Super Growth Girlfreind

by bart33456

Story about how my girfriend grew into a muscle freak

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This is a story about how my girlfriend Shana developed into the biggest bodybuilder that I have ever witnessed in my life, much to my surprise!
I met Shana when I was a senior in high school, we had the same physics class together, and while physics was an AP class, we were in no the way the smartest people in the class, though we were both relatively smart (physics joke for you!). She was assigned the seat next to me and the class was setup in columns of two desks each, so we really had no choice but to work and talk together. Shana was very easy to talk to and very lighthearted, though she did have a drive to get our physics work done in class so that there would be no homework, for her. There was good reason for it, too. Shana was a track athlete and a good one at that. She ran the 100 meter dash, pole vaulted, and the 400 meter (she didn’t like this event I found out later because she considered it “long distance”). She spent a lot of her time after school at track practice so she could get a scholarship, to even a division 3 school. She was one of the best in our county, but still not as competitive on a state or national level. She had a fit body that I would call skinny if it were not for her runner’s legs and I remember seeing her once after school at track practice while I was on my way out to the football field for practice and she had pretty toned abs. I was a pretty built guy playing linebacker and at 6’1” towered about 5 inches over her.
About 3 months into the fall semester at school, our physics teacher assigned us a project to build a trebuchet with our desk partner. Shana and I were friendly so we knew this wouldn’t be as awkward as it would be for a lot of the other people in the class. That Saturday morning we had decided to get our project done so we had nothing to worry about for the next couple of weeks. I had arrived at her house, pretty beat up and tired from my game the night before, but ready to get this thing done. We had planned to take the whole day to build and finish this project. We decided to just google it, went and bought the supplies, and watched a youtube video on how to build it and were done by 4pm (about 6 hours later). I thought I would be nice and asked her to dinner and a movie. She was a cute brunette girl with tan skin and a fit body, and I definitely thought she was cute, and I think she knew it.
“You wanna go grab a bite to eat and see a movie tonight?” I asked nervously.
“Are you hitting on me?!” She exclaimed in an angry tone, loud enough for her mother to here in the living room while we were in the basement. My face must have turned red as a stop light because she started laughing and said “I am joking, I would love to go see a movie with you!”
We headed out to grab some fast food before the movie, as we were both starved from working right through lunch and didn’t want to make this a bigger deal then two friends going to watch a movie. I was surprised when she ordered two quarter pound burgers and a large fry.
“Normally, I wouldn’t order this much food on a first date, but I am starved and track lets me eat anything I want and keep the weight off” She said.
“So this is a date?!” I said sort of cautiously, allowing room for me to back pedal if she was joking around.
“That’s why we are eating and going to a movie isn’t it? I can tell you like me and don’t worry because I like you” she gave me a wink and a cute little smile.
I was very impressed at how quickly she was able to eat all that food, devoured does not even do it justice. We watched our movie and then I took her home. When we pulled into her driveway I told her “I had a lot of fun tonight and I am extremely impressed at how much you can pack away and still stay skinny!”
She lifted up her shirt to uncover her stomach and showed me her six pack and said “This thing can hold a lot during the season.”
“Wow, nice abs!” I exclaimed. She quickly put her shirt back down and got an embarrassed look on her face.
“Sorry, I know a lot of guys that are intimidated that I have better abs than they do, especially athletic guys that are supposed to have more muscle than me.” She said very reserved.
I had some muscle on me but certainly not a six pack.
“I actually think it is pretty sexy, I mean I would rather date a girl who is too in shape than too out of shape.” I told her.
“So, are you saying we are together?” She asked shyly, which was weird for her because in the three months I had known her she had always been rather forward with her questions.
“I am saying you are my girlfriend now” I said and gave a good chuckle.
“Good! No give me a kiss!” she exclaimed. After about 5 minutes of kissing, I walked her to her door and said good night.
We continued to date for the next couple months being pretty occupied by track training for her and my last season of football for me. Football ended and track season began. Shana had been doing rather well in her events and making it to conference. She ended placing 3rd in conference and was unable to move on to state, she was devastated.
That night she came over and we were up in my room watching TV while she cried on my shoulder. She said that she hated being second and hated being third even worse. This meant that she didn’t make it to state that she would most likely not get a scholarship for track. She felt like she didn’t focus on her training enough and was physically not ready to compete at that level.
“As long as I live I never want to come in second, again!” She cried. “I will do whatever it takes, no matter what!”
“I am sorry, sweetie, I will help you train for track competitions this summer if you want” I said. She had told me about private events before her fall semester of college as a last ditch effort to get a scholarship. We had both made up our mind that we were going to our local university (actually about two hours away), and had been accepted, which was rather good and we would both be getting business degrees. She had a long shot of getting a scholarship from their program, but still a shot
