Betty and the Teacher

by Archie-Fan

A Riverdale adaptation of the classic FMG tale "Missy and the Professor"

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It was the end of the school year, exams had finished and the seniors were all excited about graduation and going off to college. Malcolm Meeks had just finished his first year at the school as the mathematics teacher. The former army engineer found teaching to be a much better career than being in the army, especially after he had done a tour in Afghanistan.

He had greatly enjoyed the year at the school, Riverdale High had an abundant number of attractive girls, and as it was the end of the school year all the girls were dressed accordingly with short skirts, cropped t-shirts and tank tops, tied off blouses and the like. Malcolm couldn’t help but be turned on by them but he had no intention of doing anything other than fantasize.

He was in his classroom discussing the grades he had given students for their final exams. So far he’d seen just about every student who’d thanked him for the year and said their goodbyes, the one student he hadn’t seen so far was Betty Cooper. She’d ended up with an ‘F’ so perhaps he would end up seeing her again next year.
Betty had frequently been the center of attention in class. All the boys had focused more attention on her than they had on their schoolwork, and their grades had shown as much. But Betty had been even poorer student content to just try and breeze through the course with minimal effort.

What confused Malcolm was that Betty got straight A’s in every other class. Yet her behaviour in his class suggested that she was more interested in having fun than learning. Malcolm did his best to try and get Betty to study and try but it was to no avail so he had focused his attention on the other students.

He looked up at the clock and saw that the day was almost done so he began to pick up his things when she entered the classroom.

While there were many attractive girls at Riverdale High, Betty Cooper was in Malcolm’s opinion the most attractive. Tall, leggy and thin, but not too thin, with flowing blonde hair, she was staring at Malcolm; her blue eyes as cold as ice, an angry expression on her ruby red lips.

She strode across the room her long legs almost completely bare as she wore a pair of tiny denim cut-offs, her calves accentuated because of the strappy black leather heels she was wearing. She slammed a few sheets of paper down on the desk with a loud enough bang that Malcolm actually jumped slightly in fright.

“What the hell is this?” Betty asked as she leaned down to stare at her math teacher.

Malcolm was completely incapable of answering the question as he stared mesmerized at Betty’s deep cleavage which was encased in a light blue tube top just on the other side of his desk. Malcolm was trying to figure out just what Betty’s bra size was; he knew that it had to at least be a DD-cup perhaps even larger.

“I said what the hell is this?” Betty repeated louder and angrier.

Malcolm finally broke his stare from her breasts and looked up at her face and then down at what she had slammed onto his desk. A quick glance informed him that it was her final exam which she had gotten a failing grade on.

“Are you talking about your mark?” Malcolm asked. “Because if you had actually answered the question you probably would have done a little better.”

Betty straightened up and crossed her arms across her chest which somehow only served to make her breasts look even bigger as she continued to glare down at Malcolm.

“I get that you’re new here,” Betty said. “So I’m going to give you one chance to fix this.”

Malcolm was surprised by her audacity. She was flat out telling him to give her a mark that she had not earned in the slightest. As a former military man Malcolm felt rather strongly about duty and he felt as a teacher it was his duty to fail Betty as that was the mark she had earned.

“Betty, it doesn’t matter that I’m new here. The fact of the matter is that you deserve to fail because you didn’t do the work. I’m not changing your grade and that’s final,” Malcolm said.

Betty walked around his desk and then sat down right next to him as she continued to look down at him. She smiled as she could tell that he was aroused by her and nervous about it as he began to sweat.

“Mr. Meeks, this is going to hurt my perfect average,” Betty said. “And then I won’t be able to get into Yale like I was planning and I’ll have to go to one of my second choices like University of Connecticut. Are you sure you won’t reconsider? I would be very grateful.”

Malcolm heard one of her shoes hit the floor and she rubbed her foot against his leg slowly working up towards his crotch. Slowly he reached in to grabbed her but then quickly got a hold of himself and he pushed her leg away.

“No, no I’m not going to change your mark. If you wanted an A you should have earned it like everyone else who got an A,” he said getting up from his chair.

Betty frowned and pouted as she put her shoes back on and then walked over to the door. She stood at the door just staring at him as he gathered up his things.

“I’m sorry it had to be this way,” she said to Malcolm as she held out her hand.

Malcolm thought that perhaps she was just going to shake his hand goodbye and took a hold of it. The second her hand closed around his he let out a grunt of pain and his face contorted into a pained grimace. With his free hand he tried to break her grip on his hand but was unable to and he fell to his knees from the pain. Happy with herself Betty finally let go.

