Brewed | Chapters 1 - 5

by amnoartist95

Adam is distraught about having to stay with his grandparents for the weekend. As the days go by and carnal events unfold, he later comes to realise his attraction to her powerful body, which becomes even more so upon drinking a strange new blend of tea.

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Chapter 1: Put The Kettle On

Adam wasn't at all that happy. If all the places he wanted to be, where he was right now wasn’t one of them. He'd rather stay at home to play games, ‘hang’ with his girlfriend Cassie and watch TV. But the wheel of fate truly hadn't spun in his favour on this occasion.

“But Mum, you have no idea how bored I’ll be here” Adam complained. He hoped his Mum Heather would see reason. If she truly loved him, she wouldn’t leave him with his grandmother, Florence. That wasn't to say Adam didn't love her, or she him. It was just…there really was quite a difference in age between them both, and with that came the occasional contrast in opinion about various things.

“Don’t be silly, Adam. You and your grandmother will get on just fine.” Heather could see the distraught look on her son’s face all too well. Heather wished she could take him with her, but as with them all, it was against her company’s policy to allow employees to take their children with them to important investors’ meetings. Especially when said meetings just so happened to be abroad. So in spite of his boredom that would stem from staying with them, Adam would need to stay at his grandparents’. “Besides, I’m pretty sure you’ll spend most of your time with your Grandfather making those models. Right?”

Adam rolled his eyes. “I’m not eight anymore, Mum.” He turned to peer through the glass in the hallway door that led into his grandparents’ living room, where Florence was sat on her chair cheerily knitting away, making who knows what, and Albert Adam’s grandfather sat on the large couch, sipping his coffee as he watched the football game, occasionally spouting the odd swear word here and there. They truly were like a standard geriatric couple.

Adam was insistent, regardless. “Mum, please, take me back to the house. I’ll watch Charlie and the house and do the chores until you come back.” Frankly, Adam was desperate, knew boredom would creep up on him like a stalking, predator animal. But the face his mother expressed suggested she just wasn't impressed with his pleading. But she had an ultimatum, an ace up her sleeve. One he wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Look. If you can ‘survive’ here for the two days I’m supposed to be away”—Heather reached into her handbag and whipped out two £10 notes—“I’ll double your pocket money when I come back.”

In essence, Adam was being bribed by his own mother. Sure, it wasn’t the first she did it. Adam was initially going to accept her offer, but thought better of it first. He crossed his arms. “For how long?” His brow was raised, suggesting curiosity.

“If—and only if—you do this; you can consider it permanent.” Heather saw Adam’s curious, curved brow rise higher. “But if I get a phone call from your Grandmother saying you’re causing trouble, I’ll half your pocket money. That sound fair to you?”

Adam had a lot to think about. If his pocket money were doubled, he could finally buy Cassie that ‘little’ necklace she’d been badgering about that was on sale. But if the money were halved, his chances of getting the necklace would be like that too. But the fact remained he would only get the money of he stayed with his grandparents for the weekend. “Yes.”

Heather smiled at her son, passing the two £10 notes over to him, happy he took the enticing offer she presented to him. “Thank you. Now”—she put her hand on the knob of the living room’s door, but didn't open the door itself—“Do you remember the instructions I gave you before we arrived here?”

Adam rolled his eyes. His mother had repeated the instructions often enough within the last hour, they were basically imprinted into his brain by now. “Yes. Do anything Gran asks of me; if she asks me to make her a cup of tea, make sure it’s to her preference; and be a good boy.” The last instruction was what stung Adam the most. It sounded like he was a bad person at heart and still acted like a child. His mother knew he wasn't. It was just that his grandparents would better confide with him if he acted as instructed: like a good boy.

Heather smiled at Adam again, pulling the living room door open. “I’m heading off now, Mum.” She announced, peering over to Florence, who smiled in turn as she pulled herself up from the chair. Age was starting to get to her, but she was a giddy soul.

As always, Albert was too focused on the football match to give a proper farewell to his daughter, the hope of his favourite team winning the match. While not much of a football fan himself, Adam had eavesdropped on the match while his Mum and Grandmother chatted away about all kinds of things. His Grandfather’s team was already down one man and had overshot a penalty, not to mention losing one-nil to the opposing team.

“You be safe over there Heather.” Florence gave Heather a tight, warm hug, then a parting kiss on the cheek.

Heather laughed softly, rubbing her spine as she pulled away from her mother. “I’ll be fine. It’s just an investors’ meeting in the States.” It was only then that fact finally hit the woman. She’d never been at an investors’ meeting before, nor had she been in the States. Sure, she’d spent a great deal of time preparing for that moment, but it wouldn’t be enough. She’d just have to power through the stress.

