Brewed | Chapter 6 - 10

by amnoartist95

Brewed continues as Adam's interests shifts to Cassandra, then her far older mother.

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Chapter 6: Trust in Gran

Adam woke from his sleep to find his grandmother Florence lying next to him, her massive hillock of a back bulging and relaxing in tandem with her every gentle breath. His sleep was blissful, mixed with the all-too erotic endeavours that occurred beforehand.

He'd only just woken up to find an erection starting to occur. It was too soon in the day to jack off surely? But the arousal; it heightened with every passing moment he took to observe Florence.

She was almost half the width of the bed now. If not, maybe bigger. He naked beefy glutes pressed against his knee before she stirred in her sleep.

Adam sat up, resting his back on the headboard to look around. Florence’s nightie had been carelessly tossed to the floor in a mangled heap with several rips and tears, and her panties dangled on the doorknob.

In the corner of the room was a weight bench and barbell. A glitzy bikini that Florence posed in before the night’s rousing performance was sprawled across the bench, decorated with sequins of various colours.

Adam turned to continue watching his grandmother sleep soundly, a hand over her pumpkin’d delt. He didn't want to wake her, yet her presence was just so warm and filling.

“I was wondering when you'd wake up.” Florence shrugged her shoulders, compelling their respectively impressive muscles to bulge and pop with seemingly little to no effort. “I've been lying in wait.”

“You have?” Adam’s cock stiffened more at Florence’s sultry tone and the thickset ripples of her muscles.

“For about an hour, yes.” She turned to face Adam with a smile, her huge naked tits jiggling with the motion, observing his bare chest that was nothing compared to her own.

He caught her expression that was something sultry. “You don't want to go again so soon, do you?” the young man asked, watching Florence’s eyes move down to his bulging crotch.

“It's tempting,” she admitted, her finger gliding up the length of his shaft gently. A wince escaped from Adam as she stroked his cock just the once before pulling back. “But I have an another idea up my sleeve.”

Adam watched his grandmother rise to her feet and pull into a lat spread that literally forced her muscles to audibly bulge! Her subliminal nakedness was transcendent in his eyes; every faint flex and deliberate soft moan only made him stiffen up more!

Florence picked up her nightie and looked at it contemplatively, reminiscing of the times it was too big for her and now no longer fitting. “Let's see how long you can last the day around my naked self.”

Adam gulped. Was Florence literally going to spend the whole day naked? He knew he wouldn't last long.

“I bet you won't last an hour before you start fiddling with yourself.” Florence leaned into Adam, her breasts almost pressing into his face. “And that's me being generous in my estimation.”

A muffled moan escaped from Adam.

“Trust me sweetie: you're better jacking off now.” Florence pulled away to let Adam breathe, which felt like a luxury to him after being engulfed by her breasts. “But I know you like the idea of seeing me naked all day.”

When the kettle boiled Adam wasn't sure how to feel: excited that Florence would be using the boiling water to make another cup of the growth tea, or worries that he'd likely lose his load only ten minutes into the bet.

Florence took a seat next to him, her naked buffness filling the chair. Its wood split slightly as her steely glutes graced its edges. Then, like a few days prior, she started to stroke his crotch with her foot.

Now Adam wasn't sure where to look, let alone what to feel: his grandmother’s huge tits or muscles, or his own bulging crotch. He had to look somewhere - anywhere - to get his mind off the muscles before him. He was determined to win the challenge.

Florence took a sip of the tea, feeling the warm liquid run down her throat, imagining it as her own grandson’s semen! The thought was intoxicating, thrilling even, yet she was able to maintain her dominating composure, her foot still stroking his crotch, the big toe fiddling with the tip of his cock!

Adam looked at the plate of bacon on the table. His breakfast. He’d never saw bacon so crisp, so -well-done in his life. It was as if his grandmother’s culinary skills improved in tandem with her physique. He was just about to eat it to keep his mind off certain things, to keep his head in the game, until—

“Nnngggh!” Florence arched forward, knocking the mug of tea over the table with her breasts, her heart pounding to the starting growth. Her arms splayed forward, she dug her nails into the wood to maintain her balance. “Uuuuuurrggh!”

Adam began to assess the situation. Perhaps he would lose the challenge after all, and from only ten minutes into it no less!

Everything about the new spurt of growth was exhilarating to Florence, perhaps a bit too exhilarating. Only a few moments into it she felt her breasts lactate, and watched the purest milk she'd ever produced run along the length of the table like a river and trickle down the edge.

She bent backward, her neck muscles thickening and strengthening. With a gentle moan her pussy pulsed before releasing love juice, running and twisting down her widening thighs before gathering at the floor.

Adam felt his cock thicken and pulsate, yet fought to retain his composure. But his manhood itself had other ideas! Seemingly with a will of its own, the young man’s cock released a torrent of cum in his jeans, staining them to the point where the crotch was black with damp. He felt it trickle down his leg like before and gathered at his foot.

Florence sighed, regaining her ground. She looked at her grandson with a knowing expression. “I told you, you wouldn't last long. You haven't even eaten your breakfast yet and you've already blown your load.”

Adam looked down shamefully.

“But just to tease you even more,” Florence said in a sultry tone, taking Adam’s cock in her hand to test its rigidity. It was semi hard. “I think I'll stay naked for the rest of the day.”

Adam groaned lustfully.


Chapter 7: Between a rock and a harder place

Adam was nervous and had every reason to be. He was shopping with Florence. To passersby that wouldn't have meant much, but to him it meant everything, especially considering what Florence was shopping for.

In spite of the surrounding nervousness, Adam couldn't deny the lingering sense of eagerness close to him. It was the most enthusiastic he had been to go shopping with Florence in recent years.

She was dressed in a floral outfit, which was more or less typical for women of her age, yet it was closely-fitted, frame-hugging and allowed the large bulges of her biceps to show with minimal or no effort. Neither she nor Adam were bothered the slightest by that though.

The incessant hubbub of customers in the store drowned out Adam’s thoughts. Could she possibly get any bigger? No matter. He just resorted to following Florence’s bulging legs, his eyes almost to the floor from staring at her heart-shaped calves.

But then he had this strange urge to look elsewhere, as if something had called upon him to do so. His attention was drawn to the gym where he saw her; the long, shapely legs, curvaceous waist, large bosom and… muscles. Adam had to look twice to make sure his eyes weren't playing tricks on him, but it was all real.

Florence turned back, having sensed Adam had trailed behind. The simplistic motion caused the straps of her outfit to pull and strain slightly. “Come along now, no dawdling.” But then she noticed her too, looking at what, no, who Adam was observing through the window.

Cassie pulled her right leg out to the side with a sharp breath simultaneous to her double bicep pose, clad in a matching sports bra and shorts. Her signature smile was reflected on the mirror, showcasing the cute dimples and flawless, perspiring skin. She had clearly worked hard for the sculpted body presented, but Adam knew something was amiss here. It had only been a little over a week or so since they broke up, and yet, she was already halfway through body-shaming him?

