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Hello everyone!
When you read those lines you are visiting the Brawna 2.0 Beta. Yes, you read right. I officially launched the Beta, and once the bugs are fixed my beta testers might find, the site is pretty much finished. For the time of the beta, the registration will be closed and accounts only be given out by me personally. If you wish to participate, send me a mail at: brawna2k17@gmail.com. Preferably you should be an author.
Until then: Happy browsing and reading!

Latest changes:

Adjusted the script as it caused problems when special characters were used in the title of a story.

Adjustments were done on the tags in the stories for better readabilty. Also added a mouse-over text for the fav- and unfav-buttons.

Brawna 2.0 is now accessable through brawna.net

Adjustments to the rating system and added mouse-over information for the criteria. Also, the rating system no longer requires you to pick a number for each rating criteria. Although, you only get one chance (to rate) each story.

Updated information page, corrected some spelling and grammar and added the forum -> Click me

Added logo for both Brawna 2.0 and its forum.

Now listing the descriptions of stories as well!

WIP: Brawna 2.0 icon and a book-option for stories which consist of multiple chapters.

Last 10 submitted stories:

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Showing off at the ClubA busty muscle woman performs incredible feats of strengthyc220111.23.2017
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