Climbers Part 12: Showing Off

by seldom

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Sheldon turned around to face Dena and was surprised by her big hand on his chest. With a hard shove that felt like a cannonball hitting his chest she sent him sprawling back on to her bed. He looked up and up and up at her gigantic body towering over him. She smiled down at him and he hesitantly smiled back, not sure what she was about to do.

Dena grabbed the bottom of her sweatshirt and pulled it up and over her head, tossing it aside and baring her hard muscle-bulging torso. Her pale skin gleamed in bright contrast to her coal-black hair. She hesitated a moment, then stripped off her jeans and socks, too. She looked down at Sheldon's awe-struck expression, bit her lip uncertainly, then made her decision. She removed her soaked panties, pulling them down her incredibly long, exceedingly muscular legs and kicking them to the corner where they landed with a wet splat.

Sheldon had seen her stomach and bare arms and shoulders in her basketball jersey -- and her legs, of course. But this was his first time seeing any girl completely naked in real life, much less an Amazonian muscle-goddess like Dena. She bulged everywhere. He stared up in wide-eyed wonder.

Dena suddenly felt very vulnerable. Standing nude in front of Sheldon was different than being casually naked around her teammates. She self-consciously placed an arm in front of her chest, wishing for the millionth time she had bigger breasts, and crossed her long legs. She looked down at the floor, again shy. Acutely aware of what she thought of as all her flaws, all her doubts came rushing back now that she was naked. Her face was too long, she wasn't pretty, she was too pale, too muscular, too flat-chested; she was all hard, sharp angles, not curvy and soft "like a girl should be." How could he think she was beautiful? Would he still, now that he saw her naked?

"Dena," Sheldon whispered. She looked down at him nervously. He swallowed hard, looking lost and confused and every bit as nervous and scared as Dena was. "I don't know what to do next," he admitted.

Dena stared at Sheldon, surprised and relieved. He stared back at her. And with that one shared moment of absurdity, her fears and insecurities evaporated. She started to giggle. Then he laughed, and soon both of them were shaking with laughter. Dena sat down heavily next to him on the bed as she giggled. Even sitting she towered over him.

"What do you want to do?" she asked as their laughter died down.

"I want to kiss you again," Sheldon said.

Dena leaned down and gently kissed him on the lips. He pulled back, licked his dry lips to moisten them, then leaned into her to kiss her again. "What else?" she asked in a low, husky voice.

"Can I feel your breasts again?" he asked hesitantly.

In response, Dena wrapped her long fingers around his smaller hand and brought it to her chest. After a moment of hesitation Sheldon stroked her warm, pale skin. He slowly explored her hard pectoral muscle before bringing his fingers to stroke gently at her big nipple. He looked up at her to check if what he was doing was okay with her. It was.

Dena took his other hand and put it on the inside of her muscular thigh. She started stroking herself with his hand, moving it closer to her wet, aroused pussy. He trailed his fingers through the finely-trimmed black fur of her bush.

Sheldon was surprised to feel how wet she was. His heart raced with arousal and nervousness; thrilled at the incredible reality that Dena was letting him explore her gorgeous, naked, Amazonian body; terrified he would do something wrong.

"Right there," Dena whispered, guiding his fingers to her slick labia. She pushed his middle finger into her tight wet pussy. He surprised her by flicking her clit with his thumb. "Yesss," she hissed. She pumped his finger in and out of her until he found her rhythm and started thrusting his finger on his own. She closed her eyes and pulled his face into her hard, unyielding, thickly-muscled chest. Her skin was hot against his cheek.

Growing bolder, Sheldon kissed her right breast while he fingered her and fondled her left breast and big, hard nipple. Her bulging pec muscles were solid and imposing under her hot, soft, milky white skin; her areolae like puffy pink targets on that strong, thickly-muscled chest. He gently took her big nipple into his mouth and licked the hard, fleshy nub. Dena ground her wet pussy into his hand with urgent, almost frantic, arousal.

Dena tangled her long fingers in Sheldon's hair and crushed his face to her hard muscular tit. "Harder," she gasped as she painfully ground his head. Her other hand crushed his wrist in her frighteningly strong grip until he felt pins and needles and thought his wrist bones were bending and grinding. He whimpered in pain.

"Sorry!" Dena squeaked softly, easing off on her bone-crunching grip.

