Pound for Pound

by iceman75

I meet a girl who shows me what a short, muscled female body can do

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Pound for Pound
By Jeremy Wilson shaneomacfan3@yahoo.com
I visit a gymnastics academy, and find myself in heaven

Author's note: I have always been fascinated with female gymnasts, from the
Olympics on down, these tiny girls have proven to me that pound for pound,
they are the strongest, quickest, and definitely most agile athletes around, I
have to write at least one story about their power, and of course put my
little spin on it.

Jeremy Wilson's private blog (Made up for this story)

June 14, 2009

Hey everyone, I am excited because I have been invited as a journalist to the
International Gymnastics Championships taking place in Chicago this year, as a
fan of female gymnasts I can't tell you how much I am looking forward to
seeing each and every one of these amazing athletes up close. From the first
time I witnessed the Olympics in 1988, I have been fascinated by these mighty
mites, girls that are on average very short, but have such physical power for
their size, and some are really ripped. I know that many parents get their
children into the sport very early in their lives, and their dedication to the
sport shines through, as they grow up, they get better and better, when they
reach Olympic age, 16 years old and above, they can do moves that have to be
seen to be believed. I had always wanted to see a live gymnastics meet, to see
those girls move through the air with the greatest of ease, see them do feats
that very few of them men in this World today could accomplish, I'll give you
a report when I get back.

June 20, 2009

Oh My God! I am finally back, what I expected to be a 2 day festival of
gymnastics fun turned out to be a 5 day orgy of strength, muscle, and sexual
feats that I never thought possible. Sorry if this part of my blog turns out
to be a little long, but it will take a long time to share this story with
you. First of all, let me tell you, I finally have a girlfriend, I met her at
the meet, she was competing in the contest, she's a 21 year old female gymnast
named Shannon Stroheim from Germany, she speaks perfect English and may I just
say, has a near perfect body. She has blond hair tied in a pony tail, sky blue
eyes and a face that would make a super model green with envy. Okay, she's a
bit short, in fact, she's incredibly tiny, only 4'8, she weighs 92 pounds, but
let me just say, those 92 pounds are more powerful than my 325 pounds will
ever be or could ever hope to be. It was her routines that brought her to my
attention, especially her floor routine, she just had so much speed, I could
barely make her out as she sprinted across the mat. Then when she jumped into
the air, she rose well over 10 feet in the air, far above the next nearest
competitor, when she was in the air she twisted faster, but with more control
and precision than I had ever seen from a gymnast. Not only did I marvel at
her, but I noticed the judges were completely shocked, their mouths hung open,
as they shakily held up the signs for a perfect 10. She hugged her fellow
gymnasts from Germany, that's when I noticed her height, most of the other
girls on her team were at least 6 inches taller, but she looked to be more
fit, more ripped.

The uneven bars were next and to be honest, I didn't think it could get
better, but I was wrong. She was spinning and flipping through the event with
more force than I had seen from male gymnasts use during any of the events I
had seen them in. But instead of it looking violent, it just looked all the
more graceful. When she finally did the dismount, she flew up 25 feet, did
what seemed like 7 different moves and landed perfectly without even the
slightest fault. The judges were once again forced to render nothing less than
a perfect score, this one girl was dominating the contest. I knew at this
point that this was no ordinary girl, and I had to get to know her better. I
saw her go over to her coach, a huge man of about 6'4 and 280 pounds, he was a
big burly guy who was probably a former Olympic Weightlifter, he clapped her
on the shoulder with a lot of force, I would probably have been knocked for a
loop by it, she didn't wince, she didn't even seem to notice it. I gasped with
admiration and worked out a way to get to meet her. The rest of the show
pretty much followed the first two events, she won with perfect scores, much
like Nadia Comaneci in the 1976 Olympics, but everything about her just
dominated each and every one of the other gymnasts in the room, she had a
life-force that was so powerful, it almost radiated up to the spot that I was