Heather’s car beeped as its doors unlocked, on cue with the cheers from her father in the living room.

“Looks like his team finally scored.” Florence laughed.

Heather climbed into the car and buckled her seatbelt. She heaved a breath. The future she worked for rested on her shoulders, weighing her down, but she still managed to offer Adam that final, loving smile she drove off.


“Here’s your room, Adam”—Florence pulled the door open, revealing the bedroom behind it, which was adorned in the same childish wallpaper from all those years ago. It was embarrassing, to say the least, but also what Adam had to live with for the next two days—“Just the way you left it.”

Adam made a few noteworthy observations about his bedroom, aside from the wallpaper: his bed was still the same from years’ past, meaning it was now too small for him to sleep in properly; there was no TV, so now he was going to be even more bored than he already was; and there was a random weight set in the corner of the room. It was considered random because it wasn't there the last time Adam slept there. Or was it? It had been so long ago since then.

“That was your Uncle Danny’s, you know. Once he got too weighed down by his work, it was stored here.” Florence moved over to the weight set and held one of the dumbbells for just a moment before putting it down again. “I’ll let you into a little secret,” she said, turning back to Adam.

His heart sank, dreading to think what his grandmother could possibly tell him that would be considered a secret. But for the sake of the enjoyment that would come with it, Adam decided to play ball. “A secret?”

Florence nodded. “When it got stored here, it naturally got a little bit dusty from not being used. And you know what I’m like about things getting a little dusty.”

Adam started to regret getting into his grandmother’s little secret, wondering if it wasn't actually going to be worth it, dreading to think, if it were a joke, its punchline would be non-effective.

“So, once they got cleaned up, I decided to play with them a little bit,” Florence continued.

Adam blinked. His grandmother lifted the weights? How old was she again?

She rolled the sleeve of her nightie up, revealing a bicep the size of a small lemon, decorated with vascularity and striations. “Impressive, no? Your grandfather doesn’t know about it because we sleep in separate rooms. Can you imagine his face if he did?”

Adam was, naturally, speechless. Even though they were only the size of lemons, his grandmother had bigger biceps than him! And she was at least twice his age!! “Um…”—he gulped, not quite sure what to say—“I would imagine he’d be quite surprised.”

“No.” Florence now played her trump card, smiling as she pulled her night up to reveal her quads, which were again bigger than Adam’s own – they were almost like nothing but bone in comparison!! “Now he’d be surprised.”

Adam nodded. It was hard to disagree with his grandmother’s statement.

Stressing the point she was trying to make even further, Florence slapped her right quad with all her strength, causing a slight echo to emit across the hallway, before gripping the evidently impressive muscle with the hand she used. A moment of duty-bound, wide-eyed staring from Adam later, Florence shook that same quad with a grin.

She sure was strong and apparently buff for a 65-year-old. Adam dreaded to think what things would be like if she were even bigger.

Florence peered upwards at the clock on the wall. It was 23:45. “Good Lord, would you look at the time! It’s almost bedtime for me.”

Adam smiled in spite of the surprise that still lingered in him. “Good night.”

“Would you like me to tuck you in?” Florence smirked, knowing what she just said would embarrass the life out of Adam. And right on cue, his face turned beet red with embarrassment following her words.

“No. No, I’m fine, thanks.” Adam rubbed his neck. Luckily the window was open, so his flushed face would clear up in time.

Florence laughed with a tooth grin as she headed for the door. “You might want to treat that erection of yours, while I’m gone.” She closed the door with a definitive click just as Adam noticed his erection.

Adam sighed. That was probably the most embarrassing moment in his life. It was a good thing his grandmother wasn't properly blood related to him, else things would’ve been much more awkward for him.

His embarrassment only heightened. Now, Adam was never a big guy and he knew that, but to be outsized by someone double his age was clear grounds for awkwardness. But then he thought about it for clearly. His grandmother was a pensioner, someone who clearly had a lot of free time in her hands, so like Adam she’d end up getting bored from having not done anything to eat up some it.

But then Adam remembered that other problem he’d soon be faced with, turning to the undersized bed. “Damn it.”


In the early hours of the next morning, Adam sat on the couch next to his grandmother watching the news. Specifcally, a report about the possibility of pension cuts. It wasn't the most interesting thing on the TV for Adam’s tastes, admittedly, but he knew it was important to his grandmother, or at least women of her age. She wasn't scraping at the bins with what she had for a pension, nor would she even after its potential cuts, but it was still somewhat disheartening to hear.

