Climbers Part 13: A Lot of Porn

by seldom

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Sheldon knelt between Dena's legs and looked in wonder down at her trimmed black bush and wet pink labia and clit. "What?" Dena asked nervously.

"This is my first time seeing a vagina in real life. Is there any part of you that isn't sexy?" Sheldon asked in hushed awe. Dena quickly sat up, grabbed the back of his head, and mashed his face into her pussy.

If playing with her nipples and fingering her had set off a bomb in Dena's pleasure center, Sheldon's mouth on her clit was a nuclear detonation. Dena's whole body tensed in orgasmic pleasure as he enthusiastically licked her. After only two minutes she was gushing copiously from her wet pussy, and some five minutes later thunderous orgasms crashed through her body. She arched her back and grabbed his head.

"Oh god don't stop oh god oh god," she moaned, grunting and crying out in pleasure. She crushed his face brutally hard into her clit and pussy, humping him up off the bed with powerful bucking thrusts. After a series of orgasms, Sheldon ran his tongue around her engorged pink labia and back to her clit, setting her off again. She slammed him into her pussy harder and harder, mashing him in deeper, clamping her steely huge-muscled thighs and big bone-crushingly powerful hand around his little skull and threatening to crack him open like an egg. "Yes yes YES!" she screamed. "Yeees!" she squeaked quietly at the peak of her most powerful orgasm yet, her magnificent body fully flexed and trembling with unrestrained orgasmic power.

Dena finally flopped down hard on her bed, panting and grunting. "Oh wow," she repeated.

"Unngh," Sheldon groaned from between her thighs.

"Oh my god, Sheldon! Are you okay?" Dena asked in a sudden rush of concern and worry. She was so strong and so out of control, what if she had accidentally hurt him?

"Unh huh huh," Sheldon grunted. He stretched out his hand with his thumb held up. He peeled his face off her marble-hard, pale white thighs, now slick with her juices, and rolled to the side. "Peachy," he said, smiling weakly up at her. "I would do that for hours," he whispered happily. "Did you like it?"

Dena laughed. "'Like it?' That's an understatement!" She smiled down at his wet dripping face. "Could you even breathe down there? I don't think you'd survive for hours."

"Probably not," Sheldon agreed happily. "But what a way to go!"

Dena noticed Sheldon's erection was back with a vengeance and hard as a rock. "Wow," she said, wrapping her big fist around his cock. "Ready to go again?" She turned over and pulled a condom from a drawer in her nightstand. She giggled at Sheldon's shocked expression. "I bought this for you," she said. She wanted him to understand how special he was to her.

Sheldon gulped. "I've never..."

"I know. Neither have I." She nodded when Sheldon's eyes widened in surprise. "You really were my first kiss, Sheldon," she whispered. "I'm a virgin, but I'm ready to go all the way with you tonight. I want to. But if you're not ready yet that's okay."

Sheldon looked into her warm brown eyes. They were shining with barely contained emotion. His own feelings were an incomprehensible maelstrom, but he knew one thing. He definitely wanted her. "I'm ready," he said in a terrified croak.

Dena ripped the condom wrapper open and skillfully unrolled the rubber onto his hard cock. "Girls do have slumber parties, you know. I've practiced on a banana," she explained. She squeezed his cock and felt it throb in response. "This is much better than a banana!"

She lay back and opened her long legs again. She helped Sheldon get into position and coaxed him into her wet and ready pussy. "Slow," she whispered, adjusting to the sensation as he penetrated her. "Ow ow... no, it's ok; keep going, just go slow."

Sheldon had never felt anything like this. Her tight, slick pussy felt amazing, crushing around his cock. "Wow," he breathed, not believing he was finally having sex, and with a magnificent Amazon goddess beyond his wildest dreams! He pushed in ever so slowly, not wanting to hurt her, wanting this to last forever.

Finally he was all the way in. He pulled out a little. "Yesss," Dena hissed. Her long, powerful legs wrapped around his hips like a steel vice. She pulled him back in urgently. He thrust back in -- back and forth, in and out -- delirious with pleasure. That pleasure soon mixed with pain as Dena's powerful thighs crushed into his hips with bone-crunching strength. Her long steely fingers bit hard into his back, her nails raking across his flesh in a fiery trail.

"Ow," he gasped in a haze of pain and orgasmic pleasure as Dena pummeled his helpless body like a toy boat caught in an ocean storm. Her huge, crushing, powerful body used his small body like a sex toy, grinding him for her own screaming, thunderous, torturous orgasms. Bliss and pain rammed together in Sheldon's sex-addled brain and he lost himself in thrusting, timing himself to Dena's crushing orgasmic spasms, sublimating his pleasure and pain to hers until he wasn't sure where his needs ended and hers began.

Dena roughly grabbed Sheldon's hair and slammed his face into her chest as she ground out a long, grunting, squealing orgasm. She crushed him to her rock-hard flexed pectorals and used her other hand to grab his ass in a flesh-bruising crushing grip and slam him deeper into her. She felt his body begin to spasm.

"Yes yes yes!" she cried as he burst forth and spewed into the condom. He was shaking and shuddering and crying with the intensity of his orgasm. Dena felt a final crescendo thunder through her body and crushed him in her steely embrace.

Dena loosened her grip a long few moments after their orgasms had passed, and they both lay gasping. Sheldon rolled off of Dena's giant body. She gasped and went wide-eyed when she saw the bloody trails her nails had scratched across his back. "Does that hurt?"

"A little," Sheldon admitted. In truth his body was on fire and his ribs and hips felt like he'd been through a hydraulic press... if the press could give universe-exploding sex.

"I'm sorry," Dena whispered.