Using my media pass, I got back to the German's dressing room and requested an
interview session with Shannon for an American magazine. Seeing my media pass
they figured I was on the up and up, and minutes later Shannon came out to
greet me. I asked her if she spoke English and she said, "Yes, I do quite
well, my parents sent me over to England to study for 3 years." Excellent, I
thought, this could go quite easy, if I say the right things, which to tell
you the truth, I have trouble doing in these situations. "Hello Ms. Stroheim,
may I call you Shannon?" She smiled, and her teeth were as beautiful as the
rest of her, "Of course." She offered her hand and I took it, what I felt was
just about what I expected, a very firm grip, of course it had to be to do the
feats of strength she had shown. "My name is Jeremy Wilson, I'm a freelance
online news reporter, I would like to interview you about your success tonight
and your personal background, if I may?" A light seemed to go on in her head,
"Jeremy Wilson? The Jeremy Wilson from Diana the Valkyrie?" I blushed a little
and said, "Well yes, that's a little hobby of mine, I just write about what I
love, female strength and muscle, but this is what pays the bills." She
giggled a little, her voice had a light, lilting quality to it, "Well, I
discovered your stories a couple of years ago, and I love each and every one
of them, especially involving the little girls lifting guys much, much heavier
than they were."

I was a little taken aback, this girl liked my stories, not only that, but she
loved the ones that I myself personally enjoyed writing the most, because
they're my deepest fantasies. "Well, one of the things I would like to talk to
you about is your strength, I was impressed a great deal by what I saw out
there, your power just dominated each and every one of those other girls out
there, if you don't mind me asking, how strong are you?" She blushed and said,
"Well, I tried to tone it down a little, I was not using all my power, but
just enough to win every event, I started in gymnastics when I was 6 years
old, and the coaches were amazed at the abilities I had at the very beginning.
Then he suggested I go into weightlifting to improve my overall strength when
I was 8, well, I took to the weights right away, the results are what you see
before you." I nodded, but inside my stomach was turning cartwheels, "That's
great, and I'll keep this off the record if you want me to, could you show me
exactly how strong you are?" She looked around and said, "Okay, since no one
is here, I'll give you a sample of my strength, how much do you weigh?" I
responded, "About 330 pounds, give or take a few ounces." She nodded, "Okay,
have you ever seen ballet performances where the male lifts up a female under
her arms, well hold your arms straight out and hold as still as possible."

I did just that, she reached her hands under my arms, took a firm grip around
my biceps, than pressed her arms without a grunt straight over her head, along
with her arms rose my 330 pound body. "My God! I can't believe it, I mean, I
weigh 3 and a half times what you weigh, how heavy am I for you?" She just
shook her head and said, "You're as light as my pillow, Jeremy, seriously, I
can hardly even feel you, I know you're so much bigger than me, but I could
hold you up there forever." I was amazed, here is a really small woman, 21
years old, but looks more like a 10 year old because of her height, and
slender, though incredibly ripped body, holding me like I was the little
child. "How, how did you get so strong?!?" I nearly shouted as she started
bouncing me up and down like I was a beachball in her fingers. "Well, I guess
13 years of lifting fairly heavy weights, I told you I started lifting when I
was 8, well, I was already strong even then, my first bench press was 45
kilograms, I guess you would say that's 100 pounds, I weighed 50 pounds at the
time and I really didn't have any trouble with it, doing it for 12 reps. I
loved to workout, so I did it 3 hours a day, 5 days a week, I got stronger all
the time, by the time I hit 12 years old, I figured was more than twice as
strong as my coach, so I decided to test the theory by having him armwrestle
me, both of his arms against my weaker left arm, I won, with great ease to
tell you the truth." She was talking the whole time she was holding me up in
the air, her voice showed no strain, no evidence that she was even trying that
hard, I had to know what my heart was dreading, yet anxious to ask.