“He's there too” Florence pointed out, motioning to her husband Albert who was also working out. The startling thing was he and Cassie seemed to be doing that together.

Cassie said something to Albert. Adam’s lip-reading skills weren't exactly the best, but he guessed what Cassie said was likely something to motivate Albert, push him.

“How long do you think they've been together?”

Florence scoffed, her chest bulging with the motion. “Long enough for her to get away with doing something like that” she said, motioning to Cassie openly caressing Albert’s chest. “Even if it has only been a week since you split up.”

“How the hell did she get big like that so quick?” Adam inquired. Frankly, it irked him. But then, while Cassie was ‘big,’ she wasn't in the same league as Florence or Cassandra.

“It doesn't matter, does it? She's happy with him, you're happy with me.”

Adam negated his want to shrug in agreement, thinking Florence would look at it the wrong way. Instead he smiled. “Yeah, y­­eah, you're right.”

“Good. Now let's get moving.” Florence took hold of Adam’s hand. This caused her horseshoe shaped tricep to pop and the tendons within to flare and twitch. “There might not be a lot of that stuff left.”


“Ah good,” Florence said, coming to a sudden halt at one of the isles. She grabbed one of the large tubs and observed it, “There’s still some left.” She inspected the tub carefully with a knowing grin, eyeballing the signature logo on its front: a lotus leaf. “I was beginning to worry.”

Adam edged in closer to get a good look at the container his grandmother held. Adam surmised it was the lotus blend tea that changed Florence in so many ways. From the corner of his eye Adam noticed her surging deltoid edged closer to his own than before.

He tried to pay little attention that ‘little’ detail, but the muscles underneath burgeoned to the point where a physical reaction started to take place – in the supermarket no less! He turned his pelvis closer to the isle to prevent embarrassment, but, frankly, having to do it at all was more cause for that than the arousal itself.

Florence noticed Adam’s discomfiture and fussed. “Control yourself, at least in here.” She was of two minds regarding the purchase of another tub of the tea leaves: Should she buy just the one, or shell out a bit more cash for two? It wouldn’t really matter much, in the end, considering what she eyeballed at the last minute. “Is that--?”

Adam saw it too, though from his position it was more obscure, so whatever ‘that’ was, had better be worth him moving from his unpleasant state of affairs. And, just by chance, it was.

Florence’s hand reached for the other, more extravagantly designed tub, yet pulled away at the last minute to read the label. “Lotus Blend D-” She gulped and turned to Adam, who now stood just behind her, leaning in to read the label.

“Lotus Blend Double Strength,” he read aloud. Then, almost suddenly, it hit him. This was a more powerful version of the tea that transformed Florence. But what – exactly – did it mean by ‘double strength’? Judging by her expression, she wondered the same thing. All the same, it wasn’t exactly rocket science.

“Does this do what I think it does?” Adam grabbed the tub from the shelf and read the front. “Lotus Blend Double Strength – increase your daily output by doubling up on your get-up-and-go!” he recited. There was no questioning it, the new Lotus Blend product doubled up on what the original had to offer, which very well meant Florence could get even bigger at a faster pace! She was already imagining the crazy things she could do if the new product was in her possession: the extra car wasn’t being used, so that could be employed as a weight for leg presses, or even curls if she became strong enough…

“Take one. No! Take two instead.” Florence was getting all kinds of giddy over the notion of being bigger, stronger, bustier; she started to sweat at the thought! “Yeah, grab two.”

Adam meant to do just that, but—He blinked, looking along the shelf to find only the one tub sat there. “It’s just this one, and yet there’s enough space on this shelf to store eight more.”

The expression on Florence’s face was one of pure shock; like she was a kid whose parent had just snatched her favourite toy from her hands. She was so set on have two tubs that she wasn’t sure if coping with just the one could even be done. There was only one thing for it, wasn’t there? “Take it. While two is better than one, one is better than none.”

Adam nodded as he turned to reach for the tub, but—

An arm two times the thickness of his own grabbed the container before his fingers even reached the shelf, entering the clutches of—

“Cassandra?” Florence called out in baffled shock, watching her stash the tub into one of her trolleys where several other tubs of the original Lotus Blend were put away among a momentous stockpile of food large enough to feed a family over several months. In view of the fact Cassandra lived alone, Adam presumed it was all for her, which was more truth than conjecture.

“You snooze, you lose, Florence.”

Cassandra pushed the trolley forward to move on, but Florence jumped in her path to stop her. “We saw it first though.”

Adam was the sharper of them at that present moment, keeping his mouth shut to observe Cassandra from behind his grandmother. While Florence was unquestionably larger than him, Cassandra was something on another level. Florence was bold enough to face her head-on, that much he could admire, but Cassandra’s arms alone – even unflexed – were thicker than Florence’s torso!

Her legs weren’t any smaller. In fact, they were just as well-developed, if not, more so. There was that distinctive teardrop shape showing through the fabric of her trousers that were not of normal size, and even then they seemed to struggle with keeping her modesty intact! A space was left open to let her calves breathe, unquestionably sharper and thicker than Florence’s with the signature heart shape.

“Must we argue over something so trivial?” Cassandra’s vast shadow cast over Florence to the point where it looked as though it swallowed both her and the isle whole, blanketing it in a sheet of jet black! Florence felt a pang of fear creep up her spine – actual, genuine fear – yet her resolve managed to keep itself intact. “We both know I’m more deserving of it, anyway. Hell,” she turned to Adam with a sultry grin, “even our little friend here does.”

At first Adam was unsure what Cassandra meant, but what he did know was that the ‘little friend’ in question was a reference to him, given he was rather literally the smallest among the three. But then, after a moment, he felt what Cassandra really insinuated, as Florence saw it. His erection had intensified to the point where his Johnson visibly arched upward in his jeans! Not only that, but it was the most aroused he had ever been. And there was no doubt cast on the fact it was all due to Cassandra. For sure, Florence had made him stiff quite a number of times already, but this – this – was something else.

To prove some kind of point, Cassandra pulled an arm up into a flex that only both darkened and widened the domineering shadow over Florence. That, and more, doubly thrilled Adam. The fabric of her blouse caught on the peak of her bicep to rub against the material that hopelessly kept her modest. But the grin that followed the pose alluded she didn’t care much, or at all, for that.

Florence gulped. She could actually hear Cassandra’s powerful limb bulge as the blouse started to hand itself over to her, tearing just enough for her bicep to finally show itself with a size that without doubt surpassed Florence’s and more!

“I measured myself this morning before heading off for the groceries.” Cassandra gave the newly exposed muscle a squeeze, deliberately giving out a soft erotic moan that enticed yet again. “A little over fifty inches cold. Fifty-six if there’s a pump.”

Florence whimpered. At thirty-two inches, she was obviously the smaller of them. She couldn’t possibly catch up with Cassandra. At least, not without the Double Strength. But Cassandra kept the one tub like it was a treasured possession, like Gollum and the One Ring.

