athletic competition crushing or suffocation displays of strength female outmuscling male
 femdom flexing/posing female lifting males female lifting females
 fisticuffs sword or edged weapon play muscle worship secret identities/custume change
 weight lifting arm wrestling mixed wrestling same-sex wrestling
 humiliation masturbation smoking clothes ripping/tearing/destruction

 alien tranformation magic transformation natural transformation science transformation
 accidential forced voluntary breast enlargement
 female height increase female muscle growth male height loss male muscle loss
 penile shrinkage penile growth gender transformation male growth
 transfer age progression age regression

 no violence gentle violence affectionate/sensual violence mild violence
 explict violence gore and blood death

 pre-teen teenager young adult adult

Superhuman Abilities:
 flight agility reflexes flexibility
 shape-shifting/transforming growth hypnotism/mind control immortality
 heat vision/lasers fire manipulation lightning/electricity manipulation water manipulation
 plant manipulation absorption/trait stealing invulnerability smoke
 poison magic creation godlike/unlimited powers
 other superpowers

 angels demons faeries vampires
 werewolves djinn elves sorcerers/witches
 royalty deities

 within family/relatives with friends/enemies romance corruption
 fighting/wrestling incest nightclubs/bars parent and child
 laboratory locker room office school

 happy ending bad ending plot twists herm/shemale characters
 leather latex costumes dressing up/styling
 nails feet bimbos highly intelligent characters
 socks/stockings piercings fear macrophilia
 sadism/masochism bondage master/slave play first person perspective
 second person perspective third person perspective


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