"It's okay," Sheldon murmured into her nipple, continuing his kissing and licking. He pushed a second finger into her tight, wet pussy and fingered her as fast and hard as he could. She was so wet and slick, his fingers made squelching sounds as he fingered her. The strong scent of her arousal filled his nostrils with a heady promise of sexual delight. He could hardly believe this was real; that he was fondling and fingering this gigantic, powerful, muscular Amazon, turning her on so forcefully. Him! Nerdy, chubby little Sheldon giving a goddess like Dena such pleasure! It filled him with a warm rush of pride to accompany his arousal.

For her part, Dena couldn't believe her seduction of Sheldon was working out so well. This was better than she'd dared fantasize. She was having trouble thinking straight with the pleasure surging through her giant, powerful, extremely aroused body. She panted and groaned as she felt her climax building.

Sheldon sensed her approaching orgasm. He thrust his fingers into her pussy with a fast frantic rhythm, and suckled hard on one of her big sensitive nipples while he pinched her other one.

Dena panted and groaned as she felt her climax building. She tried not to hurt Sheldon, but it was hard to think of his comfort in the heat of her passion; all she wanted to do was crush the sexy little nerd against her big powerful body and wrap him in her strong unstoppable muscles. She cradled his head in her muscular arm and urgently crushed him hard against her chest as she reached a gasping, shuddering, moaning crescendo.

"Ohhhh," Dena moaned as she tensed up in orgasm. Her bicep smashed his face hard into her big smothering chest and her thighs involuntarily slammed together, crushing Sheldon's hand and wrist in thick, hard, grinding muscle while her throbbing, gushing wet pussy clamped tight around his fingers.

"Wow," she whispered, relaxing and easing off her powerful, crushing grip on Sheldon. She giggled. "Oh wow," she repeated. She opened her eyes and looked down at Sheldon. She smiled at his awed, worshipful expression, feeling powerful and sexy.

"That's twice now," Dena said huskily, "you've gotten me all worked up! What can I do for you?" she asked in a low whisper dripping with promise. "Tell me and I'll do anything you want," she offered, with an emphasis on "anything."

Despite the fact that this whole evening was her plan, she almost couldn't believe her own boldness. She'd fantasized about an evening like this, but she'd never actually talked like this before. It was out of character for the normally reserved superjock; she felt like some sort of sex kitten, but she liked it. She felt powerful and beautiful, like she could do anything with Sheldon and it would be sexy and fun and wonderful... and he would love it.

Sheldon immediately blushed and stared at his feet. He was shy and embarrassed at the first request that had popped into his head.

"Tell me," Dena ordered playfully. Sheldon squirmed. Now Dena was dying of curiosity. "Anything! Whatever it is I won't get mad. I promise," she said.

"Umm... there is something I'd like to do, but I don't know if you're going to like it."

"Tell me," Dena ordered again, apprehensive.

"I... I think it would be cool if... if you would pick me up," Sheldon admitted reluctantly.

"'Pick you up?' What do you mean?"

Sheldon took a deep breath, steeling his courage and readying himself for humiliating rejection. "Umm... Lift me up. Like you did with Leon and Greg."

"Oh." Dena considered a moment. "That's it? Why wouldn't I like that?"

"I dunno. It's a bit... weird, and I know you don't like showing off like that."

"I like it for you," Dena said quietly. She bounced off the bed and loomed over Sheldon; a naked, gigantic, and intimidating Amazonian muscle goddess.

He looked up and gulped, excited and nervous. He had been so prepared for her to be angry -- or, worse, disgusted -- that he could hardly believe that she had instead agreed so readily and was really going to do this for him. She seemed playful, almost eager.

Dena grinned evilly down at Sheldon. She reached down with her muscular, powerful right arm and grabbed his belt. He was lighter than Greg the bully and she was much stronger than she was a few months ago, so she easily hauled him off the bed with one arm and held him dangling in front of her. "Like this..." she asked playfully, then lifted him higher until his head almost hit the ceiling. "Or like this?" She grinned up at him as she held him out with one bulging muscular arm, her other hand resting on her cocked hip, her feet planted firmly in a wide stance.

