Climbers Part 5: It's a Good Pain

by seldom

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"This is going to hurt," Dena warned.

Sheldon looked apprehensive. "Ok," he said.

Dena had taken Sheldon on his first climb on the climbing wall. He was very chubby, looking short and chunky in the harness, but he was determined. He made it half way up the beginner ascent before his muscles gave out. He'd tried three times, and now he stood on trembling legs, sucking down water and shaking his knotted muscles.

"You used muscles you never thought of. Tomorrow you'll feel a little sore. On Thursday your body will feel like it's on fire."

"Gee, thanks."

Dena grinned. "It'll get better though. You'll see. It's a good pain."

Sheldon made a face. "'Good pain,'" he repeated, curling his fingers into air quotes. "You jocks are all the same. I changed my mind, you really are a bully!"

"Jerk!" Dena said, playfully punching Sheldon on the shoulder. He winced. With her huge muscles and big steely fist even a gentle tap was enough to numb his sore arm. "Think you're up for anchoring me?"

Sheldon looked doubtful. "I don't know. I don't want to drop you. No offense, but you're a lot heavier than me."

Dena giggled and smiled down at the little nerd. Her smile was warm and earnest and lit up her otherwise plain long face. "None taken. Don't worry, we'll anchor you here. Besides, I won't fall," she said it as a statement of fact, not sounding proud or cocky.

Once Sheldon was anchored to the floor with a strong thick strap, Dena showed him how to tighten and slacken the line. "The equipment does all the work," she assured him. "It takes skill, not strength. If you're using too much muscle you're doing it wrong. If I fall the rope will tighten with a jerk, and you'll get a sharp tug on you and your anchor point, but we'll both be fine."

"Ok, I think I'm ready," Sheldon said.

Dena smiled down at her little admirer. She was normally modest by nature, not given to intentionally showing off, though with her enormous strength and exceptional physical skills she was sometimes accused of doing so. However, something about Sheldon's frank admiration made her want to give him a little show. "Want to see something a little harder?"

"Yeah!" Sheldon enthused. He had no idea what she meant but he was up for seeing whatever incredible feats she could perform.

Dena grinned and sauntered over to the climbing wall, feeling a little cocky. Sheldon admired her long athletic frame. Muscles popped out of her thin skin even when she was relaxed. Thick ribbed obliques swept wide ridges around her sides. Her butt was carved from granite, two hard boulders that looked like a normal girl's butt had the fat sucked out and replaced with muscle. Thick marble-cut hamstrings and diamond-hard striated calves powered her toward the expert section of the wall.

"On belay?" she called as she walked.

Sheldon double-checked his grip and stance just as she'd taught him. His heart pounded in excitement and trepidation. "Belay on."


"Climb on!"

Without breaking stride she leaped up the wall and reached her incredibly long left arm up to grab a handhold ten feet off the ground. She did a one-armed pull-up and suspended herself while she crossed her ankles. She reached up her right arm and began to ascend using only her arms. Her huge biceps and deltoids almost popped out of her thin pale skin. Her reach was so long she easily crossed stretches that a normal climber would have needed toe-holds for. She came to the first overhang and monkeyed over it while still keeping her ankles crossed.

Eventually she came to a gap longer than even her reach. Without slowing down she launched herself straight up the wall in a burst of pull-up power and easily grabbed the next hold. Over the second overhang, higher and higher, smooth and strong and steady, her body a finely tuned and immensely powerful machine hurling her two hundred sixty-five pounds of ripped muscle up the wall with arm strength alone.

No normal human could do something like this, but Dena was freakishly strong. Even Sheldon was surprised, but then he thought since Dena can hold a full-sized man in the air with each hand, she can do anything.

Over the third and hardest overhang without slowing down, then Dena tagged the top. She was breathing hard and grinning fiercely with exertion, her huge popping muscles burning with glorious strength as she gripped the top, still with her ankles crossed. Then she dropped her left hand down two feet, planted it against the wall, and slowly extended her arms out. She pointed her toes and held herself straight out, perpendicular to the wall, steel-hard arms trembling with might.

Sheldon stared up in slack-jawed awe. Even he realized he was witnessing an incredible feat. Could she possibly be showing off just for him? he wondered. Could she sense how incredibly sexy he found her and her immense height and her boundless strength and her gorgeous steel-hard amazonian body?

Dena held herself out at the end of her long, trembling arms, her huge hands and long strong fingers crushing the wall as she held her six foot eight, two hundred sixty five pound muscle-bulging body perfectly still in the air.

