Yet Another She-Hulk Story!

by Kaisai134

It's a story that's been told time and time again. How many different She-Hulk stories are there out there? I can't begin to count! Well, it's time to add yet another one onto the massive pile. XD

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The inside of an apartment appears. Suddenly, the theme from “Masterpiece Theatre” begins playing in the background. The camera pans and zooms by various books and mangas. Various figurines and anime come into view. The camera swipes up and Kaisai comes into view sitting at his computer. A record scratch is heard and the theme is replaced with an instrumental version of “You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet” by Bachman-Turner Overdrive. He turns and addresses the camera holding a snifter full of Coca-Cola.

Kaisai: *using a fake British accent* “Hello everyone. And welcome to another installment of “Fanfiction Theatre”. I am your author, Kaisai Morihito. Tonight, we will be looking at a fanfic I have penned with my take on a popular theme within the female muscle community. This timeless story was first told back in the beginning of the 1980’s when a god amongst men born Stanley Martin Lieber together with the late John Buscema created a comic about a female lawyer who sees a little green. Please join me as together we read “Yet Another She-Hulk Story!”.”

He turns around and double-clicks on the file on his desktop. MS Word opens up and the camera zooms in towards the screen as the music fades out.
Yet Another She-Hulk Story!

By Kaisai134

Story contains Female Muscle Growth, Breast Expansion, and Transformation

It is midday in Tokyo, Japan. We turn our attention towards the Bunshi Seibutsugaku Daigaku, a private university located on the outskirts of Tokyo, close to the bay. It is a university that specializes in biomedical scientific research. One of the students studying there in her 6th year is Kyouko Midoriyama. She is the daughter of the head of the Midori Corporation. Kyouko is 161 cm tall, with short red hair with a long clump of hair in the middle of her forehead to go with her red eyes, a small C-cup bust, and a body you would normally expect with someone who has not participated in athletics. She is wearing oval-rimmed glasses, a white, long-sleeved blouse that is tucked into a blue, pleated mini-skirt, black hose leggings, and red high-heels. She is walking, currently lost in thought over her Masters’ thesis project.

“So if I take the new energy promoter and splice it into the cell at all of the important genes that are required for cellular regeneration…” She mumbles out loud.

People move out of the way of her as she walks by them. They pay no mind to her, she’s not the only one. Kyouko makes it to her destination. It is the Yamanaka Center for Genetic Studies. She walks in through the double doors into the building and scans her student ID. She proceeds to the elevator still mumbling to herself.

“If I use the same vehicle vector that Dr. Fujisaki used, it should be able to spread the transposon into every cell within minutes…” She continues.

Kyouko presses the button for the 4th basement level. The doors close as it starts to make its decent down the shaft. She steps out after it stops and the doors open.

“Then I should be able to expose it to low dose radiation…”

She walks into the lab. There are various forms of laboratory glassware lying about. Hoods are filled with bottles of sensitive reagents. There are also various laminar flow hoods at which two of Dr. Fujisaki’s assistants are working at. One has long, blue hair and bright blue eyes, with a large bust and the other looks like her twin, except has blonde hair and golden eyes.

“Kanae! What did you find in your sample?” The blonde haired girl asks.

“I found the mutation we have been looking for Aki!” The blue haired girl replies.

“The professor will be so happy!!”

“And then…”

“We will be able to create our greatest invention!” The two sing in unison.

Kyouko just walks right past them and puts on her lab jacket. She walks over to her lab station and begins typing out her idea.

Kanae and Aki notice Kyouko sitting at her station.

“Kyouko-chan! How is…” Aki starts.

“your research going?!” Kanae finishes.

Kyouko turns around and faces them.

“It is coming along just fine. I think I may finally get my regeneration serum to work this time! If I take my high-energy promoter that I developed to take the high-energy emitted from radioactive particles and store it as high-energy nucleoside triphosphates and put it on a transposon using Dr. Fujisaki’s vector vehicle, I think that…”

“Whatever! It’s not like it’s going to beat our research!” Kanae interjects.

“…Excuse me?”

