Climbers Part 11: Can I Feel You?

by seldom

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Dena and Sheldon sat on Dena's couch watching a movie. The stars had aligned: it was a Saturday night, Dena had an early game that Sheldon had come to watch and cheer her on as they won, her father had to work late, and her sister Gina was going to a sleepover. Dena invited Sheldon over for a double feature of romantic comedy and science fiction.

Sheldon was applying early to MIT and other top academic universities. He was in high demand due to his perfect grades and fierce team leadership and individual performance in the national Math Olympiad. He was being considered for the international team.

Dena was in the middle of an unexpected growth spurt. Normally girls stopped growing by fifteen, maybe sixteen; it was late in life and very unusual for an eighteen year old girl to have her last growth spurt. Dena wasn't happy about it; although she liked being big and strong, she didn't like feeling like even more of a freak than she already did. She had gained an inch in height, growing to six feet nine inches tall. It was getting even harder to walk through doors, especially ones with shorter frames.

Where most girls her age were maturing and filling out into womanly curves, Dena was filling out her long ropy muscles with huge muscle mass, her muscular limbs bulging on her slim athletic frame. She'd gained over ten pounds, mostly muscle, putting her slightly over two hundred seventy-five pounds, and she was always hungry. She naturally had extremely, almost punishingly, low bodyfat, and now she was more muscular than ever. The extra muscle mass really popped under her pale blue-veined skin, making her look even more intimidating and dominating on the court.

It was college recruiting season. The school was dominating the state high school ladder, and the entire team was being actively recruited by top athletic colleges; none more so than Dena. Despite whispers that her body couldn't possibly be natural, she'd passed all her drug tests. Freakishly big and strong, she was called, but not to her face. Recruiters openly discussed her chances of going on to the WNBA some day. It was a lot for the naturally reserved superjock, but she was competitive, driven, and determined.

Dena was also outgrowing her clothes again, which took her by surprise. At this rate she'd need a whole new wardrobe. She knew her father couldn't afford to buy her all new outfits, especially with Gina hitting a growth spurt of her own, so she'd taken to shopping for fabric at thrift stores and altering her own clothes. Bobbi Jo was helping out too; she was a good seamstress and had a keen eye for fashion. Bobbi Jo wasn't spending much time with her boyfriend Connor these days; they hadn't quite broken up, but rather entered a strange and strained part of their relationship that Dena didn't understand. Dena was grateful for the help but sad for her best friend's rocky romance.

Dena lay her head down in Sheldon's lap and wriggled into a comfortable position as the movie played. Sheldon was surprised at the affectionate move; Dena was normally shy, if not stand-offish, and they hadn't gone farther than the occasional kiss. He hesitantly moved his hand down and stroked her soft silky black hair. "That's nice," she murmured. He looked at her bare muscular neck, a jagged network of thick blue veins under her pale skin. Her huge body seemed to throb with barely contained, raw muscular power.

He started to get a hard-on. Oh god please no, he thought, embarrassed, but Dena didn't seem to mind. She reached for his hand and swallowed it in her enormous palm. Her grip was like a hot steel clamp around his tiny fist. She's holding my whole hand like I'm a tiny doll, he thought, pulse racing.

Dena's own heart pounded in her ears. She reminded herself of Bobbi Jo's words, and trusted that the beautiful blonde knew a lot more about boys than she did. She was afraid of Sheldon's reaction, but more afraid of not trying anything. She brought his hand down to her chest. She was wearing a plain gray sweatshirt, baggy at the waist and tight across her broad chest and shoulders. She pressed his little hand into her thick muscular chest.

Sheldon instantly tensed and his hand grew rigid in hers. Dena felt a wave of disappointment and rejection threatening to crush her and struggled to breathe. Please no, she thought, please don't let me be wrong, followed quickly by a strong regret she didn't have nice soft breasts.

"Can... can I feel you?" Sheldon asked quietly, hopefully.

For a long moment Dena lay silent and confused as her disappointment turned to hope. "Yes," she finally whispered.

Sheldon awkwardly groped her steel-hard pectoral muscle. As he realized Dena wasn't stopping him, but instead wriggling her giant body to give him better access, he grew bolder. Her chest felt as big and hard as a slab of marble under her sweatshirt. He moved his fingers down and found her big hard nipple, like a thimble poking out of the vast slab of hard chest muscle. He hesitated a moment before squeezing the hard nub.

Dena gasped and writhed urgently. "Yesss..." she hissed.

Encouraged, Sheldon tweaked her nipple, twisting and squeezing it harder and harder. Even with all his strength he couldn't hurt her sensitive nipple, and the harder he twisted the more Dena's immense body responded, arching her back and shoving her chest against his hand. She rubbed her soft black hair against his crotch, encouraging his throbbing erection.

Sheldon couldn't believe he was groping this magnificent, beautiful goddess. He was determined to make her as happy as he could. He was in heaven on the couch working her up to a hot and heavy moaning and would happily play with her nipple for hours if that's what she demanded of him.

Dena reached down and pulled up her sweatshirt, revealing her bare bra-less pale torso. She looked like a muscle anatomy chart, blue veins on pale skin over huge, bulging muscles that rippled in powerful waves. Her deeply defined abs led like a cobblestone road up to her full, thick, heavy pecs, which had a deep line of muscle cleavage between them. Obliques flared in thick ridges around her back and sides. Sheldon paused, gazing down in awe and lust.

"What?" Dena asked, suddenly shy and self-conscious. Had lifting her shirt been a mistake?

"You're..." Sheldon was about to say amazing but changed his mind. "You're so beautiful," he whispered in awe.

It was exactly what Dena needed to hear. She gripped the back of his head, pulled him down, and lunged up to crush her lips against his, kissing him urgently and passionately. Sheldon kissed back with equal ferocity, roaming his hand across her thick muscular chest and squeezing the marble-like slabs as hard as he could. He pulled hard on her big thick nipple and Dena gasped in pleasure. "Harder," she insisted as they gasped for breath between kisses. "Harder. Harder!" He pulled and twisted with all his might but he was no match for her strength or incredible toughness, and Dena's body warmed and shuddered with delicious pleasure. Her other hand plunged down into her pants. "Harder!" she shouted in ecstasy. "Harrrrderrrr ohh god ohhh!" She crushed his lips painfully hard, shoved her tongue deep down his throat, and threatened to crush his skull like an eggshell in her vice-like grip as an orgasm thundered through her body. She squirted hard as she furiously fingered herself, soaking right through her panties and jeans.

"Ow," Sheldon gasped through his haze of pain. His boner throbbed harder than ever.

"Sorry. Sorry," Dena repeated in a happy whisper over and over, hardly knowing what she was saying or doing. "Oh god thank you. Oh god," she was laughing now.

"Did you... come?" Sheldon asked hesitantly, fascinated.

Dena laughed and gasped and nodded vigorously. "Yes. Yes. Oh yes," she giggled. She looked down at the soaking crotch of her jeans. "Oops," she said happily. She looked him deep in his eyes, her own warm brown eyes sparkling with mischief. "Come to my room," she invited, panting with lust.

Sheldon gulped in excitement and nervousness. He nodded, not trusting himself to speak. Standing was awkward with his impediment, but he followed the giant amazon upstairs, watching her hips sway on her long powerfully muscled legs as she walked, her broad athletic shoulders tapering to a slim hard waist. She turned at her doorway and smiled down at him, inviting him inside. At six feet nine inches she towered over him by fifteen inches and outweighed him by a solid one hundred twenty-five pounds of rock-hard muscle. Sheldon took a deep breath and entered her room. She followed him inside and closed the door.


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