Yet Another She-Hulk Story! Part Deux

by Kaisai134

It's time for another She-Hulk story! What is there to expect? Maybe, you'll see something you would never have expected?

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The inside of an apartment appears. Suddenly, the theme from “Masterpiece Theatre” begins playing in the background. The camera pans and zooms by various books and mangas. Various figurines and anime come into view. The camera swipes up and Kaisai comes into view sitting at his computer. A record scratch is heard and the theme is replaced with an instrumental version of “Takin’ Care of Business” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. He turns and addresses the camera holding a snifter full of Coca-Cola.

Kaisai: *using a fake British accent* “Hello everyone. And welcome to another installment of “Fanfiction Theatre”. I am your author, Kaisai Morihito. Tonight, we will be looking at yet, another fanfic I have penned with my take on a popular theme within the female muscle community. This time, we will be looking at a titanic battle between two powerful amazons to come from a major comic book company. Please join me as together we read “Yet Another She-Hulk Story! Part Deux”.”

He turns around and double-clicks on the file on his desktop. MS Word opens up and the camera zooms in towards the screen as the music fades out.
Yet Another She-Hulk Story! Part Deux

By Kaisai134

Story contains Female Muscle Growth, Breast Expansion, and Transformation

Dawn rises on the Tokyo skyline. The bustling metropolis is beginning to stir awake. We watch as a single ray of sunshine radiates from the flaming ball of gas. The camera follows the ray from Tokyo Bay, to a single apartment complex, through a 3rd floor window, into a college student’s bedroom adorned with comic book paraphernalia, finally landing on the eyes of a red-headed girl lying in bed.

Kyouko Midorikawa squints and slowly opens up her eyes. They are glowing a radiant, neon green. She blinks a few times. Her eyes shift back to their normal red coloration. She yawns and starts rising from her bed. It appears she has changed a bit since we last saw her. Her hair is a bit longer. She looks more athletically fit. Her bust looks like it fills up her C-cup bra, possibly needing to upgrade to a D-cup. She fumbles around her night stand for her glasses, then puts them on. She turns and faces the screen.

“Hello there everyone. Long time no see! I bet you didn’t think you’d be seeing me again.” She laughs. “Well, lots of things have occurred since the last time we saw each other.”

The sound of a slide projector changing slides is heard. The screen swaps out showing the last scene of the previous story with Kyouko as She-Hulk punching Professor Kaijuu and the Kaijuu Squad in their faces.

“So after I had put defeated Professor Kaijuu and the Kaijuu Squad for the first time, everything seemed to go pretty well. Except for a few *ahem* incidents.”

Slide changes showing Kyouko working on a paper late at night. Sound of a computer blue screening fills the air. The slide changes showing She-Hulk in tattered clothes slamming the computer against the wall and stomping on it afterwards.

Another slide change occurs showing Kyouko relaxing listening to some anison mixes. The buzz of a mosquito is heard after a few seconds. The slide changes again showing She-Hulk again in tattered clothes tearing up the apartment trying to kill the damn flying hypodermic needle!

Another slide, it shows Kyouko walking to class. The sound of a baseball bouncing off of a bat is heard. The next slide shows it hitting her in the back of the head. Laughter can be heard as well as taunts about hitting a nerdy girl. The slide after shows She-Hulk throwing the ball back, going through the fence, and through a building.

The last slide set shows Kyouko fixing food in her apartment. An announcement comes across the TV that Professor Kaijuu has escaped from prison. The next slide shows Kyouko staring wide-eyed at the TV. The slide after shows She-Hulk throwing the TV through the wall. And the last slide shows her jumping through said hole she created, to chase after the escaped villain.

“I finally discovered what triggered the transformation and learned how to control it. Sure I was in control technically, but transforming just out of nowhere and at really inopportune times was bad! Especially when your preference is for more physical means of solving a problem.” She says as she stands up wrapping the bedsheet around her, walking towards the bathroom. “New problems started cropping up fast.”

Slide projector starts again showing She-Hulk standing in front of a cyborg looking crazy man wearing a dapper red suit, metal studded gloves, a black cape and gold metallic face mask. She is looking at him awkwardly as he cackles pressing a button to control a robot that is behind him. The next slide shows the button falling apart. The next one shows her punching him in the face. The sound of the impact is heard. His eyes bug out of the mask.

“Like Roboto-san…”

Another slide transition occurs. This time showing a busty lady with short, choppy, silver hair dressed up in a suit of feathers with a helmet like a bird’s beak. On her legs are metallic leggings shaped like talons, and she has large wings on the underside of each arm. In each talon is a large bag of money as she soars through the air. She crows like a bird, laughing as she flies away. Next slide shows She-Hulk diving on top of her from a rooftop, elbow dropping her in the back. A surprised “SQAWK!!” is heard as she drops to the ground.

“Or the Thieving Harpy…”

Yet another slide transition occurs. This time showing a large, muscular man with blond hair in a flat-top and a chiseled look to him. He is wearing army fatigues, armed to the teeth with various grenades, guns, rocket launchers. He is riding around in a large tank, driving through the streets of Tokyo. People are fleeing from him as he fires the cannon of the tank, destroying buildings. The next transition occurs, and She-Hulk is standing on top of the tank, bending the barrel of the cannon in towards the control pit with an annoyed look on her face. The last slide shows the guy with sweatdrops and shaking, holding his arms in the air, staring down the barrel of the cannon.

“And who can forget Commander Disaster… Why is it that as soon as a new superheroine appears, all of the crazies start coming out of the woodwork?!”

Kyouko now appears out of her bathroom wearing a workout outfit. It fits snug against her body. She walks out to the kitchen, opens up a cupboard above her blender. She grabs a few items out of the fridge and a daily pill reminder box. She starts placing various vegetables, milk and scoops of various supplement powders. She blends it all up into a greenish concoction. Afterwards, she pours a tall glass of it and takes the morning pills.

“So, to try and stay on top of everything, I started working out and learning how to actually fight.” She says as she puts the rest of it in the fridge. “Using my knowledge of cellular growth and development, I designed a supplement regimen that would maximize my potential, and keep any unwanted side effects of some of the supplements at bay. I’ve been lifting and working out for over 4 months now, and this is the progress I have made.”

She flexes her right arm, showing off a cute, tight bicep the size of a golf ball.

“The effects it’s had on my alter-ego?”

A slide transition occurs showing She-Hulk in a side flex pose. Her muscles are larger than before as a bicep the size of a ripe orange emerges from underneath her skin. Her breasts are also noticeably larger.