"This is so sexy," Sheldon whispered in awe, his hard-on surging and making him light-headed. He reached out with trembling hands and felt Dena's steely hard-muscled forearm, felt up her arm to her thick round bicep, which felt as hard as a boulder. He traced the big vein snaking over her bulging bicep. For some strange reason this moment of being lifted in the air, held aloft by the naked Amazon and dangling at the end of her trembling, powerful, muscular arm, felt more intimate and more deeply personal than fingering her. Dena seemed to feel it too; her cocky grin faded as she looked up at him with an expression somewhere between proud and nervous. She looked shy and hopeful... and devastatingly gorgeous. "You are so sexy," Sheldon breathed.

Dena smiled and raised a dark eyebrow. "I'm naked, and you're not," she observed. With a flick of her powerful wrist, she lightly tossed him onto the bed, careful to make sure he landed safely. He bounced on her mattress.

"Clothes. Off. Now," she growled. She smiled playfully, almost embarrassed, unsure of herself despite her boldly assertive order.

Sheldon blushed but didn't argue. He wriggled out of his shirt and pants and socks. He hesitated before pulling off his boxers. "Everything," Dena ordered. She frowned, worried; maybe she'd gone too far or done something off. Sex and boys sometimes seemed like a terrifying minefield to the eighteen year-old virgin. "What's wrong?"

Sheldon pulled his boxers off and stood naked in front of her. He looked at them together in her wall mirror. The comparison was laughable. As usual, he dealt with his fear and insecurity by charging ahead. He took a deep breath, put his hands on his hips, and said with smiling bravado, "I just don't know if you can handle all this!"

Dena smiled and felt a thrill at his cocky attitude. "I don't know either," she said playfully, "but I'm willing to find out!" She reached under his arms, clamped her huge hands and steely strong fingers around his chest and back, and lifted him into the air as easily as a child. They were eye-to-eye, and his feet dangled more than a foot off the floor. She brought him to her mouth and kissed him passionately. He responded and his hard-on throbbed against her rock-hard stomach, leaking pre-cum.

Dena was nervous being this aggressively sexual and dominant, but she was immensely powerful, and he seemed to honestly like her strength. "Sheldon," she said hesitantly. "I want to try something."

Sheldon's nostrils flared with lust. "Yes, anything!" he breathed.

"Keep your body as straight as you can," Dena warned. She kept hold of his right side in her left hand, then shifted her right hand grip to his left thigh. She turned his body horizontal, hoisted him into the air, and pressed him overhead, almost to the ceiling.

"Dena!? What are you..." Sheldon began to exclaim in surprise, but then he just groaned as Dena lowered his cock into her hot, wet mouth. "Ohhhh..."

Though she'd never given a blowjob before, her teammates talked in the locker room. She clamped her lips around his cock and pressed him up and down overhead. With her head tilted up, it was relatively easy to deep-throat him. She found it more fun than she expected, focusing on the challenge of taking him entirely inside her mouth and down her throat without gagging. She swallowed a lot, working up her saliva, tasting his salty pre-cum.

Sheldon was in heaven. He stared lustily at Dena's huge muscles flexing as she worked him up and down, in and out, as tirelessly as a machine. Her lips and tongue and throat worked his sensitive shaft, close and tight, warm and wet. She lowered him all the way in, resting his balls on her lips, then slid her tongue out to wash over his balls.

"Oh my god," Sheldon breathed, nearly hyperventilating in surprised lusty pleasure. "Dena, stop... Dena stop, I'm gonna cum I can't stop oh I'm sorry..." Sheldon spasmed as he released deep into Dena's throat.

His climax caught Dena by surprise, but she gamely swallowed and continued sucking his sensitive shaft. When he finished unloading spurts of cum into her mouth she pulled him out with a playful sucking slurp. She held him pressed overhead, looked him straight in the eye, licked her lips, and swallowed the last of his cum. She nuzzled his leaking cock head affectionately, licking the last drips out.

"Oh my god, Dena. Oh, wow. I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Sheldon kept repeating in a daze.

"Don't be. I wanted to do that. I have for a long time," Dena said happily. "I'm glad you liked it."

Sheldon laughed, comfortable in her hands; he knew she would never drop him. "Yeah, 'liked it;' that's an understatement!"

Dena laughed and lowered him into a colossal crushing hug. Sheldon looked deep into her warm brown eyes and kissed her slowly, sensually. Dena's own lust surged in response. "Now, lie down and let me do you," Sheldon playfully ordered.

"Yes, sir!" Dena replied with a giggle. She obediently lowered Sheldon to the floor and lay back on her bed, opening her long muscular legs invitingly.


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