“Adam, would you mind making me a cup of tea” Florence turned with a grin. They both knew she could do it herself. Florence simply asked Adam to do for her so to see if he was capable of making tea without supervision. That, and she knew Adam was to do everything she asked of him. That wasn't to say she intended to work him like a slave. “Use the new Lotus Blend I got yesterday.”

Pulling himself up from the couch, Adam groaned. Admittedly, he was happy his grandmother asked him to make the tea. There was only so much more of the news he could handle, and it wasn’t much.

Adam crossed the door’s threshold and entered the kitchen. He had to think for a moment. Where did his grandmother keep the teabags again? “Cupboard next to the cooker,” he whispered softly. With the cupboard open, Adam searched within it for the Lotus Blend teabags, but there were all sorts of things in the way: bottles of pills and such.

“Gran, are you sure the teabags are in here? There’s all sorts of sh”—he stopped suddenly, knowing his grandmother wasn't someone who liked profane words—“Stuff in here.”

Florence laughed. “Up top. The Lotus leaf packaging, you can’t miss it.” Being in the kitchen, what Adam was completely unaware of was his grandmother unabashedly flexing her biceps in the living room mirror with boundless energy. “Did you find it?”

“Got it.” Adam whipped out a mug, the sugar and milk as the kettle slowly boiled away. Luckily, he remembered his grandmother liked two spoonful’s of sugar in her tea. He read from the carton of teabags curiously. “’Rejuvenate your body with a blend containing antioxidant ingredients from the mountains of Eastern China.’”

If he forgot and asked her to remind him, Adam would’ve found his grandmother with the bottom of her nightie up, examining her quads and calves.


A few moments later Adam returned with the cup of tea and gave it to his grandmother, who was sat on the couch again. The tea itself smelled of mint, filling the boy’s nostril with a powerful stinging sensation.

Adam sat down again, relieved the TV’s channel had been changed over to something somewhat more interesting: a cookery show.

Florence took a sip from her mug. It burnt her lip only slightly, but nothing to take grievance over. “Ahhh.”

“How is it?” Adam was genuinely concerned about how he served the tea. He didn't it himself, he was more of a coffee guy, and his mother was able to make it herself with no issues.

“It’s great, considering it’s my first time drinking it.” Florence feel the warm liquid flow down her throat from swallowing her second mouthful.

Adam was pleased, showing a smile as he watched his grandmother take another satisfying sip, lifting her arm up to drink— Did the fabric of her nightie just shift? No. No, it was just the morning light. He was woken up at 7am, after all.

The nightie moved again, slightly audibly so this time. Florence was oblivious to this, too busy drinking the tea to actually notice what was happening to her. Adam panicked and was going to say something, but— the shifting stopped, almost as if it never happened at all. Maybe it really was the morning light, in the end.

That’ll be the last time I get up this early, Adam said to himself.


Chapter 2: Tea and Bacon

Adam climbed out of the bed with a groan, his eyes slowly adjusting to the morning light. Frankly, he didn't sleep all that well during the night from tossing and turning and the same thought swirling around in his head: did Gran really grow, or was it just the early morning light? He hoped it was the latter, dreading to think what things would be like that fine morning if he were to find his grandmother standing over the cooker with a wider frame whilst she made a fry-up of princely proportions.

The weight set still sat in the corner of the room, all cleaned up and shiny - spotless like it had been dusted obsessively. Florence did it in the early hours of the morning while Adam still slept, creeping in like a burglar. Florence was a tinge tempted to lift for a minute or two just to get a pump going, but decided against it, knowing it could’ve potentially woken Adam.


After his shower Adam headed downstairs, the ever glorious scent of bacon sizzling on the frying pan drifting through the air. Oh, how he loved the smell and texture; smoky, dark brown and crisp. There were eggs on offer too he realised; scrambled likely, accompanied by fried bread, tomatoes and a side of baked beans. In essence, Adam woke up to the very scent of bliss itself. And he couldn't wait to get his own little slice of it. All the windows were shut so none of the smell could leave the house. It was a method strategically employed by Florence as a means to wake Adam up and entice him with the food.

“The dead awake,” Florence said cheerily, flipping the bacon over with a pair of tongs. There was a lone plate to her side packed with a ridiculous amount of bacon, eggs, tomatoes – the base ingredients for a fry-up. It was almost like a small mountain of sustenance. A literal heart attack on a plate, almost.

That was when the smell really hit Adam. It was so pungent and strong it could almost put him off fry-ups altogether. “Bloody hell. Can you open a window or something?”