The scene transitions back.

“Well, my hypothesis of my muscles and body expanding during the transformation was proven correct. She now looks like an amateur bodybuilder, working her way towards the pros! As for my breasts?” She looks down and sees how tight they are, smashed against the top. “Let’s just say, a pleasant, unexpected side effect shall we?” She laughs.

Kyouko grabs her keys and walks out the door. She wraps athletic tape on her hands, making sure it’s tight.

“For fighting, I’ve been getting training at the local MMA gym. I figured that more fit my style. So now, if you excuse me, I’m going out for my morning training session.”

Kyouko takes off running down the road, into the horizon of the rising sun.

Later in the day, in an abandoned gymnasium, Professor Kaijuu and his assistants Kanae and Aki are sitting around, ruminating about their next plan to take over Tokyo.

“Professor. What should…” Kanae asks.

“We do this time?” Aki finishes.

Kanae and Aki Kamigishi are paternal twins. Kanae is the older twin by a few minutes. Kanae inherited her mother’s blue hair while Aki got their father’s blonde. Both of them stand around 169 cm tall, have large E cup bosoms and look more like models than they do graduate students. They have a supernatural twin bond between the two of them. They can sense where the other is, and even finish each other’s sentences. A trick which creeps many people out. As for intelligence, they both are actually pretty sharp. But their bubbly personality misdirects people into thinking that they are dumb ditzes. Both of them are wearing strapless tube tops of their respective color with capris and tennis shoes.

Mamoru Fujisaki, also known as Professor Kaijuu, sits, stroking his stubble, with a thinking expression on his face.

“Hmmm… What about we create the ultimate kaijuu this time! This time, we’ll take various different animals… and fuse them together!”

“That is a splendid idea Professor!!” Kanae and Aki shout in unison.

“I know! It’s because I am so smart! And with my darling, lovely assistants having discovered a chemical which can splice DNA automatically!”

“Thank you so much Professor!”

Kanae pulls out a red vial from behind her back.

“Here it is! This chemical is a supremely powerful recombinogen!” Kanae announces.

“It sends the recombination processes in the body into overdrive!” Aki adds.

“And if you introduce new DNA…”

“It splices it in PERFECTLY!!” The two shout while posing.

“WONDERFUL!!! Go fill up the pool with Kaijuu Serum plus your Recombo-X Recombinogen! I will go and find the BEST selection of animals for our most powerful kaijuu yet, THE CHIMERA!!! FUAHAHAHAHAHAAHA!”


An hour passes. Kanae and Aki are seen dumping barrels of the blue Kaijuu Serum into the pool of the gymnasium, filling it to the top.

“That’s the last barrel. And now…” Kanae announces as she takes the vial of red liquid from her pocket.

“For the super, special ingredient…” Aki adds.

“RECOMBO-X!” They sing in unison.

Kanae unscrews the top of the vial. She pours the contents of it into the pool. Suddenly, the blue serum takes on a fiery red color. It starts bubbling violently.

“And now that is done! What should we do now Kanae while waiting for the Professor to return?”

“Hmm. Good question Aki.”

Aki gets a stroke of inspiration.

“How about we practice our new poses for when we introduce ourselves?!”

“That sounds like a great idea Aki!”

The two start practicing their poses beside the bubbling pool of chemicals. They are spinning around and twirling about. As Aki performs a perfect triple axle that would land her a 10 in a skating completion, she stumbles on a piece of loose concrete.

“AHH!” She screams as she falls towards the pool. She reaches out and grabs Kanae’s arm to stop her descent.

Kanae feels the force of the pull, stopping her own triple axle abruptly. The combined momentum of the two sends them flying, head first, into the dangerous looking pool of chemicals.

A large SPLASH is heard as they fall in. They start trying to swim out of the pool. But due to the density of the fluid, they just keep sinking. The serum begins to fill their bodies, and starts changing them. As they struggle, they feel their clothes getting progressively tighter. Muscles are starting to appear on their once lithe bodies. The camera focuses in on Kanae and her arms. They start bulking up rapidly with her biceps and triceps becoming more visible by the second. Her deltoids are rounding out her shoulders. The camera shifts over to Aki’s chest. The tube top is stretching out by her pectorals that are growing larger, accompanied by her swelling breasts. The camera switches back to Kanae, this time her abdomen. The tube top starts getting inundated with ridges and hills as a large, tight six pack forms. The bottom of the top rises above her waist, being pulled by her swelling chest and growing body, revealing her midriff. Camera swaps once again to Aki, focusing on her legs and butt. Her capris become skin tight from the layers of powerful feminine muscle that keep piling up on her quads, hamstrings, and glutes. Microtears begin forming in the fabric that are widening, allowing the muscles to start erupting through. Her calves swell up into perfect inverted heart-shaped diamonds to compliment the rest of her lower body. The camera swaps back to Kanae, focusing this time on her back. Her traps and lats bulk up and grow, causing her back to broaden. Tears start forming in the back of the skin-tight tube top. The two girls continue to struggle, trying to escape. Soon, they spot each other and swim towards one another. A close up on Kanae’s eyes shows her pupils changing to plus signs. The camera shifts again and shows Aki’s eyes, with her pupils shifting towards minus signs. The two budding amazons reach out for the other. A bright light fills the area when they grab each other’s hand.

The Professor walks into the room where the pool is located carrying many different kinds of pet animals in his arms.

“Kanae?! Aki?! I have returned!! I have brought the animals for THE CHIMERA!! Is the pool ready?!”

He looks towards the violently bubbling red pool. He is blinded by a bright flash emanating from within the depths of it. He shields his eyes.


A large figure leaps out of the pool and lands in front of him. The concrete cracks more from the force of the landing.

“Welcome back Professor!” He hears the two talking in unison. “We seemed to have had a slight, little mishap occur while you were gone. But…” Their voices are starting to merge more into one voice. “This may have been quite the serendipitous accident. Who knew that the Kaijuu Serum could cause this effect on human beings.” A more mature, breathy, dark voice is now present instead of the higher pitched childish voices of Kanae and Aki.

The Professor starts uncovering his eyes, slowly. He gasps staring at the amazon standing in front of him.

“K..K..Kanae? A..A..Aki?”

A close up of the amazon’s face appears, showing a devious grin, with a few tendrils of reddish-orange hair around their face.

