Mrs Hutchinson | Part 1

by amnoartist95

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Mrs Hutchinson Part 1
Written & edited by Amnoartist

Will opened the front door quietly as he could and peeked through the small gap that formed, looking cautiously into his house. He was in deep shit, knowing he was well past his curfew. He checked his watch as the door clicked shut behind him, his denims slung round his arm, creased jacket over his back. It was eleven-forty-five. He really was in deep shit.

Thankfully though, nobody heard him enter the house. Taking shallow breaths, he quickly keyed in the alarm system’s security code, blinking every so often as its piercing red light struck his eyes. With that out of the way, he could make his way upstairs into his room, hopefully without a sound. Beyond the alarm’s thin blinking light, the house was draped in darkness, however, making it difficult for Will to see where he was going. Not that it mattered much in the end.

“Where the hell have you been?” The living room lamp clicked on to reveal Will’s mother Maureen, a concerned look painted on her face as she crossed her arms over her chest, dressed in a cream coloured dressing gown. She looked at Will from head to toe, examining his half-buttoned shirt and squinty tie, and then his hairy legs laid bare for her to see. She was horrified, to say the least, but concern filled her the most. It didn’t take Maureen all that long for her to figure out where Will was, but before she could say more—

“I can explain!” Will knew all too well he couldn’t really defend why he was out so late. Not that he would really have to since his mother knew anyway. He buttoned up his shirt some more, to both appear more modest in front of her, and buy himself some time to think of a reasonable excuse.

“Save it!” Maureen was disappointed in her son for even considering lying to her face. She already knew where Will really was. It was where he spent most of his time, these days. “You were at that Mrs Hutchinson’s again, weren’t you?”

Will’s facial response only damned him more than he already felt. He turned away with shame, knowing he couldn’t possibly come up with a decent lie that refuted his mother. Looking at the carpet pathetically, he shuffled his feet on the spot.

“I’ve told you countless time already, Will: stay away from her.” Maureen watched her son continue his contemptible actions, resisting the urge to burst out a tirade of lecturing. She just didn’t understand him and often wanted to know what was going on inside that head of his. “It’s weird enough she has that body of hers. Don’t make it weirder for me, please.”

Will nodded. It was the only thing he really could do. He did spend a minute trying to defend his being with Mrs Hutchinson, but there was no point. He and his mother just didn’t understand each other, never really were on the same page in regards to Mrs Hutchinson.

Maureen sighed. She’d more than made her point now and she didn’t want to wake everybody else up on account of her lecture. “Go to your room. We’ll talk about this again tomorrow,” she ordered in a quiet yet commanding tone, a finger pointed sternly at the staircase.

Will complied without question, taking to the stairs quietly with his mother behind.


Several Hours Earlier…

Will checked his watch, sat comfortably on a deck chair as the powerful rays of sunlight burst through the clouds to meet his cheeks. It was bang on four o’clock. It took him around twenty minutes’ walk to reach Mrs Hutchinson’s house from college. He knew he should’ve been home instead of relaxing in the old woman’s backyard, but Mrs Hutchinson wasn’t like any ordinary old woman.

Dressed in a silver glitzy bikini, the sixty-nine-year-old pulled into a front double bicep, making sure to deliberately grunt as she felt the beefy sinews audibly stretch her biceps upward, veins popping to their surface. She’d done this many times before now but it never lost its amusement; feeling her arm stretching upward yet more, she doubled down on the effort, prompting a swift period of growth that caused excitement to fill Will as he continued watching.

“It never ceases to amaze me how you get turned on by someone like me.” She turned into a side chest pose, grunting as the steely sinews of her pecs bunched up into a flex so powerful, the individually strong muscles ripped themselves apart at will to rebuild even stronger, more defined, and fuller. Mrs Hutchinson smiled as her small dose of growth travelled downward to her abs that drew in and out with her every breath; lust and excitement both filled her lungs as the woman’s iron-forged stomach swelled with the newfound size it was destined to gain. As it came to a halt, she continued speaking. “Not a lot of college guys tend to like beefy grandmas.”