"Shannon, I guess you know by reading my stories how perfect you are for me,
it has been a fantasy of mine to meet someone exactly like you since I was
very young. It's difficult to ask this, because I have never been good with
the ladies, I'm very shy because of my weight and I have little experience
but..." She interrupted, "Oh Jeremy, of course I would go out with you, I knew
from the moment I read one of your stories that I would like to meet the
tortured soul who harbored many of the same fantasies that I had. You see, I
love to lift guys, especially guys who are much bigger than me, yet not one of
those guys were excited sexually by that kind of thing, they were shocked,
scared, and turned off by being lifted by me. They think its strange for a
girl to be so strong, but when I saw your stories, I saw a kindred spirit who
not only would love to be lifted by a girl my size, but would be turned on
sexually by a girl who had the strength that I possess." My head was spinning,
this gorgeous, super strong, incredibly ripped, little gymnast had the hots
for me just as much as I had the hots for her, incredible! I was moving
towards the ground and I thought she was going to let me go, but I was wrong,
as soon as my feet hit the ground, they were off it again, as she lifted me up
in a cradle carry. I smiled down at her, she smiled up at me, I knew right
then and there, this girl was the one for me. She carried me to my car, not
caring that it was 3 blocks away and people were staring at her the whole
time, she was wearing her leotard still, her feet were bare, but nothing
mattered to her at that point other than me and her. That was 3 days ago, and
it set off the most fantastic 3 days of my life. Right now she is sleeping in
my bed, she has quit competitive gymnastics, left the German Gymnastic Team
and decided to move in with me to continue fulfilling each and every one of my
lift and carry fantasies. I will be back tomorrow to fill you in more on
Shannon's strength.

June 22, 2009

Hey everyone, sorry if I was a little late updating, I just was worn out from
Friday Night, Shannon and I went to a gym, not just any gym, though, it was a
special gym that she was the only member of, where the machines, bars, and
plates were special made to weigh much more than any known in regular gyms
right now. I mean the minimum weight plate is 50 pounds, the next one up is
100, and the biggest is 250 pounds, the dumbbells go from 100 pounders all the
way up to 450 pounders. I watched in amazement as this tiny girl took a pair
of 180 pound dumbbells, just about twice her bodyweight, in each of her tiny,
though incredibly vascular hands and started curling them like they were 5
pound weights to you or me. I was completely taken aback, I knew she was
mightily strong, she had shown that in the past three days by lifting me in a
number of different ways, each as easy as the next, still I had a hard time
believing this wasn't some sort of wonderful dream that I would eventually
wake up from. She completed a set of 25 curls for each arm and set them down,
picking up a pair of 225 pound dumbbells to continue her arm workout. Combined
these weights weigh 450 pounds, the girl curling them weighs 92 pounds, the
thought that she was curling almost 5 times her weight was incredible to me,
yet it seemed as normal as brushing her teeth to her. After doing 15 reps with
each arm, she completed her arms workout by picking up a pair of 275 pounders,
these weights were not quite as easy as the rest, but she still managed to
pump them up and down for 8 reps, respectable when considering that the
combined weight was 6 times her bodyweight.

Oh I forgot to give you some background on the gym, first of all Shannon had
it built because she had moved to the US 2 years ago, still traveling with the
German Gymnastics team as a German national, she had been planning to retire
to America anyway, meeting me was all the impetus she needed. Her parents were
fairly rich, her dad a baron who made his money from the 3rd largest beer
company in Germany, her mother was also rich in her own right, the daughter of
a Bavarian real estate tycoon, kind of like a more successful version of our
Donald Trump. Combined the riches they accumulated could have bought their
daughter anything in the World she wanted, and she wanted to lift weights,
heavier ones than can be found in any gym around the World. She told me that
she wanted a place not only for her, but for people like her, she was sure she
wasn't the only unnaturally strong girl in the World, she wanted to make the
gym accessible to those who just couldn't find heavy enough weight in regular
gyms, but she didn't know how to make that possible without attracting guys
who think they're strong, but couldn't hold a candle to Shannon and girls like
her, if there were any more out there like her. On the third day Shannon got
an interesting email from a girl from China, she was 17 and built much like
Shannon, 4'6 84 pounds of ripped gymnast muscle, she was at the Beijing
Olympics, but was told to not perform to what she knew were her best
abilities. She said she was far ahead of anyone in her country, and was tired
of being repressed, of her strength, agility, and speed being held back, so
she stowed away on an airplane to the United States, was given political
asylum, put in a foster family who regularly took care of foreign exchange
students and saw Shannon's message on a Yahoo group. She knew that if she
could use her full potential when lifting weights, which she was never allowed
to do in China, she could break all the records. She wanted to join Shannon's
gym because she felt that was the only place to explore her potential, and
Shannon may be the only girl to help her discover that. Shannon had kept the
address secret unless she received an email of a worthy gym member, Shannon
smiled as she sensed this was the girl who could be the first gym member.
We'll meet with her later today and I'll get back to you on how it goes