Kyouko is sitting in class wearing her traditional outfit of a white, long-sleeved blouse, blue skirt, hose and red high heeled shoes. She is listening to her professor talk about how homologous genetic recombination occurs inside the cells. She is taking lots of notes, even scribbling a few ideas in the margins of her paper. A dainty hand reaches out towards her tight legs and gives them a pinch.

“KYA!” Kyouko squeaks. Everyone stops and looks at her. She looks around in embarrassment. The class resumes. She looks to her right, eye twitching. She spots the perpetrator. Rikka Kannazuki smiles back at her. She is around 160 cm tall, has short, dark blue hair, with blue eyes, and a decent C-cup bust. She is wearing a red t-shirt and denim jeans.

“Looks like they’re getting bigger there, muscle girl.” Rikka whispers.

“Of course they are! I’ve been weight training.” Kyouko whispers back.

“Haha. Of course you have been, just look at those arms!” Rikka says while now pokking Kyouko’s arms.

“Stop that! We’re in the middle of class right now!” Kyouko retorts.

“And not just that, look at your breasts. They have gone up at least a cu-“ Rikka whispers a she starts to poke Kyouko’s breasts. Kyouko’s hand quickly grabs Rikka’s before she pokes her.

“I said, quit it!” Kyouko says softly through gritted teeth, her red eyes turning neon green.

“What? Am I making you angry? Am I irritating you?” Rikka whispers with a look of glee on her face.

Kyouko’s eye twitches. She lets go of Rikka’s hand.

“No. Now stop it and focus on the lecture.” Kyouko answers curtly while turning around, facing the speaker, her eyes returning back to normal.

“Aww. Here I was hoping I was getting on your nerves.” Rikka whispers disappointedly. She faces forward and watches the speaker. She takes a quick glance and notices that Kyouko’s legs look just a tad bit larger than before. She giggles.

After the lecture, both Kyouko and Rikka walk out together.

“What were you trying to do in there Rikka-chan?” Kyouko inquires.

“Oh. I just wanted to see ‘you know who’. She would have livened up the place a bit. Hehehe.” Rikka laughs “Are you suuuuure I wasn’t getting on your nerves?”

“Right, you weren’t.”

“I think your body says otherwise. Tehehe. I saw your muscles get a tad bit bigger.”

Kyouko sweatdrops.

“Ugh, why are you trying to get me to transform?”

“Because you know how much of a female muscle growth otaku I am! We’ve known each other for years! I love watching as weak girls transform into powerful amazons! And now, here is my best friend, a shining example of it!” Rikka replies. “Please transform for me! Please, please, pretty please!!”

Kyouko sighs.

“Fine, if it will get you to stop bugging me about it for today.” She acquiesces.

The two of them walk behind one of the school buildings where no one else can see them. Kyouko starts taking off her blouse, bringing it almost up over her head, revealing the lavender and white aerobics suit.

“No! No! No! No! Leave your clothes on!!” Rikka protests.

Kyouko pauses, then lets the blouse fall back over top of her.

“You ready?”

“Ready!” Rikka says, pulling out her cellphone.

“Hey!! No recording!!” Kyouko shouts.

“But, it’s just for meeee Kyou-chan!”


“Awww, okay.” Rikka whines as she puts the phone away.

Kyouko stands there with her arms at her side. She kicks off her shoes and hands her glasses to Rikka. She closes her eyes and starts taking slow, deep breaths. Her breathing starts to quicken and becomes shallower. She starts balling up her fists. This causes her arms to tense up, starting to pull on her blouse sleeve. Over her body, you can see muscle starting to become more visible from underneath her clothing. She starts getting a strained look on her face as her clothes continue to tighten. She is breathing rapidly now. Her eyes fly open glowing a brilliant neon green. Her body starts expanding and growing rapidly as if the dam just broke on the energy flowing through her body. Her blouse fills out completely with tight, feminine muscle that continues to grow and expand. Her breasts are inflating like they are being pumped with air. The sounds of her bones cracking and lengthening fills the air causing the clothes to tighten even more. Soon, the blouse and skirt are pulled to the breaking point. Her hair starts growing longer and more wild looking. A greenish, emerald tinge begins forming in her skin between her breasts. It spreads through her body. The sounds of seams popping fills the air. The first seam to go is in her sleeves. Her muscular arms tear through like tissue paper exposing the emerald skin, with her flexing her orange-sized biceps. Her triceps and deltoids finish off the job, leaving the sleeves tattered and torn. Next seam is across her chest. Her expanding breasts and increased tension from her widening back causes large tears to form across her chest. The top of the aerobics suit from earlier comes into view, containing the large breasts and slabs of pectorals. Her blouse is pulled up, away from her waist bringing her bubbling eight-pack abs into view underneath the aerobics suit. The next seam to give way is on the back of her blouse. Her traps and lats bulk up considerably, leaving her with a statuesque look. The green skin erupts from underneath, shredding the fabric. Her hair has started turning a darker shade of green as well. Runs appear as her quads and calves push through the hose with very little effort. You can watch as the green tint flows down to the very end of her toes. The last piece of clothing, hanging on to dear life aside from the stretchy aerobics suit is her skirt. Eventually, the combined force of her abs and perfectly shaped glutes pops the button and causes the skirt to fall to her feet. The transformation draws to an end as her hair finishes lengthening, turning dark green, and the emerald hue completely overtakes the last patch of her once fair skin. She stands at her full 191 cm height. Her breasts are voluptuous, large F-cups. Her muscles look like they belong on an amateur bodybuilder who has been training for life. She whips her long, deep green hair back like a model. The one solitary clump stays right in the middle of her face. She looks over at Rikka.

“There you go. Are ya happy now? You perv.” Kyouko, now She-Hulk asks sarcastically in a deeper voice.

Rikka stares at Kyouko with stars and hearts in her eyes.

“Yes.” She replies like she’s lost inside a dream.

Kyouko shakes her head and sighs. She starts gathering up the tattered remains of her clothes and is about to transform back to normal.

“GREETINGS EVERYONE!!!!” A familiar voice rings out loud and clear.

“Oh, no… it… no…” Kyouko says out loud. She looks at a television nearby.

“It is I, PROFESSOR KAIJUU!! And I am here to announce my GREATEST CREATION!! THE… CHIMERA!!!”

The camera pans quickly showing a giant monster that has the body of a giant turtle standing in Tokyo Bay. There are many different holes in the shell. In one, is a monstrous megalodon looking creature’s head, another one is the head of a gigantic bird of prey, squawking loudly, another one is the head of a large, gigantic, dinosaur looking lizard. The chimeric monstrosity is standing on two legs with an extremely large, tail and very muscular looking body. Professor Kaijuu is standing on top of the dinosaur head of the creature.