“Yeah! Our research will change the world! Dr. Fujisaki said it himself!” Aki adds.

Kyouko just glares at the two.

“Fine. I’ll just return to what I was doing.”

Ever since the day she entered Dr. Fujisaki’s lab, Kyouko has never gotten along well with Kanae and Aki. The two girls act more like fangirls for the professor than taking research seriously.

“Say, Say! Did you hear that Professor Kaijuu struck again!?” Aki asks out loud.

“I did hear about his latest attack! It was amazing! Such a beautiful monster don’t you think so?!” Kanae replies.

“An amazing monster if I say so!”

Kyouko just ignores the two and starts assembling her equipment. She gathers all of her reagents and samples together and gets to work.

A few minutes later, Dr. Mamoru Fujisaki walks on in. He is an unkempt fellow, looking more like a mad scientist.

“Greetings everyone!!” He announces. “And how are your projects going today!?”

“Well, you see professor, I think I may have finally figured out how to get my regeneration serum to work! By putting my high-energy promoter on a transposon that targets the genes for cellular replication, I think…” Kyouko starts explaining.

“WE FOUND THE MUTATION WE WERE LOOKING FOR PROFESSOR!!” Aki and Kanae shouts enthusiastically.

“BRILLIANT MY TWO LOVELY ASSISTANTS!! Oh and good work Kyou-chan! I look forward to seeing your results.” He says as he walks over and embraces Kanae and Aki. “TO MY PERSONAL LAB THIS INSTANT!!”

“Right away Professor!!” The two answer in unison and follow him, leaving Kyouko alone as always.

“At least I have some peace and quiet that I can use to focus on my research. My thesis depends on this!” Kyouko says.

About an hour later, Kyouko has completed her serum. It has a bright, neon green color to it.

“Interesting! It has taken on a hue of fluorescent green! I wonder what caused that to happen? Now let’s test it.”

She grabs a cell culture of fibroblasts and places a drop of it in the petri dish. Kyouko covers it up with a lid and then takes it to the irradiator room. There is a room adjacent to the atomic pile of fissile uranium that is concrete and lead-lined as a control room. By the window is a slot to place specimens into the irradiator. Kyouko places the petri dish in the slot opening and then closes it. Next, she uses the controls to expose the core of the atomic pile, flooding the room with radiation. She monitors the radiation that is being absorbed by the culture.

“That should be enough.”

She shuts down the irradiator. The pile is covered back up in protective lead. She extracts the petri dish, placing it in a lead-lined box and takes it back to the lab.

“Now, let’s see what happened to the cells. If my theory is correct…” She says out loud as she sets up the video microscope. She then places the box with the dish in it under the microscope. The cells appear on the screen. She looks in elation. “The cells are dividing! And they are dividing rapidly! It works! It really works!!”

Kyouko spins around and types furiously at her computer.

“I did it! I did it! I discovered a way to harness the high energy of radioactivity and use it to drive cellular division and repair! Dr. Fujisaki is going to be amazed! The implications of this research is outstanding! Next, I need to run the test in animals.”

She takes the vial of the green liquid and draws it up into a syringe. She snaps the cap over the needle and starts walking toward Dr. Fujisaki’s personal lab. She knocks on the door and opens it.

“Dr. Fujisaki! I think I have finally done it! I just need… to…”

Kyouko just stands there and stares at the scene in front of her. Standing there in badly made villain outfits is Aki and Kanae, with Dr. Fujisaki in the center dressed up as the upcoming villain, Professor Kaijuu. They are currently injecting a lizard with some serum and it starts mutating and growing.

“We did it Kanae!” Aki shouts in glee.

“Yes we did Aki! And now Professor!” Kanae shouts.

“FUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA” Professor Kaijuu cackles. “With my new Kaijuu Serum, we can transform any organism into a powerful kaijuu to first, take over Japan. And then… THE WORLD! FUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!”

“Yes Professor! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!” Kanae and Aki join in.

Kyouko takes a step backwards and knocks into a coat rack which falls to the floor.

All three of them turn towards Kyouko.

“Hello there Kyou-chan. It appears you have stumbled upon our secret!” Professor Kaijuu says creepily.