“Will you?!” she said excitedly.
“I would love to.” I responded.
We made sure to track her progress and stats, because the scouts would want to know things like that to determine the strength of the athlete. She was 5’6” and 125 lbs, could squat 200lb and bench 100 lbs, but her goal was to add 25lbs to each of those over the next two months, I was 6’1” 200lbs and could squat 335lbs and bench 240lbs. We each made our goal to add 25 lbs to our max over the next two months. We also measured some timed sprints and other track stuff I didn’t care too much about………and soon neither would Shana.
About a month had passed and Shana was making good progress, she added 5lbs of muscle and lost some fat. She already had reached her max targets and was really impressive with how determined she was, it was unbelievable! But I was suspicious. We always had a protein shake and creatine after training and we would normally eat chicken and vegetables that were clean and healthy, but she ate nearly twice as much as I did.
One night we were laying on the couch, I was barely able to move, but Shana seemed to be perky and restless. We were flipping through the channels when she stopped on ESPN. It was a bodybuilding show on, there were some big dudes up on that stage.
“Do you find this gross?” She asked inquisitively.
“No, I admire their hard work to get to where they are, though I would never want to have that much muscle probably” I responded.
“How do you think they get that big?” she asked.
“Probably, hard work, proper dieting, and steroids.” I said with a chuckle.
“Do you think it is wrong for them to use steroids?” she kept questioning.
“Well, I wouldn’t personally, but it is their bodies, they can do whatever they want with them.” I responded, she looked over and gave a little grin.
“What if someone you loved was taking them?” she said.
“Well, as long as they knew how to use them properly, I guess I wouldn’t care.” I said, about this time the women came on the stage.
“What do you think of the women, do you find them gross?” she asked.
I had always had a fetish for female bodybuilders, but it was my secret, I liked normally looking girls, too, but there was something about them that always turned me on. I tried to choose my next words carefully, because I knew that Shana had always been a little shy about her muscle mass, but I also didn’t want to give away my fetish.
“Everybody has their own personal tastes, I personally like athletic women over ones that are out of shape” I said, not leaning one way or the other.
“Would you care if I looked like that, if I were stronger than you, if I could beat you up, or make you look small next to my muscles?” she said rather upfront with no shyness in her tone.
“I would support whatever you want to do, sweetheart.” And shot a seductive smile her way, and she shot one back.
A couple weeks later was her big track meet, she had added 50 lbs to both of her maxes and 10lbs of total muscle mass. She did absolutely amazing in her events winning every single one and her 100 meter by a whole second! I ran up to her after and gave her a big hug and her muscles were swollen and hard from running. I squeezed but there was no give. She smiled and gave me a big kiss. She was so excited until one of the judges came up to her and said that she would have to go with him. She looked at me and told me she would be right back with a smile. I assumed it had something to do with her winning and standings or some other administrative track stuff.
“I am so sorry, don’t be mad at me” she pleaded.
“Why what happened?” I asked.
“Well, that was a random drug test, and I am not going to pass it.” She said disappointedly as she looked at the ground.
“What do you mean you aren’t going to pass it?” I asked angrily. “When did you smoke pot?”
“It wasn’t pot.” She said.
“Cocaine? Or what else, I don’t understand!” I said shortly.
“It was steroids, anabolic steroids, one of the girls I ran with last year who is now running for State College told me if I ever don’t want to come in third again that I need to take them. I would inject them before you came to train with me and after you left when we would eat at my house.”
The 3 hour drive home was silent for the first hour, I couldn’t believe this, that she would do this without telling me. Maybe she didn’t feel comfortable telling me, and I hated that she felt like she couldn’t trust me. So I decided to open up and be honest with her and maybe she would always feel safe talking to me. What I would say next was a big risk to tell any woman you are dating.
“I want you to feel like you can always be honest with me, Shana” I started “I am not disappointed you did steroids, I am just mad you hid it from me, so I am not going to lie because I haven’t been completely honest with you. And after I tell you this I want you to always be completely open and honest with me.”
She looked at me sadly yet curiously and said “Okay.”
“I think that Female Bodybuilders are the sexiest thing on earth. That is why I can’t stop staring at you these past couple of months, your body has been changing so much and I find it so sexy. My answer to your questions that night we were watching the bodybuilding show are all yes’” I looked over at her with a grimace not sure how she would react.
Her eyes lit up and it looked happiness had finally returned to her “I have always wanted to be a female bodybuilder but was unsure how anyone would take it, especially guys!”
“Well, honestly now that we are moving away to college and getting an apartment together and are both 18, and probably won’t see anyone from our small town ever again, I don’t mind. I will help you train again this time, but lets always be open and honest with each other from now on.” I smiled at her while I stated this verbal contract.”
“Agreed,” she said “and you have no idea what you are in for” she smirked.
“Bring it on!” I jokingly said back to her.


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Really enjoyed this story, as a guy who likes their muscle girls as big and ripped as possible, no matter how they get so big and strong, this story really appealed to me, great job!
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