Kyouko looks at the screen, looks at Rikka still in a trance, and then looks off to the horizon.

“Well, I guess it’s perfect thing I’m already transformed. Time take the Professor and his latest pet to the kennel!”

She gets ready to leap off.

“HOWEVER! I won’t be sending my precious creation at you just yet. SHE-HULK!! IF YOU ARE LISTENING!!! HEAR ME OUT!!”

Kyouko stops and turns back around. Rikka has finally snapped out of her trance.

“Meet me and my lovely, beautiful assistants, the Kaijuu Squad!, at the following address. If you are able to defeat another one of our amazing, stupendous creations, I will stop this crazy game, FOREVER!”

Kyouko looks at the screen and grins. Rikka stands beside her.

“Kyou-chan, you do realize that this has trap written all over it, right?!” Rikka asks sounding concerned.

“Of course it’s a trap! The idiot can’t act for anything! Everything about it has trap written on it.” Kyouko retorts. “He is inviting me, so why not pay him and the twins a visit?”

“Let me come with you Kyou-chan!”


“Pleaaaase!! I want to see She-Hulk fight in real life!! Please, Please, Please!! Pretty, pretty please with sugar and sprinkles and a…”

Kyouko picks up Rikka by the scruff of her neck. She glares right into Rikka’s eyes. Rikka has a bit of a worried look on her face and is sweatdropping.

“Ehh!!” Rikka squeaks.

“The answer… is.. NO!!!!!” Kyouko roars out at Rikka. She then tosses her gently into a nearby bush, and proceeds to leap away.

A short amount of time later, Kyouko lands at the place designated by Professor Kaijuu in his broadcast. She looks around all of the deserted buildings. Off in the distance, she can see The Chimera standing in the Bay.

“Okay Professor, I’m here so come on out so we can get this over with!” Kyouko announces.

“Hehehe! We’re sorry but…” A familiar voice rings out from behind her.

“The Professor is not here currently.” Another familiar voice finishes.

Kyouko turns around. She sees Kanae and Aki standing there. Though, they look quite different than before. They look more muscular, slightly taller, and bustier. Kanae is wearing a blue fighting suit with spikes on the arms and a face mask. Her blue eyes are visible with the plus-shaped pupils. Beside her is Aki dressed in the same type of outfit, only red. Her golden eyes are visible with the minus-shaped pupils.

“You have fallen directly into our trap!!” The twins announce in unison.

“To say I have fallen into it would mean I didn’t think it was one. So, looks like you two have been hitting the prison gym? Is your membership still active? Because you’re going straight back!”

“Tehehe! We didn’t get this…” Aki starts.

“Way from working out. Something quite…” Kanae adds.

“Amazing happened to us earlier!” Aki finishes.

Kyouko starts feeling a slight twinge of worry.

“So, what did happen, then?”

The two start dancing around.

“You see; we were practicing…” Kanae starts.

“Our new intro dance when…” Aki adds.

“All of the sudden, we fell into a large pool…”

“Of Kaijuu Serum! Plus, a new chemical that...”
“We discovered! It started changing…”

“Our bodies! Making us bigger!!”

“Stronger!!” Kanae flexes both of her arms, displaying lemon sized biceps on each.

“And, a special new ability!”

“Special… new... ability?” Kyouko asks looking puzzled at the two dancing around.

The two twins come together and join hands like in a tango dance. They both look at Kyouko with grins on their faces.

“Yes! Where the two of us…” Aki says, starting to glow.

“Becomes ONE!!” Kanae finishes as she starts glowing.

Kyouko takes a step back and tries to shield her eyes from the bright light that is being emitted from the two girls’ bodies. She watches as the two forms of light appear to merge together and take shape. The figure grows taller, and taller until it reaches 196 cm in height. The muscles of the figure can be seen bulking up more and more with each second that passes. The figure’s hair becomes even longer, past her large, perfectly shaped glutes, becoming unrulier as it lengthens. The figure’s breasts are inflating past the F cups the twins had, expanding to a large H cup. There is a bright flash of light, and the transformation is complete. Kyouko finally takes a look.

Standing in front of her is a new amazon, created from the two fusing together. She has fiery, reddish-orange hair that goes down to her knees. She has piercing blue eyes, not unlike those of Aki’s, except, the pupils are back to normal. The bodysuits they were wearing have fused together as well, now taking a purple hue.

“And now, look and behold!” The amazon calls out with her voice sounding like Kanae and Aki talking in unison.

“Wait… no…” Kyouko suddenly realizes what’s going on. She starts stepping backwards.

“You see She-Hulk. Some of the best…” The amazon continues to talk walking towards Kyouko. Her voice is starting to change as well, sounding less and less like Kanae and Aki, and more mature, dark and breathy. “discoveries were made by accident. And now, our greatest creation has occurred by just one of those kinds of accidents.” She finishes. All traces of Kanae and Aki’s voices have left.

“And, that would be?” Kyouko asks starting to take a fighting pose.

The amazon stomps the ground, cracking it.

“US! Beware She-Hulk for a titan has risen up to challenge you and destroy you! For we together are TITANIA!!” The evil amazon exclaims.

A record scratch is heard.

“Wait a second…” Kyouko shouts rising up out of her stance. “Titania?!?” She turns to the screen. “You can’t tell me that Tweedledumb and Tweedledumber here are going to be my greatest rival now!? Oh come on!! Really?!? You... You’ve got to be kidding?!? Oh fine! Alright.” Kyouko returns to her fighting pose. “Destroy me? We’ll just see about that!”

Kyouko rushes towards Titania. The two amazons start fighting aggressively. Kyouko lands a few punches to Titania’s face. It doesn’t faze her one bit. Titania socks Kyouko straight in the gut. She feels the impact and goes flying. She crashes into the side of a building. Kyouko picks herself back up, grabs a nearby abandoned vehicle and tosses it at Titania. She slaps the projectile away and keeps on walking.

“Oh crap! That’s right… She’s damn near indestructible and dense as all hell!! This is not going to be an easy fight!”

Kyouko rushes again back in and the two exchange blows with each other. Kyouko completes some roundhouse kicks. Titania throws some haymakers. Kyouko attempts to uppercut her, praying for a glass jaw. The punch lands true, knocking her head back. Titania simply nods her head back down, grinning.

“Nice try there. But we are too strong for you!”

She backhands Kyouko, sending her flying again.