Tell me,” Cassandra crossed her arms to imply some level of interest, even though apathy truly dominated, her blouse visibly straining at the back from her continued flexing, pulling this way and that, “have you pressed the car yet? I did, this morning. It was such a fucking exhilarating feeling when that happened; I felt… powerful.”

“Um… no.” Florence finally broke her silence, but her tone was quiet, and rightly so. She felt and looked like that little symbolic child in comparison with Cassandra, who acted like not one, but two parents.

“And what about you, sweetie?” Cassandra drew nearer to Adam in an almost erotic manner, batting her eyelids and flexing her pecs to go with the smile. “Do you think I deserve this more than your gran or not?”

At this point, Adam found himself between a rock and a harder place. He his heart told him that his grandmother better deserved the Double Strength simply because she was his grandmother. It would be doing wrong if he broke her heart. But Cassandra’s level of muscularity was something that took control of him in other places. He did have that one fling with her in between college classes that he took to calling a ‘one-classer,’ but he couldn’t deny another night wouldn’t hurt.

Florence looked at Adam sternly. If he agreed Cassandra deserved the tea leaves more than her, he may as well go with her. That had in fact crossed his mind, admittedly; seeing a woman as powerful as Cassandra press a car was something that truly excited him, but having to go through waiting on his grandmother to be that strong would be time enough for Cassandra to become even more so, meaning she could very well be strong enough to curl the weight by then! Of course, he could have suggested a threesome, but sometimes one was better than two.

Adam’s eyes rummaged through Cassandra’s groceries to help get his mind off things for just that moment. There were four whole chickens, vegetables, tanning oil, and a new measuring tape among other things. But the one thing that truly stood out was the other tub of Double Strength secreted at the bottom of the groceries. Cassandra had two of the Double Strength and standard Lotus Blend in her possession!

“So who’s it gonna be? Me, or granny?” Had Cassandra not been the way she was, she would’ve lost patience by now, but nowadays she would’ve stood there over the isle right up until closing time if need be. She tried coaxing him into siding with her by moving a finger smoothly across his erection. “Choose carefully.”

Florence’s expression was one of hatred. Her friend was openly seducing Adam in front of her, and it seemed like she was winning. But Florence was just so lost for words. The size of Cassandra was truly mind-numbing. Her shoulders gently pressed against the shelves on either side of the isle.

Finally Adam made his choice. It was a long and hard decision to make, each choice with their own pros and cons, but he had to admit the victor was clear. “Obviously you,” he said to Cassandra.

She smiled, pulling away from him and looked to Florence, who was understandably shocked. “It seems bigger is better in some respects.”

Florence held back the wretchedness within, her fists clenched. She couldn’t openly object to Adam’s decision given it was one that was understandably one-sided. Not to mention it was a choice he made purely on his own like an adult should. She couldn’t scold him for that.

Cassandra took Adam’s hand and he poker-facedly looked at Florence for that one moment before he left the isle with the muscle beast who was Cassandra.


Chapter 8: Barrel-sized & Cannonballed

“Y-y-your mum’s coming over to visit?”

Cassandra craned her body down into a most muscular, grinning proudly into the mirror as vein-topped muscles burgeoned and inflated outward. Her attire was a bikini so strained it, admittedly, was better off being off. “That’s right.”

Adam couldn’t decide where to devote most or all his attention: the fact Cassandra’s biceps even when cold were wider than his waist, or that her mother was coming over to visit rather unexpectedly. “Not sure what to say to that,” he admitted.

Cassandra stood upright and motioned to the measuring tape on the small table, then bent down slightly with a flexed arm easily four times wider than Adam’s head – at the very least. “Measure me.”

Adam complied; grabbing the tape and wrapped it round the woman’s massive limb, or rather, he tried to – he struggled to get the band halfway before giving in. “At least sixty inches.”

Cassandra frowned. “Only sixty; can’t have been pumped up enough.” She flexed the corresponding limb and watched it visibly bulge bigger before her eyes, bringing its meaty girth to somewhere around sixty-five inches. “There. That’s much better.”

Adam was understandably weak at the knees from the magnificent display. Generally, he would’ve blown his load from watching Cassandra flex, pose or just be there. But now she had him trained; he was able to hold his load.

“Don’t be so worried about Mum being here, love She’s dying to meet you.” Cassandra stroked Adam’s cheek tenderly with a smile, her wrinkled cheeks bunching up in response. “Besides, I think you’ll like her.”

“How so?” Adam inquired curiously, taking hold of Cassandra’s hand. In spite of the wrinkles and near constant use of weights, it was surprisingly soft, like velvet.

“Oh.” It had only now just dawned on Cassandra. She was practically embarrassed by her lack of thoughtfulness. “I never did tell you about her, did I?”

Adam shrugged. Cassandra was half right. She told him literally only a couple of things about her mother. “Well, yeah; you said her name’s Cordelia and she’s ninety. That’s about it.”

“Um… Ninety-two” Cassandra corrected.

“Oh….” Adam was discomfited in himself for mistaking Cordelia’s age so brazenly. He rubbed the back of his neck. “Sorry about that.”

Cassandra lifted her hand up apologetically, forearm muscles dancing with the motion; rippling and bulging. “It’s fine,” she said kindly.

Adam smiled. It was nice to know Cassandra still had a kind side, in spite of her overpowering physique. “But what was it you wanted to say?” the young man questioned curiously.

“It’s best I show you,” the monolithic septuagenarian amazon admitted.

Adam blinked at the picture presented before him, trying to get his head round the old woman in the centre of the frame. There was no way she could be Cordelia. “That-that’s your mum?”

The picture of Cordelia wasn’t what anyone would expect. After all, nobody would expect a ninety-two year-old in a bikini, much less a bikini’d ninety-two year-old on a bodybuilding stage. Adam found himself erect at the sight, naturally. Was there no limit to his lewdness?

Cordelia was in a front lat spread pose, smiling proudly for the audience behind the camera lens. Her wrinkles didn’t hinder her massiveness, rather emphasised it; her sheer size outclassing Florence after her first encounter with the tea. How could someone this old be so physically active and thickly muscled?

“Yep.” Cassandra watched Adam hypothetically drool over the sight before him, his cock tenting in his jeans. “I did say you’d like her.”

Adam continued to observe the photo in greater detail, and discovered Cordelia was the largest woman on the stage, lats flaring outward like thick wings. He looked down at where a date would usually be positioned. “Lady Retro; November 19th, 2016,” he read aloud before realising. “That was last week!” His eyes glazed over with excitement.

“I knew you’d get excited.” Cassandra wrapped an arm easily wider than Adam’s round her young lover’s back. “Just contain it. It’ll pay off in the end.”

“But tell me.” Adam placed the photo on the small table where his newly brewed cup of tea rested. The milky liquid let out an inviting whitey vapour; he knocked back some of the brew. “Why is she here though? Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mind another muscular woman hanging around. It’s just… you’re not planning a threesome, are you?”