June 23, 2009

Well, the girl from China was everything I hoped for, she was tiny, only
coming up to the bottom of my chest, but everything else checked out, she
turned 17 2 months ago, she was a member of the Chinese Olympics squad for the
08 games. That's when I recognized her, this was the little girl that the US
tried to get disqualified for being too young, for her size she had fantastic
speed, strength and agility. I shook her hand and was a little surprised,
because as tiny as it was, she grabbed my hand in a vice of steel, I had tried
to pull my arm and hand away, but she held it immobile with her strength, not
even noticing my efforts. Quite the contrary, she was smiling and nodding at
me as I tried to explain what the gym was all about, I say try because I had a
hard time speaking because of the pain ratcheting through my hand. She let go
and approached Shannon, who was smiling off to the back and side, Kei, the
name of the Chinese gymnast held out her hand to Shannon, and you could see
that there wasn't too much of a size difference, only 3 inches in height and
probably about 10 pounds in weight. Shannon accepted and started to grind
down, trying to take revenge for me having my hand wrung out, the only problem
was that Kei didn't seem to feel it at all and then she put her own pressure
on the hold, Shannon's eyes were wide open in disbelief as she felt something
she hadn't felt in many years, someone that might be stronger than her.
Shannon was grunting, trying to bring more power to the intense handshake but
all this did was make Kei laugh at Shannon's expression of effort and anger,
finally Shannon dropped to her knees it hurt so much, I couldn't believe it,
my strong girl, the girl who had shown me strength I never thought possible
was losing a strength contest to a smaller, younger girl, with seeming ease. I
just shook my head in disbelief as we headed on in the gym, Shannon leading
the way shaking her hand out, trying to get the feeling back into it.

I was mesmerized, ever since I met her, Shannon was without doubt, the
strongest girl I had ever met, yet Kei had come in and shown me and Shannon
the meaning of real power, I had to know how strong she really was! Shannon
motioned to the bench which was loaded to 700 pounds, her warmup weight, "I am
impressed with your hand strength, but that's not the biggest indicator of
overall strength, let's see you bench this, its my warmup." Kei nodded with a
serious look on her face, got down beneath the bar, and took it off the rests
without even a grunt of effort. She brought the bar down to her chest and
pumped it back up with ease, she did it slow and steady, finishing off the
50th rep with just as much ease as she did the 1st. I looked over at Shannon
with a crazy look of worry, we both knew that Shannon could only get 40 reps
out of that, and that's with very much effort for the last couple reps.
Shannon tried not to look worried as she patted Kei on the shoulder and said,
"That's very good, now let's go with a bit heavier weight." I saw her take the
100 pound plates off and put a 250 pound weight on each side followed by 2 100
pound plates on each side of the 50 pound bar. This added up to an incredible
950 pounds, which is a little below Shannon's max of 1000 pounds, if Kei would
do this with the ease she did 700, there would be no question as to who would
be stronger. Kei warmed up and stretched a little, she got down again, and to
my amazement she took the bar off the rests with seemingly little effort,
Shannon was behind her as a spotter, but looking at the ease with which Kei
had lifted the 700 pounds, she may not need one here. And it turns out Shannon
was right, Kei brought it down to her chest and easily pressed it up, before
our unbelieving eyes, the tiny Chinese gymnast bench pressed 950 pounds, over
11 times her own weight as easily as it was the 700 pounds before. She
completed 50 reps with seeming ease, then decided to go a little farther,
probably to further her dominance over Shannon, she finally put the bar back
after completing 78 reps.