“Yeah! Our secret identities!” Kanae adds.

“As the Kaijuu Squad!” Aki finishes.

The lizard has now become bi-pedal and is as tall as a human. It is looking more like a Velociraptor each second.

“I… I… I was just…” Kyouko stammers.

“Kyou-chan. Please join us! Your research would be greatly beneficial to us! You could become my Queen and rule the world!!”

“C’mon Kyouko!! You know you want to!” Aki says as she suddenly appears beside her.

“Yeah Kyouko! You would be part of our unstoppable team!” Kanae adds appearing on the other side.

“No! I will not have any part of this!! This is insane!? You are all insane!!” Kyouko screams angrily.

“Oh well,” Professor Kaijuu says dejectedly, “Then I guess we’ll have to kill you! FEEDING TIME!!”

The giant lizard shrieks and runs towards Kyouko. She takes off running hearing the three of them cackling in the background. She runs throughout the lab, dodging and ducking the monster. As she runs out of the lab, she sees Aki standing by an open door.

“Quick Kyouko!! Hide in here!!”

She runs in on instinct, not thinking that one minute she was running straight into…

“A TRAP!!!” Kyouko shouts as she realizes she’s in the irradiator room.

She hears the door lock behind her. She runs to try and unlock the lead-lined steel door.

“Well Kyou-chan, it was nice having you as a student. But at least your future is going to be so bright! FUHAHAHAAHAHAHAHA!”

She looks and sees Professor Kaijuu standing in the control room messing with the controls.

“Oh Kami-sama!!”

Kyouko hears the alarms and turns around to see the atomic pile being uncovered.

“Goodbye Kyouko!” Aki says as she breaks the controls.

“See you later!” Kanae says as she grabs the giant lizard and puts a leash on it.

The three villains walk out of the lab and start to exit the building.

Kyouko starts banging harder on the door trying to get it to budge.


She hears the alarms blaring “Warning: Control rod failure. Alert: Atomic reactor is at prompt critical status. Excursions detected!”

Kyouko turns around quickly to see a bright blue flash of light from the core.

“AAAHHHHHH!!!!” She screams in horror.

She drops to the ground unable to move her legs. She feels as if her skin is on fire.

“I’m… gonna… die…”

The alarm continues blaring.

Kyouko starts feeling sick at her stomach and as she reaches for her stomach, she feels something in her pocket.

“The… syringe…”

Her hands are shaking as her skin is getting redder from the high doses of radiation she is being exposed to. Another bright flash fills her vision.

She grabs a hold of the syringe with the fluorescent green serum in it. It is glowing even more brilliantly. She starts vomiting up blood and shaking worse.

“Here… goes…. NOTHING!” She tries to shout as she jams the syringe into her skin. The needle penetrates down into the vein. She injects the entire contents of the syringe into her body.


The serum turns her veins green and can be seen coursing throughout her body. When it reaches her eyes, they go from being red to neon green. The pain starts subsiding. She looks down and watches as the erythema of her skin starts to clear up. Soon she is able to regain muscle control. Her nausea subsides. She feels her strength returning.

“I am not going to die here!!” She shouts as she runs up to the pile and dismantles the core, scramming it from being critical. A tightness has started forming in her body. She next looks over at the door and starts beating on it.

“Get. Me. Out. Of. HERE!” She shouts.

The door starts to dent. The tightness has gotten tighter. Underneath her coat, muscles can be seen starting to bulk up a bit. She finally succeeds in beating down the door and escapes. Her breasts have expanded about half a cup size as she runs up the stairs. She loses her high heels as her body is starting to grow. When she emerges at the empty lobby of the building, her blouse is strained by the developing muscles and her expanding breasts. Runs have started to appear in her hose due to the growing quads and calves. She runs out of the building still growing, when she ends back up in her apartment, she has the build of a physique model with D-cup breasts and over 15 cm taller. She enters her apartment. The adrenaline surge comes to an end and she collapses.

Next morning. Kyouko has returned back to normal. She wakes up to the sun shining in her eyes through the window. She opens her eyes. They are still bright, neon green. She blinks and they change back to her normal red. She stirs awake and sits up from the floor.