A lone motorcycle appears about a mile away. The rider of it turns off the engine and steps off. They are wearing a red t-shirt and denim jeans and is decidedly female. Their face is obscured by the helmet.

“I hope I am not too late!” A familiar voice we’ve heard before says, muffled by the helmet.

The rider pulls out a video camera from behind her. She pulls off the helmet, revealing that it is Rikka underneath.

“Hehehe! I MUST capture a video of this fight! The female muscle community must have an exclusive video of that gamma wonder She-Hulk in action!”

Rikka turns around and sees dust clouds and destruction occurring. She figures that’s where the battle has to be. She runs and stops a couple hundred yards away, in a safe location. She turns on the video camera and zooms in with her telephoto lens. She makes sure to have the microphone muted.

“Oh! There’s Kyou-chan!! Oh wow!! To actually see her fighting is wonderful!”

Through the camera screen, Rikka sees Kyouko picking herself up, rearing back and running towards her opponent.

“Go! Go! Go! Kyou-chan! You can do… it.”

Rikka’s eyes widen when she sees who Kyouko is fighting.

“It’s another amazon! Ooooh!! Two for the price of one!! That is amazing! Wait till everyone… Wait. That one looks familiar…”

She watches this time as Kyouko keeps landing hits on Titania. Titania starts feeling some of the hits now and gets knocked back. Rikka watches in horror finally figuring out who it is as Kyouko is picked up in the air and thrown like a ragdoll into a building, which crashes down on top of her.

“*GASP* IT’S TITANIA!!! OH NO!!! KYOU-CHAN!!!” Rikka shouts in fear. She drops the video camera and starts running to the scene of the fight.

Kyouko struggles to move all of the debris off of her. She feels her strength starting to be sapped away from fatigue.

“Oh… no…” Kyouko says to herself.

Titania marches over to where Kyouko landed. She watches as Kyouko struggles to get out from underneath the rest of the debris.

“Did we say earlier that, we were going to DESTROY YOU!! Ha… Ha… Haha… Hahaha… HAHAHAHAHA!” She starts laughing in victory, bringing her hands up in a hammer pose, about to crush the debris, and Kyouko.

Kyouko is slowly changing back to normal due to the fatigue. She closes her eyes.

Right before Titania brings down her arms, a blinding flash of light appears out of nowhere from a small explosion.

“GAAAAH!!!” She screams in pain from the flash. She rubs her eyes waiting for them to re-adjust. “WHO DID THAT?! WE’RE GOING TO KILL YOU!!”

She looks and notices that rest of the debris has been moved away, and Kyouko has disappeared.

Yet Another She-Hulk Story! Part Deux-p2

by kaisai134, Jan 18, 2016, 10:39:29 PM
Literature / Fan Fiction / Humor

Titania marches over to where Kyouko landed. She watches as Kyouko struggles to get out from underneath the rest of the debris.

“Did we say earlier that, we were going to DESTROY YOU!! Ha… Ha… Haha… Hahaha… HAHAHAHAHA!” She starts laughing in victory, bringing her hands up in a hammer pose, about to crush the debris, and Kyouko.

Kyouko is slowly changing back to normal due to the fatigue. She closes her eyes.

Right before Titania brings down her arms, a blinding flash of light appears out of nowhere from a small explosion.

“GAAAAH!!!” She screams in pain from the flash. She rubs her eyes waiting for them to re-adjust. “WHO DID THAT?! WE’RE GOING TO KILL YOU!!”

She looks and notices that rest of the debris has been moved away, and Kyouko has disappeared.

Kyouko starts waking back up. She feels wind blowing past her. Her eyes are still neon green, but the rest of her body has reverted back to normal. She looks around and notices the scenery flying by. She reaches up and feels the helmet on her head. She finally looks forward and see’s the back of Rikka’s head with her blue hair blowing in the wind.

“Rikka-chan… what… are you… doing… here? I thought I told you…” Kyouko starts to admonish.

“I know what you told me Kyou-chan. But if I hadn’t shown up to video record your fight, I would have lost you back there!” Rikka retorts.

“Haha. I guess you’re right about that. Thanks Rikka-chan, I owe you one.”

“Really?!” Rikka chirps. “Then, will you…”

“NO!” Kyouko interjects before hearing the request, her eyes shift back to red.

“Awww…” Rikka gives a dejected whine as she hands Kyouko’s glasses back to her.

They make it back to their apartment complex. Kyouko has regained some strength and is able to walk on her own now. The two girls sit down and start thinking.

“So, I’m up against Titania. She has always been one of She-Hulk’s greatest rivals because she could go toe-to-toe with her.” Kyouko thinks out loud.

“Her biggest obstacle is her neigh invulnerability and her superhuman strength.” Rikka adds.

“The biggest pain is her invulnerability… However, she can be outmuscled.”

Professor Kaijuu appears back on TV

“GREETINGS EVERYONE!! It appears that the great and powerful She-Hulk was unable to beat my extremely, wonderful assistants! So now… YOU ALL HAVE EXACTLY ONE HOUR BEFORE I UNLEASH… BOM BOM BOM!! THE CHIMERA!!!! FUHAHAHAAHAAHAHHAAHHAHAAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA!!!!”

Kyouko and Rikka look at the TV

“Ever wondered why the villain always gives a time limit till they unleash their evil plan?” Kyouko asks Rikka.

“I dunno. Maybe to give the hero time to figure out how to stop them? So, what’s the plan Kyou-chan?”

“Maybe, if I had another high-powered gamma source, I could use that to get a boost. Just like that one time I exposed myself on accident and couldn’t leave the apartment. Remember that time?”

“I remember it like it was yesterday.” Rikka says dreamily. “Oh wait!! I’ll be back in a second!” She says as she runs out the door.

Kyouko looks at the door in a confused manner. A few minute later, Rikka comes running back through carrying an odd looking gun.

“Look here Kyou-chan! I have a gamma ray laser that I went and got out of my room!”

“That’s great Rikka-chan! We can use that to… wait a minute. Why do you have a gamma ray laser?”

“Uhhh... *sweatdrops* For my senior thesis project?”

“You wouldn’t have been planning to fire that at me at some point while out in public, causing me to grow, now would you?”

“Hahahahaha… now why would you be thinking that now? Hahaha” Rikka laughs nervously.

Kyouko narrows her eyes.

“Hahaha… maybe, the thought did cross my mind?”

Kyouko facepalms.

“C’mon, let’s go put a stop to them once and for all!” She announces.

“Yeah!!” Rikka shouts as she aims the laser.