“No, no, that’s not it.” Cassandra chortled. Admittedly, a threesome had crossed her mind, but that wasn’t the motive behind her mother’s visit. “Well, have you ever noticed how my and your grandmother’s transformations occurred on our ordinary bodies?”

“Uh-huh,” Adam returned, trying to follow along.

“Well, how’s a body that’s already muscular going to react with the tea?”

Adam gulped not in fear, but from sheer excitement over what Cassandra insinuated. He was able to connect the dots; if Cassandra got this big with the tea without being muscular beforehand, it stood to reasoning that Cordelia could potentially grow even bigger than her daughter using her current muscular form as a base.

“You’re a genius!” Adam pulled in to lock lips with Cassandra, where upon that moment they explored each other’s mouths, tongue deep. The passionate moment lasted long enough for Cassandra to stealthily slip a pill down Adam’s throat. Realising this, he pulled back.

“What was that?”

Cassandra stuck out her tongue to reveal yet another pill hanging from its edge. “Viagra. Need you hard for when Mum arrives, even when you can’t or don’t wanna be.”

“I’m pretty sure I’ll get hard from just seeing her.” What Adam said was, of course, the truth, but what he didn’t know was that Cordelia was ‘different’ from Cassandra.

“There’s you getting hard enough to satisfy me, and there’s satisfying my mum.” Cassandra slipped another Viagra pill into Adam’s hand suggestively. “There’s a big fucking difference. Pun intended.”

“How do you kn-” Adam sighed, suddenly realising what Cassandra meant. “Never mind.”

Then the doorbell rang, sending Adam and Cassandra into a frenzy. The burgeoned mature muscle goddess bounded from the settee and looked out the window to find a wide, wrinkled behemoth of a woman waiting outside. “Shit, she’s here. Take that other pill. I swear to God, you’re gonna need it.”

Adam chugged the other pill down his throat then took several breaths to maintain his composure.

“And for God’s sake, don’t blow your load the moment you see her.”

“Can’t promise that,” Adam declared.

Cassandra pulled the door open to reveal her mammoth sized mother standing proudly, two suitcases at either side of her. Cordelia was dressed in a white blouse that only just covered her immensity despite its custom size.

“Ah, my little daughter.” Cordelia opened her arms out for embracing, deltoid big as cannonballs pushing outward with barely effort. “How nice it is to see you again.”

Cassandra moved up to engage in the hug her massive mother offered. The hug itself when it occurred felt like being compressed in a vice, which was surprising to Cassandra even after all these years.

Cordelia then eyeballed Adam hiding behind Cassandra’s back standing confidently and with a smile. Cordelia released her daughter from the hug, then turned her attention to the young man, offering her hand.

Adam took a moment to observe the woman. Her breasts were quite literally like balloons, round, barrel-sized gravity-defying symbols of femininity with no sag to even think of, supported by a wall of pectoral tissue so dense, one could see the muscle itself took precedence over the skin covering it! Just like in the photo, her wrinkles emphasised the sheer power of the muscles jutting out in all directions.

“You must be Adam,” Cordelia said kindly.

He blew his load. It was impossible not to – the velvety tone of her voice was enough to send the young man over the sexual edge, let alone the overstuffed muscle mass. She had the voice of a porn star! Couple that with the undisputed awesomeness of her beefiness and she was embodiment of perfection!

Adam’s cum trickled thickly down his thighs, soaking them in a pasty white ooze, and gathered at his boot. Cassandra noticed this and shook her head. Frankly, she’d expected better from him.

“Oh. Someone likes me,” Cordelia said teasingly before chuckling like a schoolgirl, pecs and boobs bulging and bouncing with the act. “And I haven't even flexed yet!”

And right on cue, Cordelia did just that; grinning knowingly as her inhumanly girthed bicep popped upward, the peak level with the base of her skull!

“A little over seventy-four inches, the last time I checked,” Cordelia revealed with a grin that bunched up her cheeks like before. “Probably even more, considering it isn't even pumped.”

Whether it was the viagra finally kicking in or genuine arousal rekindling didn't matter, but Adam found himself aroused yet again. However, something did feel different, off even. And then he realised. The tea he drank- how could he be so blind? It was the Lotus Blend! Yet, the effects were understandably different for Adam; his cock actually grew in size, balls and all!

“I see you tricked him with that tea you keep talking about,” Cordelia smiled, eyeballing Adam’s bulging sack. “I really need to try him out.”

Adam gulped, moving back as Cordelia’s shadow-casting bulk casually smashed through the door’s threshold and closer to him. She picked up the lad and hoisted him over her shoulder. He weighed like a sack of potatoes to her, his cock sharply pressed into her mushroomed breast as the titanic woman carried him upstairs, each step loud and thunderous, the floorboard creaking and groaning under her bulk.

“Make sure you don't disturb us, sweetie. Big Adam here’s gonna have some fun.”

All Cassandra did in return was look on in amazement, not sure what to say. Perhaps it was better to just be quiet, but- “Can't I join-”

“No!” Cordelia’s voice boomed, forcing some of the precious ornaments around the hall to shake for a moment before ultimately crashing to their doom. “He's mine to play with.”

With a mere pec flex Cordelia’s chest burst through her blouse, reducing it to a pile of torn fabric, revealing both the muscles underneath that literally pulsed, throbbed and writhed in celebration of being freedom from their material prison and a kinky bikini top!

Next, grabbing them tightly with either hand, she yanked her trousers free in one swift tearing motion, exposing the tyre thick quads and watermelon-outsizing calves underneath, criss-crossed with veins and wrinkles, exposing the lower half of the bikini.

Adam tried to take in as much of Cordelia as possible, but in itself was improbable; every time he dared to look at one muscle, there was another gently in the corner of his eye beckoning for his attention. He turned down to her bikini bottoms and saw the muscled pussy underneath bulging and twitching!

Cordelia caught Adam’s glance and smirked. “I make sure to work every muscle, sweetie.” She advanced on his naked body and knelt at his larger cock that pulsed with anticipation. “Let’s see how rich and creamy your milk is.”

She engulfed his cock balls-deep, the sack bulging in her throat and spread out to make room. Adam twitched even from just the engulfing; it felt like he was being pleasured by a god, it so enthralling. His grandmother Florence was good, Cassandra better, but Cordelia—

Adam convulsed in pleasure for a moment before he noticed his cock was once again literally growing, bulging outward against Cordelia’s throat. She started choking on his meat, tears gathering at her eyes, but persisted; pushing her throat down further to his knees! Her tongue probed his phallus invasively, expertly coiling round and along it. And then—

Bulging like a ball, Cordelia’s throat was attacked by a torrent of Adam’s cum, which infused with both the Viagra and Lotus Blend, gave rise to filling the old woman’s stomach up like a beach ball; bloated, bulged, ballooned and boomed bigger, decorated in thick veiny and wrinkled stretch marks as the liquid flowed consistently. And yet she welcomed it.

Eventually the cum started to ooze out the edges of her mouth in thin streams, trickling down her amazing, brilliant, captivating, dumbfounding, electrifying, fantastic and growing muscles!