“Huh? I’m back in my apartment? But the last thing I remember is…”

She looks down and sees her normal body.

“Being locked in the irradiator room and about to die from radiation sickness. And then I injected myself with my serum… !!! I INJECTED MYSELF WITH MY SERUM!?!?” She shouts in realization.

She runs to her bedroom and strips down to her underwear. She stands in the mirror and looks herself over.

“Nothing out of the usual… Except for the fact that I should be dead inside the irradiator room. Oh jeez, I completely violated hundreds of rules and treaties doing that! But, it was in desperation! Yeah… desperation! That’s it!”

She jumps in the shower and then puts on a new set of clothes.

“But, it proves my serum works! My body repaired itself from the radiation damage, USING THE SAME RADIATION!!”

She walks out into the living room and turns on the TV.

“I think I’m going to stay home today and relax. It was a long night.”

A few hours later, she hears a local news report about an incident at the university last night.

“What in the?!”

She looks at the destruction on the screen, the destroyed atomic pile and the door that was busted down.

“Who in the world did that?! No! My research! My Masters thesis! I’ll have to start all over!” She shouts.

Suddenly she remembers something from last night. She remembers Dr. Fujisaki actually being Professor Kaijuu with Kanae and Aki as his assistants. She remembers the giant lizard chasing her. And them locking her in the irradiator room.

“That’s right! I’ve got to go tell the police! Dr. Fujisaki is Professor Kaijuu!”

She starts to get up from her seat when the TV starts frizzing out.

“FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! GOOD AFTERNOON TOKYO!!!” A familiar voice proclaims.

“Good afternoon Tokyo! Hehehehe!” Two girls say in a sing-song manner.

“Those voices…” Kyouko says as she turns around to face the TV again.

“It is I! PROFESSOR KAIJUU!! And today, I am announcing my greatest invention! The Kaijuu Serum! Now, I can turn any living organism into a kaijuu!! Just take a look at my test results! I know Akihabara knows of my success!”

The TV changes showing Akihabara being terrorized by three giant lizards that look like Velociraptors.

Kyouko clenches her right hand into a fist.

“Yes Professor! It is an outstanding success!” Kanae interjects.

“And there is much more where this came from!” Aki adds.

“So, it is simple. I require the payment of… ONE HUNDRED MILLION YEN IN TWO HOURS! Then I will call off my babies! Until then, Ta ta! FUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!” Professor Kaijuu cackles as the TV signal returns to normal.

“That’s madness! He can’t be allowed to get away with this! He must be stopped!” Kyouko says out loud angrily.

Her eyes start to shine bright, neon green again. A headache starts to come on.

“Uhhh… why is my head throbbing all of the sudden?”

Her breathing starts becoming quicker, and deeper. And a tightness begins to form all around her body.

“Uhhh! What… what is going on?!”

She stumbles back into her room and looks in the mirror. She sees her reflection staring back at her with neon green eyes.

“What in the?! My eyes?!”

The pressure has continued to build around her body. Soon, muscles start becoming visible underneath her blouse.

“And my musc….. AAAAAAAHHH!!!!”

She starts screaming and panting her body starts growing bigger. Soon she is starting to gain centimeters in height. Her muscles start bulking up more rapidly. The sleeves of her blouse are pulled tight by the appearance of the larger biceps and deltoids. The front of her shirt is pressed out further by her expanding bust and pectoral muscles. The bottom of the blouse rises up, exposing her developing midriff. Blocks of abdominal muscles begin to emerge from underneath. Her back widens and shoulder broadens, pulling the blouse skin tight across her back. Her glutes start swelling and hardening, making her panties tighter than before. Her quads are swelling with pride, stretching out the skirt she was wearing. Her calves are forming into perfect diamonds. Her hair is starting to grow longer, and getting more wild looking. She continues to strain and looks down at her deepening cleavage. A green coloration is starting to appear in her skin. The color begins spreading all around. Finally, unable to withstand the tension anymore, the seams of her blouse begin to split apart. Her lemon sized biceps emerge in all of their glory, taking on a green hue. The split continues upward to her deltoids, which are also appearing green. Next, her voluptuous breasts burst forth, being supported by the bulking pectorals. The last part to go is the back of her shirt which tears like tissue paper, exposing the statuesque green muscles underneath. The waistband of the skirt is stretched out by the swelling abdominals and obliques, now green in shade. The quads finish expanding as her legs turn the same shade of green as the rest of her body. Her hair continues to lengthen and darkens into a deep shade of green, until it reaches all the way down her back. The final patch of normal skin finally gets overcome by the green as her transformation comes to an end.