Sheldon grinned. "Don't be, I'm not. I want to do that again!"

Dena smiled. "Okay," she agreed readily.

Sheldon carefully pulled off the condom and tied it to prevent leaking. He snuggled into her strong bare shoulder and idly stroked the fingers of one hand across Dena's rock-hard belly. She wrapped her steel-hard arm around him.

"You planned this?" he asked.

Dena "hmmm'd" into his hair. "Not exactly. This was way better than anything I planned." She kissed his hair.

After a moment he spoke again. "Can I tell you something a little weird?"

"Sure, Sheldon," Dena murmured happily. "Anything."

"I... I liked when you were crushing my head. Maybe you could do it again sometime?" His hand trailed down over Dena's slim hip to her thigh.

Dena smiled. "For sure. It's called scissoring." She laughed at Sheldon's surprise. "What? I'm on varsity sports teams with a bunch of big Amazons, don't you think we talk? You're not the first guy who wants to be squeezed in a girl's legs, you know. Just the first guy who wants to be squeezed in mine."

"I bet you could squeeze harder than anyone. You're the strongest person I've ever met," Sheldon said worshipfully, squeezing her hard muscular thigh. He suddenly grew self-conscious and took his hand away, worried that she wouldn't like him obsessing over her muscles. "I like that about you. Sorry if that's weird."

"It's a little weird, but I don't mind. I... I'm kind of growing to like it. I like being strong and muscular. I work hard and I'm proud of that." She took his hand and put it back on her hard thigh, flexing it for him. The muscle bulged under his hand and she used his fingers to stroke her pale skin. "And I'm glad you like it, too. Really. It's just..." She hesitated.

"What?" Sheldon asked apprehensively, twisting around to look up at her.

Dena looked away shyly, her pale cheeks reddening. "I know I'm strong. But... I like it when you say I'm beautiful," she admitted in a whisper. "I know that's shallow. But, when you say it... I never thought I was pretty, but with you... I think you mean it."

Sheldon reached up to cup her trembling cheek and looked deep in her vulnerable, hopeful eyes. "You're more than pretty," he said. "You're beautiful!" He pulled her lips to his and kissed her passionately. He moved his hand down to her chiseled chest, groping her marble-hard slab of pectoral muscle. He ran his fingers sensually down the cleft of muscle cleavage between her pecs, then up again to stroke her large pink areola and hard pink nipple. He kissed her cheek, then slowly kissed down her long muscular neck, down her thick hard pecs, finally latching on to her hard nipple, kissing and suckling gently.

"Ohhh, you're going to get me all worked-up again," Dena hissed.

"That's the idea," Sheldon agreed. He continued kissing and sucking her big sensitive nipple and moved his hand down to her crotch. She involuntarily bucked up and mashed her soft bush into his hand. He groped farther down and slipped his finger into her slick, hot pussy, working it into her while his thumb stroked her hard sensitive clit.

Dena bucked and moaned beneath him as he kissed, licked, sucked, fondled, and fingered her to another orgasm. He pushed three fingers inside her, barely able to fit them in her tight, muscular pussy. She gripped him and clamped down on his fingers with terrifying ferocious power. Dena crushed his face to her chest with one unstoppably-powerful steel-muscled arm and threw her other arm around him in a dangerous embrace, raking her nails across his back, shredding his flesh and moaning and grunting and squeaking out her next series of orgasms.

In post-orgasmic glow she gazed down at her little lover, lying face-down across her. He looked like he'd had the shit beat out of him; bruised and red and raw, and covered in sweat from both of them, and with Dena's powerful scent. "I'm sorry," she murmured again as he winced. Blood oozed from the scratches on his shredded back.

"Battle wounds," he said with a grin. "I'm so lucky to be with you, Dena. I'd do anything for you. Want me to go down on you again?"

Dena laughed, touched at his devotion and eagerness to please her. "Thank you, but I think we could use a little break! Let's get cleaned up. And maybe a shower; we smell like a brothel!"

Sheldon took a deep breath and his cock stirred again, struggling back to life. "Yeah," he agreed happily.

In the shower, Dena gently washed his back and applied some ointment to his scratches afterward.

"Oh," she said in surprise as she saw his response. She took his hardening cock in her big hand and stroked it. "Again?" she asked playfully.

"It's a little sensitive," Sheldon hissed, closing his eyes and groaning.

"I'll be truly gentle this time," Dena promised as she wrapped her soft lips around his cock. She gave him a slow, sensual blowjob that weakened Sheldon's entire body. He collapsed into Dena's arms as she sucked his painfully sensitive cock to an almost unbelievably unbearable orgasm.

Sheldon looked up at Dena's broad smile. She winked at him, licked the last drops off his cock, and ran her tongue sensually over her lips before swallowing.

"Wow," Sheldon breathed. "That's the sexiest thing I've ever seen, and I watch a lot of porn." Dena stuck her tongue out at him and made a mock angry face. "I'm sorry; I don't think I can move, but you look like you could go all night!"

Dena laughed. "I'm very happy," she reassured him. She felt energized, sexy, and incredibly powerful. She felt a darkly dominating pleasure that she hadn't known she possessed, fiercely proud that she had drained Sheldon to the verge of collapse. "We should get back to the movie," she whispered. "Daddy will be suspicious if we don't finish at least one of them!"

"Okay. I don't remember what it was about," Sheldon admitted sleepily.

"I don't either," Dena replied with a naughty giggle.

They dressed and returned to the living room couch. Sheldon fell asleep with his head in her lap during the movie, happier and more content than he could ever remember. Dena slowly stroked his hair and gazed down at him fondly. They would have to do this again. Many, many times!


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