Large Grandma Part 2

by amnoartist95

You wake up the next day, after the unexpected sex with your grandma, when things just escalate....

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Large Grandma Part 2
Written & edited by Amnoartist

NOTE: This is one of my more extreme, push-the-envelope Patreon stories that caters to a very particular audience. Please bear in mind that there are themes in this story that won't appeal to everyone. With that said, I hope you enjoy. Please also note that I'm aware of the perspective change near the end of this half. When I was actively working on this series for Patreon, I decided to make the change behind-the-scenes.

You woke up the next morning with a surprisingly painful crotch, laid sloppily on the bedroom floor and drooling slightly. Not the most beautiful thing to wake up to in the morning, if someone saw you, but luckily you were spared that embarrassment.

You looked around and saw the wreck of a bed your grandma formerly slept in. Then you remember – everything. The memory flashes that followed brought forth a torrent of guilt and lust rolled into one: your grandma’s swollen stomach; her sucking you off; the casual flex of her monstrous, vein-laden bicep… they all carried with them an emotion. You unluckily had to pick out which was which, like finding a needle in a haystack. “Aw geez.”

A moment of calm recollection passed before you set off into the bathroom, wondering how everyone else would take the news because there was no doubting they knew what happened.

Sometime later you shared breakfast with your grandpa, who boasted a knowing grin as he watched you sluggishly eat. It was just he and you at the dining table, as your mother, sister and grandma were… elsewhere.

“So,” your grandpa called out, mushing his cereal deeper into the milk to soak it up, “did you have a good time with your grandma last night, kiddo?”

You gulped, keeping your mouth shut. How else were you supposed to react to a question like that? It wasn’t a question one would typically ask anytime, let alone during breakfast.

“Aw, come on, now,” your grandpa chuckled. “Don’t act like I don’t know what happened. I woke up just before you and found you lying there on the floor like a baby.”

“I don’t know what to think,” you admitted. You were torn over how to feel on the previous night’s events. It wasn’t every day you got sucked off so well, but at the same time, it wasn’t normal for the person who did the sucking to be your grandma.

“Uh-huh.” Your grandpa thought otherwise. No – he knew otherwise; after all, you would not have submitted to your grandma if you were not interested in what she had to offer or could do.

“Where is she though?” you asked curiously before taking a sip of orange juice. You felt like you needed it; your lips were dry.

Your grandpa offered a small chuckle. He did know. You would not have asked that if interest did not take hold of you. “She’s in the basement, working out with your mother and sister.”

At that moment you heard the drawn out groaning of steel from below, the strained grunts and groans of various pitches. It was a cacophony of metal and lust. There was that slight urge to stop eating and head down the basement and see the powerful women in question work out, but you knew better.

“That’s it sweetie, work those cows,” you heard your grandma call out in a commanding tone, her voice near blasting through the door that led to the basement. “Make them moo!”

“I-I-I can’t,” your sister responded weepily, letting out a groan that was more pleasurable than an indication of strain, as if she had stopped pressing. “I’m just not strong enough.”

“Look!” Your grandma nearly screamed, presumably flexing her massive quads as a means to motivate your Mr Olympia shaming sister. “Do you or do you not want quads like these?”

“Yes,” your sister strained.

“Then press that weight!”

Your grandpa watched you visibly squirm at the teasing that took place just a few feet below you. If it wasn’t for him being able to control his urge from years of experience, he would probably be in the same position as you. “Calm down, kiddo.”

Your sister let loose a roar as the groaning of steel came to an end by way of a definitive clanking sound that rang through the entire basement and up the stairs.

“That’s it!” your grandma hollered pleasantly. “I knew you could do it.”

“Congratulations honey,” your mother complimented, her voice soothing as always. She never did doubt what your sister was capable of. “You’re that little bit closer to being strong as your grandma.”

Even though you couldn’t see her, you imagined your sister showed some form of frown at your mother’s statement.

“And I’m that much stronger than both of you combined,” your grandma teased with a laugh, twisting the metaphorical knife.

Your sister groaned. “No’ fair. Why can’t I have quads like that?”

