A Shocking Gymnast

by iceman75

I find out that my crush is stronger than she looks, and she looks very strong!

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A Shocking Gymnast
By Jeremy Wilson shaneomacfan3@yahoo.com
A short, but incredibly powerful young woman

December, 21 2010

Gymnast Ginny Walters has always had an effect on people, ever since she was
young, people marveled at her incredible physique, which showed itself first
at 10, her 8 pack abs and sizable pecs bulged through her skin tight leotard,
which was much bigger a size than usual for her age and height, which was
quite a bit shorter than her 10 year old team mates. She was only 4'2, but
weighed 95 pounds, which was equal to a couple of 14 and 15 year olds and it
was all because of her dense, powerful muscle.

Yes, even then her body was brimming with power, she did things much more
forcefully, faster, and with more reckless abandon than most of the girls on
the team, even girls 4 or 5 years older. Sometimes this caused her to fall,
but she never got injured, she may twist an ankle from a 10 foot fall off the
uneven bars, but she walks it off and 10 minutes later, it was unnoticeable.
She did more push-ups, pull-ups, sit-ups, and Indian squats than even the
boys. It seems that she was driven to be the absolute best and nothing less
than that would be good enough for her.

So Ginny grew up that way, now at 17 years old, she is only 4'10 inches tall,
but she spins the scale up to 160 pounds, all of it dense, incredibly hard
muscle. Her power continued to grow almost exponentially, now she does triple
the amount of the next highest person's repetitions when it came to all of the
power moves, when it comes to push-ups, actually she does 3 times what
everyone does on two hands with only one hand. And she doubles the reps for
pull-ups of the next highest person using her one arm. Sometimes just to prove
she can, she does pull-ups with two of the bigger teammates on the team
hanging off of her. These girls are much taller than her, but only slightly
heavier, but it doesn't make any difference, their combined 325 pounds plus
hardly makes her try with two hands, and sometimes she shocks them by
performing multiple reps with one arm.

And talk about agile! With the kind of proportions that Ginny has, you'd never
think she'd be able to run as fast as she does, or jump as high as she does.
But her compact muscle bound body doesn't slow her down one bit. She sprints
across the floor like a cheetah chasing an antelope, but with even more grace
and power, if that's possible. Her jumps defy reality, she takes off across
that mat for her floor routine and with controlled precision, she launches
herself at least 10 feet in the air with seeming ease and flips herself around
so fast it's a blur to anyone fortunate enough to be watching. The judges
almost always give her perfect scores in events, because no one performs with
as much precision and power as she does, it's almost like watching a video
game version of a human being doing gymnastics, but it's all 100% real.

I know, I happened to watch her last high school meet, 2 days from now, I plan
on asking her out, because that's the day she turns 18, and even though I'm
sure she has guys beating down her door, I'm hoping that by some miracle, she
accepts my invitation to go out with me. Of course I will not get that far
with her, not if she doesn't want me to, I mean her power compared to mine is
like comparing a World's Strongest Man competitor and a kindergartner. I
wouldn't ever dream of doing anything to her, anyway, however, I'd love to see
the full extent of her strength. I'm a big man, could she lift me and carry me
around? Could she lift me over her head? With Ginny, there's nothing that's
impossible, she's been doing the impossible for most of her life!

December 24, 2010

Alright, so today I approached Ginny, now first let me tell you a little about
myself, I'm a 21 year old guy that graduated the year Ginny came in as a
Freshman, so don't think our ages are that disparate, I'm no 40 year old goon
going after jailbait. Of course I kept my eye on Ginny from the first time I
saw her, her wide shoulders weren't even close to being hidden under a bulky
sweater, and whenever she wore a skirt, she couldn't help but show her huge
thighs and ripped calves. I had gotten caught looking at her before by some of
my friends and football teammates, and they made fun of my preference for
muscular girls.

Not that Ginny was ugly, that is the farthest thing from the truth, she had a
cute freckled face, with a button nose and long shoulder length flame red
hair. Personally, I found her facially more attractive than a lot of the
senior cheerleaders, but of course to appease the guys and be a leader of the
jocks, I had to at least make appearances of dating those same cheerleaders,
Ginny never left my thoughts though. When I graduated, I was almost sad to
leave, because I wouldn't get the chance to see those huge legs, those wide
shoulders, those protruding pectorals walking down the hall anymore.

So what did I do? I came back under the guise of a sports fan, cheering my old
high school, but did I go to football or boys basketball? Nope, I went to
Gymnastic meets, and Track and Field meets, knowing from experience that Ginny
competed in those disciplines. It almost seemed weird to be so obsessive about
a girl that was younger than me, and probably didn't know who I was or that I
even existed. But it was the fact that Ginny was who she was, my perfect idea
of womanhood, so powerful, so muscular, so confident.