“Sure.” Florence leaned forward to open the Awning window in front of her. This caused the woman’s calf muscles to pop underneath her nightie. Adam couldn’t see it, but Florence felt it. As the window squeaked open she pulled back, returning to her duty at the frying pan. “There we go.”

Adam sat at the table, where two sets of cutlery were positioned alongside two empty mugs; one with the phrase ‘World’s Greatest Grandson’ imprinted onto it, the other was just a generic white mug. He didn't have to hazard a guess which mug was his. But he was twenty-one, not eight. Adam still doubted why he was staying at his grandparents’ at all. He was more than old enough to stay home on his own, and certainly didn't need to be babysat. This wasn’t his humiliating punishment for smoking that weed last week, was it?

Florence filled the kettle with a fresh litre of water and started boiling it with the simple flick of its switch. And that’s when Adam saw it: the open box of Lotus Blend teabags sitting contentedly on the kitchen counter next to the biscuit tin. He dreaded to think if they did have some form of connection it, and it was something that really happened, the teabags helped Florence’s body grow. It was even worse for Adam the previous night when he took an embarrassing natural reaction to seeing her muscles. That was just wrong. Or wasn’t it? Florence didn't hold any form of kinship with him. But for him to be attracted to someone so mature—

“Say, um… where’s Grandpa?” Adam had to do something, anything to get his mind off the teabags, off his grandmother. He watched her put a Lotus Blend teabag into her mug, then the boiled water, sugar and finally the milk. This was all a painful moment for Adam to witness. What if it really was the tea that made her change? No. No, that would’ve been absurd. Things like that couldn’t possibly happen.

Florence sat her mug of tea and fry-up on the table and smiled at Adam. “He’s out for his morning walk, away to get the day’s newspapers. He’ll be back soon.”

Adam nodded. Then it struck him. He didn't notice it at first. How could he, with all the thoughts and concerns swirling around inside his head? His grandmother actually was bigger. Not huge, but noticeably larger than she was the day before. He guessed the latter dreadful thought he had from earlier that morning turned out be more prophetic than he imagined.

“All of that’s for you. Your grandfather’s had his breakfast” Florence declared, referring to the plate of fried food. “And we need to put some meat on those bones of yours.”

Adam knew he didn't need beefed up at all. Well, a little muscle here or there wouldn’t hurt. But the general consensus was he wasn't skinny by any means, nor was he fat. In fact, he was rather average in appearance. Still, even if he couldn’t eat it all, it would be a shame for him not to eat the fry-up his grandmother spent so much time making for him.

What the older woman planned to eat for her own breakfast was something much different. She crouched down in front of the fridge, pulling out what appeared to be a ready-made meal from its cold insides. From closer inspection that Adam made, he discovered it was a bowl of zucchini bread oatmeal with an accompanying bowl of chopped banana.

Florence sat at the table next to Adam with a smile, twirling the spoon around inside the bowl of oatmeal. Her mug of tea was steaming away by her side, Adam giving worrisome sporadic glances at it.

“Now we have some time to catch up on things, don’t we? I mean”—Florence took a spoonful of the oatmeal and swallowed it—“It’s been, what, seven years since you last stayed here?”

Had it really been that long? Adam’s eyes bulged out at that revelation. He had always loved staying at his grandparents’, but as he grew older, he started to distance himself from that fact. But his grandmother’s statement demonstrated that time really did fly by.

There was no question he was gnashing his teeth at the fact he had to stay at their house at such an age. It was embarrassing.

“I guess”, he said, piling a generous amount of the fry-up onto his plate. It would be a shame for him to not eat at least some of it, but given his age, it would also be bad for his health. Every meal made a difference, after all.

“So”—Florence took a sip from the mug of tea, sending a sense of cruel dread down Adam’s spine—“Got a girlfriend yet?” Florence cocked a brow, placing the mug back on the mat softly.

Shit. I didn't think she’d go into drinking the tea that soon. Adam nodded with a brisk smile. “Yeah. Her name’s Cassie. She’s cool. I think you’d like her.”

“What does she look like?” Florence ate another spoonful of the oatmeal, this time more on the spoon, practically overflowing it, the contents seeping from the edges. She crossed her leg under the table, the respective calf and quad muscles bulging slightly, feeling the motion as it occurred. “Does she—what’s the term the kids use these days? —does she make you nutty?”

Adam spluttered out a mouthful of his breakfast, almost choking on it. If what his grandmother just said wasn’t in any way cringey, what was? He sucked in air, practically sweating over what to say in response, if he said anything at all.

Even so, Florence sat there eagerly waiting for an honest answer.

“Um… I guess.” Adam groaned at the fact he actually admitted that to his grandmother of all people. Even his mother didn't know Cassie regularly set him off.