Adam’s eye’s practically popped out at the sight of seeing Cordelia’s already monstrous form goading even larger somehow. How’d it happen? How?! It was staring at him the whole time; his Lotus Blend infused seed was making her bigger. Inches at a time, no less; her 75-inched arms became 80… 85… 90…. Twitching, convulsing, swelling masses of she-beef! Her calves became cows and then some before bulging out with so much mass, they were single-handedly larger than Adam’s full height!

And she just. Kept. Sucking.

Eventually Adam’s cock was like withered straw in Cordelia’s mouth; flaccid and thin compared to the old woman’s transcending beef, whose breasts ballooned to match Adam’s full height, then surpassing it, shoulders surging outward to smash against the wall. Her bloated stomach gurgled as the underlying muscles spread out for space, growing and evolving to inhuman proportions. The peaks of her biceps rubbed together as they vied for space, triceps jutting outward to, like her shoulders, hit against the bedroom wall.

Cordelia pulled free from Adam’s cock almost suddenly and grinned, the simple motion giving a small dose of growth to her traps. “Never knew you’d be that creamy.”

She pulled her arms up into a victorious flex to boast her biceps’ larger size, 100... 105… 110 inches cold, listening to them drag across the ceiling in a frightful rumble. Her calves pushed against the wall, cracking it!

“You really were what Cassandra made you out to be,” Cordelia said soothing as she leaned in on Adam, casting a shadow so fast that it turned the whole room black! She ran a finger over his cheek, “And more.”


Written & edited by Amnoartist
Chapter 9: Bulging Babes

Using barely even half its corresponding strength, Florence jacked the back of the car up with a single arm, watching the vehicle angle upward with a gentle creak, the bumper warping and moulding under her hand. Couple with her ever-increasing muscle lust and rage over the previous day’s events involving Cassandra, Florence was pretty much having the time of her life.

Muscles sweating and pulsing, she did think it was perhaps for the best that Adam left for Cassandra. After all, Florence’s relationship with him was, in a way, taboo. Sure, she wasn’t related to him by blood, but she was still his grandmother – a level of awareness came from that.

But Florence couldn’t deny what she had done with Adam was at least life-changing.

She lowered the car back onto the concrete slowly, listening to its gentle metallic groans of thankfulness as it was released from her powerful grip. Her biceps pulsed and throbbed as she turned to the wall-mounted mirror that reflected only half her hulking mass, dressed in a glitzy, wowing bikini she’d secretly bought two days prior to wow Adam with. Now it just felt like an ordinary bikini covering her delicious musculature.

Right leg extended outward, she struck a double bicep pose forcing out a smile, watching the incredible peaks bulge and pop upward. Thirty-eight inches. The standard tea seemed to be losing its potency, and the double strength blend… after the disheartening events with Cassandra, Florence wasn’t all that confident in using it just yet. One would think it would egg her on enough to practically chug mug after mug of the thing down, but alas, that wasn’t the case.

She sighed, her arms lowered, biceps brushing against her hips. The old woman was missing something. It didn’t necessarily have to be Adam, she loved him as a grandson just as much a man.

The doorbell rang,

“Who could that be?” Florence reached for her pink night gown and bound it over her powerlifter-shaming back before heading through the garage’s back door.

Once through the door, Florence’s hulking frame traversed through the hallway, her steps louds and thunderous; shaking the furniture this way and that. Upon reaching the staircase, the woman glimpsed the outline of a wide figure through the pane of glass in the door. The figure was feminine, evidenced by the exaggerated curves and hair bun. Hopefully this wasn’t Cassandra making a visit to prove her superiority…again.

Florence pulled the door open slowly to mentally prepare for what, or more precisely who may come.
The first things Florence noticed were the pair of breasts that jutted out in front of her like medium-sized balloons; round, smooth and sagless, quite literally gravity-defying, buttressed by a wall of rippling pectoral tissue almost more defined than her own.

Moving up, she saw the familiar face and smiled, though admittedly, there was a tinge of surprise in her voice when she spoke.


Heather smiled back, neck muscles bunching up and flexing in response. She was mostly dressed in the same black business blazer and white shirt as before after leaving Adam to stay with Florence, save for the fact it was at least twice as big.

“Mum!” Heather’s tone understandably held more shock than Florence’s, because she was expecting to return home to surprise her with the evident increase in mass, not vice versa! “How did you get so--?”

“I would ask you the exact same thing” Florence said, folding her arms over her chest, driving her pecs and breasts to push against her forearm, sizing her daughter up from head to toe, taking an extended look at the legs jutting freely from the small black skirt.

“Heheh, hmm, well…” Heather rubbed her neck nervously. She had quite the story to tell, didn’t she? “About that…”

Florence leaned to the one side, pressing her shoulder against the door’s threshold. Sure, she was being quite the hypocrite as someone who pretty much had to explain the exact same story to her daughter, but even Florence had a feeling Heather didn’t really go on a business trip for work. There was a different story to tell. “Come inside.”

“So let me get this straight.” Florence slumped into the couch and crossed her legs, revealing the cannonball sized masses of beef that were calves. Her mass was so dense and powerful, there was an imprint of her body carved into the couch’s leather. “You went to a secret fitness camp down south to bulk up your muscles on account of knowing Adam had a thing for muscular women, and got this big over the space of a week?”

“Heather chuckled softly, running a hand over her smooth yet immense leg. “That’s pretty much the gist of it, yeah. And you said something about Adam bolting off to live with a woman bigger than you?”

Blatantly ignoring Heather’s last statement, Florence cocked a brow, suggesting intrigue. “Colour me surprised. But how did you find out about his, um… sexual inclinations?”

“Let’s just say I found out when he wasn’t so technically minded as now.”

Florence chuckled. She knew what Heather implied: that at one point Adam wasn’t so protective of his privacy on the computer. “I see.”

“His password was… predictable, to say the least.”

“So you used that knowledge for his benefit,” Florence mirrored her daughter’s movements; running a hand down her leg. Florence’s legs were undoubtedly the largest, but Heather’s were no less impressive in their own right, “and went to that camp to bulk up.”

“Oh, not just his benefit. Ever since I came back home, my sex drive’s been put into overdrive; I’ve been at it with Paul pretty much non-stop.” Heather bit her lip in lust as she flashed back to that dramatic first fuck when she returned home. So much furniture destroyed on account of her wild sexual passion; so much fun had. Her crotch pulsed energetically as the flashes ensued; compelling her to lightly and shamelessly rub it in front of her mother for a moment before managing to resist bursting into a state of self-pleasure.

“I beat you to it though.” Florence’s face turned beet red with embarrassment.

“You fucked him?” Heather said, almost horrified.

Florence nodded. She knew there was always going to be a physical connection between her and Adam. In fact, she remembered it: “It wasn’t that hard to do, really. On the night you left for the camp I showed him my muscled legs, just to show I was keeping active and all that…” she drifted off for a moment, flashing back to that night she leaned over Adam’s bedroom door in that bikini, watching him ejaculate down his shorts and the edge of the bed without having to actually interfere with himself. “His reaction was… pleasurable, in more ways than one. It didn’t take a detective to know what happened next. Adam proved his devotion by dumping Cassie.”