I was standing there with my mouth open, Shannon was shocked as well, not even
moving from the spot after Kei had put the bar back down, got up and did a
little dance. Kei looked at the look in my and Shannon's face and said, "Don't
worry my friends, and don't think that you're weak Shannon, I was just brought
up in an environment that was about strict training, and discipline. In fact
the reason I defected was because the Chinese government was too strict, they
had my whole day planned out for me, and to top it off, on the biggest 2 weeks
of our year, the Olympics, they told me to hold back, to not humiliate the
other countries. I got tired of them telling me what to do, and really who was
going to stop me, when I expressed my disinterest in staying on the Olympic
team after last year, they sent 3 thugs that were each over 6'3 and 300
pounds, they were masked but I could tell they were members of the Chinese
Superheavyweight Weightlifting program. Well, I took pleasure in combating
each one of their attacks with my superior strength. You should have been
there when I had two of them over my head, one in each hand, they were
screaming, had I tested my strength against all three of them at once, I would
have won, quite easily, what you have seen from me just now is the tip of the
iceberg. Honorable Shannon, could you put on 3 more 100 pound plates on each
side of the barbell, I want to get my arms workout in." We were incredulous,
but Shannon had to know, she had to see exactly how strong this miniscule
Chinese girl was, so she did as Kei asked, making the weight a total of 1,550
pounds, more weight than I had ever seen Shannon lift, even for squats and

The bar was bending from the ridiculous amount of weight on it, to our
surprise, Kei got behind it and took an underhand grip. No I thought to
myself, she can't be serious, this tiny girl, only weighing 84 pounds herself
at the most was attempting to curl 1550 pounds, well over my girlfriend's
bench, squat and deadlift records? My mouth was open, my tongue was hanging, I
was drooling in anticipation of a World changing moment for me. Something else
was happening as well, despite my love for Shannon, I couldn't help but have a
boner because of the incredible power that Kei was showing at that point. I
looked over at Shannon, she was sweating, and this is a girl that just about
never sweated, even after a fairly heavy workout, but I could tell something
was happening to her, she was clutching her breast, and her other hand was
creeping up her thigh. She didn't even pay attention to me, this whole time
she had her eyes clearly focused on the Chinese phenom who had been curling
1550 pounds like nothing for what seemed like hours, but was probably only 5
minutes, still if you figure 3 reps every ten seconds, 18 reps in a minute,
she had done 90 reps, without even looking like she cared that there was 3/4
of a ton on the bar she was curling with. Both of us were basically
overheating, both mentally and physically, this young girl, only 17 years old
had inflamed a passion for strength and muscle in both of us, I had dreamed
many years of meeting someone like Shannon, but to compare Shannon to Kei was
like trying to compare a flea to a lion, there was just no comparison, Kei won
hands down. I think both of us realized this and just let go with our
feelings, it was useless to fight it, Kei was our superior, and the way she
was smirking, still curling the huge weight effortlessly while watching both
of us worship her body with our eyes, and soon with our own bodies.

Shannon had dropped all pretenses, she had her shirt and sports bra off,
rubbing her nipples, she had her hand down her lycra shorts, working herself
into an orgasmic frenzy. I had followed suit, it seemed Kei didn't mind it at
all, in fact, she encouraged it with a nod as I brought my pants and underwear
down, starting beating off with as much fervor as I ever had before. Kei
winked at us, moved her hands to the middle of the incredibly heavy and huge
bar, then started curling it with one hand. That was just what we needed to
get off, both Shannon and I had come at the same time, seeing how easily the
girl was curling what was over 18 times her own bodyweight with only one hand.
We collapsed, shaking to the ground, I know I had never been more satisfied by
an orgasm, even with Shannon. Kei finally put down the bar, and walked over to
us, she bent down, put one arm around my waist, the other around Shannon's,
lifted us up with absolute ease, and asked, "Which way to the bedroom?"

More in the future hopefully, until then, remember, don't underestimate
gymnasts, they are pound for pound, the strongest athletes out there.

The End


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