Betty then closed the door to the class room and locked it and then with just her fingers she snapped the knobs of both the door and the lock clean off and tossed them aside. She looked down at Malcolm with a menacing smirk on her face. Malcolm suddenly realized that he was trapped in the room with her.

“H-how did you do that?” Malcolm stammered.

“How did I do what?” Betty asked innocently as she feigned ignorance.

“Y-you broke the doorknob and the lock off,” Malcolm said. “You just snapped them off with your fingers.”

“Oh that, that was nothing,” Betty said with a dismissive scoff. “It’s not hard like changing a grade. Why, can’t you do that Mr. Meeks?”

“N-n-no, nobody can do that,” Malcolm said. “A-a-and you’re a g-g-girl. A p-p-pretty one, but a g-g-girl. H-h-how are you s-s-so s-s-strong?”

Betty smiled clearly amused by how frightened she was making him.

“I don’t know why you’re making such a fuss,” Betty said. “I’m just a poor beautiful failing female student.”

She held out her hand over his head examining her perfectly painted red nails. Malcolm scurried back frightened of what she could possibly do to her.

“You’re not frightened of me are you?” Betty asked. “How silly! You’re the grown man and I’m just a teenage girl. If anything I should be afraid to be alone in here with you. I’m the one that needs the better grade and you’ve got the power to give it to me. You do have all the power right?”

Malcolm had scooted backwards until he bumped into one of the student desks. Betty followed him taking slow predatory steps as she loomed over him. She stuck her finger into a small gouge in the desk top and rubbed it and then abruptly pushed her finger all the way through the desk top splitting it apart and causing the desk to collapse in two pieces. With just a simple flick of her wrist she sent one half of the desk flying to the back of the classroom knocking over several other desks along the way.

“S-s-see? That’s not possible,” Malcolm stammered.

“Oh, did I do that?” Betty asked with mock concern placing one hand on her huge breasts. “I must have popped an extra vitamin today.”

She reached down and looped the pinky finger of her left hand through Malcolm’s belt and with no sign of effort lifted Malcolm up to his feet. She continued to lift him till he was dangling from her finger his feet several inches off the floor.

“Yep, I think that settles it I definitely had an extra vitamin today,” Betty said with a smirk.

Unlooping her finger from his belt she dropped him to the ground and he just barely was able to not slip and fall from the suddenly drop.

“I guess none of the other teachers told you, but I’m strong. Very, very strong,” Betty said. “Does my strength bother you Mr. Meeks? Maybe it frightens you? Or perhaps my strength turns you on?”

Malcolm just stared at her not sure what to say. His mouth hung open in surprise. Betty reached down a gently rubbed a hand on his thighs brushing ever so slightly against his groin and feeling his arousal.

“I can’t change how strong I am,” Betty said. “But it’s kind of exciting for you isn’t it, knowing that a hot girl like me is so much stronger than you.”

Malcolm nodded although he wasn’t sure if it was her strength that he found exciting or if it was just the fact that she was intentionally trying to stimulate him. She stepped closer to him so that their bodies were almost touching.

“But while I can’t change my strength there are plenty of things that can change,” Betty said. “Like I can change my feelings towards you, if you change my grade.”

Malcolm didn’t reply but reached hand up to try and touch one of her breasts. He never got the chance as Betty slapped him. The force sent him sailing across the room and across his own desk where he collapsed in a heap.

As Malcolm struggled to regain his senses he saw Betty’s feet slowly and calmly stalking towards him from under the desk. He tried to use the desk to get to his feet and had gotten to one knee when Betty reached across the desk and pulled him to his feet by his collar.

“For a teacher you’re not very smart,” Betty said. “Did you think you can give me an F and just fondle me like I’m some blow up doll you bought on the internet? Did you forget how strong on I am?”

“N-n-no, no I, I just, I lost control for a moment,” Malcolm tried to explain. “I, I’m sorry.”

“Good, so you’ll be giving me that A then,” Betty said.

“Well it’s not that easy,” Malcolm said. “I mean you didn’t do any assignments or…”

He never got the chance to finish before Betty backhand his chest with a simple wrist flick that sent him flying into the blackboard behind him. He hit the wall and then slumped to the ground dazed once again. As he tried to shake off the cobwebs he saw Betty reached down and pick up his desk with one hand and lift it up into the air till it was bumping the ceiling, her arm showing no sign of strain.