Will continued to watch the woman pose for him, eyeballing her turn into an abs and thighs pose. Leaning forward with his knuckles pressed to his nose, he meticulously examined the rippling muscles presented to him; sweeping thighs jutting sideways with veins crisscrossing the expertly defined she-meat that Mrs Hutchinson claimed to have spent merely months forging under steel, sweat and pain. Then Will came along, prompting the woman to double down on her efforts. And it more than showed.

“The last time I checked, my thighs were a little over fifty inches.” Taking a hand to the muscle she referred to, Mrs Hutchinson squeezed her left quad tightly and smiled as the robust muscle barely reacted to her grip. If anything, it only forced a red mark to show on her hand when she pulled it free. “That was a little over a fortnight ago, though, so they’re probably bigger now. Not to mention stronger.”

Will buckled with excitement over the prospect of the woman being stronger. In any case, she always was just that little bit stronger every time they met, but it always got Will going every time she openly mentioned the fact. And on this occasion it did get him going; an unmistakable erection formed in his denims as Mrs Hutchinson turned her back to pull into a calf raise, her incredible muscle control permitting her to flex the thick hamstrings situated above as well. Each calf raise she performed compelled the muscles in question to bulge and strain with power, teasing the aroused Will ever so slightly.

“God, why do you have to be so hot, Mrs Hutchinson?” Will resisted the evident urge to whip out his cock and start jacking off to the burgeoning woman before him. He only resisted because he was of the mind his patience could possibly be rewarded. It was just a matter of having a strong will and surviving Mrs Hutchinson’s off-the-cuff posing routine.

“You’re only saying that because I’m this buff.” Mrs Hutchinson turned to face Will again, the accompanying smile emphasising the slight wrinkling on her face, a cluster of which formed at the cheeks. She pulled her right arm up into a flex, goading the limb to its full forty-six inched splendour, veins without warning audibly bursting to the surface of the presented arm. “Could you imagine what things would be like if I were even bigger?” The truth was Will could imagine such a thing: he pictured her with biceps as tall as him; quads three times wider than his waist; an appetite to rival a whole family of four!

He knew it was all a matter of waiting.

Will hoped that moment he so patiently waited for had finally come when Mrs Hutchinson stopped posing, but--- she clenched her washboard gut as it growled loudly indicating hunger. “You hungry? Because I feel I could eat a horse right now.”


Mrs Hutchinson rubbed her foot up against Will’s leg tenderly, teasing him as she munched down on her fourth pizza. She was surprised to find him act so relaxed about her efforts to arouse him. That wasn’t to say Will wasn’t aroused – of course, he was. He managed to maintain some level of composure about the act. The old woman belched as another slice of her pizza hit the bottom of her steely gut.

A conversation between the two was often easy to come by. Except, this time, the topic wasn’t as light-hearted as usual. He took a bite of his burger, taking that moment to compose a question for the burgeoning woman. In time, he found one, and it hurt Will to know he hadn’t asked it before, in all the three months he’d known her. “So how’s Mr Hutchinson?”

The woman’s reply was simple and it hurt Will in the sense that, retrospectively, he asked himself why he even thought of the question, to begin with. “He died, years ago.” Mrs Hutchinson next bite was so fierce, her throat and neck muscles flexed with it; she felt the pepperoni mush together inside her mouth, breaking down bit by bit to fuel her incredible musculature. No doubt Will’s next question would be the nature of her husband’s death, so she beat him to it. “Let’s just say his heart couldn’t take my sex drive.”

Will hit a Debbie Downer moment upon hearing Mrs Hutchinson’s answer. He hated himself for having asked the question now; he mentally scolded himself with cuss phrases as punishment. Whilst occurred, Mrs Hutchinson intensified her footsie moment by pressing her foot up against his crotch, feeling his evident erection. Truth be told, the woman hadn’t had sex in a little over a decade, so she was equally turned on in a matter of moments. But Will stayed true to the matter at hand. “Sorry to hear that, Mrs Hutchinson.”

