Muscle Comes With Age | The Great Lust

by amnoartist95

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Muscle Comes With Age
The Great Lust
Written & edited by Amnoartist95

“How long has she been at it?” Peter asked, watching Peggy through a screen as she pulverized her unnamed sexual partner with her pussy with such lust he yelled out. Peter felt his dick harden and press against his trousers at the sight before him.

“Almost a week now,” Harriet responded. She was Peter’s secretary, dressed in typical clothing associated with the profession, including the seemingly compulsory pair of glasses that almost appeared geeky in nature. She tightly held a clipboard against her bosom that reacted accordingly to her own growing excitement. “Mind you, this is her sixty-ninth partner in that time.

Peter looked further into the video feed past Peggy’s ballooned shoulder at the heart-shaped bed that stood at the back of the room against the wall, where at least six sexed-out individuals of both genders laid sprawled, their respective love juices dried up and stuck to the sheets.

“She’s gone through sixty-nine sexual partners in the space of a week?” Peter reached for his crotch, trying to hide his growing erection from Harriet. But what would’ve been the point, given she was just as lusty as he was? “Has she stopped for a break?”

“In a way: only the transition between partners.” Harriet crossed her legs in an effort to suppress her growing arousal. “Most of whom are aged between eighteen and twenty-five, as if she has some sort of preference to them.”

“What about Tim, the grandson?” Peter folded his arms. He had to do something to keep his head straight, but Peggy’s moans through the screen were just so… surreal. “Doesn’t she has a ‘special’ bond with him?”

“Ah, yes,” Harriet nodded. “Though I wouldn’t exactly call it a bond. You see, in comparison with the other sixty-eight partners Peggy’s had, he’s the only one to have not tapped out.”


“I’ve constructed a tally detailing all the different sexual acts she’s taken part in over the past week. Perhaps you’d care to take a look?” Harriet handed Peter the clipboard that contained sensitive data pertaining to the ‘experiment’ at hand.

Peter skimmed through the table at first, too aroused to give it his full attention, but soon spotted the tallies Harriet mentions, which interested him a great deal.

One hundred counts of blowjobs; two hundred counts of ‘calfjobs’; one hundred and fifty counts of titjobs; two hundred and fifty counts of bicepjobs.

Peter gulped at the startling information he’d just read, his cock stiffening in tandem. “Is-is this data accurate?”

Harriet nodded. Frankly, she knew Peter would be startled by the data. After all, she was. “Yes, sir. I checked it over three times, just in case.”

Peter continued observing Peggy through the screen, watching her take her partner on her shoulders so she could give him a blowjob. The unnamed partner’s back pressed against the camera hooked to the wall, smashing its lens as Peggy thrust him forward, ending the video feed.

“Damn.” Admittedly, Peter was rather relieved Peggy’s sexual frenzy had forced the feed to end, else he wasn’t sure how much longer he’d last before his trousers turned wet. “What else do we know about these partners themselves?”

“Well, prior to their sexual engagement with Peggy, they’d underwent penile enlargement experiments that boosted their sex drives to match her own,” Harriet explained. She sneakily tugged at her mini skirt to hide the fact she was wet at her own explaining of the situation. “But it seems her drive increases with every partner, hand in hand with the growth of her muscles.”

Peter was stupefied. Harriet noticed this, yet continued.

“That, plus her throat and neck muscles grow and strengthen to accommodate each larger penis, which explains why her neck is so thick.”

That did it for Peter. Shuddering, he jerked forward against the desk as he came in his pants. He felt it trickle down his legs and saw it lightly gather at the floor. He felt ashamed, felt sorry for Harriet being subjected to seeing that, but—

“Don’t worry,” she said gently. “I did the same thing when I first discovered it.”

Slightly relieved, Peter took a moment to gather his thoughts, then reasserted his professionalism. “Where is the grandson?”

“Well, Peggy seems to have him on a sort of routine, so he’s in the shower to freshen up.” Harriet moved in closer to Peter and flipped the page on the clipboard to point at Tim’s routine. “Then he’ll come out all lubed up with soap to engage in foreplay.”

“How long does this typically last?”

“Only a few minutes, given it’s Peggy we’re talking about,” Harriet pointed out. “The camera feed is obviously down, so we can’t observe, but the printout of the routine here is good enough.”

“Ah, I see.” Peter was rather disappointed, hoping he’d get to watch the foreplay unfold. But Peggy meanwhile…


The bathroom door creaked open to reveal Tim’s naked form. His muscles had grown to reflect the repeated sexual endeavors with Peggy, including his Johnson. But, he was still outclassed. Hopelessly so!