She aced gymnastics, but her Track and Field efforts were also quite
phenomenal, she was on the discus and shot-put events, which were great,
because it made use of her squat, powerful physique. But she also did long
jump and high jump, which for a girl her size, with her short, muscular,
powerful legs, it didn't seem to make a lot of sense, but she never failed to
impress in those events as well. It was almost like she single-handedly won
every match for the team, amassing firsts in every event she took part in. She
also alternated on the 4 x 100m relay team, but to participate she had to drop
one of the other events, because rules state the maximum events you could take
part in was 4. Even if she was taken out of one of her favorite events, her
speed was so astounding for her size that she made up for it, running the
first leg of the race she put the team out in front by such a wide margin that
by the time she got to the first teammate she was on average 25 meters ahead
of the next team's girl. The rest of the members of the team could cruise in

So, you know, by the time I worked up enough guts to ask her out, I was
obviously expecting the worst. But what I got surprised even me....

January 2, 2011

It's been a while, hasn't it, well, I needed a little time to recover. Sex
with Ginny will drain you of all energy for days and days. But she's so
loving, she'll take care of you like a mother bird, caring for her baby birds.
Alright, I guess I should start at the beginning.

A little over 8 days ago, I asked Ginny to go out with me. To my great shock
and surprise, she immediately said yes. I was a little taken aback, so I asked
her why she said yes so quickly and without hesitation. Here's her response:

"Jeremy, I don't know if you've noticed, but I'm pretty powerful, and I got
these great big muscles, a lot of guys around here are very intimidated by me.
So you can probably guess how many dates I've had over the last 4 years, when
you came out of the blue and asked me, it was like a dream come true... You
see, I've had a crush on you since freshman year. You're handsome, and while
you're a little overweight, you seem to make it look good. You're also a very
nice, kind guy, I saw you in the hall ways helping people out when they needed
it, and some even when they didn't need it. You never had an air of
inapproachability to you, but I knew you could never go out with the freshman
girl who's built like a tank. So I never got up the guts to ask you, or even
talk to you. And now, to find out that you find me attractive, and wanted to
ask me out? I feel like I'm floating on air! Of course, I'll go out with you,
silly! Just say when and where and I'll show you a time you'll never forget!"

So... we made plans, but those plans never really came to fruition, see, she
came to my house, walked there actually, even though she had a car, and the
difference between her house and my house was 5 miles, she decided that a walk
would do us both some good. I wasn't about to disagree with her, even if she
was in love with me, the power she possessed made me think that getting her
angry was a bad idea. Little did I know, what she showed on the gymnast mats
was nothing compared to what she was really capable of.

This I found out later on my date, when after sitting in the park, I asked her
about herself. She basically told me her whole family background, Dad a former
Olympic Weightlifter, Mom a former Olympic gymnast, her mom got her into
gymnastics very early, and Ginny took to it like a fish to water. Her dad was
now a personal trainer, so when it came time for her to lift weights to
augment her gymnastics skills, he took that over. It seems he taught her very
well, because she told me, at 13 she was stronger than he ever was. I laughed,
but she looked at me like she was completely serious.

I said, "No, you can't be that strong, I mean your dad is big, right? A former
Olympic Weightlifter."

"That's right, he's big, at his height he was 290 pounds at 6'2, his high
bench was 640 pounds, his high squat 995, his best clean and jerk was 430
pounds. And I beat all those marks when I was 13 years old. I was a little big
shorter than I am right now, 4'7, and I weighed 115 pounds of dense muscle. I
had been weightlifting for 4 years up to that point, and Dad was there the
whole time. When I beat him, lifting over 6 times my body weight and 2 and
half times what he weighed, he was shocked of course, but he was proud too.
Already I had been lifting and carrying his 240 pounds, but before that, he
was embarrassed by me doing it, after that point, he was just proud to have
such a strong girl in the family. And over the 5 years since, as you can
guess, I've only gotten stronger."

"Yes, I can guess, could you show me a little bit of your strength. To tell
you the truth, that's one of the reasons I asked you out, I'm very much into
strong women, and from your gymnastics performances, I could tell that you
were in another level of strength all together from your teammates and

"Oh Jeremy, I don't know, most of the guys I know can't handle my strength, I
know you say that strong women turn you on, but the level of strength I've
attained, well, let's just say that you haven't seen someone do the stuff I
can do, unless you read those stories at places like Forum Saradas and Diana
the Valkyrie."

My ears perked up. "Ginny, not only do I read those kinds of stories, I have
actually written a lot of stories like that. Not just super strength, but
super duper strength!"

"Oh, well, I don't know if I have super duper strength, you'll just have to
judge by what I do when we get back to your place."

Oh Boy! She's gonna show me her strength! I thought to myself as I rubbed my
hands together.

