus inched muscles in question rise to inhuman levels, their peaks climbing above the woman’s head. She caught Will’s awed gaze reflecting through it and made sure to offer a suggestive pout. And just like that, she held him firmly in the palm of her hand.

Magnetically drawn to them, Will reached for Mabel’s arms and felt them wherever he could, knowing all to well it would be impossible for him to reach their mighty peaks. Every gentle squeeze aroused him and the gargantuan woman further, and before he knew it, his newfound erection pressed against her glutes, teasing her hole with the thickness of her meatus. As she flexed her asshole to spread open, it became clear Will’s cock was a perfect fit; a pleasured moan escaped the woman’s lips as she turned her arm back to gently stroke his shaft while Ellen maintained her licks from below.

“Round two then?” Mabel smirked at Will’s reflection.


Will had to be in Heaven. There was no possible way he could hold his load in against two women being pleasured at once, both making sure to flex whenever possible. Mabel was fortunate enough to be the one being creampied, closing her ass cheeks around his cock at the first sign of him being close to erupted inside them. If Will were to ejaculate, it would be on her terms, not his. Meanwhile, Ellen sat on his face, making sure to flex her glutes at every given opportunity. As muffled as his hearing was, Will could still faintly hear the mother and daughter’s giggles and banter towards one another.

“Do you think he’ll be willing to go for a third round?” Ellen caressed her tits energetically as a muffled response from Will seemed to suggest he was eager for that himself, even if he had no idea how things would turn out for the current round of the trio’s antics. Ellen giggled, pushed her weight backwards and off Will’s face so her back met Mabel’s face. Gasping needfully, Will urged himself to take on air before meeting Ellen’s gaze, his face flush from excitement.

“Sweetie, I’m already planning for round five.” Mabel could feel Will’s cock close to erupting once again, and the expression she offered him suggested that was not something she hoped for yet. Like a vice closing around steel, the woman’s glutes stopped Will’s cock from busting, forcing his load to subside and relax. As this happened, though, she leaned in to kiss him hard on the lips, drawing copious amounts of oxygen from his lungs. Given he was already somewhat light-headed from being sat on by Ellen, that might not have been beneficial to the young man. But Mabel didn’t care. If anything, all she did was make sure his cock was thicker if possible, stroking him repeatedly but never enough to make him bust a nut.

“Wouldn't it be a good idea if we teased him by holding his climax off until tomorrow, though? What a load he'd give then!” Ellen smirked devilishly knowing her suggestion was not only cruel for the anticipating Will, but something her gargantuan mother would actually be willing to see through. It would be a means for the two women to see just how loyal he was to them. If he was able to hold his load in until the next time they met, it meant he was devoted. But if he couldn’t—

“Oh, you little minx, you.” Mabel met Will’s gaze with an expression that implied she was actually going to go through with her daughter’s idea. Will wasn’t exactly a fan of that, though, for the reason that he’d prefer to just be with the two powerhouse women all day. But the fact Mabel’s massive breasts soon started to envelop him only cemented the fact he wouldn’t have any say in the matter.

Before he knew it, just like earlier, darkness took him as Mabel’s breasts filled his face.


Will checked his watch. 2.30am. His mother was going to kill him - he’d already been scolded for having been with Ellen but things would most likely reach boiling point if news broke out of Mabel being part of the so-called awkwardness now too. As was to be expected, Will’s erection didn’t subside either, suggesting his own body would betray him to his mother, let alone make it certain he’d have problems sleeping - if he ever could.

He was wrong to think Maureen wouldn’t by chance be waiting for him to return, hoping she’d let him off the hook just the once. But that wasn’t the case. The fact she stood in the hallway in a cream coloured bathroom cemented as much. Her stare was like the fiercest fire burning; violent and unpredictable. Will didn’t have to say anything that would help her ascertain where he was - the aforementioned erection was evidence enough, thick and proud, bobbing up and down with his every step until coming to a sudden pained halt.

“I thought I told you to stay away from that Ellen?” Maureen was far from impressed by Will’s silence. Obviously it was deliberate. It wasn’t like he could say anything that would convince his mother otherwise. Simply put: he was fucked. His mother crossed her arms in anticipation for a response, for a lie. But she didn’t get one. Instead, silence was met with yet more silence. Maureen had to admire her son for being so brave in the face of such danger; a brisk smile formed across her lips, gone as fast as it came.

“But her mother-” Will mustered enough courage to let out just those few words before fear came over him again as his mother approached him, her bare feet gently patting off the well-scrubbed floor.

“Oh, I know all about the mother: big as they come, with a sex drive to match. Or so the talk of the street says, anyway.” Maureen reached for Will’s chin with a motherly touch, bringing his trembling gaze to meet hers before she took a few steps back. Will knew what was coming next. It was like clockwork.

Maureen untied her bathrobe and let it slide freely from her back to reveal the superiorly sculpted physique underneath: a naked manly chest with striations layered atop striations atop beefiness, pumped up enough to imply just one more pump might be enough for the muscles themselves to rip free from the delicately feminine skin underneath. She traced her hands down her abs teasingly, just before her naked clit. It might not have been ripped as Mabel’s but that didn’t mean Will was biased more towards hers.

“You’re my special, special boy, Will.” Maureen’s words might’ve been truthful but there was a certain motive behind them. Before Mabel and Ellen came into the equation, Will’s mother started working out to get his attention, attracted to him in a not to motherly way. So in a sense, Maureen didn’t want Will to be around the two women because she was jealous of them. She teased him, performing a close-handed front double bicep pose with a leg extended out to the side. Will couldn’t help but be magnetically drawn to them like Mabel and Ellen’s, but he had a pact with the two women. His mother surely was exciting, but the two women he’d just tussled with—

“I can’t. Mabel-”

Maureen glowered sharply. “-can go fuck herself for all I care. I didn’t spend months of my time building this body for you not to take it.” She forcefully pulled Will’s hand to her chest and flexing the individual muscles compressed underneath it, hinting to him in some way. Maureen might not have been as old or big, as Ellen or Mabel but that didn’t stop her from growing enough to get Will’s attention. “Now go upstairs and get undressed. Let’s see if that dick of yours was actually worth the last nine months of my time.”

Will had to comply, not knowing what his mother would be capable of if he didn’t. One thing was for certain: it wouldn’t be Mabel or Ellen who’d get his pent-up load that ached him as he ascended the stairs.


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