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Big-bellied (scrap)
Alternatively titled “Baby-boomer”
Written & edited by Amnoartist95

The baby’s cry was loud, a constant droning wail; a reminder she had to be fed.

The midwife stared at the baby with a face more akin to wonderment than admiration to it. The baby was bigger than most others the brunette midwife had seen over the years - in regards to size, she must’ve been equal to a three-month old child. This was especially startling when the fact it was born only a few hours prior had been taken into consideration.

The baby’s cries ensued, only grew louder the longer the midwife held her stares.

Eventually, the baby’s mother spoke, holding a commanding tone in her voice. “Can you feed her? I’m - grunt - pretty busy right now.”

The midwife turned her attention to the mother, who stood over a mirror dressed in a posing bikini, pleasantly stroking her burgeoning abs with a hand, watching as her stomach audibly churned and surged outward with growth - both muscle and… something else.

The midwife did as requested, taking a seat in the corner and started breastfeeding the newborn, who suckled on the exposed teet greedily, taking all the milk there was to offer. Despite this, the midwife surmised the infant would go hungry even after being offered her milk. It was just so big.

The mother’s stomach continued to swell outward even as she pulled herself into an abs and thighs pose. Her gut eventually droop slightly from the inevitable sagging that came with the growing entity inside. In spite of this, the mother’s abs remained evident and grew in tandem with the embryo.

The mother slapped her stomach with as much power as she could muster and grinned as the embryo shifted to one side as a result, spasming slightly as it continued to expand, stretch marks forming like before.

“This one’s going to be bigger than the last two combined” she said with a smile.

The midwife resisted the urge, the need to wince at the mother’s startling revelation. It was weird enough that the child she was feeding was already bigger than the first, but now things were going haywire.

The mother let out a lustful moan as the baby she carried continued to grow outward; her sides protruded with growth as one swelled larger than the other for a moment, churning with expansion. “Definitely bigger” she commented. Finally turning from the mirror, she let the full expanse of her stomach be known to the midwife; it was as if she had eaten a beach ball that was constantly inflating within the cobbled confines of her stomach and close to bursting. “So much - moan - bigger.”

The mother’s wrinkled face was emphasized by the ray of sunlight that cracked through the window, as if it were a spotlight put on the massive woman to show her thick, bulging neck and throat muscles she’d used on countless occasions to give men the blowjob of their lives, the muscles themselves growing in tandem with the elation that the men felt.

As lust finally overcame her once again, the mother spoke: “Is my grandson Kevin around?”

The midwife nodded, wincing at the baby’s never-ending sucking, practically drawing all the milk there was, and then some until the woman’s breast was sagged.

“Good. Tell him daughter number three will be here soon. And I want a fourth one” the mother responded.

The midwife simply responded with a modest smile.

“Actually… another two wouldn’t hurt” the mother admitted. She turned back to the mirror with a hand stroking her still-expanding gut.


Kevin groaned. He just couldn’t possibly take anymore. Sure, he couldn’t deny the unnatural attraction to his massive, inhumanly muscled grandmother Janice, but she was far from normal - her sex drive constantly grew in tandem with her muscles, which themselves saw no end to how large they could get. The grandson panted as he crawled across the floor, his limp dick dragging across the concrete floor as he edged ever closer to the door, but his grandmother stalked his movements, each step she took far out-paced his own.

“Where you going?’” she asked with mock anger, hands on her hips before flashing an almost cruel grin. “I’m far from finished with you.” Her stomach gurgled as it expanded like before, stretch-marks and muscle ballooning forth to better contain the developing child within. “Daughter number nine is yet to come.”

Kevin rolled onto his back in fear, his legs no longer strong enough to help him crawl further, and gazed upon his grandmother’s stares as she looked down at him over her oversized, gurgling stomach that she stroked like a pet. “But…. I’m done. I can’t possibly-”

Janice’s arms were now folded over her still-growing gut, pushing the feet-thick beefy limbs further and further out. She was far from impressed by Kevin response. “But she needs a little sister, who herself needs one. Or maybe two.”

The gurgling of growth felt like a constant droning to Kevin’s ears now. He couldn’t bear the fact the next child his grandmother would pleasantly give birth to would be as large as a fully-grown female. And since each child was naturally bigger than the last, Kevin resented the fact she’d be bigger still, perhaps more so than him.

“I’m not giving you much of a choice here, sweetie” Janice coldly admitted before picking Kevin up by the leg with a hand and dragging him back to the sodden excuse of a bed that rested in the corner. “You know your mother wants another granddaughter, so…” she started stroking Kevin off, far faster than anytime before now, watching as the veins in his cock pulsed to flow blood to it. “…you’d best get hard again.”

As this all took place, Kevin watched as the grandmother’s pregnant gut continued to balloon and visibly churn as the child within started to move, indicating it was almost time for the inevitable birthing. He tried to break free from the sinewy confines of his grandmother, but it was pointless - she only grew stronger and more sexually aroused as the child within developed.

“She’ll be born soon” Janice said with an aroused and breathy tone, making sure each word that escaped from her powerful throat was held in tandem with the strokes of Kevin’s cock. “Our last daughter was born barely an hour ago and a ninth is due. Can you grasp the fact she’ll be bigger than you the moment she breathes her first? Eating more in a day than you could over nine months!”

She grunted as her growth continued, her oversized gut ballooning outward to drag across the bed’s linen, shuddering as the child moved again, visibly shifting its full body to one side where, suddenly, a second form began to take shape in the woman’s gut, already larger than the one that just moved.

“Ooh, a tenth already?” Janice stroked her gut with a smile and watched as the newly formed baby continued to grow within, shoving its large form against her sister. This act of growth caused the mother’s full mass to inflate with mass somewhat, to better accommodate the new arrival. “Seems she’s eager from the get-go!”

Kevin didn’t know what to do, think or say. It was crazy enough each child he helped birth was naturally larger than the last and was given to the world on an hourly basis. He still tried to futilely break free, but he couldn’t deny the arousal that came from Janice’s constant growths.

And then, completely without warning, Janice’s ninth daughter casually eased out of her mother’s bulging, muscled vagina, who didn’t do so much as grunt with pained strain as this occurred, allowing the tenth more room to grow. Kevin observed his new-born daughter with awe, who was both wider and taller than him.

“I just don’t get how this even happens” he said, scratching his head, looking at the large infant. She must’ve been at least six feet. And yet, he remembered the tenth would come out even larger.

Janice smiled as she rubbed her daughter’s chin with a thumb, all while her gut continued to expand with the other child’s development. “She’s beautiful, isn’t she?” The woman turned to Kevin with the hopes of an equally pleased response being offered, playing blind to the fact her cobbled abs pushed out hideously from her new pregnancy.

Kevin simply nodded, fearful of what would happen if he didn’t. His daughter was beautiful, yet so big.

Janice moved away from the bed contentedly, shifting her weight over to the lone tall posing mirror in the room’s corner. “I’ll let you rest up for an hour or so before we talk about the idea of having twins after…” she grunted as the child within her grew again, shifting to one side as the visible stretch marks audibly expanded. “…this one comes.”

“T-twins?” Kevin stammered.

“Oh, not just twins, sweetie. Twins, triplets, quadruplets….” Janice smiled at her grandson through the mirror as her gut finally pressed against its glass with a crack. “You and I are gonna have lots of fun.”


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