So she got up first and began walking back to my house, I had a thought going
through my head. How about she shows me some of her strength right now? So I
ran up to her and jumped on her back. I expected her to stumble, maybe even go
down to the ground under my 270 pounds, but she didn't even seem to notice, it
could have been a fly on her back as far as I could tell from her reaction.
She just kept walking at the same speed, and I held on as best I could, my
hands around her neck, my feet around her waist. If anyone had been out
watching that, it would have been surreal, a huge man on the back of a very
small, though very wide and thick girl.

Well, we got home not too long after, the park was 5 blocks away, and I rode
Ginny the whole way. Not that she noticed, she walked smoothly, confidently,
the whole time, never once acknowledging my presence, despite the fact I weigh
almost twice what she does, and since my body is so much bigger, it was
hanging low on her. She didn't assist me holding me under the legs or
anything, she just swung her arms like there was nothing hanging off of her.
But I desist...

When we finally did arrive at my house I leg go of her and dropped to the
ground. She looked back at me and said. "Shall we start? I'm anxious to show
you my strength, somehow, I feel you can handle whatever I can do."

"Maybe, but let me ask you something? Did you feel anything on the walk home?
I mean, I jumped on your back and rode you all the way back here, but you
didn't seem to notice me at all!"

"Oh, was that you, I thought a mosquito landed on my shoulder, I don't shoo
them away mostly because their tiny little stickers can't penetrate into my
flesh anymore, it's too hard. Once they figure that out, ending up with a
broken nose, they fly off on their own. I figured one decided to enjoy the
ride, but it turned out to be you. Didn't really feel the difference in
weight, to tell you the truth."

"You...didn't, I mean a mosquito has got to weigh 1/100th of a gram, I weigh
270 pounds! The difference in weight is nearly impossible to calculate!"

"Not if you're a super genius that happens to be super strong. You weigh
approximately 594,000 times what a mosquito weighs."

"My goodness, you are super smart too? Damn, there goes another one of my
fantasies, do you realize how special you are?"

"Of course, I've always realized I'm special, the reactions of my family laid
it out for me, when at 7 years old, I took a high school equivalency test and
passed with a perfect score, then when I was 9, I took it again, this time in
4 different foreign languages, Russian, Arabian, Chinese, and Spanish, and I
once again aced every one. My parents didn't want me to go to college at 10,
so I decided to dumb myself down to the point that I could go to grade school
and high school with people of my own age. But I've always retained an
intellect that would put most high speed computers to shame. But I'm guessing
you want to see my strength now, don't you?"

"Well, yes, I would love to, but now I'm feeling sort of dumb, I mean I went
to college and got straight b's, now you're telling me you could've gone to
college as young as 10 and graduated before you were 14? That's amazing!"

"Well, as smart as I am, I'm much, much stronger, baby! This body doesn't seem
to have many limits, if any. I've never demonstrated even close to my full
power with anyone. That's because I've never found a weight that I couldn't
lift easily."

"Well, except when you were growing up, right? I mean you had to start out
light, didn't you?"

"Jeremy, to tell you the truth, I was probably stronger than my dad even
before I was 13, but that's when I decided to show him. Even at 13, I was
probably so much stronger than him, that it would have taken 3 of him to beat
me in an armwrestle, if the two of him were using all 4 off his arms and I was
using my weaker one. I told you I surpassed his numbers back then, but not by
how much, 640 was weightless to me the first time I benched it, I had to do
200 reps with it before I figured I couldn't get a pump with it. Then I put on
his squat number, 995 pounds, it made the bar bend terribly. But as I benched
it, I barely then, at 13 years old, felt the difference between it and the 640
I had just benched before. Almost 10 times my bodyweight was near weightless
in my hands. 150 reps later, there was no difference. So to answer your
question, when it has come to weights, from the time I've seriously tried to
find out my limits, I haven't been able to, my bodies always been strong
enough to do whatever I've wanted it to."

"Show me, please?"

"Okay, if you insist."

She went over to my SUV, it must have weighed 5,500 pounds, she put her right
hand under it as far as it would go, and with as much effort as a waitress
lifting an empty tray, all 4 wheels left the ground. She held it out in the
palm of her hand like she was offering it to me to take, her arm fully
extended, no strain showed on her face, nor was her arm in any way flexed. It
looked truly weightless in her hand.

Well, as you might guess, I was harder than steel listening to her story, but
at the first true demonstration of her unfathomable strength, I couldn't
prevent myself from cumming in my pants hard. She dropped the car to the
ground and raced over, as my knees got weak she lifted me in a cradle carry
and carried me up the stairs to my front door, I opened it for her, being the
courteous man I was, and she carried me into the family room, finally setting
me down on the couch.

"Boy Jeremy, if you couldn't handle that little display, how the heck are you
going to fare when I show you some of my real power!"

Oh jeez! Man, what is she really, really capable of!??!


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