Your mother gave off a small laugh at your sister’s adorably cute anger. “Don’t worry ‘hon. like I said: you’ll get there eventually.”

Your sister grumbled.

You returned to the dining table when the loud, near thunderously combined steps of your hulking relatives were heard, ascending the stairs to grace you and your grandpa with their mighty presence.

Your mother appeared first, clad in frame-hugging sports top and shorts with trainers. Her quick and ragged breaths accentuated every heave of her chest, draped in a lattice of soft pink veins that bulged across every inch of her physique, biceps pressed against her hips.

Your sister was to her side, more or less the same in appearance with the exception of rips and tears evenly spread across her shorts and top. Her mammoth sized back soaked in the sweat from her loose blonde hair. Arms folded to make her delts and lats flare, she looked at you with a shrewd grin.

Then your grandma appeared.

She had doubled in width as a result of her intense workout, casting a vast, dark shadow over your mother and sister without having to flex! Her wrinkles were highlighted from the gentle smile she presented upon her arrival.

“Well, that was a nice workout,” she said, looking to you for a moment, then your grandpa. “Long and intense.”

“Aw yeah!” Your sister drew herself down into a crab flex, coercing every possible muscle to both visibly and audibly bulge to its maximum! “We got such a great pump from it!” Holding the pose, her biceps pushed inward closer to her chest, muscles and veins squirming.

“I’m going to catch a bath now,” your grandma declared, heading to the door before turning back at the realisation she had forgotten something. “And I want you to help me,” she insisted, pointing to you.

Your heart sank. How were you going to wash her? Not that you were unwilling or otherwise. It was just… she was so damn big; you wondered it was even possible to wash her. You turned to your mother for her opinion on the matter. Her reply was not verbal, rather made known through expression; it looked as though she wanted to wash your grandma instead! But your grandma could not be more insistent that it be you.

“Do I have to,” you nearly squeaked out.

“No, of course not,” your grandma said soothingly, kindly. Her expression turned to one of disappointment as if to say she thought that you thought you were forced into it. But then her face changed into something more frightening. “But I’ll give you a right good, old-fashioned spanking with this arm here,” she said, curling her arm into a flex so powerful, the top burst to show her full arm, deltoid and all, veins popping and coiling, “if you don’t.”

“Best do what you’re told, kiddo,” your grandpa said, his tone indicating remorse.

You gulped.


“Now…” Your grandma slowly removed her bathrobe to reveal the mountain range of muscle that was her back, tensing it for a moment to entice you. “I want you to be a good boy and not lose your cream while bathing me, okay?”

You nodded in compliance with your grandma’s command, in spite of knowing all too well it would be near impossible to uphold.

The robe dropped to the floor in a heap of pearl white cotton, revealing your grandma’s rippling nakedness. Through the portable mirror in front of her, she spotted your gobsmacked expression and returned with a flex of her glutes, compelling the steely and wrinkled beef to ripple and bulge. “It’s going to be so much fun for me watching you fail and blow your load in those clean jeans of yours.”

She stepped into the bath and laid her back against the side. The water spilled out to the floor as her massive glutes caused a mini tsunami within its porcelain confines. A smile crept across her face as she extended her calf out to you, pointing to the extra-large sponge you knew was still too small. “Start with the cows, sweetie.”

Shivering, you complied, taking the sponge to your grandma’s calf. By comparison, the width of your forearm did not match even half its size, criss-crossed with veins and wrinkles that only emphasised its beauty and splendour. She sighed as the water’s warmth struck her cannonball sized calf.

“You know there’s no need to pretend you don’t like’ me, dear,” she said, glancing at your predictable erection that started to make itself known. “But if you don’t do as you’re told and hold your cream in like I asked…” she reached out and grabbed your cock with the full vice-like strength of her hand, causing you to yelp out. “I will give you that spanking, a young man or not.” She let go, alleviating you of the pain.

“But what if I want the spanking?” you said.

“Ho-ho, naughty,” you grandma called out, waving a finger. She pulled her bulging arm out for you to clean it, watching the soapy water slide down the thick groove and striations. “But no, that’s not how things work. If you want that spanking, you need to lose your cream. And you know there are ways to do that. After all, we’re all alone here, pet.”