"On belay?" she called down to the frozen gaping-mouthed Sheldon.

As if in a trance, he tightened the belay line. "Belay on," he called up with a weak trembling voice.


"Rappel on." Almost a whisper.

Dena quickly descended and dropped lightly to the floor on the balls of her big feet. She walked over to Sheldon with almost a cocky strut. Her pale skin was flushed and glowing with a slight sheen of sweat. Sheldon stood face to thick-muscled heaving chest with the giant amazon. He gazed up at her while she looked down at him, panting, lips slightly parted.

Sheldon looked up at Dena's towering frame with equal parts admiration and apprehension. Her short black athletic halter top left little to the imagination, showing her big popping biceps, huge steely flexed traps and deltoids on her broad shoulders, and the top of big bulging pectorals. Big blue veins cut jagged ridges popping out of her pale thin skin. Her pectorals were so big and cut they formed a line of visible cleavage at the top with clearly defined little muscular ridges leading inside. Even her long neck was veiny and muscular. Her bare stomach was cut from marble, pale skin over rock-hard washboard abs, each massive bulging block of her six pack thick and deeply defined like her skin was vacuum-sealed over bricks. Thick veins popped out below her abs. The top of the deeply cut V between her abs and shredded obliques led down to tight hip-hugging form-fitting shorts. Farther down her unbelievably long legs bulged with hyper-defined, dry and shredded vascular muscles. Her quads and adductors looked like they could crush a boulder and her diamond-shaped, diamond-hard calves looked sharp enough to cut glass.

Now or never, Sheldon told himself, heart racing, mouth dry, forcing himself to croak the word, "Dena?"

"Yes?" Her voice low and husky, unconsciously drawing closer to Sheldon's sweet shy terrified expression.


"Hey y'all!" Bobbi Jo sauntered over to the pair. She clapped. "I thought you were impressive before, but girl that was something else!" Her enthusiasm and admiration were warm and genuine. "You're like some sort of supergirl, for real!"

Dena blushed and drew back from Sheldon. "You saw that?" she asked, embarrassed.

"You bet I did!" She turned to Sheldon and beamed her killer smile down at him. She topped him by eight inches so he barely came up to her long elegant neck, eye-level to her broad muscular shoulders. He gallantly kept eye contact with the voluptuous blonde amazon and avoided ogling the vast inviting cleavage popping out of her sports halter top. "Hi Sheldon!"

"Hey Bobbi Jo," he said with a happy grin.

"You know each other?" Dena asked, startled.

"Everybody knows Sheldon!" Bobbi Jo exclaimed. "He won the state math Olympiad last year!"

Dena looked at Sheldon with respect. He looked pleased and flustered. "Really?"

"Yeah! He's like a super genius!" Bobbi Jo exclaimed. "Hey, y'all mind if I take a turn?"

"Sure," Dena said, handing her the belay line. "Think you can anchor again, Sheldon?"

He nodded. "I think so. I could use the practice. If you don't mind, Bobbi Jo."

Dena and Sheldon watched Bobbi Jo's athletic, curvaceous figure power-climb the expert wall. She tagged the top and rappelled down, rejoining the two. Her stupendous chest was heaving with the exertion and excitement of the climb. Her cobblestone six-pack abs, while not as deeply cut as Dena's, were defined and hard, rippling as she breathed. "Thanks, Sheldon!" she said.

The small nerd smiled and nodded. "Sure, Bobbi Jo. This is fun! No wonder you love it."

Dena gathered up her and Sheldon's harnesses while Bobbi Jo clambered her long muscular frame out of hers. Dena went to pack their equipment away and sign out.

Bobbi Jo tossed her long flowing blonde hair as she leaned in conspiratorially to Sheldon. "I'm sorry I interrupted, I didn't realize until too late," Bobbi Jo whispered.

"That's ok," Sheldon whispered back. "Was I that obvious?"

Bobbi Jo laughed. "Yes, Sheldon! Men always are." Dena started to head over, looking suspiciously at the whispering pair. "Ask her. Don't chicken out!" Bobbi Jo looked up at the towering amazon as Dena approached. "Later, y'all!" she said brightly, shouldering her harness and sauntering away.

"What was that all about?" Dena asked.

Sheldon looked uneasy and embarrassed. "Um, Dena? You know the Homecoming Dance coming up on Saturday?" he asked hesitantly.

"Yeah, what about it?"

"Uh, I mean, I was wondering, are you going?"

Dena shrugged. "Probably. It's a big team thing. Why?"

"Um, would you want to, I dunno, maybe go with me?"


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