“Wait a minute Rikka-chan! Wait till we get outside!”

Rikka giggles as she warms it up.

“Okay! It has to warm up anyways.”

Back at the abandoned area. Titania and Professor Kaijuu are celebrating their victory against She-Hulk.

“We did it Professor!” She says with glee in her voice. “We were able to finally defeat She-Hulk!”

“That is correct my lovely assistants! That just shows to prove how strong our serum truly is! Soon, Tokyo will be ours! FUHAHAHAHAHAAHAHAHA!!”

“Um, Professor, we were looking at The Chimera and, where is the tiger?”

“HAHAHAHAHA… Oh… I don’t know. Maybe the tiger cub got away. No need! The Chimera is PERFECT AS IT IS!!! HAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA!”

Back in the abandoned gymnasium, the tiger cub is running around, chasing after mice and playing.

Kyouko and Rikka ride on Rikka’s bike back to where she was videotaping the fight before. Rikka has the laser strapped on her back. It has finally finished warming up.

“Kyou-chan! It’s ready! And we’re almost back!”

“Good! I better get prepared myself!” Kyouko replies, her eyes start growing neon green.

Kyouko starts transforming while riding on the bike, clutched around Rikka. Rikka feels as Kyouko’s body is expanding and growing behind her. Kyouko’s swelling breasts push harder into Rikka’s back. She looks down and watches as Kyouko’s arms swell up rapidly with size, muscle and turn emerald green in color. She also watches as some of Kyouko’s long, dark green hair flies out in front of her.

“Keep your eyes on the road!” Kyouko’s deeper voice tells Rikka.

“R… Right Kyou-chan!” Rikka stammers.

They finally arrive at where Rikka left her camera. The bike stops and the two dismount it. Kyouko walks out in front and stops. She turns around, taking off her glasses and tosses them to Rikka.

“Ready to do this?!” Rikka asks as she catches the glasses.

Kyouko takes a stance.

“Ready! Let’s do this so I can go kick Titania’s ass!”

Rikka swings the laser around. She places her finger on the trigger. Aims it through the sight onto Kyouko.

“Here we go!”

She pulls back on the trigger. A bright green beam of concentrated gamma radiation is fired from the gun. The kick of the blast knocks Rikka back a bit. The blast hits its target. Kyouko grits her teeth as the blast of radiation hits her. She feels the energy flowing into her body, and how her suit is starting to feel tighter by the second. Her muscles double in size, with a few veins becoming visible. Her breasts also double, pushing out the elastic suit farther from her chest. She gains 20 cm in height, standing over 211 cm tall. Her eyes are shining even more brilliantly than before.

“Success! It worked! I feel 4x stronger than before!” Kyouko announces.

“Alright Kyou-chan!” Rikka shouts as she turns off the laser and lays it down on her bike.

Kyouko looks over at Rikka.

“I know telling you to stay here is useless, so do your best to stay out of trouble so I don’t have to save your annoying ass.” She smiles and laughs a bit.

“Hahaha! I’ll do my best She-Hulk-sama!” Rikka salutes her and stands at attention.

Kyouko laughs while shaking her head. She looks back to where she and Titania were fighting. She leaps into the air.

The Professor and Titania are taking a look at his watch.

“Only 15 more minutes Professor!”

“Yes my lovely assistants! 15 minutes until… Tokyo! No… JAPAN… NO, THE WORLD SHALL BE OURS! FUHAHAHAHA…” He stops laughing, hearing a sound similar to a missile falling towards them. “What’s that sound?!”

The ground shakes from the impact. A crack appears in the ground, leading up to the two of them. They can’t see anything due to the dust.

“Hey you titanic morons! I’ve had time to recover and change strategies. Round two of our fight is about to start! And I’m taking you out this time with a One hit TKO!” Kyouko taunts as she steps out of the dust.

Titania smirks at her.

“Round two you say? Sounds good to us! This will be the final round!”

Kyouko smirks.

“My thoughts exactly.”

The two amazons lunge at each other and start grappling. The Professor takes this time to slink away to safety.

Kyouko breaks the grapple and delivers a right straight to Titania’s face. She is knocked back a bit by the force of the punch. Titania follows it up with a left hook, connecting with Kyouko’s face. She gets knocked a tad. The two start exchanging blows against each other. Kyouko manages to toss Titania into a building. She rushes after her with her right fist cocked back and leaps. Titania grabs her fist and throws her into the ground. Kyouko swings her legs around, sweeping Titania’s legs out from underneath her. The fight continues to heat up.

The Professor has made it back to The Chimera. He stands triumphantly on top of its head.


Rikka is watching the fight rage on in awe.

“Oh right! I need to find a place to hide in safety, or Kyou-chan is going to be angry with me! This old gymnasium looks like it’d be a safe place.”

She runs on in. As she walks in, she spots the little tiger cub, chasing after butterflies.

“Awwwww!! You are so cute!!” She gushes.

The tiger cub looks back up at her.

“Rawr!” It growls, waving its tail.

Rikka walks over and kneels down in front of it. The cub pounces at her, landing in her lap. She pets it behind the ears. It purrs in content. It starts playing with her.

“Hehehehe. I think it’s taking a liking to me. But sadly I can’t have pets. Not to mention, I bet you’re missing from the zoo!” Rikka says out loud as she picks it up and carries it in her arms. She continues playing with it while walking.

Kyouko and Titania are now grappling each other again. They are trying to toss the other to little avail. Titania breaks it this time going for a haymaker. Kyouko catches the punch and counters with a left hook, then into a body blow. Titania gets knocked back and starts to stumble a bit.

“What did you take? Freaking steroids?!” She yells out.

“No! Something a lot better! A nice healthy dose of gamma radiation!” Kyouko screams out running towards her ready to body check her.

Rikka hears something strange in another room. She walks towards it. Her eyes widen when she sees the barrels of chemicals labeled “Kaijuu Serum” and the pool filled with the red, bubbling concoction.

“Oh Kami-sama… this is Professor Kaijuu’s secret lair isn’t it! I… I’ve got to get out of here!” Rikka yells in horror.

Kyouko connects with her body check and drives herself straight into Titania. The two of them go barreling through walls and buildings. They start approaching the gymnasium.

Rikka turns around and starts to walk away. The butterfly the tiger cub was playing with earlier flies past. The cub jumps out of her arms and chases after it, back towards the pool.

“No kitty!! Don’t go back there!! It’s dangerous!”

Rikka chases after the cub, which has now stopped at the edge of the pool, playing with the chemicals. She picks it up.