You cocked your brow in confusion.

“Do I need to spell it out for you?” Your grandma motioned to your crotch. “Start jacking,” she commanded sternly.

Without even a hint of hesitation, you unbuckled your jeans, pulled them and your underwear down over your ankles and started to jerk off, half wanting to and half out of fear of what your grandma would do if you did not.

“That’s it. That’s a good boy.” Your grandma pulled an arm up into a flex that smashed the soapy suds between its crook together and formed floating bubbles. “Jack off to granny. Make her feel appreciated.”

You watched as your grandma’s soap-covered hand reached down to your cock and helped you with the pleasurable deed in slow strokes. Smiling, she watched as you started to drool a little.

“A little too good, eh, kiddo?”

You nodded.

Your grandma pulled her hand free and laid back into the bath. “Finish yourself off in your room. I’ll maybe give you that spanking later, depending on my mood.”

She was such a tease!


Large Grandma III

Your grandma looked at both you and your sister with a shrewd grin, dressed in a stylish bikini and heels that accentuated her every rippling, out-sizing, veiny and bulbous muscles.

“Go on” she said, cupping her breasts with a smile defying her age. “Give ‘em a feel. You know you want to. Go for a right good squeeze.”

You gulped in trepidation not at what your grandma was so openly permitting, but the sheer concept a pair of breasts as big as hers could even exist. Not only that, they looked so firm and plump with zero discernible sag considering their size.

“I don’t think I-”

Your sister laughed as she obviously found your reluctance humorous. “You scared? Never saw a pair of breasts so big?”

“No, and you hadn't either until now” you pointed out confidently. “Besides, I've seen them both on a more, um…personal level.”

While what you said was true, your sister didn't care much about it. You didn't touch them though, did you? “If you're too scared to do that, I will instead.”

Your grandma smirked knowingly. She knew you'd come around eventually. After all, you'd already done that once before. “Give him time; he'll do it when he's ready, sweetie.”

Smirking, your sister moved in to grope your grandma’s breasts, squeezing then greedily; nails digging into the plump flesh. You were worried your sister’s kneading was too much and perhaps painful for your grandma, but she just laughed heartily, almost moaned with pleasure.

“God, they're so big, so round…” your sister’s train of thought suddenly stopped as she was rendered lost for words. Her heart pulsed rapidly for a moment before she pulled her hands away, averting her gaze almost abruptly. “Yeah, they're pretty big.”

Your grandma smirked, fiddling a nipple with her fingers. “That's an understatement.”

You stared at her breasts for a moment, watching them jiggle in tandem with her breaths of lust; their bounces supernaturally inviting. Perhaps it wasn't such a bad idea to touch them after all.

“Mine are so small compared to yours though” your sister said, cupping her breasts with a frown.
While hers were smaller than your grandma’s, your sister's breasts were still impressive in their own right, their cup size at EE.

“Don't worry, sweetie” your grandma said reassuringly, grasping your sister’s thick distended shoulder, “you'll get there eventually.”

Your sister smiled, her spirits heightened. “Thanks.”

“These, on the other hand” your grandma said before pulling an arm up into a flex, displaying around 40 inches of pure wrinkled beef, watching the muscle bulge and ripple with an age-defying smile, “won’t be easy to overtake anytime soon.”

You bit your lip as the mound of she-meat was held in its hillock-shaped position, your grandma smirking knowingly in return.

“Wouldn't want to build your hopes up or anything” she said.

Her breasts bounced again with the gentle breaths, inviting you forward to grope them just as your sister did.

Your grandma chuckled, flexing her pecs to tease you. “Knew you couldn't resist them.”

“Look at him; like a kid at Christmas” your sister laughingly compared.

“Since you groped me, I hope you don't mind if I” your grandma said, moving into you with a gentle hand to cup your balls tightly, forcing you to let out a groan, “do the same to you.”

She sniffed your collar and took in the aroma of your aftershave before shuddering with ecstasy, pulling you in for a full, long, tongue-deep and passionate kiss that sucked the air from your lungs.
Your sister watched and lusted after the dominance your grandma so flawlessly boasted; reflected through her every action.