Heather cocked a brow. If Adam was as ‘devoted’ to Florence as she made him out to be, where was he? Out probably.

“But how did you get big?” Heather’s gaze drew out watching Florence’s bicep casually bulge and pop under her blouse, willing it to endeavour an attempt to rip through it. The mother bit her lip, suppressed a building urge within. “You know my story, but I don’t know yours.”

Florence thought for a moment. Should she really tell Heather about the tea? If she did, what would happen? Florence dreaded to think Heather would go so far as to fill the biggest teapot in the house with the brew and chug it greedily.

“Ehh, just hard training and dieting.” Florence lied, curling her arm up into a flex and felt the bicep bulge, split and shred under the protecting skin popping through the sleeve of her blouse. “Not to mention some protein pills.”

Heather gulped lustfully at her mother’s bicep pulsing and throbbing, imagining a moment between them sometime from now where they embraced in worshipping each other’s massiveness, before she regained self-control. “And I take it you getting big is why Dad left?”

Florence laughed heartily, her torso bulging, rippling, tensing and writhing with the motion. “No, no. I was straightforward with him; I told him I fucked Adam more on a daily basis than I screwed him in the last nine years.”

“Nine years. I don’t think--”

“I might’ve over-exaggerated, but as long as he got the point, I didn’t care.”

“Where is Dad now?” Heather inquired curiously.

“In a twisted, ironic turn of events, he’s actually in a relationship with Cassie.” Florence smirked; she found the whole idea of Albert and Cassie together rather preposterous. Between his heart problem and her outrageously teenage sex drive, there wouldn’t be that much fun to have. “The blonde bimbo’s also turned to getting jacked; she’s probably juicing and changed her name to Cassidy now.”

“That’s a bit harsh; that’s Dad you’re talking about. Let him live his life however he wants to.”

Florence scoffed. For her husband to live his life how he wanted to wouldn’t have been as thrilling as doing so however he could’ve. “Sure, but he’s missing out on these balls of steel.” She flexed her arm again, compelling its tendons to spread out underneath and bulge.

Almost suddenly, Heather’s pussy contracted as she climaxed at her mother’s flawless teases and magnificent size. Her panties fell victim to a dark patch of wetness as she arched backward against the chair in lust.

“Oh, sweetie, I didn’t realise I turned you on too. Here, let me help.” Florence helped Heather reduce her building sweat by tearing her shirt from her body, allowing her gravity-defying, ballooned breasts to pop out comically.

Heather took advantage of her mother’s closeness by tenderly squeezing the biceps before her, tracing a finger over the thick vein that mapped across her arm from the wrist to the deltoid, suppressing that same and unknown building urge. Was it lust?

Florence couldn’t deny there was a moment where she felt the same thing. She playfully flexed the bicep Heather groped. “You have become such a strong woman. Just how strong though?” She turned her attention to the garage door with a smile.

Heather watched Florence lift the car by the rear bumper just like before, watching her bicep inflate and broaden, knees weak from excitement. There was no questioning she knew her mother was strong, but this strong?

“I want you to try it.” Florence gently lowered the car, forearms and deltoids waving and popping like crazy. “It’s not that hard, really; you’ve just gotta focus all your strength on the one arm.” To boast and emphasise her point, the salt-and-pepper haired muscle woman flexed the arm she used to jack the car, presenting it in its new forty-eight-inch glory. The heart-rending thing was that was just a pump; she couldn’t get much bigger than that with the Lotus Blend. Well, not the standard anyway.

“I dunno” Heather admittedly apprehensively.

Florence glowered. “What’s the point in having all that strength if you’re not going to show it off?” She knew Heather never was one for blowing her own horn; it wasn’t an everyday thing for someone to have muscles as big as hers within a week. Surely, it wasn’t a problem to show off just the once?

Heather sighed. Her mother was right, so Heather took charge and approached the car confidently, shrugging to loosen up. Her arm lowered, she gripped the bumper delicately at first, making she didn’t dent the metal from just holding it. And before she knew it, the car submitted to her superior strength, angling up to the ceiling. The mother’s arm swelled mightily, veins rising to the surface of her smooth feathery skin.

Florence’s eyes glazed over in delight, heart pulsing as a weird sense of lust filled it from watching her daughter work the car almost effortlessly like it weighed nothing. The grandmother moved closer to Heather, hands round her thick waist and continued to watch with a deep longing. Inhaling deeply, she basked in Heather’s rich perfume before kissing her on the neck.

Heather reacted to the motion by letting out a sensual moan, pulling her hand free from the bumper to let the car crash back to its original position, tyres bursting as a result of the sudden violent descent. “I don’t think--”

Florence put a finger to Heather’s lips with a soothing smile. “Shhh!” This was what she was missing ever since Adam left: passion.

Heather submitted; locking lips with Florence to explore each other’s mouths. It felt like this was a moment decades in the making. The younger woman felt her mother take a hand to her crotch, feeling the wrinkled flesh of her fingers grab the fleshy muscular mound before she gasped. It was bliss. “Oh geez…”

But soon Florence flashed to Adam standing by the muscle behemoth Cassandra in a room of white, before coming out of her lust-induced trance blinkingly. Florence pulled back softly with a cringed grin. “I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to--”

Heather sighed, nodding with understanding.

Florence realised then with her and Heather’s combined strength, Adam could be won back. Florence knew she could always love him as a grandson as much a man, but for him to suddenly drift away from his family—

“Adam needs to be brought back. We’re his family, not that harlot.” Florence was practically fuming at the thought of Adam constantly being forced to submit to Cassandra’s sexual prowess. He was a man, not a sex toy.

“What do you suggest?” In spite of her disappointment over not being able to romp with her, Heather knew Florence had a point. The problem was how to win Adam back. “We knock on her door, tie her up and run off with Adam, celebrating with through a threesome?” Heather was thrilled by her own suggestion.

“I was thinking her turn her own supply of the Lotus Blend Double Strength against her by splitting it between the two of us, she gets to watch us grow and pump Adam’s brains out.” Florence’s grin was a tad wicked in nature. “Sure, Cassandra’s bigger, with 70-plus inch arms, but I doubt she’s gotten much bigger.”

Heather chuckled. “Yeah, not like anyone can get 100-plus inch arms or anything like that.”

Cordelia smiled as she heaved her 120-inch arms up, visibly straining as the sheer weight of her monstrously inhuman limb bulged obscenely with a thunderous rumble, veins thick as a fully grown male pulsing as they rose to the surface of each peak.

The birds in the trees frantically took to the air, splitting into groups in all directions as the shadow from Cordelia’s bicep grew so large and dark, it engulfed the front-most treeline!

“Peaks bigger than the whole house, sweetie!” Cordelia’s voice constantly oozed sexiness now. If Adam didn’t think she was a muscle god before, he’d be foolish not to now. “All thanks to you!”