Florence smiled candidly. She uncrossed her leg and rubbed her foot against Adam’s thigh, still holding the smile. Florence caught Adam’s reaction—his eyes swiftly bulged out just like before—yet didn't move. “And what about mature women? Or better yet: mature women with muscle?”

Adam flinched, feeling his grandmother’s foot snake up to his crotch. He didn't move away from his seat to escape. He couldn’t, practically fused to the seat from fright.

But Adam thought about it. Florence wasn't really his grandmother. Not by blood at least. So… would it still be wrong if he were to admit to having some sort of attraction to her? Then again, maybe it was just a phase he was going through. Maybe he’d be ‘back to normal’ the next day. But he still had to answer Florence’s question. “I… I don’t know.”

Florence scoffed with a grin. “Come on now, there’s no need to play games about it. Sure, you might not be attracted to them emotionally, but physically”—she pressed her foot down on Adam’s crotch further, making him wince with pain—“is a different story.”

“Come to think of it, what do you think of me?”—Florence continued her teasing, leaning back to flirtatiously flex her bicep, looking at the peak curiously, before hooking her eye round at Adam with a grin—“If you’re so hopelessly turned on by middle-aged with women with muscle such as myself, surely you’d have quite the hard-on for me right now, eh?”

Worriedly, Adam bent his head down to observe his growing erection. He knew his physical reaction was poles apart from being appropriate, but he didn't do anything except sit there flinching, cringing, feeling his grandmother’s foot opportunistically press against his crotch.

Florence didn't need to hear Adam’s reaction, knowing already what it was. Heck, she felt it between her toes!

“And just what would Cassie think if she were to ever find out about us fooling around?” Florence could feel her nightie strain, tighten itself up around her frame that unnoticeably—but happened all the same—grew slightly as she sat there relaxingly. “I imagine she wouldn’t be all that happy.” Her shoulders pushed outwards, filling what was left of the gaps in her nightie with more muscle until finally it split in a lightning-shaped pattern, showcasing her delts. Afterwards she just there, acting as if she didn’t even know what happened.

Florence’s little surge of growth didn't help in Adam’s case, as it only made his erection intensify.

“Let’s be real here, shall we?” Florence withdrew her foot from Adam’s crotch, easing him. “Yes, I’m aware that Cassie could give you quite the stroke-off if she wanted to. But where’s the fun that if she doesn’t have as much experience with that as I do?”

Adam groaned, reaching down to sooth his aching crotch. In spite of the aching pain, he did manage to think. His grandmother had a point. Plus, she had muscles, which was another positive that Cassie didn't possess. But there was still that lingering thought that entering a relationship with his grandmother was wrong.

“Don’t think you’d be the first ever man to screw his grandmother, son, let alone one with muscles to boot.” Florence’s foot slid off Adam’s chair. “Things like that have happened throughout all history.”

Finally, Adam spoke up. “But why? Why do you think I want to-to”—Adam heaved a breath, ashamed to admit he was actually going to say the next few words so casually—“to fuck you.” As shameful as it felt, a great deal of weight disappeared from him after he spoke those words.

“Because you know yourself that you want to. You haven’t tried to make an escape since I started teasing; you’ve only gotten harder by the minute, and the subconscious clenching of your fists suggests you want to do something with my muscles, like you imagine the gap in your hand is filled with the peak of my bicep.”

Adam shuddered. Again his grandmother was right. Was she ever wrong? He really did want to feel her muscles. “Can-can I—”

Florence shook her head. Adam just didn't see the point she was trying to make, did he? “Not until you admit it. Admit that your little Cassie is nothing compared to me.”

Adam sighed, the pain in his crotch now gone. He nodded in defeat. One he was, admittedly, happy to usher in.

Florence grinned.

“But what about my mum, Grandpa, or even Cassie? What if they find out?” Adam only started to worry about those question after admitting his love for Florence? Well, that was typical. “What if they find out?”

“I wouldn’t worry about that. Besides, your grandfather’s all kinds of slow and flaccid these days, so even if he does find out, we’ll likely have had a few nights of fun by then. Not to mention he has his heart problem too.”

Then Adam remembered. He was only meant to be at his grandparents’ for two days, this day being the last of them. So it was ultimately going to be a night of fun, not several. But—

“And your mum? Well, she’s always been a busy woman. I wouldn’t be surprised if—”

The house phone rang.


“You’re going to be away for a whole month?” Adam blinked. That came as a surprise. A pleasant one. As much as he loved the idea behind spending even more time with his grandmother, he had to fake being disappointed – his initial feelings towards being with her. “That’s bullshit, Mum.”