“You taste good too” she said, stroking your chin. “But then, we both know that already, don't we?”
She batted her eyelids, which was enough at that point for you to blow your load in your jeans, forming a dark and sticky stain at the crotch.

Your sister laughed softly. “Someone needs to learn to hold his load.”

Your grandma nodded. “I agree; we might need to teach him that.” You didn't know whether whimper or cheer at her insinuation. “But I do remember saying I'd give you a right good spanking if you were deserving of one, which” she added, looking at your damp crotch, “happens to be the case. It's almost as if you spoke the truth when you said you ‘really’ wanted that spanking I talked about earlier.”

You gulped as your grandma sat on the edge of the bed before pulling you down over her pillar-thick knee, your sister tittering like a schoolgirl.

“Ho-ho, this is gonna sting like a bee” she said almost sadistically, watching your grandma gleefully, shamelessly pull your jeans and underwear down to reveal your buttocks.

“Sit still now” the old woman ordered, eyeballing your fidgety movements sternly, “or I will be forced to dole out double the punishment.”

Your sister giggled, folding her arms over her chest, feeling the respective muscles ripple over her forearm. “Maybe he wants double.”

“No! No, I definitely do not want double” you nearly squealed, clenching your buttocks to prepare for the onslaught of pain that would soon come. “I don't even want this.”

Your grandma stroked your buttocks with a gentle wrinkled hand, squeezing it firmly for a moment before smiling. This was going to hurt and you all knew that.

“Then you shouldn't have blown your load, sweetie” she said soothingly, lifting a hand up. Your sister watched the muscles in the arm quaver and tense; signifying both her incredible strength and the power behind the impending swing of her hand.


Wincing, you jerked forward in pain, nails digging into your grandma’s rippling thigh to hold yourself up. She wasn't pleased about that.


Your sister giggled. Two slaps in and your buttocks were already red, a large handprint over them.
“Hold yourself together boy, I mean it” your grandma called, reaching out for a third slap harder than the last two combined.

With the fourth slap her arm bulged and popped, grinding the powerful, granite-like muscles together, flanked by those pumpkin’d, striated deltoids.

You winced as the fourth slap was struck, forcing you to buckle at the knees and fall face-first against your grandma’s calf, almost kissing it during your descent, before ultimately crashing to the carpet.

“There” your grandma said, rising from the bed, looking down at you apologetically. “That'll do for now.” She casually left the room, acting as if nothing happened.

Your sister shuffled forward and offered a hand to help pull you up, although she couldn't hide that smile all-too well.

“That stung like a bitch, let alone a bee” you said, pulling your jeans back up.

“It was kinda funny” your sister said, suppressing a laugh.

You rolled your eyes derisively.


The next day was hardly any better for you. That said, it wasn’t any worse neither. The sun split through the trees, indicating the first of hopefully many summer days, and the birds tweeted musically in celebration.

Naturally, your grandma took advantage of this.

“Come help me with this” she said, soothingly.

You turned from the deckchair and saw her stood in a different, far glitzier bikini than before, her bare feet pressed squarely in the hot stone paving. The day’s heat took its toll on you; fanning your face rapidly with a rolled up newspaper, and yet the old woman before you remained unmoved, as if didn’t affect her in any way.

Your grandma presented a bottle of oil with a ravishing grin and shook it in such a way that even that was enticing for you. She placed it on the small deck table and plopped her hulking massiveness down on the steel framed chair beside it, her overbearing bulk was so heavy at this point, and it coerced the chair to let out small metallic groans of anguish, hoping to be released from your relative’s hugeness.

She crossed her leg over, literally feeling the thick wrinkled she-beef expand outward at its own free will like a balloon before reaching out seductively and opening the bottle of oil. “You know what to do.”

Reluctance hit you. On the one side, the sheer amount of muscle your grandma had was near inhuman, but that’s what made her so irresistibly attractive, and on the other, because there was so much muscle laid out before you, you wondered the one bottle of oil would even do the job. Even so, the attractiveness was what pulled you in.

