by amnoartist95

Adam and Cordelia's perverse relationship forms strange results

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Written & edited by Amnoartist95

Cordelia smiled as her stomach growled, her abs pushing outward with growth to accommodate the growing foetus within her, her legs quaked with her slow movements as she advanced closer to Adam, shifting a quick glance at his bulging abdominally large cock.

A baby’s cries were heard from outside the room; loud as if seeking attention from its mother – the beastly large woman who was Cordelia. Her smile continued as her abs inflated and skin groaned obscenely, monstrously thick arms pressed against her sides as her biceps bulged outward closer to Adam.

“Never knew you were – groan – this eager to be a father.” Her gut visibly churned as it pressed to the floor whilst she bent down on both knees, hand at the ready to milk Adam once again for the day. His cock literally bulging and flexing like a hideously muscled and veined tube, balls sagged from his seemingly endless load. “Daughter number four is cooking in me as we speak and – groan – a fifth might be on the cards.”

Adam’s grin was so lewd it was almost perverse. His cock tented at the thought of fathering yet another child to this massively beefy woman in her nineties. She was just so sexy; nothing could ever come close to her. All the raunchy moments he’d had with Samantha and Florence had vanished from his mind, wiped by the constant fucking he and Cordelia had. “A fifth? Can’t we--”

Cordelia pressed a finger to his lips suggestively, her wrinkled digit stained from the younger man’s cock juice and her own breast milk that flowed earlier and fed the infants in the other room. “A sixth? Well… I was hoping you’d say that, and – groan – they might be interested in a sister or two anyway.”

She pulled her arm up to a flex and felt its grainy beefiness rise to the ceiling – all 120’’ of it – scraping off the plaster and watched it cascade to the floor at her feet. The monstrously large limb both visibly and audibly thrummed from its held flex, veins squirming like large worms burrowed. Soon the 120’’ became 125’’ as Cordelia’s gut groaned with a small dose of expansion of its own, skin stretching.

“If only Cassandra were here…” Cordelia reminisced of the moment an hour or two ago when her daughter left, having had enough of the perversion between Adam and her. “She would’ve been happy to see her third new sister born.”

Soon the midwife arrived, sweat dripping from her brow. “Cordelia, I’ll have to go shopping again. Alice has downed all the milk in a single going.”

The old woman smiled in response, proud of her daughter’s appetite. She was a growing girl, after all. Cordelia forcibly took hold of Adam’s cock and started jerking him again almost like clockwork. She’d already given the SWAT soldier a fair number of handjobs, blowjobs and footjobs, but Adam was special – he was always ready and hard.

“Cassandra’s got nothing on you though.” Adam moaned as Cordelia’s jerking picked up its pace upon her hearing his words, making sure to squeeze the tip every so often. “She’s like a toothpick in comparison.”

Cordelia’s stomach expanded more as it continued to drag across the carpet, abs thrumming with growth as the embryo inside squirmed a la Alien. She patted her gut with the same proud smile and watched Adam’s face twitched as he ejaculated onto her hand and arm – again.

It was strange how the Lotus Blend tea mixed with Viagra helped all the current events come about – Cordelia’s rapid muscle growth and pregnancies and Adam’s ceaseless perversion – but neither of them cared. Cordelia pushed forward as her massive veiny, sagless tits mashed into his face like cushions, practically taking his breath away. As this occurred, she flexed her calves and felt them expand outward and scrape against the cracking walls. All of it was turning them both on.

Finally, the SWAT solider from earlier returned with a bottle of oil, naked, his cock pulsing with anticipation. He did as commanded beforehand, applying the golden liquid to Cordelia’s ceiling-cracking biceps, but he couldn’t stop himself from blowing his load beforehand.

Cordelia wasn’t exactly happy about that. “Just make sure – moan – you’re hard again within the next ten minutes, babe.” She thrust her head downward to suck on Adam’s cock, feeling its long thickness bulging against the inside of her throat, pushing the back of her neck out slightly before she adjusted her position to allow his cock slip down into her stomach. The SWAT soldier could see the distinct bulge flex and coil within her gut before it suddenly – once again – filled her with cum! She took the load greedily in fast consistent gulps, caring not about the possibility of choking.

Adam’s load filled the woman to the point where it flowed out of her mouth in a thick mayonnaise-like stream, sliding down her ballon-sized tits and bulging gut that seemed to throb with expansion as a result. His cock still in her mouth, the old woman’s cum-scented burp was louder than the last, as she wiped the excess load from her lips.

Adam flexed his cock within Cordelia’s gut, massaging its inner muscles to coax some growth out of them, which worked, prompting the obscenely large muscled stomach to press against the wall, flexing her arms as this occurred. Then Adam watched as a second growth formed within her, instigating another pregnancy before the current one came to an end.

“Daddy’s eager” Cordelia said motherly, stroking the newly-formed growth. “Want a sibling or two?”

The growth itself flexed, as if to indicate a genuine response, the skin on the behemoth woman creaking like leather as a result.

“Just as we thought.” Cordelia pulled Adam close once again and started jerking him faster than before, feeling its thickness pulse within her grip. “Let’s go again, sexy.”

Adam was obviously eager, and flexed his cock within Cordelia’s mouth, watching it pulse within her throat. She took it all the same, pulling her head down deeper to take more of his pornstar sized dick. She picked him to allow for more, watching him smile with gratification as the full extent of his cock – balls and all – dropped within the woman’s mouth. She felt his balls bulge within her cheeks and used her tongue to coax them into flowing more cum, which worked, prompting another stream of his load to pack her still-filled gut with his load. She could actually feel its stream down her throat and resisted the urge to smile, but failed and prompted his seed to seep down her neck and tits like before.

As this took place, the SWAT soldier was taking Cordelia from behind, seemingly thrusting his cock into her ass, but she couldn’t feel him. Adam though – she always felt him. Regardless, the soldier blew his load in the old woman’s muscled ass and watched his load seep out like melting ice cream. She turned to him.

“You’re too soft for me. Leave it to the professionals.” She picked him up by his cock and worked it between the bicep of her other arm, smiling at his squirming expression of lust. It only took a few second before a second helping of his load blasting over her arm and right oblique, not to mention the carpet.

The recently formed growth flexed as it expanded in tandem with Cordelia’s deliberate, though unnecessary grunt as she playfully massaged her bicep between the soldier’s cock for a moment before she carelessly dropped him to the floor.

“Let’s continue, shall we?” she asked Adam, pressing her pregnant gut against his stony abs, feeling its respective flexing press against the father-to-be’s cock. Cordelia turned to the clock and smiled. “We’ve only been at it for six hours. Those are rookie numbers, so we gotta pump those – and me – up!”

Adam nodded. At this point it was a natural response to do so.

Cordelia rubbed Adam’s cock against her cheek, feeling the excess cum drip down it. “That’s my boy.”


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