“No kitty! Bad kitty! You don’t play around with dangerous chemicals!! They can do nasty things to your body!” She scolds. She pivots on the edge of the pool to start walking away.

Titania and Kyouko both break through the opposite wall. Rikka loses her balance and falls backwards into the pool.

“KYAAAAAAA!!!!” She screams as she falls in. The splash is heard.

“Wait a second… Rikka?!? Rikka-chan!? Is that you?!?” Kyouko shouts in panic.

Titania looks back and sees the ripples from the splash. She grins deviously.

“We don’t think she’s going to be Rikka-chan anymore, because she just fell in the pool of Kaijuu Serum and Recombo-X that mutated US! Ha ha HAHAHA!”

Titania’s laughing is cut short by Kyouko punching her straight in the face, glaring.

Rikka struggles, gasping for air. She is trying to stay above the fluid, but gets dragged down by the density of it. The little tiger cub she was holding on to is paddling as well, doing better than she did. It watches as she gets sucked in to the pool and dives after her. Rikka continues to struggle as the serum fills her body. All of the sudden, she stops struggling. She doesn’t feel like she’s drowning anymore. A new sensation begins to fill her body. It’s a tightness that is growing in intensity. She looks down and gasps at what she sees. Her body is starting to grow. Her feet burst through the shoes that she was wearing. Her shirt gets pulled skin tight over all of her muscles that are pumping up by the second Her biceps erupt from the sleeves of her shirt, which peel back exposing her deltoids. The seams in her jeans split open, revealing the swelling quads. Breathing is becoming increasingly difficult as the shirt rises up her body and constricts across her expanding chest, with assistance from her broadening back. Her abs come into full view, with cobblestones of muscles popping up as a perfect six-pack forms. Her blue hair grows longer, and longer, cascading down her back. She is in total awe of the changes taking place within her body. She spots something coming towards her from above in the corner of her eyes. Her eyes are shining bright. The tiger cub continues to swim after her, it’s eyes shining bright as well. She swims up and grabs ahold of the little cub, cradling it into her larger bosom. The two of them start glowing together.

Outside of the pool, Kyouko and Titania are still fighting. It gets interrupted when the light from below reaches the surface and begins to fill the room.

“What… is that light?” Kyouko asks in confusion.

“The transformation is complete! Behold! For she is not your friend anymore! But may become another one of your enemies.” Titania taunts.

A large, glowing figure leaps out of the pool, landing on the side of it. It stands up to its full 195 cm tall height. The figure takes a step forward towards the two amazons. They stop fighting and stare at the figure. The light being emitted starts to dim. Body lines can start to be seen. The figure is muscular, not unlike that of a physique model with large, voluptuous breasts, at least a G cup. The figure holds out its arms by its side, a keening sound is heard as the fingers appear to suddenly elongate and get sharper. It takes another step towards them. The light continues to fade. Something swishing around can be seen behind the figure. Some color is starting to show through. Black stripes cover its body on the sides. Long, wild looking red hair flows down it’s back. The camera zooms in on the figures face. Aggressive looking golden eyes appear once the glow finally fades. A sea of fine orange fur can be seen all over her skin. The camera zooms out to show the figure in its entirety. An amazonian human-tiger hybrid stands there wearing the tattered remains of what Rikka was wearing. The t-shirt now is acting as a makeshift bra.

“RAAAAAWRR!” She roars at the two.

Kyouko looks with slight bit of worry.

“Ri… Ri… Rikka-chan? Is that you?” She asks somewhat timidly. Preparing if she has to fight two at once.

“Heh. The little, weak, girl you knew as Rikka Kannazuki is no more She-Hulk!” A deeper, more aggressive, feminine voice announces. She is speaking with a masculine tone as well.

“Then, who are you?”

The amazon poses, looking fierce and feral.

“I am TIGRA!!” She proclaims, finally putting her hands on her hips, puffing out her chest causing it to bounce.

Another record scratch is heard. Both Kyouko and Titania turn and face the screen.

“Wow, were you expecting that?” Kyouko asks.

“I know we weren’t expecting that at all!” Titania responds

“So, looks like you all are getting two for the price of one today! One supervillain and one superheroine!”

“We think that’s a pretty decent deal.”

The scene resumes. Kyouko turns back towards Tigra.

“You wouldn’t believe it. It was so amazing! I could feel my body changing! Growing! Getting stronger! Bustier! Taller! It was a dream come true!” She gushes.

Kyouko grins.

“There is only one person I know who talks like that, and that’s Rikka!”

“Haha! You got me!” Rikka smiles. “So, need any help She-Hulk? I’m itching to try out these new abilities.” She finishes with a sharp toothy grin and her golden eyes glaring fiercely at Titania.

Titania just smirks.

“Try it kitty cat. You’ll be sharpening those claws for weeks!”

Rikka growls. She spots The Chimera off in the distance.

“Nevermind! I just found my prey! Good luck She-Hulk!” Rikka shouts back as she runs off.

“Thanks, Tigra! Now, where were we?” Kyouko cracks her knuckles and punches Titania in the face.

Professor Kaijuu stands on top of the head of The Chimera still, watching the time.

“Only 5 more minutes! 5 more minutes! 5 more minutes! 5 MORE MINUTES!! FUHAHAHAHAAHAHAHAAHA… What is that running here at great speed?”

Rikka is running faster than ever before. She is jumping and leaping from rooftops as well. Her keen sense of smell has her right on the trail of The Chimera. She reaches Tokyo Bay. The monster is in her sights. She grins. She leaps high into the air. The Professor takes a good look at the figure leaping towards him, reaching back with her claws extended. It is a human-tiger hybrid amazon wearing tattered clothes, that he has never seen before.

“So THAT’S where the tiger cub went to! AAAAAAAHHHHH!!!” He screams in fear.

Rikka scratches deep into the skin of The Chimera. It howls in pain. All of the various heads try attacking her. She leaps on top of them and continues to scratch them with her claws. The eagle head snaps at her, she scratches it on the beak and in between the eyes. The shark head lunges at her. She flips in the air, avoiding it. She slides down the side of it with her claws. The shark head retreats back in the shell. She leaps and latches onto the underbelly of the monster.

“Time to climb my way to the top” Rikka announces with a feral grin. She uses her claws to scale up the monster which is currently howling in severe pain. The various heads try popping back out and attacking her. She quickly bats them away as she climbs. She makes her way all the way up to the dinosaur head. The Professor quickly starts backing up, making sure he doesn’t fall off. Rikka leaps on top of the head. She quickly spots Professor Kaijuu. He looks at her terrified.