Your grandma pulled her arm into a flex and watched as you tried to cover its beefy splendour in oil, offering a brisk grin as the tips of your fingers glided closer to her peak, caressing the leathery yet undeniably solid limb.

“You’ve done this before in a sense, haven’t you?” your grandma inquired, checking the meticulous circular movements you employed with lathering the oil, watching it seep into her rock solid arm. “You’ve probably used oil like this to lube up before jerking off, right?”

You gulped anxiously in response to the Amazonian’s implication. But your own silence betrayed you.
Your grandma laughed heartily, a hand to her thick veiny chest wider than your own even when cold.

“I knew it.”

Despite the awkwardness that sprouted from your grandma, you continued with the task at hand out of fear of what might have happened if you didn’t; your buttocks still stung painfully from the spanking given to you earlier, and you didn’t plan on getting another one anytime soon.

She moved your hand closer to her chest and heaved it into a flex that coerced her pecs to ripple and pop, and her breasts to jut out, placing a finger between one of her nipples before deliberately letting out a seductive moan. “There’s a good boy. Now you get to touch ‘em a bit more privately.”

“This is wrong” you called out, squirming. The emotional confliction was still present; while you did accept the initial sexual gratification from your grandma the previous night, it was only out of covetousness for her muscular frame. And when you helped wash her – you were understandably fearful of what she would do if you refused.

Your grandma laughed again, her hand reaching toward your crotch. “But you’re enjoying it.” She squeezed your erect junk and smiled at your gentle wince.

Having fun?” said the sudden familiar voice from behind.

You turned with a frightful sense of knowing, watching your mother saunter sexily toward you and your grandma with a pitcher of margarita, which she set down on the same table as the oil. Your mother wore a glitzy bikini somewhat similar to your grandma’s – the only really noticeable difference was the size. What your mother wore width-wise was practically a third of what your behemoth grandma sported.

What happened next took you so much by surprise; you thought your heart stopped for a moment, suggesting even it was astonished.

Your mother leaned down to your grandma with a smile before openly French-kissing her, pulling the older woman in closer, their respective pairs of breasts mashing together like four beach balls bouncing off one another, being kept aloft by the inches-thick wall of pectoral tissue.

Your grandma pulled away slightly to tilt her head backward, allowing your mother to kiss the width of her neck romantically. Your grandma moaned lustfully before finally speaking. “Was wondering when you’d do that again.”

Your brain blew at that statement. ‘Again’? What did she mean by that?

“Don’t act so surprised, sweetie” your mother said, holding back the urge to smile. Honestly, she felt pitiful towards you, crossing her arms over her chest, allowing her delts to burst forth with mass, as if they literally grew bigger from the simple motion. “Your grandma and I have been doing ‘it’ for years.”

Your grandma smirked, eyeballing your mounting hard-on lustfully before slapping your mother’s steely glutes and gripping her buttocks in such a way that it appeared she was asserting her position. “You should come watch one time. You know where to find us.”

“Watch?” your mother tried to hold back her grin again, but this time it was impossible. “Why doesn’t he take part?”

Your grandma cocked her brow, suggesting intrigue. “Now, there’s an idea!” She sat up from the deck chair and stroked your erect shaft gently. “How about it, big boy? Wanna get sandwiched between our beefy bods, suck our tits and get fobbed off by our muscles?”

That did it. You blew your load at the image of you banging your mother and grandma shamelessly, watching them lez out with one another, exploring each other’s beefy bodies before ultimately engaging in full-power Amazonian sex!

“We’ll take that as a yes” your grandma said, before scooping you up in her sixty-inched, vein mapped arms. “We’re gonna have so much fun!”


Large Grandma IV

Nervousness gripped Tim like a vice as he lay sprawled on the bed wearing just his pants and socks. His mind was at war with itself over what was about to happen: a threesome with his mother and
grandmother. His anticipation was bonded with the possibility of pain that could come from being wedged, sandwiched between the two powerful women before him.

His mother, Patricia, had slipped out of her body-hugging gymwear into something far racier – a glitzy bikini bedecked with diamonds, the sun blazing through the window to grace the oiled, accentuated hillocks of muscle that came in different shapes and sizes that made up her bodybuilder-shaming back hunched into a lat spread.

