Climbers Part 6: Hot Girls Running Around in Short Shorts

by seldom

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It was the night before the Homecoming dance. Sheldon pushed his chair back from the role-playing game with a yawn. "Sorry to cut and run, gentlemen," he said. "I want to get some sleep tonight." The clock showed midnight but the Friday night gaming sessions often ran until dawn.

"We already started late because you wanted to go to the stupid Homecoming basketball game," Pete complained. He was a small, slim nerd with an encyclopedic knowledge of fantasy and gaming lore. "Since when do we go to sports games, anyway?"

"Since Sheldon got a date with his amazon crush," DeShawn teased. He was big and jolly, the alpha nerd of their small group. It was his house they played at. "Besides, tell me you didn't like watching a bunch of hot girls running around in short shorts! Especially Bobbi Jo, I could watch her all night!"

"I like Tanya, she's so beautiful," Ning said quietly. He was the fourth member of their gaming group, small and shy.

"Oh ho someone's got jungle fever!" DeShawn teased.

"That's racist," Sheldon said with a laugh. "You're a racist!"

"Shaddup cracker, everyone knows negroes can't be racist!"

"I don't like a girl who can beat me up," Pete complained.

"That's every girl, dweebazoid!"

"Shut up! Why do you like her? Dena looks like a man!"

The group instantly got quiet, their boisterous banter snuffed. "Not cool, dude," DeShawn said.

Pete reddened. "I'm sorry Sheldon. I didn't mean that," he said.

Sheldon shrugged. "DeShawn is right, she's an amazon. I don't care what you think, I think she's beautiful. I don't know why she said yes to a weak little chubby nerd like me, but I'm gonna take her to the dance and no matter how it turns out, I'll always have that!"

The nerd gathering broke up shortly after that. As they were leaving, Ning tapped Sheldon on the shoulder. He was even shorter than Sheldon, five feet one inch with a scrawny build and huge thick glasses. "I'd like to go too," Ning said.

"Sure. The more the merrier. You want to come with Dena and me?" Sheldon asked.

Ning shook his head. His parents were very strict. "I can't go before. But I can meet you there." He hesitated. Sheldon's success had given him hope. "Do you think I can ask Tanya to dance?"

Sheldon smiled. "I don't see why not. I don't think she has a boyfriend. Do you want me to see what I can find out from Dena?"

Ning nodded quickly. "I'd like that a lot. Thanks Sheldon," he blurted, then bolted inside to sleepover at DeShawn's.


A few hours earlier Dena chugged a bottle of water. She was breathing hard and pouring sweat, her pale skin red and blotchy. To Sheldon she looked amazing, like a Greek sporting goddess. It was the Homecoming game and they were up 64-40 in the third quarter against one of the top high schools in the state. She glanced up at her biggest fan where he sat with his quartet of nerds. She smiled and waved, then jogged back onto the court.

Bobbi Jo was a technically skilled player and took her job as team captain very seriously. The girls all trained hard and were highly skilled, as were their opponents, and the court was filled with tall muscular girls ranging from five feet eight inches to the foot taller Dena at a towering six feet eight inches. Without Dena the opposing teams would have been evenly matched and made a close game, but Dena was a force of nature that made the home team unbeatable. With her height and elongated reach she was a natural center, displacing Tanya, who was now the power forward. Tanya was also a superb athlete and impossibly beautiful, a buxom ebony-skinned amazon, six feet three inches tall with long slender limbs that were deceptively powerful.

The opposing center was Cheryl, a burly six foot four inch bruiser of a woman, puffing hard as she faced the unstoppable Dena. Cheryl had never encountered a woman taller and more muscular than herself on the court before.

Pete was bored, but DeShawn, Ning, and Sheldon's eyes were riveted on the spectacle, not caring so much about the mechanics of the sport (though they did take an academic interest in that), but more in the way of teenage boys flush with raging hormones staring at ten amazons running, jumping, bouncing, and sweating. DeShawn was glued to Bobbi Jo's massive bouncing globes, though he took time to appreciate Cheryl's substantial curves as well. Even the roomy athletic tank top uniforms couldn't diminish Bobbi Jo's enormous chest. Ning admired Tanya's tall athletic grace while occasionally doing research into the sport on his phone in order to keep up with the strategies and action. (Later in life Ning would make a killing at fantasy sports.) Sheldon admired all the women but he was especially awestruck by Dena, and he flushed with pleasure and a surge of hormones whenever she looked up or waved at him. The tank top worked in her favor, showing off her broad muscular shoulders and the long ropy muscles of her steel-hard climber arms.

Dena reached her incredibly long arms to block a shot from the other team's shooting guard. Tanya caught the ball and shot it down the court to Bobbi Jo, who took a shot but tipped off the point guard's reaching fingers as the smaller girl leapt surprisingly high. Cheryl caught the rebound and saw her chance, twisting around Tanya, who had taken temporary guard. Cheryl took off down the court in a burst of raw speed and power.

Cheryl didn't whip her head around fast enough to get a complete awareness of the court, so she missed Dena closing in on her blind side. She crashed full speed into the huge amazon. It felt like ramming into a brick wall as their bodies collided with a thunderclap of hard muscular flesh. Cheryl bounced off Dena and sprawled to the floor as the ref's whistle blew.

Cheryl shook her head in a daze. She'd never felt anything like that. She was built like a Mack truck, but Dena was an Abrams tank! Now Cheryl knew what other girls felt when they bounced off her. She blinked and looked up to find Dena's big hand reaching down to her. She clasped Dena's muscular forearm, feeling the corded muscles like steel cables under veiny pale skin. Dena hauled the two hundred twenty pound muscular athlete to her feet without visible effort.

"Holy shit, girl, you came out of nowhere!" Cheryl exclaimed.

"I'm sorry," Dena said softly.

Cheryl shook her head and grinned. "Don't be. My foul shot now!" She took off to take her free throw.

The final score was 84-70. The visitors mounted a valiant fourth quarter comeback on Cheryl's tireless efforts, her big muscular body pumping down the court like a machine, but Dena's long legs and arms seemed to be everywhere. "Good game," Cheryl said when she shook Dena's hand at the end of the game, and meant it. She'd never had so much fun losing before.

After the game she hunted down the gigantic amazon before she headed to the locker room. "Hey," she called to Dena. Dena turned around and raised her eyebrows expectantly. Damn this girl was gorgeous, Cheryl thought, feeling a bit short and squat next to her towering, tautly muscular frame. "I'm Cheryl," she said, holding out her hand.

Dena shook it again. "Dena," she said. "You're really good."

Cheryl laughed. "I know! If it wasn't for you we would have won!"

Dena shrugged and suddenly looked uncomfortable. "Maybe," she said.

"Definitely. You're unbelievable! Hey, so I'm just gonna ask, you want to hang out, go grab a coffee or something?"

Dena's eyes widened. "Oh," she said. "Um, I'm sorry, I'm not gay."

Cheryl laughed. "That's ok. Nobody's perfect," she said with a good-natured grin. She shook her head sadly. "Besides, the good ones never are."

I've gone from never being asked out before to twice in one week, Dena thought in wonder. What was going on? The truth was she didn't know if she was gay, or straight, or what she was really. "Hey wait," she called out. Cheryl turned back in surprise. "Um, I've got something, like a date, I don't know if it's anything," Dena said. "But maybe, if that doesn't work out?"

Cheryl grinned and winked. "You got it, babe," she said. "Give me a call!"

"I don't have your number."

Cheryl's grin turned impish. "Tanya does," she said with a laugh, and disappeared.


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