The woman scoffed heartily. She found Will’s persistent adhering to formality rather cute. “You don’t have to keep calling me Mrs Hutchinson, Will.” She pulled her foot away slowly, stuffing its bare and powerful musculature back into her slipper. She switched up her teasing a bit by flexing her pecs one after the other in an attempt to entice Will, watching him squirm with lust. “Ellen will do just fine.”

Then the teasing moment came to an unexpected end when the landline phone rang. Ellen rose from the strained frame of her wooden chair to answer it, making sure to flex all the muscles Will could see when she approached and passed him: pecs, quads, calves and even her neck. Eventually, she reached the phone and answered it. Whilst the behemoth woman spoke, Will made sure to eyeball her muscles from the rear; he stared at her pantyhose-shredding calves and blouse-splitting back. He was curious to know who was on the other end of the phone, given Ellen was so chirpy when she spoke.

A few moments passed before Ellen returned to the kitchen table, smiling as she did when first meeting Will. His curiosity blossomed like a flower at this point and he was building up to ask who she spoke to. But, again, Ellen beat him to it.

“That was my mother.” She picked up the pizza slicer and started cutting and fresh slice from her pizza, knowing right away after eating it hunger would still plague her. “She’s coming round for a visit tomorrow.”

“Your mother?” Will was understandably surprised. In all the time he knew her, Ellen never mentioned her mother. He guessed because Ellen would by default assume he thought she was dead.

“Yep, and let me tell you this…” Ellen bit into the pizza slice ravenously and felt her muscles surge with power as a result of the energy that came from it. “…if you like buff grandmas like me, you’re gonna love her!” That statement made things clear for Will. He’d have to visit Ellen tomorrow, no matter the circumstances.

“Now, why don’t we just bring an end to the obvious tension we have here and go fuck?” Ellen shot a glance at Will’s pulsing erection, no doubt enhanced by the mentioning of her apparently even bigger mother. “Would you like that?”

Will’s response was a simple nod of the head. He didn’t have to say a word – his erection pretty much spoke for him.

Smiling, Ellen scooped him up into her arms, listening to the powerful muscles within bulging to their extremities under Will’s buttocks. With just a mere, simple breath she forced her pecs to burst out of her blouse, ripping the attire vertically down the middle to reveal the insanely defined chest formerly underneath.

“Tell me: you ever heard of creampie?” she asked.


When Will finally wakened, he didn't care about the fact he'd missed nearly half the college day, didn't care about missing his curfew and not being at home with his concerned mother Maureen. What he did care about was the impossibly sculpted back Ellen sported, turned to him as they spooned. How long had they been like that? Only God knew that. The temptation to caress those godly muscles was indeed strong, but Will didn't want to wake the woman from her sleep. Even though that was the case--

The temptation yielded results beyond Will's control; an unmistakable erection formed in his underwear, driving close to the powerful woman's naked glutes. That was when he first noticed it: the sticky wetness covering them like mayonnaise over a slice of bread. Ellen did say she wanted to be creampied, but God, Will didn't expect his load to still be dripping even a few hours after the deed, well into the next morning. It oozed around, between and down those heavenly muscled and striated legs of hers too, staining the bedsheets until an obvious dark patch formed.

"Was wondering when you'd wake up." Ellen shifted over to face her far younger lover, a squelch-like sound coming with her as she met his eyes. A delicate smile formed to emphasise her evident wrinkles, and although it was inviting in its own way, it wasn't that what caught Will's attention. Rather the robust gut that jiggled with her every breath. "I must say, I didn't expect you to have that much of a load in you. You filled me right up to the brim. Probably won't need breakfast now."

Will was quick to understand what Ellen meant. Or rather, he was quick to understand how her gut so round and plump: his apparent monumental load did all that, giving the beefy mature woman a cum-gut of epic proportions. Even in spite of that, her impressive abdominal muscles all still showed in their Olympia-shaming glory, pushing forth to make themselves more prominent than the ball-like growth that formed overnight.