Linda, Tim’s grandmother, shared the same motions, though of course she displayed far more beef than Patricia, flawlessly so; without even so much as a flex, just by standing at her side, the wrinkled woman outsized her daughter, with shoulders wide as the door, striated and flaring at their own accord.

“Now, we want you to be a good boy and hold your cream in, you hear?” Linda said soothingly, taking the bottle of oil from Patricia to lather a fresh dollop between her cleavage, making sure a deliberate sensual moan escaped her lips. “Would hate having to discipline you again.”

Patricia noticed Tim’s anxious visage and frowned, folding her arms over her chest, compelling the thick triceps to pop and flare with minimal effort. Admittedly, she expected better from him, had anticipated the only expression he would show to be pure elation. “Just relax, sweetie; we know what we’re doing.”

That was precisely the problem. Tim had suspected that through the year of being “close,” as it were, his mother and grandmother had become maybe a bit too good at what they planned to do. The whole idea was for them all to enjoy it, take a sense of leisure in it. Standing there in muscle-revealing attire and oiling up in preparation was sure grounds to get Tim off before it even started!

Linda rubbed another dollop of oil into her abs, allowing the individual slabs of hard stomach beef to be more pronounced; in tandem with each gentle breath she took they rippled and popped, emphasising the flanking oblique and serratus muscles. A lone streak of oil skimmed down her cobblestone stomach before slipping behind her bikini bottoms, between her pillar-thick thighs. She watched Tim’s lewd expression lustily, gearing up for the electrifying moment that lay ahead. “That little private moment we had a couple of nights ago was just foreplay compared to what we’re getting into tonight.”

Tim wasn’t sure whether to consider his grandmother’s words as a warning or means to stimulate him. It worked both ways!

“What do you say we get him going a bit, huh?” Patricia offered a knowing expression to her mother, glancing at the older woman’s man-shaming chest covetously for a moment before staring into her eyes. “You know, a little foreplay, so to speak.”

Linda smirked, looking at the eager Tim before responding. “I like the way you think. What did you have in mind?”

“Well, I don’t think Tim knows just how strong you really are, does he?”

Linda’s brow curved inquisitively. “So you want me to perform a feat of strength for him to watch?” She wasn’t too keen on that. There was the possibility Tim just might lose the will to control his cream and spurt in his pants, at which point it would then be clear all the oiling and preparation for their fun was meaningless. “What exactly did you have in mind?”

Patricia leaned in close to whisper into her mother’s ear. Whatever was suggested, Linda was definitely intrigued by the idea, but she couldn't deny the slight sense of worry that could come from any possible mishaps. “You sure? I might hurt you, you know.”

Patricia’s response was simply a nod accompanied by a confident grin. The powerhouse of a Mum was sure her suggestion would stoke Tim’s fire.

“Alright, then” Linda conceded with a shrug, deltoids flaring violently from the motion. “If you say so.”

She took a few steps back before laying flat on her back; the rough-textured carpet rubbing against the bloated hillocks of her lats, before pulling her arms out to the ceiling as Patricia lowered herself onto them gently, oiled abs graced the older woman’s fingertips.

It didn't take Tim long to figure out what was being planned as the feat of strength: Linda was going to bench her daughter’s full 350-pound weight! Judging by just how big Linda was though, that wouldn't be much of an issue; she could probably bench at least double that!

Tim watched eagerly as his grandmother effortlessly pushed her daughter skyward using what seemed like barely even half her strength, one hand over her pecs, the other shamelessly tucked within her bikini bottoms over her pussy. Each push goaded the grandmother’s full torso bigger as though it inflated like a balloon, pressing against the bikini’s thin, comparably pathetic fabric.

Soft carnal moans escaped from Patricia as her breasts met her mother’s welcoming lips each time she was brought down gently, the grandmother’s near superhuman strength unwavering. The mother had herself been brought to unquestionable elation; her pussy pulsed in tandem with every greedy suck from her own ever-larger, ballooning parent.

Tim felt his erection develop and it did so so quickly that he wasn't sure it was normal. At any rate, he continued to watch, resisting the urge to jack off to the splendid sight before him, knowing punishment would come from him doing otherwise.