Cassandra gulped. Her plan kind of backfired. “She turned to Adam contemptuously. “When I said I hoped the plan to make mum bigger would work, I didn’t think it would be this effective.”

“You won’t get any complaints from me” Adam admitted with a lusty smile. His larger cock was practically constantly erect now, Cordelia had grown so big. It begged the question: if she got any bigger – Heaven consent – would he do so as well? Were they practically linked now? “I think it’s great.”

Cassandra rolled her eyes, finding Adam’s perverse declaration displeasing. “Oh, you would, wouldn’t you?”

“What’s wrong, darling?” Cordelia pumped her large, monolithic, bestial, inhuman, powerful, incomparable, and godlike bicep once again, rumbling deafeningly with the motion, batting her eyelids lustfully. “Don’t you like Mummy’s muscles? I know Adam does.”

Cassandra was, admittedly, of two minds on the subject. One on hand, perhaps her mother’s muscle growth had gotten too far, and on the other, maybe another ten, twenty, thirty inches wouldn’t hurt. But Cordelia was in a position where she could practically do whatever she wanted with whoever pleased her. SO maybe it was a good idea to just agree.

“Yes” she said firmly.

Adam turned his attention to the street where a distant siren sounded, getting closer as time passed. Before he knew it, the familiar blue-red flashing light came into view.

“Looks like we got visitors” Cordelia said, adjusting her pure white hair to appear more attractive for the eventual newcomers, the movement from her barn-wide forearm enough to generate a gust of wind that blew over the nearby parasol.

But it wasn’t a traditional police detective duo that arrived, rather a full black-clad tactical SWAT team, multiple firearms dangling from their belts. They split into two groups; one circled round Adam and Cassandra, while the other—

Cordelia chuckled surprisingly cutely like a schoolgirl despite her advanced age whilst watching the other team. “Is that you trying to surround me?”

Eventually, after spreading out evenly, one of the squad members looked at Cordelia and instantly fainted at her astounding, babelicious, charismatic, delightful, extraordinarily naked size, simultaneously ejaculating.

“Geez, I’m that good?” Cordelia chuckled again just like before, coercing her door-sized traps to grow slightly from the stimulation. “Best hold onto your balls, boys; wait till I start flirting.”

The leader of the SWAT team pushed through the team that surrounded Adam and Cassandra to make his way over to Cordelia, who simply smirked at him. “You know, I didn’t expect you to be the problem we were called out to.”

Cordelia was impressed. Whoever this bald, hard-faced forty-something year-old guy was, he wasn’t as susceptible to her wondrous existence as the last one. But she was sure he would submit eventually.

“What exactly did you get called out to?” Adam inquired nervously, looking past one of the team member’s padded shoulders.

The bald guy turned to Adam with a condescending grin. “Official description of the disturbance: consistent rumbling – potential earthquake; evacuate locals.” Since that wasn’t the case anymore though, the team leader reached for his earpiece. “Negative on potential incident in Walton Road. Say again: negative on Walton Road.”

The team surrounding Cordelia was practically shaking in its boots from a mixed bag of emotions: fear, lust, anger… Until she spoke to it directly: “So what are you here for then? To awe at my magnificence? I mean…” she strained as her arm was pulled up into a rumbling flex again as deafening swells filled the cold day air, “I’m turning myself on here.” Her words were like velvet; soft and gentle, yet undeniably, incomparably lusty. So lusty, in fact, that those in the team who didn’t succumb before, surely did now as they, like their unconscious friend, ejaculated where they stood, jerking slightly. “Cordelia two, SWAT nil.”

“I have to admit, I’m impressed.” The team leader came up to Cordelia’s house-wide thigh and stroked it with his gloved hand. Even though he did not lose his load like his associates, he was still, in a sense, enthralled by Cordelia. “If you get my meaning.”

Cordelia flashed a curt, almost sympathetic grin. “Don’t worry; I can feel your meat sticking against my knee right now.” She lowered a hand and gripped his cock gently. With one quick tug she made him cum in his ballistic armour, watching him flinch, convulse and drool with a girlish giggle. “She watched the man drop to the grass unconsciously with bliss painted on his face. Wow, one tug!”

With their boss incapacitated, the team that surrounded Adam and Cassandra felt lost, and yet Cordelia’s presence was inviting. She smirked at them knowingly before saying something that, to them, meant the world: “You know what to do.”

Before he could even understand what the hell was going on, the team that formerly surrounded Adam and Cassandra had stripped down to their bare muscular ass cheeks and made the pilgrimage to climb Cordelia, who laughed cutely as their comparatively tiny bodies slipped, dove round and fought one another to reach her literal mountainous peaks; her hot air balloon breasts; her collar…practically everywhere where some sense of pleasure could be given to her. Cordelia was impressed the most with this group because they lasted the longest around her, which meant they were distinctive in a way, not cut from the same cloth as those before them.

“You too” she said, motioning Adam forward suggestively with a finger. “I’m not finished thanking you."


Chapter 10: New Additions

Cassandra grunted with strain as she hauled the bags into the house from her car. Each bag had to weigh equal her own mass, and given there were four bags, the full weight was more than a struggle for her. It wouldn’t have been such a problem for her, if it was all for weight training to gain some more natural mass from the tea she consumed, but it wasn’t. Instead, each bag was filled to the absolute brim with food for Cordelia, who was nowhere to be seen.

The last she checked, Cassandra saw her mother doing press-up after press-up with Adam atop her, barely breaking a sweat, muscles bulging and popping out like they were quite literally close to doing just that. Now though, the behemoth woman was nowhere in sight. Perhaps that was a Godsend for Cassandra’s benefit, because ever since her mother was transformed, she was treating her daughter like a slave of sorts, constantly being tasked with bringing more food to sustain her energy levels.

“Good, I can finally get a moment to myself.” Cassandra sat on the crumpled remains of the couch that had Cordelia’s vast imprint pressed into the leather. Cassandra was almost like a child in comparison to size. Sweat gently trickled down her brow as she switched the TV to the news. There was nothing particularly shocking or interesting to report – just a slight increase in food prices.

A sigh of relief escaped Cassandra’s lips as she slipped out of her shoes, feeling her cannonball calves bulge with the motion; veins throbbing and prominent as a result of her arduous day from walking here and there, with this much weight on her back to bear her down, finally coming to an end – hopefully.

And then she heard it – the moan of pleasure from upstairs. It wasn’t noisy, yet loud enough to hear whose call of sensuality it was - her mother’s. Cassandra rubbed her temple with frustration as she knew this was a sign that her day was far from over. With aching feet she rose from the couch and headed upstairs, bracing herself for whatever occurred there.


Cordelia feigned a wince as her steely, inhumanly muscular ass was reamed by one of the SWAT officers who arrived earlier in the day, standing naked over the bed’s edge, sweat trickling down his full body that was red from exertion.