Peggy was in the midst of draining the last of the cum from her sixty-ninth partner, but disappointment was painted across her mature visage. “You're fucking useless.” The sexed-out male slid free from the massive grandmother with a gasp for air. She turned to face her other partners still sprawled on the bed. “In fact, you're all useless! I'm trying to get a right good fuck in, and your dicks, tits and fingers don't do it for me.” Her a rms quaked as she turned to the partner she'd just finished with. “I mean, so much for being called Big Rick. You said you came, but I could barely feel your dick push into my pussy. Is it just that ripped and thick for you? Or are you just that flaccid?”

He ejaculated some more at those words before falling into an exhausted slumber.

Tim felt his cock harden and curve into an erection of mighty proportions at his grandmother’s voice. Of course, she didn't say anything particularly sexual. Just the way she spoke put Tim up into a standstill! And, as if she had some sort sexual radar detection skill, she turned to face him with a shrewd grin.

“Good, you're hard for your dear old granny again.” She sprawled over the bed, inches from one of the sexed-put partners, her muscled pussy throbbing. “Now take me if you can! Put your thick meat in and see if you've still got it!”

Of course Tim didn't hesitate, grunting as he slowly pushed his cock into Peggy’s thick pussy, feeling its pulsing muscles rub and grind his tube steak! It was almost orgasm-inducing already!

“That's a good boy!” Peggy said smoothly, clamping down on Tim’s dick, her quads and calves quivering with his pushes. “Go deeper.”

“You're thicker than last time—”

“Don't talk! Just…” Peggy shuddered and spasmed slightly, feeling her love juices trickle down her feet-wide thighs to pool at the floor. “Fuck. HARD!”


Half an hour later…

Tim struggled to pull out of Peggy, her thick pussy tightened round his dick so fervently, it felt like a vice! He gazed at her for a moment, his eyes traveling across the bulging thickness of her stomach that was filled to the brim with cum, close to bursting. And yet—

“You’re finished?” Peggy rose from the bed that was now a flattened heap of steel. Luckily the other partners in her sexual endeavors had risen before then and were now huddled in the corner watching the magnificently muscled sex machine that was Peggy pull her arm down to grope Tim’s dick. “I’m not.”

He winced to his brutishly massive grandmother tug at his cock with nary a care in the world, her thick forearms pressing fiercely against her breasts.

“There’s still some in you. I can feel it. You’re still firm, rigid, turned on.”

Tim knew there was little point in refuting Peggy’s statements. After all, his cock wouldn’t have been as hard as it was otherwise. She knelt on both knees and took his manhood in the crook of her arm, massaging it between her striated bicep. He winced in response, feeling the rigidness of his Johnson rub against the even denser peak!

“Let’s see just how…” Peggy purposefully grunted between her flexes to coax Tim into releasing again, yet making sure to do it slowly and stopping on occasion to edge him. “Long you last with this, shall we?”

Tim started to drool slightly. The functionality of his brain wouldn’t let do anything otherwise! And yet, he didn’t seem to mind. All he saw and felt was muscle and power both between and working him. He wanted to respond in a manner that would entice Peggy even more, compel her into stroking faster. But then that would mean the fun would be over sooner.

Peggy changed positions almost too quickly for Tim to notice, shifting into a blowjob, making sure to smile just as she took his cock in her mouth. To her it felt like pleasure on the end of a stick. A lollipop, so to speak. Her throat bulged, a fervent swelling building inside forced her to choke before the respective muscles bulged to better handle the situation.

Tim felt Peggy’s tongue lather him gently, as if his manhood really was a lollipop to her! He struggled to keep it in, but she was just too persistent for him to keep a hold of himself. He gripped her thick shoulder and neck to keep himself level, only to be surprised by the inhuman level of thickness behind the woman’s muscle. This forced him to spiral out of control and he came in her mouth, groaning with pleasure.

Peggy didn’t care less. She took his offering and swallowed it loudly, feeling it rush down her throat like a waterfall, Tim slumped to his knees in a shaking tiredness. “See? That’s better.”

Tim was dazed, too spent to give a proper response.

Peggy grinned as she loomed over him in a full lat-spread that forced her muscles to quake and press against the fleshy prison that was her skin, casting a frightfully large shadow that almost filled the room’s width! “I just hope you’re ready again in an hour’s time.”

Tim groaned.


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