She peeled out of bed and rose to her feet, making sure to run her hands down the hamstrings and calves she'd religiously spent years building and perfecting, offering teasing flexes at the still groggy Will. Her naked form presented in all its glory, she moved to the curtains and pulled them open to allow the early rays of the morning sun through the window, gracing her marvellous body with rays of sunshine.

"I really shouldn't still be here. My mum will kill me if she finds out." Worry seeped into Will's mind over how his mother would punish him. She strictly told him, more times than she could count, to stay away from Ellen. But that concern seemed to magically dissipate upon her pulling into a lat spread, the muscles in question pushing against her skin, practically attempting break free from and bust through it. The longer she held the pose, the more defined her back seemed to become. Thus, the more aroused Will grew. He really wanted to do more than just feel the muscles now.

"Ah, don't mind her. You need to live a little, kiddo." Ellen approached the tall portable mirror in the corner and started posing, doing so at a slow pace to entice Will more than she already was. She turned into a side chest pose, turning to the right and watching her meaty chest muscles bunch up, shift against themselves and vie for space. She could actually, slightly, hear the muscles squirm under her leathered, aged skin.

Will realised Ellen was right. He needed some 'me' time. Sure, he'd just fucked the woman before him until her gut fattened up with his load, but more than that could be done - right?

"Remember my mother's coming today, so I need you to be on your best behaviour." Ellen felt like she was being motherly towards Will, but her mother was an entirely different animal by comparison. "If she asks you to do something, do it without hesitation, whether its rub her feet or whatever doesn't matter."

Will postulated what Ellen's mother actually looked like by comparison. She was apparently bigger, but by how much? A few inches? More? The thought was enough to drive him around the bend with excitement, and before long Ellen pointed to her desk in front of the bed as if she knew.

"There's a photobook in there. Take it out and look through it."

It went without saying that Will did as asked, practically bounding from the bed like a leopard from its den. He didn't care about his obvious hard-on, and frankly, neither did Ellen in a sense; she was too busy perfecting her poses, going from front double bicep to three-quarter turn to abs and thighs, Will's load rising to the surface of her stomach and bulging profusely.

The photobook looked relatively new: it had a pristine snow white cover with a strong spine and golden floral designs etched into the front as if it was better suited for wedding photos than whatever else would be found inside, which Will later identified as photos from bodybuilding shows. In fact, not just any bodybuilding shows, but those that Ellen's mother Mabel took part in. It wasn't all that hard to figure out who she was, given Ellen said she was always the biggest on stage. Understatement of the year, much. From mere guesstimation, Will surmised Mabel's biceps were probably big as three tyres piled together in one of the photos. That was before he realised it was taken at least a year ago. Surely, she couldn't have gotten bigger since then?

Even Mabel's clit was ripped! It was this huge bulgy thing screaming to be released from her purple bikini bottoms, so thick its respective muscles pressed against the fabric! What the hell did she do to make that bigger? Moreover, it was flanked by thighs so wide they would easily measure up to Will's full height!

"How old is--"

Ellen couldn't stop herself from slapping her muscled gut, the writhing cum load inside it far too inviting to do otherwise. She watched her abdomen jiggle with anticipation, flanked by hips so tight and ripped that they would be impossible to hold onto.

"Eighty-five. Almost as old as she is big, too," she revealed.

His erection intensified, Will changed the page over to reveal another photo of Mabel, this time performing a feat of strength where she bent a steel rod into a pretzel, her bicep pushing against the silver material, manipulating it only slightly. A sparse trickle of sweat matted her arms as the veins made themselves known, violently pushing forth to become more prominent than the skin itself, thick as lead.

"Last time I saw her, her arms measured up to around eighty-nine inches." Without having to look at him, Ellen could tell the revelation she shared was enough for Will's erection to finally get the better of him. Knowing that, though, she decided to tease the poor soul even more. "Mind you, that was months ago, she's probably bigger now."

That did it. Will couldn't stop his load from releasing and dampening his underwear even if he tried. He bent forward and hit his pulsing dick off the desk, his stains seeping through the undergarments and dampening the pine wood with his stickiness. Will was embarrassed, but Ellen merely chuckled.