“You like that, don't you, sweetie?” Linda muffledly asked as continuously suckled on Patricia’s breast, feeling her own become tender with the excitement, fingers interfering with the stiffening nipple. Tim wasn't sure if the question was aimed at him or his ecstatic, euphoric mother. He was too enraptured to properly care.

Linda stopped the feat, moving her arms gently to the side to let Patricia fall flat on her feet before the older Amazon did the same, move up close to her daughter. It was at this point Tim took a moment to compare the women against each other, but he knew there was very little point: his grandmother took the cake.

Same as before, just by standing there, she completely outclassed her own daughter, only this time even more so due to the considerable pump she got from the performed feat; a vast dark shadow practically engulfed the younger woman!

“Seems that did, in fact, get him going just a bit.” Linda glanced at Tim’s erection with a curt grin, arms folded over her beachball-sized breasts feeling their individually erect nipples jut and press against the thick sinews of her vein-coiled forearms. “Wonder what could drive him really crazy, make him really hard…”

She turned to glance at Patricia as an idea came to mind, examining her daughter’s soft and supple lips contrasting the solid, emasculating muscles jutting out in all possible directions: left, right, up, down, underneath and behind!

Tim’s nervousness drifted for a moment as he wondered what his grandmother had in mind, but judging by the amorous stare she offered to her daughter, he didn’t need to think long or hard. He knew what was ‘long and hard’ though…

Linda pulled Patricia in close to her so as to have their respectively massive chests meet and grind both together and against one another, cleavages pulsing and throbbing as smooth muscled flesh caressed that which was both even larger and creased with age, and yet that was what made the moment so stimulating for both them and Tim, whose hand was edging closer to his throbbing dick.

Linda offered a wink in Tim’s direction as if to indicate his presumption was indeed fact, before she plunged her tongue down Patricia’s throat instigating an extended French kiss. Tim watched as his grandmother reached down and grabbed her daughter by the crotch, allowing a brief yelp of equal parts pleasure and astonishment to escape.

“This is so hot!” Tim finally spoke, his ears flooded with the enraptured moans of his mother and the soft yet evidently dominant giggles from his ever-larger grandmother. His erection pulsed, emphasising the building lust he deliberately resisted; God knows what the Amazonian muscle goddesses before him would do if he lost his load. Nevertheless, a small spurt of pre-cum shot out from his dick in tandem with his grandmother finally pulling her mouth free to let her daughter breathe, and respond to her grandson’s statement:

“I imagine it would be.”

Patricia gathered her breath. Never in all the years had she been going at it with her, had her mother been so spirited with her kisses. Talk about breath-taking she said inwardly.

Linda reached for the bottle of oil again, though this time her intentions with it were unquestionably different. Tim watched her wedge the plastic bottle between her cleavage, making sure its cap was placed upright and close to her massive rippling pecs. A small, almost girlish laugh escaped her as the bottle yielded to the crushing might of her chest, watching as, with her incredible muscle control, the cap slowly unscrewed in its final moments and the container exploded, releasing the yellowish oil all of the wrinkled woman’s striated torso. In effect, this was a sort of euphemism for how things would go for Tim’s load if the women before him persisted with their teases and didn’t get down to what they were building up towards.

Patricia watched lustily as her mother kneaded the last vestiges of the oil into her unequalled muscles in gentle strokes with a smile, making sure to do it at a deliberately slow pace so Tim grew more agitated with his lust that was now reaching breaking point.

“I think it’s time we had our fun, don’t you?” the old woman rhetorically asked. In truth, she could practically feel her grandson’s lust, not to mention see his manhood tent upward to the point that it looked as though the tip was close to ripping though his underwear!

Nervousness gripped Tim...

Tim groaned slightly in pain as his back smashed against the wall, cracking it, Linda holding in a sexual lift and carry position, her hair matted with sex, lust and sweat. She leaned in to nibble on his ear gently, sniffing the sweat dispensing from the pit of his arm. Strangely enough, his moisture only heightened the Amazon’s lust, driving even deeper into him with an unfathomable longing.