Well, there’s nothing I can do about it, Adam. It’s either I stay here for the month or I won’t have a job.” Heather’s voice was stern. Strict, but not cruel. “Think about the pocket money you might get in return for me being promoted. You could buy Cassie something better than the necklace she wants.”

Adam nodded over the phone. He faked an aggravated sigh. “Fine.”

Heather sighed contentedly. “Thank you. Now, don’t get into any trouble. You hear? I don’t want to have to come home because your gran caught you smoking again.”

“Alright.” The phone clicked as the call ended. Adam put it back onto the receiver and took a breath. He couldn’t believe it. A couple of days back he didn't want to be with his grandmother, now he was worried about not having enough time with her. At any rate, things were different between them now. No. Things were better between them.


Adam lay on his bed, looking. He’d be practically naked if it weren’t for the odd pair of white underwear he wore. It had been a full 15 minutes since it first appeared, and his erection was still present.

Of course, the fact Florence stood over the door in a damn bikini might’ve aided that.

The outfit was, as with everything else she did for Adam that day, chosen strategically. She knew the combined package of her maturity, muscularity and stimulating ensemble would be all that was required to excite him. And then some.

As she stood there with a grin, her legs crossed over, irrefutably motionless, it seemed Adam’s hard-on only became more and more out of control; thick and veiny, pumped with blood, almost like Florence’s bicep the previous night. Adam was pretty certain Florence was bigger than from breakfast earlier as well. So that only excited more.

All Florence did was stand there. It was all she needed to do to—

Drooling, Adam shuddered in a near spasm like motion as he came uncontrollably, the thick, white fluid oozing down his crotch and thighs, staining the bed sheets and dripping to the floor in a thick pool. “Fuuuccckk!” He didn't even have to jack off; Florence did that for him, and all she did was stand there!!

Florence giggled, not dissimilar to a schoolgirl. It was weird, but pleasurable all the same. she teased Adam with a playful wink, closing the door on him as she left.

She faced the clock on the wall and chuckled slightly. “He’s only been up for an hour and he’s already blown his load.” Ending the fun, she descended the stairs with a grin


Chapter 3: Tea Party

Adam pulled the front door open, revealing Florence’s friends Cassandra, Ellen and Patsy, all sporting summer dresses that, as if there happened to be a very specific dress code the young lad didn’t know about, showcased floral patterns. Florence stood behind the confused boy, her muscular arm wrapped round his waist, pulling him in closer to her side.

“Girls, it’s been much too long since we last saw each other.” Florence pulled in to hug her similarly aged friends, each of them understandably taken aback her larger frame, just as much as Adam himself had been a few days prior. But he had grown accustomed to her now. In more ways than one.

“Yes, it’s, um”—Cassandra swallowed silently, her eyes never leaving her larger friend’s thick neck and delts--“taken longer than we’d all care to like, hasn’t it?”

Florence nodded. “Too true.”

“And in that long period of time, a lot hasn’t changed for us three.” Ellen pulled her head downward to Florence’s fledgling calves that were being proudly boasted, basking in the summer heat. “But it’s obviously a different story for you, isn’t it?”

“Oh, you mean these?” Florence craned her right arm up into a flex, smiling, never failing to show off any chance she had. “Yes, I spent a good few months building myself up. And a certain someone just loves it.” Of course, the newly-arrived trio had no idea Florence was indirectly referring to Adam, under the assumption she was alluding to her husband Albert.

Needless to say, Florence’s boasting had quite the effect on Adam, forcing him to turn his pelvis to the wall with embarrassment. If it weren’t for his grandmother’s friends having arrived for their much-needed catch-up, he would’ve just rolled with it - she wouldn’t have minded, after all. But a little touch of modesty was needed right now.

Adam without doubt knew what Florence said about spending months training to get into the shape she was in was obviously a lie. True, she did spend months ‘training,’ but that was behind Albert’s back and before the tea changed everything.

“Well, don’t just stand there like a trio of wanders. Come on in, I’ll tell you all about it.” Florence gestured for her guests to enter the house, Adam stepping back softly to give them room. And then it suddenly struck him. Was his grandmother, for all he knew, going to offer them the tea as well?

Florence pulled her right leg out to let her friends marvel at its sheer magnificence, its associated quad muscles sweeping powerfully with its every delicate flex. While they were genuinely amazed by their friend’s superior physique, they were far as such as the adolescent Adam, who seemed to fail at holding himself together. And without even having to look at him to suggest as much, Florence knew this.

Just like that fateful first night a few days past, she slapped her quad, so hard that a red mark soon appeared. But in spite of that she remained unfazed by her action, as if she didn’t even feel it.