Like he was a mindless robot, Will peeled off his dampened underwear in front of the woman before him, allowing his semi to bob between his legs as the vestiges of his cum trickled down its shaft. He stood there for a moment naked as a babe, watching Ellen drop to her stomach and start doing push-ups like they were nothing.

"You'd best jump into the shower and wash that off before my mum gets here," she casually revealed between breaths.


When he stepped into that warm shower, the first thing Will did was imagine Mabel in front of him equally naked and smirking in such a way that it suggested she was ready to take him, her muscled clit pulsing with anticipation, her wet and matted hair draped over her lats wide as him! Oh, how he imagined that moment to be more than reality...

Picturing that moment felt more important than washing, frankly. It wasn't every day a total stranger would be willing to lie with anyone, let alone Will. His soapy hand at the ready, another erection soon formed, more prominent than the last; veiny and thick as the showerhead above the aroused individual. But perhaps it was best to savour the moment, not jerk off to perhaps the largest woman imaginable before she even set foot in the house. How would Mabel react to knowing Will's dick was flaccid? Personally, he wouldn't be able to live it down, knowing what would happen if he were otherwise.

But the prospect was too much. He reached for his rigidity, but-- it wasn't his hand that took his dick. Wordlessly, Will eyeballed the tyre-sized arm that flanked his right, veins thick as pipes and adorned with leathered skin. The strokes came slow but steady, so tight across his length that it felt pressured into a vice. But he didn't care.

Then came the old and quiet but definitely sultry, raspy, horny breaths.

Will realised then that he was no longer dreaming. She stood behind him in the shower, her unmistakable, inhuman width swallowing his until it looked like he didn't exist at all, one leg wide as a person's full height measuring up against his until the meaty quad literally pressed against and cracked the wall's tiles.

It wasn't long after that Will found his full weight being lifted and his back pressed against the wall, his comparatively twiggy legs over the woman's shoulders, his eyes meeting hers.


Wordlessly, he submitted to her, letting the gargantuan woman of eighty-five years-young take his cock in her mouth, balls and all. At first, the strokes from her tongue came at a casual pace, doing this to judge Will's thickness, but soon quickened, her wrinkled cheeks drawn in, to emphasise the freakishly detailed muscles that were her traps; bulging in tandem with her every suck.

It wasn't long before Will could see his balls bulging in Mabel's throat, pulsing with anticipation and the eventual need to release. But, as if she knew it was going to happen, the immense woman used the strength of her throat muscles to 'cap' his load, allowing her to suck longer without hindrance or unwanted release. She'd definitely done this before.

Obviously strong enough to keep him aloft with just one arm, Mabel flexed the other to entice Will further, feeling his cock thicken in her throat. She still hadn't uttered a single syllable at this point, but frankly, Will didn't care. This was bliss. Eventually, his balls were pulled free from her throat, drooping to her chest in all their withered existence, his thick cock still trapped inside like a prisoner.

And then it happened.

It was uncontrollable: a torrent of Will's cum exploded in Mabel's waiting lips, streaks of white paste oozing out from the edges before, with his cock still somehow inside, she began swallowing, each loud gulp forcing her throat to flex and compel his full weight to be lifted upright ever so slightly. With every swallow her impossibly defined, unmatchable six-pack grew as her gut pushed outward from all he had to offer, much like how Ellen's did, except at a far faster rate. It wasn't long before the expansion came to press against Will's legs, engulfing them in both growing muscle and the load of cum he seemed to just keep giving.

Eventually, Mabel released him, allowing his withered cock and balls to slap against his thighs as the tired out male dropped to the floor. Despite his tiredness, he still managed to see Mabel approach him, that inhuman pulsing clit she possessed moving closer and closer to his face. Like a dog to its master, he crawled to her genitalia and started licking and sucking, feeling its respective muscles pulse and push against him, enveloping him. But he didn't care.

Mabel soon moaned as she pushed his head in deeper, beginning to feel herself become moist where it mattered, flexing her cunt in and out against Will's ears and face until darkness took him.

But he didn't care.


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