Patricia flanked her mother from the right, cupping her gravity-defying breast to let her sex-crazed mother squeeze it with the massiveness of her bicep peak, watching the respective muscle ripple and pop as its split grazed against her stiffened nipple.

“You like that, don’t you?” Linda’s question applied to both Tim and Patricia, who seemed to struggle with keeping up with the older woman’s sex drive. Tim recalled the previous night’s carnal moments and compared it with the present. There was no denying what was going on right now happened to be on a whole other level of sex in general, let alone last night.

He looked past his grandmother’s ballooning shoulder and saw the mangled wooden remains of the bed they all started their craziness on. That was two beds within the space of two nights!

Linda dropped Tim to the floor and knelt next to him, grabbing his still-hard cock with her hand and stroked its bulging length with her thumb, wiping some of the previous expelled cum with her fingertip before barefacedly sucking it. Patricia watched this happen and couldn’t deny the jealousy building within wanting to be in her son’s place. But she had so many years of being there before him.

“Let’s see how long it takes, shall we?” Linda offered a grin emphasising her wrinkled cheeks as she started pumping Tim’s dick with her hand, feeling both its hardness and her bicep bulge to its extremities with the motion. Tim lustily watched as the woman’s bicep ballooned outward to brush against the side of her breast as the speed of her handjob seemed to quicken in tandem with his growing thickness.

Patricia ceaselessly kissed her mother’s shoulder in tandem with each stroke from her hand, watching her son’s face become more and more scrunched up with lust as his load reached breaking point for the fifth and final time. Linda took advantage of this moment and her grandson’s thickness by placing his cock in the crock of her arm just like last time, working it within the grainy hardness of her bicep.

And then, reaching the precipice of the hours-long sexual stint, Tim groaned bending forward as his load released onto the 50+ inch arm of his pleased grandmother, who welcomed the shiny, sticky white liquid by rubbing it into her arm like the oil she’d just used.

Patricia shared in the moment, taking whatever dregs of her son’s seed there were and lathered it into the cracks of her breasts, letting out small lusty moans as the sticky textured liquid seeped and dried in the steely massiveness of her pecs.

Tim panted, emphasising his tiredness. He was spent in more ways than one. As much as he enjoyed the craziness, he hoped it had now come to an end.

“Just one more thing for you to do” Linda said, looming over Tim.


The next day, Tim, Patricia and his sister Jane were leaving. He was in the car with Jane, processing and explaining to her the events of last night. Jane’s eyes were glazed over with excitement, as if to suggest everything her brother had said was thrilling for her, though she couldn’t deny the hint of jealousy within.

“She gave you a BJ?” she looked out the car window to her grandmother’s house door with slight bewilderment, surprised a woman so old could still do such a thing. That said; how could someone so old also be that big? “You know what I’d give just to sleep with her?”

“Several actually” Tim pointed out. He remembered the last one he was given during last night’s carnal adventures. Shame he wasn’t given a ‘good—bye’ present though.

“That’s frigging awesome!” Jane admitted excitedly.

Patricia entered the car, grunting with effort as the totality of her dwarfing muscular weight forced the vehicle to rock from side to side for a moment, straining the underside so much that the tyres squealed slightly.

“I asked your grandmother if she wanted to stay with us for the week, but she regretfully had to decline” she said with a slight frown.

The car’s gears turned as she pulled the vehicle out of the driveway slowly.

“Maybe next time though” she added.

Tim turned to look out the window at his grandmother’s house, wondering when he’d next see the colossal woman.



Linda moved through the hallway slowly, her steps loud and tremulous, causing some of the more expensive ornaments to fall to the floor.

She turned into the kitchen where her husband Phil was sat at the table reading the paper. A gurgling sound filled the old man’s ears, compelling him to rest the tabloid on the varnished wood before making eye contact with his massive wife, from whom the burbling sound came.

She slowly removed her gown with a smirk, allowing it to brush gently against her protruding lats before dropping gracefully to the floor. She smiled down at him, stroking her naked writhing cum-filled gut.

“Your turn” she said with a dominant tone, looming over her husband as she leaned in closer.


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