“So how long did you say you worked out to get this big?” Patsy watched Florence pull into a quarter turn before thrusting her arms down into a most muscular that threatened to burst her own summer dress at the seams. It may very well happen, given there was a small audible yet invisible snap just a few seconds afterward, the older woman still holding the pose.

“About four months or so, following a strict diet and workout plan,” Florence lied, turning to the mirror with a grin. Noticing his flustered look, she winked at Adam teasingly, which naturally only boosted his passion even more!

“You didn’t get any… you know…” Ellen was almost too embarrassed to say it, worried how her friends would perceive her from knowing such things. “…help?”

Florence scoffed. “Funny.”

It was funny though to Adam, because the tea helped Florence get as big as she was, not a four-month diet and workout plan that didn’t actually exist; not some illegal HGH that could be purchased on the internet. The catalyst for his grandmother’s magnificent growth was, simply put, a cup of tea. It was ridiculous, yet a stroke of genius too.

Cassandra’s lips were dry, indicating thirst. “I don’t suppose you’ve the kettle boiled, Florence? I could do with a cuppa right now.”

Patsy and Ellen murmured in agreement, indicating they too were thirsty.

“I don’t have the kettle boiled yet, but can get right on it now.” Florence turned to Adam with a saucy grin, expecting him to do the honors. Any other time he’d flat out refuse, but would practically do anything for her now that she was just so hot.

So, complying with his grandmother’s command, he rose from the chair and headed towards the kitchen, but, catching the young lad off-guard completely, she stealthily squeezed his butt with a soft growl. Adam tried his best to think nothing of it, but Florence knew she had him right where she wanted.

“Make sure you use the Tetley’s, Adam,” she called in.

Tetley’s? Why would she want me to use those? Doesn’t she want her friends to be big too? Guess not. Adam opened the cupboard and pulled out the Tetley’s tea bags, while the Lotus Blend ones just so happened to fall out from it too. So naturally, he was faced with a difficult choice: do as he was told by making the Tetley’s tea, saving himself from a potential scolding by his grandmother; or give into his twisted perversions and not only make her friends muscular too, but beget even more growth for Florence too.

Truthfully, Adam found himself becoming erect at the thought behind seeing his grandmother being even bigger than she already was, so—

“Fuck it.” He pulled open the box of Lotus Blend tea bags and put one in each of the four cups before boiling the water and adding the milk and sugar.

When he returned to the living room a few minutes later, Adam was greeted by the sight of Patsy basically fawning over Florence’s muscles, gripping her larger friend’s biceps.

“God, I wish I had muscles like yours,” she professed, trying in vain to press down on Florence’s arm. It just wouldn’t budge.

Adam wished he was at the center of that particular situation, taking Patsy’s place as the sole worshiper. But where would the logic be in that when he was going to be in bed with her in a few hours time anyway? While he was temporarily envious of Patsy, his position in Florence’s life was undeniably a cut above the rest.

“Here’s the tea.” Adam placed the tray on the table. The tray itself had the four sabotaged cups of tea, some biscuits, and a teapot with even more of the lotus blend tea inside.

Patsy came out of her worshiping trance then, blinking for a moment before returning to her seat at the couch.

“Seems like you enjoyed that, Pat.” Ellen smirked. Deep down, she too had quite the rush from seeing her friend boasting left, right and center, but didn’t develop such of that she was willing to give in and worship. Modesty still had foothold over her.

“Wouldn’t be the only person to do that.” Cassandra adjusted her bra slightly to avoid any potential embarrassment that might come from her friends seeing her otherwise unmistakably erect nipples. It had been a good decade or two since she last had that amazing feeling.

Patsy snickered, reaching for her cup of tea. Adam sat close by watching, biting his lip with anticipation. He hoped at least one other female would grow. Getting it on with Florence was great as it was. For him. But a threesome? His still-existent erection intensified at the thought.

Ellen drank from her cup, smacking her lips definitively to suggest so. This caused Adam to unwittingly sit on the edge of his seat. Florence noticed this, narrowing her eyes with suspicion.

Patsy drank from her cup next, taking with it a bite from of the biscuits. “So how’s Albert doing? Where is he today?”

Florence blinked, breaking free from her suspecting of Adam. She turned to face Patsy, her summer dress straining visibly with the simple motion, holding her cup of tea. “Oh, he’s off to see the football match. You know how he is with that Rovers.”

Adam only just managed to stop from yelling out in excitement upon watching his grandmother finally drink the tea. She smacked her lips, indicating something was off about the tea.