“Nnnnice kkkkitty!” He stammers out sweatdropping in fear.

Rikka reaches down and picks him up by the collar of his shirt.

“I should turn you into ribbons right now with my claws for all the problems you have caused my friend She-Hulk these past months!” She growls glaring at him.

“Sh…Sh…She-Hulk?! Th… Then you… are?” He starts to cry.

Rikka grins, showing her sharp teeth.

“My name is Tigra! And I am the newest superheroine to prowl around the city of Tokyo! You’d better watch out because I ALWAYS get my prey!” Rikka exclaims loudly.

“T.. T… TIGRA!?!?!??!” He cries out finally realizing who she is. “I… I… I’M SORRY!!!!!!”

Rikka leaps off the top of The Chimera. She goes flying through the air. Professor Kaijuu screams bloody murder on their way down back to the ground. She lands gracefully back on the ground. He continues screaming until he looks around noticing they aren’t falling through the sky anymore. He looks back up at Rikka. She draws back her right fist and knocks him out. She drops him on the ground, turns around, sprints towards The Chimera. She leaps onto its tail and follows it straight inside the shell.

“Now, to finish this!”

Rikka starts tearing through The Chimera from the inside.

Kyouko and Titania are fighting still. Fatigue is starting to set in finally on Titania. She is missing more and more attacks and getting hit more by Kyouko’s. She hits a wall. She turns in the direction of the bay and watches as The Chimera starts roaring in pain.

“Hey dumbasses, eyes on me! Remember, I’m your opponent!” Kyouko taunts.

Titania turns and watches as Kyouko’s fist lands in her stomach. She coughs from the tremendous force. The next fist comes in and punches her in the face. The force tears the mask off and sends her flying. She lands prone on the ground. She looks up and sees Kyouko leaping, holding a large boulder in her hands.

“And here comes the finisher from She-Hulk!!!” Kyouko roars out. She throws the rock down with all of her strength. The boulder lands right on top of Titania. She catches it and pushes back. The boulder starts cracking from the intense pressure. It breaks cleanly down the middle. Kyouko emerges from the crack after punching clear through it and straight into Titania’s face. The ground cracks and quakes from the force. Titania’s legs stick straight up in the air, then collapse back down to the ground. Kyouko stands up from the crater she just created. Titania lies there in it with swirls in her eyes and her mouth wide open. She starts glowing and separates back out into Kanae and Aki, with swirls in their eyes and mouths wide open.

Kyouko wipes the sweat off of her brow and is breathing heavily. She looks out towards the bay. The Chimera falls over, dead. She smiles.

“Way to go Rikka-chan.”

She looks back over to Kanae and Aki. Kyouko walks over, picks the two of them up and carries them off. She joins up with Rikka, who has a hold of Professor Kaijuu. Rikka spots Kyouko.

“Hey there She-Hulk! Look who I have here!” She shouts holding up Professor Kaijuu, unconscious.

“Good job there Tigra! And look who I have here!” She holds up Kanae and Aki, both also unconscious.

The two of them deposit the villains in a wrapping of some I-beams and high-tensile wire. They flee from the scene back to where Rikka’s bike is. Kyouko picks up the bike. Rikka makes sure to grab the video camera she had left there. The two of them leap off to find a safe place to hide while everything calms down.

They end up back at Kyouko’s apartment after night fall. The two of them enter through her door. Kyouko ducks to get in. She sits in her chair.

“Wow. Today was a crazy day.” Kyouko says sounding a bit more relaxed. She starts transforming back to normal. Except, she is still charged with the gamma from earlier, so she ends up looking like a normal skinned version of her form as She-Hulk with red hair and neon green eyes.

“I would say Kyou-chan! I never in my life dreamed that I would have a transformation occur to me! And it’s not just one type, it was many!” Rikka says enthusiastically. “Nor did I ever believe that I would be fighting against a giant monster and winning! This has been just an amazing day!” She puffs out her chest, again bouncing.

“Yeah, and now it’s time to turn back to normal.” Kyouko says as she stands up to get something to drink.

“Change back to normal?! Oh please Kyou-chan! Let me stay this way!!” Rikka pounces onto Kyouko’s back. Her tail is swishing back and forth “This is too amazing! I just want to stay…”

“Rikka-chan, if you change back to normal, then you can undergo your transformation anytime you waaaaaant.” Kyouko sings.

“Anytime… I… want…” Rikka says as she lets go of Kyouko’s back. She gets a look of content on her face. “Okay! You win this time Kyou-chan! But don’t think I won’t think about staying this way again!”

Rikka starts glowing.

“Sure, sure Rikka-chan.” Kyouko says sarcastically as she grabs two drinks from the fridge. She turns around and notices Rikka has changed back to normal. She stands there holding onto the remains of her shirt and jeans, trying to keep covered.

“Uhhhhh Kyouuu-chaaan…” Rikka starts blushing furiously.

Kyouko laughs as she tosses Rikka a shirt and a skirt from her closet.

Rikka puts on the clothes and sits down. Kyouko hands her a drink and the two of them sit down and start talking.

The next morning, the sun starts streaming again back into Kyouko’s window. Overnight, she shrank back down to normal. She opens her eyes. They are neon green. She blinks a few times and they change back to red. She gets up out of bed and gets dressed for her early morning workout. She walks into the kitchen and starts preparing her drink. She hears a knock on the door. Kyouko grins. She walks over and opens the door. Standing there is Rikka in workout gear.

“Good morning Kyou-chan! Am I too late?” Rikka asks.

“Nope! You’re just right on time!” Kyouko beams.

“Alright! Let’s get this training started!” Rikka proclaims as she walks in.

The door closes behind her. Outside the apartment you can hear them talking.

“Umm Kyou-chan? What is this?”

“It’s my special protein and nutrient drink with various supplements I drink every morning.”

“Ewwww. It smells horrible!”

“Just try it.”

“Ughh! It TASTES horrible!”

“Here, take these with it.”

“Guuuuhhh!! Uuuuuuuh! Is all this required?”

“If you want the maximum potential for your body to adapt and grow, yes!”

“Oh!! In that case, bottoms up!!”

Kyouko’s laugh can be heard from outside.

The camera zooms out from the computer screen. Kaisai comes back into view.

Kaisai: *fake British accent* “Thank you all for joining me for another installment of “Fanfic Theatre”. I have been your author, Kaisai Morihito. Good night.


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