Malcolm remembered how he had needed the help of three male students to get the desk into the classroom at the start of the year, it had to weigh at least five hundred pounds and was made from solid African Blackwood. The desk had been a gift from his uncle upon getting a teaching job after leaving the army. And now Betty was holding it in the air as if it was made of Balsawood. She twirled the desk in her hand and the contents in the drawers began rattling around and then the drawers that weren’t locked flew open as pens, papers and other miscellaneous items flew all over the place.

“Whoops,” Betty said with mock apology as she stopped spinning the desk.

Advancing towards Malcolm she held the desk out in front of her over top of him. Malcolm trembled and held his hands over his head and whimpered in fear. Betty faked dropping the desk onto him and then still with one hand flung it back over her shoulder behind her where it smashed into a dozen student desks and they all crashed into the back wall violently leaving behind a pile of debris.

Malcolm stared at her frightened and amazed at the destruction she had caused. He had no idea where all her strength came from; she didn’t seem to be any more muscular than any other girl at the school.

“H-h-how are you so s-s-strong Betty?” Malcolm asked fearful, his frightened stutter getting worse by the second. “Y-y-you d-d-don’t have a-a-any m-m-muscles.”

Betty crouched down and traced one finger along his chest and playful pressed her finger against his chest causing him agony with seemingly little effort. She laughed as Malcolm cried out in pain.

“You silly man,” Betty chuckled. “You don’t see any muscles on me because I haven’t had to use them. Nothing in here could truly begin to test my strength. Which is too bad really, I could use a challenge.”

Malcolm stared at Betty absolutely terrified. He wondered just how strong she truly was if destroying his desk hadn’t even been starting to test her strength. Betty stood back up and continued to look down at Malcolm.

“Well there is one thing that could test my strength,” Betty said with a smirk.

It took Malcolm a second to realize that she was referring to him.

“Please, please don’t hurt me,” Malcolm said.

“Could it be possible that you just want to see my muscles?” Betty asked. “Perhaps that would convince you to change my mark.”

At this point Malcolm was so frightened he would have changed her grade just to be allowed to leave the room. However he nodded in agreement.

“Alright then, let’s call this an F,” Betty said as she kicked off her shoes.

She held her arms straight out to her sides and then brought them down in a crab flex. As Malcolm watch in amazement her smooth arms suddenly began swelling with muscle and in seconds she had the physique of a lightweight bodybuilder.

“Let’s call this a D minus,” Betty said.

She gritted her teeth in concentration as she continued the flex and her body continued to slowly swell larger, soon reaching the dimensions of the largest female bodybuilders.

“This might be a C,” Betty said. “But I don’t want a C, I want an A.”

She continued to flex and her body continued to grow. Soon she had reached sizes of the largest male bodybuilders.

“This might be a B, probably a B minus,” Betty said. “But you want my best right, you want to give me an A?”

Malcolm could only nodded in agreement even though he was absolutely terrified. Betty stopped flexing for a moment and relaxed her arms and then powered into a huge double biceps pose. As Malcolm watched in disbelief not only did her muscles continue to grow, but now her height was increasing. Soon she was over six feet tall.

“Let’s say this is an A minus,” Betty said. “But now I think I want an A-plus.”

Malcolm couldn’t begin to imagine what an A-plus entailed but as Betty continued to flex and grow he realised he was about to find out. When Betty finally stopped growing she was about 6’8” and had to be 380 lbs. of massive female muscle. Her chest was probably 90” around including her breasts which had also grown larger, her biceps were well over 30” and her thighs were close to 50”. Her tube top and cut-off shorts were strained and showing signs that they were ready to tear apart and leave her naked.

“So is that good for an A plus?” Betty asked.

Malcolm nodded in agreement and terror. Suddenly Betty shrank back down to her normal size. She smiled at him as she put her shoes on.

“Well I’m glad we could come to an agreement Mr. Meeks,” Betty said. “Now I hope for your sake that I do get into Yale. I would hate to have to come back here and actually use my muscles on you instead of just showing them to you.”

With that she turned and walked to the door before stopping and turning back to him.

“Just so you know Mr. Meeks there are other girls here who are almost as strong as I am,” Betty said. “I would suggest not letting it come to this with them; they might not be as forgiving as I am.”

With that she dug a hand into the door and with casual ease tore it off its hinges.

“Oops,” she giggled as she tossed the door aside and left the room.

Malcolm stood there looking at his destroyed classroom stunned. He wondered how he would explain all of the damage, he doubted that anybody would believe him about what happened. He then glanced up at the clock and saw that it was 3:30, all marks had to be finalized by 4:00 he quickly hurried out of the classroom to the office to fix Betty’s marks. Afterwards he was going to call the superintendent and request a transfer to another school so he wouldn’t have to deal with a situation like this again.



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