At that moment she finally realized. Adam noticed her glancing at him, his eyes bulging out with fear. But… Florence simply smiled in return. If only she also knew—

“Ah yes, Richard’s the same in a way.” Ellen sipped her tea again. “Always spends his time up in that loft of ours, making those model trains. Suppose I can’t complain too much though, since he sells them on and they help pay the bills.”

Patsy’s summer dress strained visibly, unexpectedly. A face of shock initially gripped her, overcome with the sheer surprise that was her outfit’s sudden, but then welcomed change.

Adam was practically sweating at this point already, even though it was only the initial stages of Patsy’s growth. And yet—

Ellen’s dress then fell to the same fate, showcasing visible tears audibly rips as she softly grunted upon leaning forward slightly. Again, as minimalistic as it was at this stage, the woman’s dress was slowly but surely being eaten up in chunks by her own splendid growth.

Adam hunched forward, his erection taking hold of him. He held his load, knowing if he released now, his time with Florence later would all ultimately be for nothing.

Cassandra shuddered, gripping the arms of the chair with her nails, the veins of her forearms bulging, coiled like snakes. And Florence—

As much as she tried not to do so, her own growth was so splendid, produced such a faux feeling of arousal her toes curled as she drooled slightly, her increasing mass flattening the seat she sat in.

Adam observed all the women now, still masterfully holding his load in. As expected, Florence was the largest. Sure, she would’ve been anyway, since she was up two cups of tea more than her friends between the last few days, but the woman didn’t know Adam had slipped two bags of the lotus blend tea into the cup she currently drank from.

The women’s growth stopped, allowing Adam to ease off on his arousal slightly.

Cassandra was the first to notice her new self, embracing it in delicate strokes across the thick and full small mountain ranges of her muscularity, her nipples so erect, they acted as two minuscule bolts of steel attached to the scant remains of her breast tissue.

Ellen soon followed suit, touching herself in far more sensitive areas, caring not that Adam was there to see it happen. Not that he minded. In all honesty, he was getting rather comfortable upon seeing it happen.

And Patsy, blind to how she looked herself since she was smaller than her anyway, noticed Florence. Patsy resumed the small worshiping session that took place prior to her growth, returning to Florence’s flexed bicep, where even after some help from Adam, she still couldn’t dent the limb - for obvious reasons.

He sat and watched each of the women have their little bit of fun before Patsy spoke up. “Thanks for the pick-me-up, kid. Now, I can rock Dave’s world again.”

Adam turned to watch Patsy leave abruptly, doing so with a teasing glute flex. “But what about--” he called out in protest. But it was no use. She was gone, likely to never be seen again.

And then there was Ellen. “I think I’ll go with her,” she said, pulling up from the chair. “She’s become suddenly attractive.”

The door slammed shut.

Adam was crushed. One by one his grandmother’s friends abruptly left the house, caring not to give him a proper thank-you for helping them change their lives. Or at least make them look hotter to some people.

But then came a voice: Cassandra’s. She looked at Adam first, then Adam before finally speaking. “Well, are we gonna have a threesome or what?”

Florence blinked. “’Scuse me?”

Cassandra scoffed. “Come on now, don’t be like that. All the evidence is there really. Your nipples are like swords at this rate, and”—she glanced at Adam’s erection, fighting back the urge to lick her lips with lust -“and frankly, I doubt he’s been this hard before.”

Florence sighed.

Cassandra’s mouth pulled free from Adam’s shaft, her legs dangling by the edge of the bed, Florence laying by him. The newly-enlarged woman swallowed.

“Doubt I’ve ever tasted anyone quite like you before.” She grunted, raising herself from the bed, creaking from its lack of firmness. Or from her increase in bulk. “And six times no less.”

All Adam could do was grunt in response, watching Cassandra slip into a nightgown. One that was, naturally, tight around her increased bulk.

“Tell me about it,” Florence confessed. “Seems he has quite the thing for us older, muscular women.” She reached down to Adam’s shaft in an effort to get him going again. “Wouldn’t you agree?”

It was no use. Adam knew he was spent for the day. But that didn’t stop Florence from trying to coax just a bit more cum from him. She wrapped his shaft round the crook of her arm and started to flex.

“Stop. I’m done,” Adam groaned out.

“You said you had a weight set, right?” Cassandra folded her arms, straining the nightgown. “I have this new, never-felt-before urge to work out.”

“Yeah, in Adam’s room” Florence replied.

Strangely, the thought of seeing Cassandra work out got Adam hard again.

“Looks like there’s still a bit left in you” Florence said. She moved in to straddle Adam, her legs at either side of his right thigh…


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