Climbers Part 8: You Made Me Pretty

by seldom

"unusually tall"      "muscular"      "tremendous strength"      "mildly suggestive sexual content"      "english"      "no violence"      "with friends/enemies"      "dressing up/styling"      "third person perspective"     

Watching Bobbi Jo in her underwear, Dena was reminded that the amazonian blonde dressed to minimize her chest. The huge bra cups were struggling to contain her enormous breasts. Dena had seen Bobbi Jo topless in the locker room and knew they were not only gigantic but impossibly perky, as if gravity dared not touch them. The statuesque blonde carried her tall frame and big bulging muscles with feminine grace and beauty. She looked like she stepped from the pages of a superheroine comic book. Dena felt a brief flash of jealousy, but it was impossible not to like Bobbi Jo despite her perfect everything.

Bobbi Jo's house was huge and magazine catalog beautiful. She came from money Dena's family could only dream of. She'd invited the basketball team to get ready with her. Twelve tall athletic girls crowded into her spacious bedroom. Dena couldn't help but notice that even the flattest of them still at least had breasts. Dena and the buxom Tanya were the only girls taller than Bobbi Jo, and Dena was the only one more muscular.

"Come zip me up," Bobbi Jo asked Dena, her arms pulled back to struggle with the zipper, arching her back and thrusting her enormous chest in the air. Dena zipped her up easily, the tight dress and tiny zipper no match for her raw strength. Bobbi Jo's huge breasts were compressed into a deep line of cleavage, so tight in the dress they quivered and looked ready to leap up and knock her in the chin. "Now let me do you," Bobbi Jo insisted.

Dena reluctantly unsnapped her bra. It was purely cosmetic with no fatty breast tissue to support. Her bare chest rippled with hard striated pectoral muscle. Her large nipples puffed out at the touch of the colder air currents in the room. She pulled her black dress up over her long pale muscular legs. It looked black as midnight against her milky pale skin and nicely complemented her short jet-black hair. It was positively slinky on her tall slim muscle-bulging figure, hugging and accentuating the curve of her small waist and the flat, taut brick work of her rock solid abs. Bobbi Jo zipped her up and the strapless dress clung to her like a second skin, subtly pushing in her chest muscles to enhance the line of her muscle cleavage and give the illusion of breasts.

"Nice," Bobbi Jo said appreciatively, stepping back to take a look. "Good choice on you. You definitely have the figure to pull this off."

Dena blushed. "You think so?" she mumbled.

"Definitely. Here, let's get you dolled up."

Dena let herself be pushed into the chair in front of the vanity. Tanya and Bobbi Jo smiled down at her, both so dazzlingly beautiful that Dena was more self-conscious than ever. She stared miserably at her long horsey face in the mirror, her frown pulling down her too-wide mouth.

"That won't do!" Bobbi Jo exclaimed. "Dena, your smile is so pretty, give us that smile won't you?"

Dena was sure Bobbi Jo was full of it but gamely pasted on a smile while the two girls fussed over her face with makeup. Bobbi Jo and Tanya were both skilled and subtle, not overdoing it, putting on a foundation that flattered Dena's pale skin, then adding a few touches to highlight her cheekbones, some lipstick and eye shadow. They artfully fluffed and arranged her short black hair. When they pulled away Dena gazed in awe at her reflection. She still looked like herself, but a different version of her. Her mouth looked full and a little pouty instead of horsey, her lips fuller. Her dark brown eyes looked bigger and more dramatic against her pale skin. Her long face transformed from equine to elegant. Her coal-black hair framed and rounded her face, softening the harsher edges.

Tanya and Bobbi Jo looked at her proudly. "Do you like it?" Bobbi Jo asked.

"I look... pretty," Dena whispered in surprise. "You made me pretty!"

Tanya giggled. Bobbi Jo grinned. "You ARE pretty, Dena! We just added an accent to what was already there!"

Dena was skeptical but grateful. "Thank you," she said fervently.

"Now for the finishing touches?" Bobbi Jo held up a large pair of high-heeled black pumps.

"Those aren't mine," Dena said.

"They are now. It's a present!"

Dena took the shoes and looked dolefully at the high heels. "You think I should wear heels tonight? Sheldon..."

"I know, he's tiny," Bobbi Jo said with a giggle. "Honestly, you're the tallest person in the school, you can't exactly hide your height! You already tower over everyone else, so why not heels? They'll flatter you, I promise. You've got such beautiful calves and ankles, why not show them off a little? Trust me. I don't think Sheldon will mind at all."

Dena's doubtful expression turned thoughtful. "Thank you," she said again. "You're so nice."

Dena stepped into the shoes. They fit perfectly of course. She stood and practiced. Being three inches taller was different, but not bad, she admitted. The other girls looked at her in awe, happy for her, giving her smiles and thumbs up. She'd never felt so accepted before. Right there she fell in love with her new teammates.

She glanced down at her calves, which felt tight from the enforced flexing and balancing she had to do. The huge steely muscles popped out of her legs even more than usual, like shiny pale diamonds.

"What do you think?" she asked, running her big hands down her slinky tight strapless black dress, displaying her evening look.

"I think Sheldon is one lucky guy," Bobbi Jo said enthusiastically. The other girls nodded, then turned back to their own preparations.


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