As this occurred, Cordelia, knelt down on the broken bed greedily sucking Adam’s cock whilst massaging another officer’s with her ballooned, door-wide bicep. She moaned between the sucks, making sure to be extra sloppy when at the tip of Adam’s cock.

Each slap from the officer’s balls as it continuously pummelled Cordelia’s massive ass only seemed to make it more muscular, which in turn only made the officer harder and more eager. He could feel his need to come build, but now knew from experience not to let Cordelia know this and resist the urge as best he could.

While his cock was being sucked, Adam made an attempt at fondling Cordelia’s equally massive tits. She eagerly welcomed his intentions, grabbing a hand and bearing down on it to squeeze the round fleshy instrument of carnality bolstered by a protruding nipple.

“How’re these for tits, eh, sweetie?” she cooed before flexing her chest so that her pecs mashed together like the opposing ends of a workshop vice, grinding together the muscles underneath.

The officer pummelling Cordelia finally gave into his building load at her teasing, releasing his come into the old woman’s ass, watching it seep out like melting ice cream. She turned to him with a smile.

“Sorry” he said, worried what just occurred was the wrong thing to do.

“Don’t be, darling” Cordelia returned, before pulling in to give him a French kiss of unmatchable class. “You’ve just given me more protein” she added, feeling the cum still dripping from her and stain the bedsheets.

The kiss that took place was so out-of-this-world for the officer that he honestly though no-one else could ever hope to beat it. He licked his lips as a surprising cherry-flavoured aftertaste met them.

At that moment, Cassandra entered the room and froze on the spot at the racy spectacle occurring before her. It went without saying her mother outsized even the Hulk without even trying, and there she was, casually blowing a guy at least eighty years her junior, come oozing from the cheeks of her ass and trickling down her bicep as the second officer finally release in unison with Cassandra’s arrival.

“I...I don’t really have to ask what’s going on here, do I?” she asked rhetorically, listening to the faps of Adam’s cock was the strokes continued and thick slaps as the officer tacking Cordelia from behind not only got hard again, but more so than before. And this was all before he even used the ta-infused Viagra!

“We were wondering when you’d join in” Cordelia said with a smile. “I think Adam’s almost done here, for the fourth time, so another woman might spice things up enough for him to go another couple of rounds.”

Adam grinned lewdly at Cordelia’s suggestion, looking down at her bulging, cum-filled gut that shifted as she moved. “You won’t get any complaints from me. I could do this all day!”

Cordelia laughed cheerfully. “There’s a good boy! You’ve just earned yourself a little visit tonight.” She kissed him hard on the lips, her wrinkled cheeks drawing in with the motion, sealing the deal.

Adam found himself getting instantly hard again at the prospect of the night’s later engagement, but acted upon his erection by offering it to Cordelia to stroke again, which she did – deliberately at a snail’s pace. As this happened, the eager teen looked down at the older woman’s pussy, watching its inner muscles pulse eagerly with constant anticipation, pushing to the surface of her skin.

Cassandra rendered speechless by her mother’s idea, rooted to the spot. “I-I don’t think I could possibly match up to you for that sort of thing, Mum.”

Cordelia laughed heartily as she casually flicked Adam’s cock with her thumb, watching it bob back and forth like a puppet. “Don’t worry sweetie, I don’t expect you to. There’s no chance you’ll be able to match up to me now. No-one can.” She grunted as the SWAT officer from the rear filled her up again. Her stomach gurgled loudly as the supernaturally dense load filled her to the brim, causing her gut to ultimately caress the bed. She turned to face him. “See if you can go again, babe.”

He nodded, before thrusting again.

Cassandra didn’t know whether to look away in disgust or fear of being turned on herself. At any rate, she turned her attention to the window and looked out to the street.

The smell of Cordelia’s cum-scented breath filled Adam’s nostrils as he shifted from her continued jerking him off, making sure a gentle finger stroked his shaft and hanged over the thickest vein there was at that moment.

The officer whose cock was being massaged between Cordelia’s arm let out a gentle wail of lust as he came for the fourth time, spraying his load over her bicep. Before long, he jerked forward before passing out on the bed.

“Pfft. Pussy” Cordelia complained, before shoving him off the bed, allowing her, Adam and the other officer more room.

“I got the stuff you wanted” Cassandra cut in, hoping what she said would put an end to the awkwardness at hand.

“Oh good” her mother returned, massaging the newly dispensed load into her arm, giving it an almost shiny, bronzed look, like varnished wood. “I’ll need you to go back out again, one last time.”

Cassandra groaned in complaint. What could her mother possibly need now? She had enough food to keep going for another month!

Cordelia motioned for Adam and the officer to stop, before she shifted up onto her feet with a smile, proudly boasting her abs and cum-filled gut, patting it gently. “I’ll need you to get some nappies.”

“What, for your ass? I should think so” Cassandra jibed.

Cordelia laughed it off, looking at her comparably diminutive daughter with a smile as she continued stroking her gut. “No, for…” she grunted as the full weight of her gut shifted, gurgling and writhing as it stretched out with growth. “…your sister.”

And that’s when it hit Cassandra – like a brick to the face. “You’re-”

“Pregnant” Adam cut in.

“How is that even possible? You only just grew muscles four hours ago!” Cassandra’s head was reeling with everything that was going on: the rampant, graphic sex and her mother’s seemingly endless need for it, for one thing.

“Let’s just say I’m eager” she replied, twisting her hand round to jerk both Adam and the officer off as she stood, feeling their respective loads seep between her fingers and down her thick, bulging forearms. “As are these lil’ champs.”

“Who’s the father?” Cassandra was asking all the right questions, but maybe not at the right time. She stood there expecting an appropriate answer, but instead was forced to watch her mother quicken her jerking pace.

“What does it matter, sweetie? I mean, judging by how often I’ve had hardcore sex in the past four hours alone, it wasn’t a question of if. It was a matter of when - it was going to happen eventually.” Cordelia turned to Adam with an almost motherly grin. “Why don’t you go clean yourself up and rest for a bit? I’ll see you tonight.” She slapped his ass hard as he passed, the officer following behind.

“Uh, not you” she continued, before pointing to her bulging, growing pussy muscles. “Get down and lick.”

The officer complied, crawling on all-fours from the door like a dog, until he reached Cordelia and started licking. As this occurred, Cordelia continued her conversation with Cassandra normally, as though she was unphased by the officer’s act.

“Don’t you want another sister?” she asked with folded arms, her eyebrow raised as if to indicate concern.

Cassandra didn’t know how best to respond. The fact she was due to have a baby sister was crazy enough without the fact her mother was old enough to be wheelchair-bound. And yet, there she was – strong enough to lift a fully-grown bull with one hand.

Her stomach shifted as she waited for a response of her own, using a hand to shove the officer’s face further into her shaven pussy.

“Now go get those nappies like the good little daughter you are” Cordelia added sharply. “I need to eat for two.”

Cassandra groaned in defeat as she trudged to the door, her ears invaded by her mother’s return to pleasurable moans.

“Now…you ready to take me again?” she asked, pulling the officer’s head up.


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