“Ohh… What was that feeling that I just had? And why do I feel much, much, much…” Kyouko ponders out loud, her voice somewhat deeper. “!!!!!!!!”

She stares at the green skinned amazon staring back at her in the mirror. She is now 191 cm tall, with the muscular build of an amateur bodybuilder and a perky F-cup bust. Her one clump of hair has grown down her face, near her mouth.


She looks at her right arm and flexes it, watching as the softball-sized bicep rises from it.

“This is insane!! But… useful.” She says with a slight smirk. “I could use this to take down Professor Kaijuu.” She looks at herself in the mirror, seeing the tattered remnants of her clothes.

“This will not do.”

She rummages through her closet and eyes widen when she finds something she had a long time ago.

“This old cosplay will work!”

Scene cuts to the streets of Akihabara. People are fleeing, terrified by the giant lizards that have appeared. Up on top of the Gamers store sits Professor Kaijuu and his two assistants, Aki and Kanae, watching their handiwork.

“Soon. Soon. SOON WE WILL RULE THIS CITY!!” Professor Kaijuu shouts.

“Yes Professor! We will rule this city!” Aki and Kanae says in unison.


A loud crash is heard. The three turn to face where the sound came from. All they see is dust. It caught the attention of one of the giant lizards. The lizard shrieks and runs over ready to eat whatever caused that loud noise. It leaps into the dust cloud, and a second later goes flying right out of it.

“And here I thought you were supposed to train pets to play nice?” A voice calls out from the cloud.

The figure steps outside of the dust cloud, it is Kyouko, now dressed in an all too familiar lavender aerobics suit with white stripes.

“SH… SH… SH… SHE-HULK?!?!” All three shouts in unsion.

“Bu… Bu… But…. She is just a comic book character created by Stan Lee!?” Aki screams.

“H… H… How could she be here?!” Kanae screams as well.


“Sorry darling, but I’m right here in the green flesh!” Kyouko shouts back.

“GET HER!!!!!!!!”

The other lizards stop chasing the citizens and focus in on Kyouko. She punches one straight in the face, knocking it out. She then grabs it by the tail and starts spinning the lizard around. She releases it into the oncoming one, sending it flying and crashing. Another one sneaks up on her and tries to bite her. She grabs it by the jaws and keeps its mouth open.

“No! No! No! No biting!”

She picks it up and slams it back into the ground. She turns her attention now to the trio on top of the building.

“And now…”

Kyouko leaps and lands on top of the building. She looks at Professor Kaijuu and his assistants. She cracks her knuckles and starts walking over.

The three of them are cowering in fear.

“P…P…PLEASE DON’T HURT US!!!” The three cry in unison.

The camera cuts to their POV. Kyouko draws back her right arm in a fist and has an angry look on her face. She punches towards the camera. The sound of a hard punch is heard as the camera goes black.

Scene cuts showing the aftermath. The lizards are being taken away to be examined. Professor Kaijuu, Aki, and Kanae are being arrested by the police and loaded into a police car. Kyouko is standing on top of the UDX building watching everything.

“Well, that takes care of that.” She says while dusting off her hands. She leaps into the air and starts making her way home.

“I need to remember to go destroy all instances of my research! No need for there to be more than one She-Hulk running around Tokyo!”

The camera zooms out from the computer screen. Kaisai comes back into view.

Kaisai: *fake British accent* “Thank you all for joining me for another installment of “Fanfiction Theatre”. I have been your author, Kaisai Morihito. Good night.


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